His Prize


I was in a room with seven men, in a really odd situation. I admit, I’m really not an amazing poker player. I’m not terrible, but certainly my skills aren’t world renowned. So why did I decide to join an all male game of strip poker? I certainly could have said no – the other girls decided to leave promptly after the suggestion. But some how the strikingly handsome guy who asked me, couldn’t be denied. He was arrogant, bragging endlessly about his great poker skills. Arrogance is something that normally turns me off, but for some reason, I almost wanted to lose to him.

We formed teams of two and grouped around the table. A good friend of mine, Warren, was paired with the handsome arrogant guy, Jake, and they conveniently sat across from me and my partner. We laid down the basic rules — no stripping beyond the underwear, and no touching, at least until the end of the game. We also decided that the winning team that round would get to choose what the losing team had to take off.

Now, I strongly believe that much of poker is based on luck, but it soon became apparent who had the best skills (and the most luck on their side). The team to my right was completely stripped in just four rounds. My partner and I knew we would probably be the next victims. Sure enough, Jake and Warren won and we came out with the lowest score. My partner lost his shoes, the first logical thing to take off.

However Jake looked at me with his seductive brown eyes and gestured to me, “Your skirt comes off.”

The other guys sat there uncomfortably and Warren told me I didn’t have to if I didn’t want. But I was playing the game by the rules, just as everyone else was. I stood up, undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. All of the guys turned away, not wanting me to be embarrassed: that is all except Jake.

He starred at my red g-string, lifting his eyebrows as he said, with a seductive wink, “Aren’t you glad you wore that tonight?”

I sat down. The chair was cold on my naked ass, but I surprisingly wasn’t embarrassed.

We played two more rounds, not losing either, but definitely not beating Jake and Warren. Once, Jake dropped a card on the floor. Knowing he was trying to catch a glimpse of me under the table, I opened my legs a bit as he bent down. He winked at me again. The next round we were dealt a terrible hand and knew we were soon going to be stripping again. I knew what Jake was going to pick, but I had a trick ready to pull on him. As I thought, he made me take off my shirt. But I had a camisole underneath my sweater.

“Wrong choice?” I asked as I smiled sweetly at him.

The other group was quickly stripped completely, leaving only the Jake and Warren team and me and my partner. We managed to win once so I had the pleasure of asking Jake to take off his pants. But in the end, we lost another hand and all I had left was my bra and underwear. But Jake wasn’t finished. He announced that the winners should be given a “prize”, looking straight at me. Warren tried to jump in, but Jake silenced him. I knew I could turn it down and no one would object, but for some reason I wanted him, almost needed him. I nodded my head and he winked at me again.

Jake almanbahis adres got up, pulling Warren with him, and went towards the stairs and beckoned for me. I slowly got up and followed them to Warren’s room.

“Look, you can stop right now if you want.” Warren looked at me, questioning.

“No, I want to do this. I won’t do anything I don’t feel comfortable with, that’s all”.

Both Jake and Warren nodded, but I knew that I wouldn’t deny Jake anything he asked. We pushed inside of Warren’s bedroom.

“You first.”

Jake pointed to Warren, while he comfortably sat himself on Warren’s desk chair. Warren had lost only his shoes, while I was standing there with only a black lace bra and a red g-string. Warren was cautious with me at first. It definitely wasn’t the first time he had touched me sexually, but Jake was probably throwing him off. He gently kissed me on the lips and my neck, nibbling my ear a bit. He hesitated as he put his hand on my back, working his way lower, clutching my ass a bit. I glanced towards Jake who was just sitting there smirking arrogantly. Warren started becoming more comfortable and quickened the pace a bit. He pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me. He was becoming more of the man I remembered, forceful in a very passionate kind of way. Warren sucked my nipples through my lace bra and I couldn’t help but moan a bit. Because of this, I heard a slight chuckle from Jake. I looked him in the eye as Warren was busy sucking, fumbling to take my bra off. Jake licked his lips as Warren revealed my bare breasts capped with rock hard nipples. I turned away. Warren was now rubbing my clit through my panties. He pushed them aside quickly and aggressively put a finger inside me. It shocked me and I tensed my muscles.

“Wait! You were the one who won the game, you should let me give you your prize.”

I clutched Warren’s hardened cock through his jeans. He glanced nervously over at Jake who was still smirking. I started undoing his belt and he rolled onto his back. I couldn’t help but seductively stare at Jake as I put Warren’s hardened cock into my mouth. I could see Jake’s smirk change more lustful. I pleasured Warren, alternating using my hands, my mouth and my tongue. He was clearing enjoying himself now. But I still couldn’t take my mind (or eyes) off Jake. I could see his hand move towards the growing bulge in his boxers. I could hear moans of pleasure from Warren, but it was Jake I was focused on. I licked Warren’s entire cock slowly, taking my time before plunging it into my mouth. I repeated this over and over.

Finally Jake rose from the chair and said, “Alright buddy, your time is done.”

I stopped and Warren looked up questioningly. Jake came up behind me and pulled me up by my red g-string. The fabric dug into my hard clit, sending feelings of both pain and pleasure throughout my body. I whimpered a bit. Warren jumped up off the bed quickly and sat where Jake had been, immediately rubbing his own cock. Jake didn’t let go of my g-string, jerking it a little harder. I could feel the fabric right up against my clit, my pussy, my ass. It hurt like hell. Jake could have stopped, but he could see almanbahis adresi I was enjoying each pull more and more despite the pain. It was my panties that finally gave way, ripping at the back. The recoil of the elastic stung my ass, but Jake just laughed as he pulled the broken panties off me. He pinched my nipples hard, twisting them between his fingers.

