Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 58


Jenny woke up with a funny feeling between her legs, then realized that she had fallen asleep with the business end of the face dildo inside her. It felt pretty nice but she needed to pee, so she slid it out before emerging from under the covers.

Kristin was already at her desk, typing away furiously. She looked away from the screen briefly as the naked freshman came closer. “Morning Jen,” she said.

“Morning,” answered Jenny, smiling and yawning.

“I had an idea for a whole different approach to this paper. Came to me in a dream. I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing, but it’s going to be way better.” Even as she spoke she had already resumed typing.

After relieving herself Jenny put on a robe and asked Kristin, “Can I grab you anything?”

“Sure,” said Kristin, continuing to pound away at the keyboard.

“What do you want?”

“Anything,” said Kristin with a wave of her hand. “Thanks.”

A few minutes later Jenny returned with a cup of coffee and a ham-and-cheese croissant. She sat them down next to Kristin, who was sitting with her chin in her hand, intently reading something on the screen. The look on her face told Jenny that it was time to go. As she tiptoed away Kristin said, “Thanks, Jen.”

But only when the door opened did Kristin turn her head and look straight into the younger girl’s eyes. “Really,” she said softly and sincerely. “Thanks.” Jenny broke into a wide, beaming smile. “Come give me a kiss,” instructed hd porno Kristin.

They shared a long, lingering, wet kiss and then parted. “Now get out of here,” said Kristin playfully, swatting Jenny on her adorable little rump as she left the room.

* * *

Inspired by Kristin’s example, Jenny sat down to reread The Metamorphosis. She had already written her paper on it, but thought that by revisiting the material she might be able to make some improvements.

By the time she finished the book, it was mid-evening and she had realized that everything she’d said in her paper was wrong. After scarfing down dinner she got to work rewriting. Focused and inspired, she didn’t even look at the clock until she was done with her revision; only then did she realize that it was after 3 A.M. But rather than tired, Jenny felt exhilarated; her paper was really good now, she thought, and she could hard wait for her professor to see it.

She realized suddenly that she was desperately hungry, and decided to go down to the kitchen. Even though it was the middle of the night, it was also Finals week, and Jenny found that she was not the only one craving a snack. Sitting at the table digging into a plate of leftover enchiladas was Eva.

Every time Jenny saw Eva she was a little embarrassed, remembering their bathroom encounter earlier in the semester. What embarrassed Jenny was not that it had happened — she hadn’t had any choice in the matter — but how much sex izle she had enjoyed being molested in a public bathroom by a girl she barely knew. She still vividly recalled the feeling of kneeling on the cool linoleum as she ate Eva’s pussy.

Looking up from her food, Eva said, “Hi, Jenny.” Her lustrous brown mane was tied back in a somewhat careless ponytail, and she was dressed uncharacteristically conservatively in old-fashioned pajamas. Even in this state she looked radiantly lovely, and her big brown eyes were warmly welcoming; but at the moment Jenny’s entire being was focused on her stomach.

“Hi,” said Jenny, eyeing the delicious-looking Mexican dish. “Is there any more of that?” Eva jerked her head toward the refrigerator and resumed shoveling food into her mouth. She too had been ravenous — though seeing Jenny, and thinking of their previous assignation, reminded her that she hadn’t been laid in far too long.

It took a minute for Jenny to find what she was looking for; then she loaded up a plate and popped it into the microwave. She was standing there idly, letting her mind wander, when she felt arms wrap around her from behind. Then she felt Eva’s breasts pressing into her back, Eva’s lips on her neck; it was delightful, and she melted back into the older girl’s embrace.

Eva’s hands began to explore Jenny’s body, one groping her breasts, one sliding down to her crotch. Jenny whimpered, feeling her motor go from 0 to 60 in no time altyazılı porn flat; her nipples sprung to attention and her pussy began to gush.

Just then the microwave dinged. Jenny was caught between two appetites, but after a few seconds she said, “Eva, I’m really absolutely starving. Couldn’t I just, um, eat first?”

“Suit yourself,” said Eva, giving Jenny’s butt a quick squeeze before letting her go. Jenny carefully carried her hot plate over to the table and sat down. She took a big forkful of food and started blowing on it, but she hadn’t even gotten a bite into her mouth when Eva disappeared under the table.

Crawling over between Jenny’s legs, Eva lifted Jenny’s skirt and pulled off her panties. “I still owe you one,” she said by way of explanation, as she spread Jenny’s legs. Jenny, shrugging, began to eat her enchiladas as Eva ate her pussy. It was a little distracting, but not at all unpleasant, to have both things happening at the same time.

In fact, after the first few bites settled her stomach, Jenny found herself in a very happy place indeed — taking leisurely, sensual bites of the cheesy cuisine as the beautiful Eva serviced her. When she was finished eating, 15 minutes and three orgasms later, Jenny sat back rubbing her stomach. Licking her lips, Eva stood up and took Jenny by the hand.

Back in Eva’s room, Eva pushed Jenny onto the bed — not too roughly but not gently either — stripped off her clothes, and climbed up to straddle Jenny’s head. Jenny found that Eva’s sweet, creamy cunt made for a wonderful dessert.

Jenny and Eva made love until the first hints of sunlight appeared in the sky, then drifted off into a deep and contented slumber.

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