Handle in Complete Darkness


Kids! Don’t try this at home! Unprotected sex leads to many bad things. A fantasy, based on a lovely lady who is not my photography student, nor any sort of partner, sexual or otherwise.

Darkrooms are sexy places. Ever since my friend Peter used to feel up girls in the high school yearbook darkroom – with full compliance and complicity – I have known darkrooms to be wonderful places.

Developing large format photography negatives needs to be done in complete darkness. I had a stack of six 4-by-5 inch pieces of film in a tray of water – the presoak that gets them wet and ready to accept developer. It was important to shuffle them to get them evenly wet. Between the sink and me, however, was Sue, my 18-year-old student. It was her first time developing big negatives, and wrapping my arms around her from behind, I could hold her wrists and help guide her actions.

Sue had been a photography student for four years. I had watched grow from an awkward, coltish, skinny girl into an adept dancer: graceful, and lovely. Tall, with long dark hair, big dark eyes, she had a tight dancer’s body with long legs atop a tight, shapely ass. She looked as if she had a goodly bit of Native American ancestry. A dazzling smile, and real charisma when I saw her dance on stage. One of the most naturally sexy women I had ever known. She had recently turned 18, and I had recently taken an interest. Younger women had little appeal to me. Sue had always been lovely and sexy, but it didn’t cause me a hormone rush – it just always seemed wrong of me to lust after a child. And so I didn’t lust.

But something had definitely happened in the three months since she had turned 18. For one thing, her photography had made an incredible leap – it had gone from adolescent self-consciousness to a deeply heartfelt maturity. She had also matured, and begun to shed the self-absorption so many teenagers have. She, in other words, was turning into a spectacular young woman.

And so, my sexual interest in her had started, and grown. Soon, I was totally infatuated with her, and lusting after her tight body. I also knew her well. She was lovely on the inside, too, if a bit of a vixen, which of course only increased her appeal. She had never really expressed an interest in large format photography, preferring to work in 35mm and medium format. It is with a little guilt that I admit I had encouraged her to try large format just because I knew we would have to work in the darkroom in complete dark. I had anticipated this moment.

I moved a little closer, pressing my groin against her wonderful ass. I felt my dick stirring. As I said, darkrooms are sexy places, and something about being in complete dark magnified the effect.

“Take it out from underneath and drop it on top of the stack, and press down with your left thumb,” I said, as we shuffled negatives in the tray. “Then take the next one out from underneath.”

“I think I get it,” Sue said uncertainly. She kept up shuffling. I couldn’t see her in the dark, but her smell was intoxicating, a sweet, subtle perfume, and a delicate shampoo. Her arm movements became more confident. I moved my hands to her waist. It was so muscular and tight. A dancer’s muscle tone. My hands moved under her loose shirt and took her gently by the waist, hands now on warm skin. It felt so good. My chin moved her hair out of the way and I nuzzled her neck.

“Do you mind if I do this?” I whispered in her ear.

“No, I like it. But what about the negatives?” she said, her breathing just a little heavy.

“They can stay in the water a long time, with no harm done,” I murmured as I nuzzled her jaw line.

She reached behind my head to hold my hair. With her arm up, I moved a hand up inside her loose shirt to cup her breast through her bra. Not large, but a delightful handful. I felt her hard nipple through its fabric. I nipped her neck and pinched her nipple through the material of her bra.

“It clasps in front,” she breathed.

“What?” I didn’t understand.

“My bra. It clasps in front.”

With a subtle movement I felt between the cups. Ah! The clasp. It’s like riding a bicycle: once you have the hang of unclasping a bra, it never fails. A quick movement of fingers and I felt the material slide away. My fingers glided from warm skin between back to warm breast. I cupped it, nipple protruding from between thumb and hand. I squeezed a little and she moaned, holding my head tighter. Her other hand reached behind her and between us to feel for my now fully-erect cock. Slender fingers glided up and down its length through my sweatpants. She moved her hand away and pressed her ass against me. Her butt was so firm! My shaft found its way between her cheeks and I slowly moved. She moved against me in response, taking my other hand in hers to bring it to her other breast. I held them both now, kneading them and pinching her nipples. I pressed her forward against the side of the sink as I moved to and fro between her ass cheeks. almanbahis adres I pressed hard, and she sighed.

