Her Boss’s Pleasure Ch. 01


“This meeting is adjourned. I’ll see you all next month.”

He rose from his seat at the head of the grey marble boardroom table, and the directors rose, as well. I sighed and glanced out the window at the early evening sky. We’d been here for much longer than expected. If I was tired, I couldn’t imagine how he felt. As the CEO, he was the focal point of the board meeting.

We walked out first, me keeping about five steps behind him. I acted as a sort of in-house strategy consultant for the company. He was young to be in a position of power, only in his early forties, but he was absolutely brilliant. Very few people questioned his ability and his right to lead the company. But he felt he had to prove himself and worked harder than anyone I had ever met before. And it showed. I followed him down the hallway, and as we moved toward his office, I noticed his broad shoulders slump a notch in weariness, bowing under the immense burden he carried. He was the youngest leader in the industry, and the fact caused him no little amount of stress. He never wanted to give anyone a reason to doubt his worthiness.

As he walked into his office, I hovered in the doorway, waiting for instructions and discreetly watching him. He was so handsome in his black suit and blue tie, his dark brown hair in perfect order, his face a chiseled masterpiece. I could watch him forever.

He began to gather his papers, and I raised a brow. “You’re leaving?”

He glanced at me and sighed. “I’m exhausted. I couldn’t possibly get anything more done, today.” His hazel eyes were tired as he looked at me, and I nodded, feeling a bit silly for asking him a question with an obvious answer.

But it was Friday, and as far as I knew, he never went straight home on Fridays. I didn’t know where he went, but I thought maybe it was time I found out. You see, I had a little crush on my boss and had for some time. I know it’s wrong, but I followed him, sometimes. I wanted to know more about his private life.

It was time to find out the truth. I wanted to see why his car was always still in the parking lot on Fridays. I wanted to see the one place he went that I couldn’t figure out. Today, I was determined to solve the mystery. I took my leave of him.

“Well, have a nice weekend, then.” I smiled at him and turned away.

“You, Escort Başakşehir too.” He answered. I felt his eyes on my back as I walked down the corridor towards my own office. I suspected, at times, that he shared my feelings but had never gone so far as to inquire.

I slipped into an empty office a little ways down the hall and waited there for the next ten minutes, until he exited his office. When he did, I stepped out and, with a hairpin, unlocked the security booth next door. It was empty, because at six on a Friday, our security personnel on this floor went out for a smoke. Both of them. I had figured this out over the course of a few weeks.

Glancing up, I studied the blue monitors, searching for the elevator shots.

There he was.

Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? I cursed myself. It was not difficult, figuring out his location, but he just probably never thought anyone would care enough to check up on him. Well, I did, and I wanted to know.

He exited the elevator and stepped out into a dark hallway. All I could see was a sign above a door that declared it to be the 89th floor, the highest floor in the building and the one no one I knew had ever seen. My mouth fell open. My hands reached toward the drawers in front of me and pulled, only to find them locked. I whimpered with sudden urgency. I had to know why he was up there. Grabbing the hairpin from my pocket, I inserted it in the drawer’s lock, but it wouldn’t give.

I jiggled and shook for a full minute before the lock turned.

Wrenching the drawer open, I rummaged through the pile of keys, each marked with a number. It had to be here. This was not difficult. I laughed to myself when I saw the one marked 89. As brilliant as my boss was, he could have made this a lot harder for me.

I opened the door a crack to make sure no one was outside and slipped out of the room, walking briskly to the elevator bank. My stilettos clicked on the marble floor as I hurried toward an open car. I pressed 89 and waited for an eternity.

The doors finally slid open, and there I was, in a long, dark hallway. I moved toward the door I had seen on the screen, but then hesitated.

If I unlocked this door and followed him in, he might easily hear me and wonder what the hell Bayrampaşa escort I was doing. I needed another entrance. Frantic, I glanced around, seeing nothing but white-washed concrete bricks on either side of me, no sign of another door.

