HOT SHOTS: M.I.L.F Spring Break


“Blah, blah, blah blah blah” That’s what Mrs. Oderkirk sounded like to me as I sat there watching the clock waiting for summer to begin. My girl Daisy had opted out of attending the last day of school and she could afford to her being a “Straight A” student and all. I could hardly wait to hit the beach and see my lady love in one of her hot little bikinis.

“Shawn, are you listening to me?”

“Huh?” The entire class which was all of fifteen people started laughing as I was caught off guard by a sudden question from Mrs. Oderkirk. She always seemed to be trying to bust my balls in class. I have to admit I wasn’t the best student and if it wasn’t for Daisy helping me out with some impromptu study sessions, I probably wouldn’t have graduated. That was how we’d met when my counselor Mrs. Wiggins had scheduled me for a few tutoring sessions to shore up my grades. I was expecting some nerd to show up at study hall, but imagine my surprise when this perfect beach bunny showed instead. Daisy was a cute pixyish blonde with a toned athletic body topped off with a totally awesome set of pert enhanced C-Cup tits purchased by her equally hot mom as a pre-graduation present.

Somehow Daisy was able to resist my charms telling me that she was taking the job as a favor to my counselor and keeping things strictly business. I’d started thinking of her as some kind of uptight neuter chick, but she caught me by surprise one morning as me and the guys were riding the waves down at the point. She’d shown up with two of her girlfriends and her own customized board. Being from a wealthy family Daisy had been educated abroad and spent a lot of time in Hawaii surfing the best waves in the world. That night we’d only gone to second base but the sight of her athletic, tight body had me in a fit.

“Shawn, are you listening to me?” I gasped out loud earning more laughter as I suddenly found Mrs. Oderkirk staring me right in the face.

“Uh, sorry ma’am guess I drifted off.”

“Oh it’s quite alright Shawn as we all understand why you have to attend an additional week of makeup classes if you want to graduate.”



“Fucking cunt!!” I yelled as I sped down the interstate on my Ducati to hook up with my girl at her house. Mrs. Oderkirk had screwed up my very planned out awesome spring break with Daisy. She sure wasn’t gonna like this but maybe things could work out after all. The whole time I’d been studying with Daisy we’d never closed the deal if you know what I mean. She’d promised that we could finally get together after I’d finished finals and Mrs. Oderkirk had just informed me that I’d failed my test and would have to take a makeup test on Friday.

Fuck, I figured that I could charm her into bed. Many a babe had fallen for my sad doe-eyed innocent routine. Not saying I’m a looker or nothing but I’d spent the last three years perfecting my beach bod and letting my blonde hair grow out to a nice shoulder length. I guess I was going for the rocker look and Daisy wouldn’t know what hit her. Just the other day we’d been fooling around and nearly been caught by her mom. She was sitting on the sitting on the edge of her bed with her shapely legs spread wide while I was on her carpet munching her carpet. Daisy loved getting oral, but she wasn’t that good at it when it was her turn to do me. She would barely lick the head of my cock while she roughly jerked me to an explosive climax all over my stomach.

I guess it was kind of fucked up that she didn’t like getting cum on her body and usually made me lay on my back while she jacked my dick onto my own belly. Well all of that shit was going out the window today because I was gonna finally nail her pert little ass.

I’d pulled off the freeway and into the little gated community of Holmewood Heights knowing that I’d have to sneak in because before leaving school several attempts were made to call Daisy with no success. She was probably on the can, taking to one of her girlfriends or studying for some advanced placement classes she’d been babbling about for a while. After parking my bike and up against one of the seven foot walls that bordered this rich folk’s community, I used it as a ladder to hop over to the other side. Most of the house here were Mc Mansions with field like back yards with Daisy’s home at the end of a cul-de-sac. Her dad Steve didn’t seem to like me being around all that much. Said I was an aimless drifter that he didn’t wanna see bringing his daughter down.

Steve was a dick and a lucky one at that because he was married to Daisy’s mom Diane. Diane was what most guys my age referred to as a M.I.L.F. or “Mother I’d Like To Fuck”. She was this stacked blonde with an ass to die for. The thing was just amazing and I couldn’t help but stare at it when I was over to their house sometimes. As a matter of fact I knew when Steve started hating me. It had been one month ago when I come over to swim in their pool. He was on some kind of business call and dismissively answered the door waving towards the pool. beyoğlu escort I walked through the house to the pool.