“It’s so dark!” she exclaimed. “I can’t see a thing.”

“Then we’ll have to operate by the Braille method,” I whispered in her ear. “But I think the thing to do is to get you on the stool. It’s at the right height.”

“Right height for what,” she asked, and I could hear the smile in her voice.

“The right height to make love to you,” I whispered in her ear, making sure to exhale a lot of air as I did. Sure enough, she shivered and I could feel the goose bumps even on her breasts.

“Where is it?” she asked.

“Behind me,” I replied, “But don’t be hasty. Let’s enjoy this.”

My hand moved from one breast down to the top of her jeans. The top button came free with one flick of the fingers. Then slowly, luxuriously, I grasped the zipper and began its journey down. The sound of each tooth coming free was erotic. In a few moments, it was all the way down. I slipped my hand inside her panties and gently moved it down through light fur. My fingers rounded her mons and I felt wet pussy lips. Her knees buckled for a moment as my fingers found her. She gasped and moaned, pressing back against me and spreading her legs to give me better access. One hand still caressed her breasts, now moving from one to the other in turn. I buried a finger between her swollen lips and felt the warm wetness inside her. The soft skin of her inner walls felt so good against my finger. Another finger inserted, and again her knees buckled for a moment, her breath became ragged.

“Is this okay?” I asked, “Do you want this?”

“It feels so good,” she breathed, “Yes, I want it and more!” She moved her hips against my fingers, and we set up a gently rhythm of finger-fucking. “Do you want me?”

“Yes. Recently I’ve become totally infatuated with you,” I said honestly. “I couldn’t wait until you turned eighteen. I wanted you just like this – in the complete dark, able only to feel you. Having to concentrate on feeling and touch when I can’t see you. Imagining how beautiful you are right now. I want to give you pleasure. I want to make love to you until you beg for mercy, and then I want to keep on loving you.”

“Mmmm,” she purred, and nuzzled against me. I continued a slow rhythm of moving my fingers in and out of her. She pressed back against me.

With my free hand, I reached back and to the side and found the stool. I pulled it towards me a little, so that it came to rest in front of the high countertop behind. I withdrew my finger and moved both my hands to her waist again. We turned around and I placed her where the backs of her legs could feel the stool seat. She hitched up as she came onto the seat. I was in front of her, and in the dark I felt her legs spread, touching the outside of mine as I stood before her. She had moved her other arm around my neck, and in the dark she pulled me close in a deep kiss. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me close, my groin pressed to her snatch. She rubbed against me. I rubbed back. Our tongues fought it out.

My fingers went to the buttons of her shirt, and in the darkness I felt my way down, unbuttoning them from the top. When they were all undone, I moved my hands inside the shirt to take her waist again. It was so firm. With her bra already unhooked, it was easy to move up and cup both her delightful breasts. I kneaded them, pinching nipples as I squeezed flesh gently.

Her hand reached between us and felt my erection. She gently stroked its length while feeling its shape beneath my sweatpants. Her hand moved up and found the drawstring, and a quick tug released it. Pulling to loosen them, she moved them down to give her hand access to feeling me again. I had been naughty and wore no underwear, hoping for just this moment. Her fingers found me and felt warm on my hardness. I moaned as I kissed her with renewed passion. She wrapped fingers around the shaft and squeezed. My knees almost buckled.

“Oh, God, Sue, that feels good,” I breathed.

“Here,” she said, “This will feel even better.” She got off the stool and took me by the waist in the dark, turning me around and pressing me back against the stool. I sat, with her now between my legs. She took the sides of my sweats and pulled down, I raised up enough for her to get them off my ass and pulled to my knees. I then felt her hand move down my stomach and take the base of my cock. I felt her body move out from between my legs, her hand still on my cock. I heard a rustling sound, but couldn’t really tell what it was. Then, like an electric shock, I felt lips close around the head of my dick, and a tongue on the underside. She took my member deep down her throat, and then pulled up to enclose only the head. She came off, and I felt just the tip of her tongue on the underside of my head – right at its most sensitive point. I shivered and goose bumps popped out all over my body. I heard her laugh as she engulfed almanbahis adresi my entire erection again, her nose in my pubic hair, her tongue massaging my shaft. Again, she came up in a long, slow stroke, keeping my head in her mouth at the top. I felt her mouth circle around my head, and her cheeks collapse as she sucked me hard. I could feel her mouth and tongue all over my head. It was incredible. Again she sank my dick down her throat, and again came up to massage my head with her lips and tongue. She came off, and used just the tip of her tongue to lick up and down the underside of me, holding me in position with warm fingers. Then she engulfed me again, and started a slow rhythm of stroking up and down my shaft with her mouth., her hand holding me at the base of my cock. It was absolutely expert, stimulating cocksucking, and I could feel my cum starting to bubble up in my balls. I didn’t want it to end this way, however.