I ran as quietly as I could to the end of the left side of the corridor, finding nothing. I repeated this on the other side, and lo and behold, there was a bend. And another door!

Ecstatic, I silently slid the key in the lock, and the door swung open.

I gasped.

The room was large and airy, with double-storied ceilings and glass walls on three sides. And there was a panoramic view of the city. It was absolutely beautiful, and I stared at it for a long moment.

Oh, my God.

The room curved, and around the large column I just happened to be standing behind, was exactly what I had been looking for. But not exactly what I expected to find.

There was my boss, our legendary CEO, standing in the middle of the room. I had no idea what had happened or what he was thinking, but he was…completely naked.

My mind stopped racing and went totally blank.

The soft glow of the overhead lights cast a golden glow over his bronze skin, illuminating him in his naked glory. Broad shoulders, powerful arms and back, tight butt, and a long, perfectly proportioned cock. He was a god, pure and simple, with muscles rippling, making my mouth water to taste him. He stood facing the massive windows, his feet planted at about shoulder-width, his back arched slightly.

I watched, mesmerized, as his large hand wrapped around that beautiful cock. His thumb rubbed the ultra-sensitive head, and his body gave a jolt of pleasure, causing his eyes to flutter closed and his breath to hitch. His long fingers stroked, slowly, and the sight soaked my panties. He continued rubbing up and down the long shaft with the pads of his fingers.

His chest began to lift and his breathing deepened. He increased the intensity of the strokes, pressing harder, twisting his cock in his hand and pulling at the head. That made him gasp with pleasure, and I saw his lips form an “o” of bliss. He froze for a moment, probably to quell the throbbing in his body. After a moment, he began to move again, squeezing his cock in his palm. The Beşiktaş escort bayan sensation forced a heavy grunt from his lips. His back arched, and he began to pump and knead, in earnest. I saw his skin flush, and my own body grew hot in empathy and arousal.

He was panting, now, sucking in frantic gusts of air. His chiseled face was contorted in a mask of utter bliss, his brow furrowed deeply, his lips a tight line, his gorgeous eyes wide with passion.

“Oh!” He shouted and stamped his foot. My gaze left his straining cock and flew to the floor, where he was lifting one massive foot and stamping it in perfect time with his thrusting hips. I heard the slap of his sole against the hard floor. He tilted his head back, releasing staccato cries and grunts as he moved. “Oh! Ah! Yes! Ooh! Ah!”

I could not take my eyes from him. My controlled, dominating boss, who ruled over a global company with an iron fist…shouting helplessly because of his own fist! Who could have thought it possible?

His hand moved faster and faster, his hips arching into the air. I could see the muscles of his beautiful ass clenching with every powerful thrust. His breath was coming so fast, I thought he might pass out from lack of air. He inhaled raggedly as his hips moved, exhaling as he straightened. The thrusts quickened as his other hand came up to fondle his balls. I moved closer as he threw his head back with pleasure. He was close, so close…

Suddenly, his entire body stiffened, his back arched like a bowstring. His head was still back, and I saw his eyes fly open to stare blankly at the ceiling. I noticed his feet pressing into the floor, his toes curling against the floor, perhaps to keep him upright…

“Ah! Ah! Aaahhh!” He bellowed, his deep voice trembling. His body convulsed and shook with such powerful spasms, he was felled.


With his hand still wrapped around his pulsing cock, his eyes wide with shock, and agonized bellows issuing from his delicious mouth, his weakened knees gave way as his body tilted dangerously to the side. He fell to the marble floor like a tree in a forest, landing on his shoulder with a thud. I winced at the sound and his sharp cry. But the painful impact wasn’t enough to keep him awake, because within the next few seconds, he grew silent and his body stilled. I tiptoed as close to him as I dared without risking being seen. His eyes were closed, his face relaxed. He’d passed out from the overpowering climax. The intense pleasure defeated him and purged the stress which had threatened to crush him. I smiled, glad he was at last relaxed.

(To Be Continued…)

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