Diane was lying on her stomach sunning herself while her daughter completed laps. My girl, the consummate athlete didn’t even seem to notice I was there but her mom did. She was laying there topless with some shades on when I heard her sultry voice call out to me asking me to rub some lotion on her back. I couldn’t believe she’d ask me to do something like that in front of her daughter.

Putting lotion on someone’s back probably no big deal right?!!

Wrong, let me describe Diane for you, eh Diane Hartford to be formal. She’s a literal platinum blonde bombshell about five seven with beautiful skin, the bluest eyes and a curvy bottom heavy figure. You just had to see her long shapely honey soaked legs that were caused her prominent bottom to bounce almost to its own beat. “Ass to Kill For” was what my friend Barry called it one time when she’d come to parents night at school. I don’t think she was flaunting it so much as everything she wore especially skirts seemed to be super tight.

Now that afternoon I found myself rubbing Mrs. Hartford’s back down with baby oil and just admiring the hell out of her figure. Daisy was oblivious to the whole thing doing her laps around the pool. She’s such a jock and her dad had her working out like a beast trying to get an athletic scholarship at an Ivy League school. In hindsight she seemed completely unconcerned always laughing off my little jokes and occasionally slapping me on the back of the neck.

There I was rubbing oil on her mom’s back and admiring the way her hips flared out from her waist and her perfectly round butt that was covered in a really small bikini bottom. Mrs. Hartford must have known I was looking because she surprised me by asking me to rub some oil on her backside. My cock almost jumped out of my pants when she said that but I knew better than to even go there. But that ass was oh so inviting, plump and thick. Mrs. Hartford told me I was being silly and pulled the ties at the sides of her hips freeing the material and in a motherly tone told me to pull her bottoms off and massage her butt.

What could I do? Mrs. Hartford had ordered me to do it and I’d always obeyed by elders. She’d already removed her top and I could see the sides of her moderately sized breasts as she lay on her stomach. The view was oh so tantalizing amigos and I poured a good handful of baby oil in my palm intending to shine Mrs. Hartford real nice.

“DIANE!!” Mr. Hartford had been sitting on the balcony of his second floor den watching while taking a business call and felt that things had progressed far enough as far as he was concerned.

“MOM, EEEEWWW GROSS!!” Daisy had finally stopped doing laps and noticed what was going on with a frown on her pretty face that almost made me piss myself.

“I’m so high on fucking vodka and Xanax.” Mrs. Hartford had laughed the whole thing off as I was shown the door with a weight bar wedged up against my neck by my enraged girlfriend.

I was back over there two weeks later studying with Daisy and we’d ended up making out and dry humping until I’d splooged the crap out of my cargo shorts.

Daisy kept asking me if she was hotter than her mom and I thought that was a little strange but knew the right answer. She’d been delighted at my affirmation and gave me an extremely wet hand job using lotion of course. It was kind of puzzling how Daisy was kind of a prude while her hot mom was so uninhibited. My friend Kathy the nerd always said that kids usually turn out the opposite of their parents. She’s studying psychology so I guess she’s right about that shit.

Well here I was in front of her door and even though I didn’t pass my final, I knew I’d be able to score with sweet Daisy Hartford. I teased up my wild mane of blonde hair, undid a few buttons on the old Hawaiian shirt and rang the doorbell. I was so gonna nail the fuck out of her cute bubble butt and I was already rock hard thinking about her juicy fake tits. I decided it would be funny to adjust my cock in my cargo shorts so that a tent would be apparent.

“Well hello Shawn, what brings you here this afternoon?”

“SHIT!!” I found myself staring at Mrs. Hartford looking hotter than ever in a white button down 50’s style housedress. It was kind of thing you saw on that old television show “Leave it to Beaver” but sizzled on Mrs. Hartford’s curvy body. I guess she wore something like that to hide her big butt, but I didn’t mind checking it out every time I was over.

“Well Shawn you’re certainly welcome to use the facilities if that’s what you came ten miles for.” She was smiling and looking at me like I was a special needs person.

“No!! No, eh Mrs. H, I came to see Daisy.” I quickly corrected myself feeling like a total asshole.

“I’m sorry Shawn; my daughter is out hiking with her father for the rest of the day.” She was leaning against the door watching me as one of her perfect gams was on full display ending in her tiny little foot which was sarıyer escort adorned with white heels.

“REALLY?!! But we were gonna-uh, study yeah study for a test and all Mrs. H.” I was so freaking bummed as it seemed Daisy had faked me out again.