“Warren, doesn’t she have lovely tits?” Jake asked as he pulled them harder.

I didn’t hear Warren’s response as Jake bent lower to put one of my hardened nipples in his mouth. He sucked very gently, softly, teasing me. As he pulled my breast out of his mouth, his tone changed.

“I want my prize,” he said as he pulled his boxers down to reveal his hardened cock.

He pushed my shoulders down, forcing me onto my knees. I didn’t hesitate taking his cock into my mouth. I sucked it hard and fast. I slowed to tease him a bit, but Jake forced his cock deeper, clutching the back of my head. I clutched his ass as I sucked, taking in more and more. He reached down to fondle my nipples a bit, even though I playfully tried to avoid his touch. He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and helped me back up on my feet.

“Get on your hands and knees, on the bed, now, bitch.”

The way Jake said it was forceful and commanding, but not demeaning. I still felt I could stop now if I wanted to, but there is no way I could deny his cock any more. I did what I was told, got on all fours, my exposed pussy and ass facing toward Jake. I loved feeling completely vulnerable to Jake’s gaze. I could hear some rustling as he removed the rest of his clothing. I looked back behind me.

“Did I say you could turn your head?”

He smirked as he slapped my ass. I felt a stinging pain ripple through my body as my muscles tensed. I felt his fingers move up and down my crack, very lightly brushing past my ass, my pussy and my clit. Suddenly I felt a finger invade my pussy. He wasn’t abrupt, but rather teased me with a single finger only partially in. I couldn’t help but moan, even though I tried to stifle it a bit, embarrassed that I was enjoying this demeaning game of his.

“I knew you would like this… I know who you are: A girl who plays strip poker with a bunch of guys, knowing her body will be exposed to all of them; A girl who actually wants to be toyed with, used for the fulfillment of male lust; A girl who takes pleasure in all of this. A girl who doesn’t mind being called a whore.”

At this point he thrust his hard cock aggressively into my pussy. I yelped a bit, surprised at the sudden invasion. He didn’t thrust, he just held there, leaning over to whisper to me.

“I want you to beg for me to fuck you. I’m not going to move until I hear you beg that you want me.”

I could feel his cock throbbing inside of my wet pussy that was aching for more.

“Please,” I said quietly.

He laughed, “You will have to do much better than that”.

I moaned, “Oh please, please Jake. I need you to fuck me.”

“You want to be violated then?”

“Yes!” I said, practically screaming.

With that, he pulled out quickly and thrust into me again hard and fast. He continued almanbahis adres thrusting, over and over. I could hear him with each thrust, feeling him deeper and deeper. He reached to my front and pulled firmly on one of my hardened nipples. I yelped with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he forced my hanging breast against the bed, Jake continuing his hard thrusting.

“How much of a prize am I going to get?” Jake asked, slapping my ass, suddenly stopping his hard thrusting and pulling his hands away from my breasts. My pussy was getting sore, but still ached for more.

“You won me, do what you wish.”

I could feel Jake’s fingers move towards my tight asshole. He brushed it lightly, playfully.

“Are you sure?” he asked playfully.

I moaned with pleasure, confirming my own desire. He slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy, placing the head of his cock right on my tight asshole. Jake slowly led his cock, bit by bit into my ass. With each little bit more I moaned louder as my muscles began to stretch more around his hardened cock. The confusing mixture of pain and pleasure enveloped me. When he was finally all the way in, he started to very gently thrust deeper into me. I didn’t care about holding in my moans any longer. My fingers clutched at the bed as he drove his cock deeper and slightly harder with every thrust.

“I want you to beg some more,” Jake asked, not stopping his gentle thrusts.

This time I didn’t hesitate, “Please Jake, please fuck me. Fuck me hard, in my ass, please.”

I moaned louder as he thrust harder and deeper into my fully stretched ass. As he quickened, I could start to feel his balls lightly slapping my dripping pussy. At that moment he slid two fingers into my wet pussy. I moaned like I had never moaned before. The double penetration was incredible, feeling his large hard cock deep in my ass while also having my pussy violated with his fingers. I was really close, on the brink of cumming, when he slowed a bit.

“No, please, please don’t stop,” I protested.

Jake just laughed and continued to slow.

“Fuck Jake, don’t do this,” I pouted.

After one final chuckle Jake thrust into my ass harder than he ever had sending shock waves through my nerves. At the same time he inserted another finger into my pussy and fingered it hard. I screamed as the orgasm finally took me, shooting waves of pleasure throughout my body. I struggled to stay on my knees in the position as I felt everything around me blur and spin. Jake removed his dripping fingers from my pussy and slowly slid his cock out of my ass. With that I collapsed on the bed, the last sensations of the orgasm ripping through me.

It was at that moment I thought about what had just happened. I let a practical stranger violate me. My aching nipples reminded me of how I let him torture my breasts. My mouth recalled the taste of his forced cock. My sore pussy reminded me of the multiple invasions. My stretched ass reminded me of the extremely demeaning act of being fucked that way. All of this being watched by a friend and previous lover. But for some reason, all of this was exactly what I had wanted. I was proud to have been Jake’s prize.

“So you want to come over next week for another game of strip poker?” Jake asked, smirking that terribly arrogant grin again.

I couldn’t believe myself as I replied, “Only if I can be your prize.”

Jake grinned as he slapped my ass, “That’s what I thought.”

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