“Sue,” I breathed, “I can’t take much more of this!”

She laughed and took me deep again, sucking hard.

“No, really!” I breathed, “You’ve got to stop!”

She came off me. “I like to suck your cock! It tastes so good and it’s so big and hard! What if I want you to cum in my mouth?”

“Not this time,” I said, “That’s not where I want to cum.”

“And where do you want to cum?” she asked, and I could hear the teasing in her voice in the dark.

“I want to love you hard and cum inside you,” I said, my hands finding her face in the dark and bringing her by the cheeks and jaw line to my face and kissing her. I moved off the stool and again we did a dance in the dark to get her onto it. My hands moved down to her shoulders and took her shirt off her shoulders, taking bra straps with it. I removed the shirt off her arms and lay it on the countertop behind her. I took her jeans and panties and pulled them off her ass and down her legs. I took each calf as I removed the jeans from her feet. I put the clothes on the countertop on her shirt. I now imagined her naked on the stool. I ran my hands down her side and along the outside of her thighs as she squeezed me between her legs. I kissed her and stroked my hands up and down the length of her thighs, stopping to massage her knees. Our tongues sparred as we kissed deeply. My sweats were around my knees, and my cock stuck out straight. As I moved closer, I felt it poke her belly. She reached and took it between her fingers and stroked it.

“I want this inside me,” she whispered, “I want to feel it deep.”

“I would love that,” I said. In the dark, I worked my sweats down so I could get one leg outside the waistband, since I knew I would have to get a little lower to have the right height.. I moved my arms underneath her legs and crooked her knees in my elbows. This rotated her a little, and she leaned back against the edge of the counter. I moved down a little, my cock trailing down her belly to rest at her opening. Moving my hips, I rubbed my little head against her wet lips. She reached down and took the base of my cock and rubbed it up and down the length of her lips several times in long, slow strokes. Then she positioned me at her entrance and moved forward a little, my head just starting to penetrate. I moved forward and sank deeper, my hands gripping her ass and pulling her forward a little on the stool. I kept sinking until I felt myself buried all the way. We kissed deeply, and she began moving just a little, giving almost a little twitching feeling to my cock. My arms underneath her legs, my hands gripping her ass, her legs were elevated to be pressing almost against her chest. I could press close and feel her nipples poke my chest. I nuzzled and kissed her neck.

“Now fuck me!” she growled, and began to thrust her pussy against my cock.

“Let me,” I said, “I’d hate to feel you fall off the stool!”

“Then do it!” She commanded, “I need to have you fuck me!”

So, I did. I thrust hard and fast. Long strokes in and out of her delightful pussy. I could feel her clench her muscles around me as I thrust. I pulled her ass in the in stroke, letting me enter even deeper. I fucked and fucked, the earlier desire to cum from her sucking having abated. I was in command of my dick now, and it wasn’t cumming anytime soon.

She started moaning, her excitement building towards an orgasm. She exploded and hugged me tight in the dark, her pussy milking my cock as I kept on pounding her, her face now pressed to my chest and arm, sighing and moaning as the spasms of her climax washed over her. I slowed my pace and kissed her hair, nuzzled her cheek, and found her lips in the dark.

“Do you like this?” I asked.

“I love it,” she replied, and fucked me back, hips grinding my cock inside her. “I love how you fill me up. I love how you pound me. I want to feel you shoot inside me. I want to feel you explode!”

“Well,” I said, my thrusting increasing in speed and intensity, “We’ll see about that.” I fucked her with renewed almanbahis adres energy. I removed my arms and she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me to her with her ankles. I put my hands on her ass again and pulled her to me as I rocked. in and out. We pounded away at each other for a long time. The feeling of my incredibly hard cock sliding in and out of her was heavenly. Her pussy was so tight and warm. It seemed like she had several more small orgasms, our rhythm interrupted by her shudders and clenching of my dick by her pussy. Finally, I could feel my own climax starting to build.