“Oh I really hate to see you look so disappointed darling but you know Daisy has a big track meet coming up.” Mrs. Hartford sounded sympathetic and reached out caressing my shoulder. I noticed she had a beauty mark near her pouty lips and my cock stirred further in my pants.

“Thanks Mrs. H its cool and all. I- I thought we had plans but I must have been wrong.”

“I’m sorry my daughter disappointed you Shawn but why don’t you come inside for a moment. I’d like to talk to you about something.”

“Okay Mrs. H.”

“Before you come in don’t you think you should adjust yourself accordingly?” I’d been checking her out and failed to notice her looking down at my package.

“Oh Shit, sorry Mrs. Hartford!”

“Language young man!” She corrected me and I was completely embarrassed as she stepped to the side inviting me into her home.

I couldn’t help but be amazed every time I came over at the palatial spread that was Daisy’s house. Everything from room to room was color coordinated and Mrs. Hartford had done all of the decorating. She had some formal education and a short career in interior design before meeting her husband. The living room was a vision in white offset with silver. It looked, well heavenly to say the least and I was directed to a love seat and glass table set that looked made up for a guest. Mrs. Hartford already had a tray set up with immaculate silverware and dishes. A separate tray had some finger foods neatly displayed.

“Are you expecting company Mrs. H?”

“Well, it certainly is always nice to be prepared don’t you think?” Her answer was a little strange to me as she sat down and patted a spot beside her for me.

“Look Shawn I have something to ask you and I’m afraid I’m going to have to be very, very frank.” Mrs. Hartford looked concerned and I was uneasy for some reason.

“Uh, okay Mrs. Hartford shoot.”

“Are you having sex with my daughter?” Mrs. Hartford was looking me dead in the eye with her big blue ones and I was frozen in place for a moment.

“Nuh, no Mrs. Hartford I’m not fu-having sex with Daisy.” Not that I hadn’t come over today with the intention of railing the snot out of her kid, but I didn’t have to admit that.

“You’re not lying to me are you Shawn.”

“Mrs. Hartford, I could never lie to you.” I was honest because whenever she talked to me in an authoritative manner I always did what she said.

“Are you sure you’re telling the truth, we both remember your indiscretion at the pool a while back and you’re sitting here in front of me with a massive hard-on.” She underlined her words by pointing directly at the tent in my pants. I’d been hard as steel the entire time I was in her house and had snuck a look at her butt while we walked over to the love seat.

“OOOOH Sorry Mrs. Hartford!!” I quickly grabbed a couch pillow and put it over my crotch.

“Now Shawn, when I brought these lovely pillows I really didn’t intend on having you over to grind your big cock on them and I would appreciate it if you ceased the molestation of my furniture.” She reached over tugging at the pillow, but I held fast completely mortified at the chain of events so far.

“Shawn, you will release this pillow NOW!” I immediately dropped the pillow when she raised her voice. She took the pillow and dropped it beside her chair on the white rug that covered the area containing all of the furniture.

“Yes Mrs. Hartford.”

“There is really nothing to be embarrassed about Shawn. There is no shame in admitting that you have been rutting around with my daughter. Daisy is very attractive and wanting to have intercourse all the time is natural for you young men.”

She leaned back in her French chair as she helped herself to a carrot stick from one of the trays.

“I would like you to admit that you came over her today looking for sex with my daughter. We BOTH know you wouldn’t have been so HARD looking at my tired old figure right Shawn?”

“Oh no Mrs. Hartford, you one of the hottest babes I’ve ever-uh no, I just came over to study honest engine Mrs. Hartford.”

“Oh you don’t like my body then young man?”


“No?” She had one eyebrow raised and a wry smile on her face.

“No, that’s not what I meant Mrs. Hartford; all the guys think you’re a M.I.L.F!! AAAH forget I said that please!! I’m humiliated enough as it is Mrs. Hartford!” I was stumbling all over my words and this was virgin territory for me.

“M.I.L.F; what is that Shawn?”

“Uh, please Mrs. Hartford please don’t make me explain.” I begged off red faced at this point.

“Shawn you WILL EXPLAIN this term to me young man!” Her eyes became narrow slits as she leveled her eyes in my direction.

“Well uh it’s kind of like an acro-uh,acro..What’s that word?”

“Acronym Shawn and just what does that maslak escort stand for young man?” I was twisting in the wind and she seemed to be eating it up.

