How Carrie Got Pregnant

Britney Amber

How Carrie Got PregnantIt was the last night of what had been another fairly uneventful, but certainly successful, tour for Carrie Underwood, and, despite the fact that I had made a few as of yet unsuccessful advances toward her on the road, I had tried for the most part to put any thoughts of hooking up with her out of my mind.Until I heard the argument, that is.“Why are you doing this to me, Mike?!? You know I told you that I wanted to start making a family with you when I got off the road!” I heard Carrie yell loudly into the phone from her dressing room, and as her tour manager, and since I had to go see if she was in need of any assistance anyway, I waited outside her door for the argument to stop and then called out to her.“Carrie, is everything okay in there?” I asked her from outside the door, before hearing her get up and come to the door, trying to force a smile as she let me in.“Marriage stuff John, I’m sure it’s normal for things like this to happen,” she told me as I looked her up and down in the tight shorts and form-fitting shirt she was wearing and wondered what it would take to get her in bed with me.“Carrie, I am not just your road manager, I would like to think that by this time of the tour, being our last night on the road and all, that I am also someone you can confide in,” I told her, looking her in the eyes as she sat down and told me all about how her ungrateful husband doesn’t want to go anywhere near her when she’s home these days.“Maybe I’m not as pretty as people think I am John,” she whispered to me as we sat alone in her dressing room, resting her head on my shoulder, clearly having a weak moment, “how about you? You think I’m pretty, right?”“Carrie, baby, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you if I was married to you,” I told her as I placed a hand on her thigh and brushed the hair back out of her face. “Just stay here with me then John,” she whispered as she got up to lock the door to her dressing room and smiled her sexiest smile at me as she walked over to me, her whole demeanor seemingly having changed as she jumped into my arms.“I know you want to fuck me John,” she told me as she wrapped her legs around me and let me kiss her deeply on the lips, “you wouldn’t have spent so much effort trying to buca escort get in my pussy every night of this tour, otherwise. Tonight’s going to be your lucky night, baby, because I am unable to resist you anymore. And I also want to get revenge on him for neglecting my needs.”“You deserve someone who wants to be around you and touch you and make you feel good Carrie,” I whispered to her as I kissed her again and laid her on the couch, starting to softly kiss her neck as she started to moan in my ear.“Tell me how bad you want me Carrie,” I whispered to her, seeing the lust in her eyes as she threw her legs around me as I started to undress her, pulling her shirt up over her head and sliding her shorts off of her.“I want you John…I want you bad…” she hissed as I reached behind her to unhook her bra and slid her panties off with my other hand as she reached up and yanked me out of my shirt just as I started to suck on her tits.“OHGOD…suck my tits baby…” she moaned into my ear as I took turns pleasuring her erect nipples as Carrie pulled off my pants and reached for my dick.“Suck it Carrie…I want it nice and hard before it goes inside you baby…” I commanded her as she yanked my underwear down and wrapped her hands around my dick as she started to blow me, not a care in the world as she started to deep-throat the dick of a man that wasn’t her husband right there in her dressing room.“MMM…MMM…” she moaned contentedly from around it as she sucked away on it, slobbering all over it as I began to fuck her face.“SHIT…you sure know how to suck a cock Carrie…I bet you fuck as good as you suck, too…” I whispered in her ear as I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed my dick to the back of her throat as she ran her hands up and down my shaft and played with my balls.“A little more Carrie baby…gonna cum soon…” I told her as I started fucking her face again while she slurped away on my dick and started fingering her pussy as I came down her throat, the sheer volume of it causing her to briefly choke on it before she recovered and swallowed it all down as I backed my dick away from her mouth and straddled her on the couch.“OHGOD…OHGOD…YES…lick…me…” she shouted as I lowered my face between her legs and ran my tongue buca escort bayan over her pussy lips before sliding it into her and starting to eat her out.