“Sue, I can feel it,” I breathed, “I’m going to cum soon!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she said in rhythm with our thrusts, “I want it! I want it! I want it!”

We really went at it, thrusting as hard as we could. Up it bubbled from my balls.

“Now!” I yelled, and rammed myself as deeply into her as I could, the head of my cock expanding and my entire shaft spasming as I shot a huge load of cum deep into her womb. She screamed and hugged me hard, a huge shudder wracking her entire body as she came with me in a major orgasm. I couldn’t stop spurting as my cock filled her pussy and felt her muscles clamp around my length. I saw stars in the dark, I felt my being emptying into this young, tight, beautiful pussy. My cock felt huge, and it felt like my orgasm would never end. My knees buckled. My cock spurt. I groaned and moaned and spurt more. I hugged her hard in return, pulling her to me and trying to sink even deeper within as my seed filled her.

Slowly, we came down from our peaks. My still-hard dick rested in her warm folds. We held each other tight.

“Hold on,” I said, and cupping her ass cheeks, lifted her up off the stool. She giggled and held me tight around the neck. Holding her, I turned and sat on the stool, Sue on top of me, cock nestled comfortably inside her. “I had to do this, there was just enough bend to my legs to make that position uncomfortable after a while.”

“But this is nice!” she said, nestling her pussy on my cock as she sat on me, arms still around my neck.

“It is,” I replied, bending forward to find and kiss each breast and give a little suck to each nipple in the dark. She shuddered.

“Oh!” she said, “I didn’t see that coming!”

“That’s because it’s dark,” I said, asserting the quite obvious.

“Really!” she said, in mock amazement, “I didn’t know!”

We laughed and held each other in the darkness, bodies pressed. We kissed. We kissed some more. We pressed harder. I could feel her breasts against me. My cock remained hard, tucked deep in her snatch. I rocked a little, and slid in and out. She purred and rocked against me.

“Are you ready to go again so soon?” she asked.

“Don’t know, but it’s worth a try,” I replied.

So away we rocked on the stool, her on top, legs wrapped around me. I held her cheeks and lifted her a little each time we rocked. Not much, but it added a little length to the strokes, and I could feel my hard, wet dick stroking the walls of her slick cunt. I was definitely still excited to have this beautiful young woman fucking me in the dark. Being able to see nothing, all I could do was concentrate on the feelings: of her warm, wet pussy, her legs on my legs, her arms around my neck, her ankles pressing into my back, her nipples lightly rubbing against my chest. Her lips pressing against my lips, her tongue fencing with mine. All sensations in the dark.

A little shudder told me she’d come. I moved and kissed her ear, nibbling it, and then sticking my tongue deep into it.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, and a big shudder coursed through her entire body. She held me tight and fucked me with little movements as her orgasm made its way through her body. After a few moments, she came down from it. “That was incredible!” I rubbed up and down her sides and felt the goose bumps. I smiled in the dark.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said.

“My turn,” she said, and I could hear the smile. Her lips kissed lightly along my cheek as she sought my ear. Once she found it, he caressed it with her lips and the tip of her tongue. It tickled, and I giggled. “Oh, we like it,” she said softly in my ear.

“Yes, we does,” I said.

“Then try this,” she said, and plunged her tongue deep into my ear, breathing into it and practically sucking on it. The effect was electric, and I instantly exploded, shooting another huge load of cum deep into her pussy, moaning and pulling her close, feeling her entire body against mine as my cock strained with spasm after spasm as it gushed sperm deep into her womb. It was a mind-bending orgasm. I buried my face in her shoulder as she continued to tongue my ear, her body shuddering in mutual release. My goose bumps each felt like Mt. Everest, and they covered my body. I shuddered and still spurt and spurt. Finally, my cock stopped its contractions, but I still held her tight, awash with the aftermath of a stunning climax. I had to catch my breath.

“Wow,” I panted simply. She was everything I had fantasized as a lover. And more.

I could hear her smile. “I now have absolute power over you,” she said. “I know what to do to conquer you!” She nestled her pussy on my now-just-beginning-to-deflate dick.

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