“Mother I’d like to Fuh-eh nothing Mrs. Hartford.”

“Come on Shawn you can be forthright with me. This conversation will stay between us I promise and you know that you can trust me right?”

“Yes Mrs. Hartford.” I dead panned knowing there was no way I was getting out of this conversation without telling her what she wanted to hear.

“Well then Shawn, I do believe I asked you one simple question. What is a M.I.L.F?”

“Mother I’d like to Fuck, Mrs. Hartford sorry.” I was devastated sitting on that love seat trying to look at anything but Daisy’s hot mom. She leaned back in her chair after pouring herself a cup of coffee and sipped it slowly watching me over the edge of the small tea cup.

“Do you want to fuck me Shawn?” She casually responded as gently sat the cup down.

I started coughing heavily nearly choking on my own spit while she laughed sounding girlish and playful.

“NO Mrs. Hartford, I uh … Mrs. Hartford I’m sorry, NOOOO!!” I was trying hard to regain my composure as she delighted in my awkwardness.

“So what’s wrong with me Shawn?”

“Nothing it’s just that you caught me off guard with your question. I thought you were serious for a moment.”

“I was being serious; do you want to FUCK me?” Mrs. Hartford was looking me directly in the eye now with a steadfast determination and I have to admit to being a little taken aback and frightened.

“Come on Mrs. Hartford, you can’t be serious.” I reasoned as she folded one shapely leg over the other tapping her tiny foot against the ornate coffee table.

Diane slowly stood silently smirking at me and undid the large belt that helped taper her dress inwards to her narrow waist tossing it in my lap. I watched as she undid the large buttons down the front of her white house dress and counted six large buttons colored the same as her frock. I found myself biting my nails as the light cotton garment floated to the white carpet nearly light as a feather.

“Holy Shit Mrs. Hartford.”

She stood before me dressed only in her underwear which consisted of a strapless white bra and matching high waist styled panties. Her tight, toned body took my breath away from the top of her platinum blonde head to her smallish feet which I noticed had silver painted toenails. Mrs. Hartford was a dream come true with her curvy body and exaggerated wide hips.

“What do you think now Shawn?”

I was speechless as she closed the distance between us while I watched as she lifted her heel up and placed it lightly on my shoulder.

“Undo the clasp on my heel Shawn.” I silently nodded following her direction while my trembling fingers undid the small clasp. She followed this up by repeating her action with the other foot. I looked up into her eyes as she gave em a wink and turned to return to her seat. I was given a glorious view of her awesome wide bubble butt cut into three different sections by the tight fit of her panties. A good portion of her cheeks hung below her heart shaped undies and I thought that I cum right there but I didn’t.

“Come here Shawn.” She’d resumed her seat starring as I rose from the love seat fully obeying her and not knowing why.

“No Shawn, on your knees. I want you to take my shoes off.” I was trembling as I fell to my knees on the carpet wondering if this was really happening to me. Mrs. Hartford was leaning back in her French chair and brought one of her feet up resting the point of her heel in the center of my chest.

“Remove my heel young man.” I gingerly slid the shoe off of her tiny foot repeated the action moments later with the other foot. She was sitting there like a queen on her throne and I felt completely entranced by her. Diane presented her foot to me and I cradled it in both hands like a valued treasure. I kissed the top of her foot as gently as I could causing Mrs. Hartford to moan and move about in her chair.

I kissed the bottom of her foot light running my tongue across the bottom of her foot and making her giggle in a sensual tone that sent shivers to my crotch. I lost myself kissing and running my tongue over the skin of her dainty foot rubbing it against my face.

“You’re very good at that Shawn, now lick this.” I looked up finding that she had pulled the crotch of her panties to the side exposing her sex to me. Mrs. Hartford had a beautiful tight looking pussy that had wisps of blond hair on her mound. Heck, I always knew she was a natural blonde and now here was the proof right in my face.

“But Mrs. Hartford, this isn’t right. I date your daughter. We could get caught and then bad stuff would happen like you getting a divorce and shit. Daisy-uh she could be hurt.” It was like I wasn’t even talking as she spread the lips of her pussy showing me just how wet she actually was.

“Lick my pussy Shawn, NOW!!” I was startled by the harsh tone of her voice and instantly brought the flat side of my tongue against her moist lips fully taking in the flavor of her cunt. Her moans became louder as I did my best to please her not knowing how I’d ended up in this situation and desperate to please a woman who was old enough to be my mother.

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