“So tight Carrie…I’m going to enjoy fucking you later…” I teased her as I started to thrust my tongue in and out of her as Carrie arched her back and threw her head back, already nearing orgasm as I plowed her fertile fields with my tongue.“Tell me what you want from me Carrie,” I softly said to her as I slid my dick in and out of her, her back arching even more as she started to thrust her hips back into my face.“Your dick…I need your dick in my pussy John…” she shouted as I pulled my tongue out of her and quickly pushed my dick inside of her, placing her legs on my shoulders as I started pounding away on her cunt.“Ask and you shall receive, you sexy bitch,” I teased her as I started to thrust deeper and deeper into her, her pussy walls stretching out to accommodate my dick as the head of it started banging against her cervix.“FUCK…OHGOD…fuck me…fuck my pussy…I’m your sexy bitch tonight,” she moaned as I hammered away into her, her walls beginning to wrap tightly around my dick as she arched her back and threw her head back, her eyes rolling back in her head as the dirty talk coming out of her mouth turned us both on immensely.“God…you feel so fucking good wrapped around my dick Carrie…” I whispered to her as she rotated her hips around my dick and threw her legs around my waist as both of us started to feel our orgasms coming on.“OHGOD…don’t stop…so close…” she moaned as she pushed her hips into mine and unloaded her cum all over my dick, her sex juices flooding out onto it as I started to thrust a little harder into her and returned the favor by blowing my load deep in her pussy.“OHGOD…YES…” she moaned as I kept right on thrusting into her, her walls grabbing and pulling on my dick as I shot stream after stream of my thick, sticky sperm into her tight, warm cunt, finally pulling out of her after filling her to the brim with my baby seed, and then making out with her on the couch as my cum trickled out of her pussy.“OHGOD that was good…but I want to be on top this time baby…” she cooed as she pushed me into the couch and got on top of me, lowering her pussy escort buca down onto my dick as she started to ride me.“FUCK…ride me Carrie…I can’t wait to cum in you again…” I whispered as she bounced up and down on my dick, her back arching and her eyes rolling back in her head as she threw her head back, her body tensing up again as she neared another earth-shattering orgasm as I thrust my dick up into her with great force.“OHGOD…fuck me…fuck my pussy…” she moaned as I grabbed her hips and thrust up into her a few more times as she came all over my dick again, her cunt juice trickling down my shaft as I thrust up into her one last time and exploded in her cozy cunt for a second time.“OHGOD…” she softly whispered when she felt me filling her pussy with a second load of my sticky seed, coating her cunt walls with it as I shot a few more loads into her and pulled out of her for the final time that night.“If anyone ever finds about this, just tell them I took advantage of you,” I told her as we were making out on the couch recovering, “it wouldn’t be very good for your image if people knew the truth about this.”“We’re probably not going to see each other until the next tour starts anyway,” she told me as we got dressed and cleaned up the dressing room, ready for the tour to be over and to get back to our regular lives.Or so that’s we both thought, right up until Carrie called me up out of the blue with some life-changing news one day about a month later.“John listen, I know we said we agreed we were just going to put the last night of the tour behind us and never speak of it again, but I have to tell you something,” she began, and something in my mind told me I should be sitting down for this, so I quickly took a seat at my kitchen counter as she continued.“John, I’m pregnant, and it’s your baby,” she told me, pausing to let it sink in as she waited for my response.“Carrie, are you sure it’s mine?” I asked her, knowing she had plans to start a family with her husband when she got off the road and assuming they had been having lots of sex since the tour ended.“Yes I’m sure…Mike has barely even looked at me since I’ve been home, let alone had sexual relations with me,” she replied, before asking me when I would be available to talk about this with her in person.“I’ll be on my way back to Nashville on the first thing smoking Carrie, think you can sneak away and pick me up?” I asked her, Carrie quickly agreeing to do it, neither of us knowing what the future would hold from that point forward.To be continued…?

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