Good Girl


All night you’ve been waiting for this. Teasing you under the table at the restaurant. Rubbing you discretely next to our friends across from us. Taking your hand and slipping it under my dress so you can feel my heated soaked panties. Taking a hold of your finger and sticking it halfway into my panties so you notice that I shaved especially for you. I know you love that and I love how you twitch in my hand while you lightly touching my swollen clit. You want to go home right then, but I order dessert & eat it slowly just to tease you and make you squirm.

Waving goodbye from inside the car to our friends as two of your fingers hungrily ram my wet pussy. You start to drive away and my hands unconsciously unbuckle your jeans to reveal your hard cock. My head innocently lowers to it and my mouth takes it all in, my real dessert. Bobbing up and down while I feel the car swerve. I know you can’t concentrate on the road, but I can’t help but suck you faster, taking you deeper down my throat, you taste so good I am unable to stop. You force a third finger in my dripping cunt, over and over, going as deep aydınlı escort as your fingers allow.

We end up parked in our driveway and we are still attached to eat other. The faster you finger me the faster I suck you. I try and take it deep just for you. Faster, faster, deeper, deeper until I feel your cock tense up. I know you’re about to cum. I continue to bob up and down your thick shaft as you shoot your hot cream down my throat. I slurp up every bit of it, making sure to not waste a single drop. I slide your fingers out of my tight cunt and stick them in your mouth to taste me.

I unlock the door to our house and I walk towards the couch, stripping my clothing off one piece at a time. I lay myself down on the couch and spread my legs so you can see finally how wet I am for you. I watch you closely as you strip down as well, watching how your body moves, watching how your face reacts to the sight of my fingers entering myself. You pull my bottom half off the couch and bring your face as close to my pussy as you can without touching, just to smell my scent bağdat caddesi escort and take in the view of your private property. I see the length of your tongue disappear as it slides into me. I arch my back as you take my little pussy in your mouth and lightly suck. I grab the back of your head to try and fuck your tongue, but it’s not enough, I need to feel your thick hard cock deep inside me while your balls slap my ass.

Grabbing your muscular arms, I pull you up on top of me. Screw going slowly, I need you now and I need you hard. I take your cock and put the tip on my entrance. You ease your way inside me, but I grip your ass and make you plunge your whole self into me. I beg for you to be harder, practically crying out. I want you to break me. You give me exactly what I want. Pushing yourself into me, grazing my cervix as I scream out for more. You pull my hair hard, still inside, but twisting me around on my hands and knees.

You give my ass nice hard slaps, making my cheeks bright red, making my pussy slicker. I can feel droplets on my bahçelievler escort back of your sweat and the radiation of heat coming off your body as you slam into me, your balls now hitting my clit. You take my arms and hold them in back of me, as a better grip to push yourself harder inside me. My fingernails find your stomach, I manage to get a few good scratches, just for you to remember this night for a couple more days.

Forgetting just how much you love my nails, I hear an intense moan from you and a sudden release of my arms. Your right hand covers my mouth, knowing what was to come, I held on to the top of the couch for dear life. Your left hand rips my hair back as you slowly slide out of my pussy only to ram yourself back in. Doing this for some time, we both had enough and just wanted to get each other off. You take your hand off my mouth and with both hands, grasp my waist and pound me as hard as you can. No breaks for catching our breath, just solid hard thrusts into my tight used cunt. Normally, I don’t allow anything into my asshole, but your finger slides in. The unique and thrilling experience sends my body into a strong orgasm that makes me lose my breath instantly. The pressure around your cock is too much for you to handle and you cum hard into my hot pussy as you collapse to my side on the couch. You give me a kiss on my forehead as I feel your cum dripping out of my filled cunt. “Good Girl.”

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