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The woman placed her coffee down on the table I sat at and sat down looking at me. I hadn’t seen her arrive, I was in a bit of a dream. She looked familiar but I wasn’t sure. Without looking directly at her I noted unconsciously that she was wearing trousers and heels and a jacket. She placed her coffee cup, looked up and made it obvious that she was looking directly at me.

“It’s Emma isn’t it?” A well to do accent. I only just managed to keep my mouth from dropping open. My eyes flickered over her and away again. Good looking, well off clothes and jewellery, taste.

“Do I know you? You do look familiar, I must admit.” I said blushing and embarrassed.

“I was a friend of your Mistress, about 8 years ago.” I stared at her for a full minute in shock. My face flamed even more. It wasn’t the answer I was expecting. I couldn’t believe it. I looked down at the table again. I didn’t think anyone knew me here, in this town. Not from back then. I hid my submissive self from everyone normally but I couldn’t stop myself looking at the table.

Eventually I had to ask. “Did… Were you…” I couldn’t finish. I couldn’t look up. I wanted to run away. I wanted to cry.

After a long while she answered, “Yes. My name is Amelia by the way. Yes, she shared you with me. I was one of those women.” She said it softly, but firmly. The answer was too much to bear. I didn’t know what to do. I thought of bluffing my way out as I had done before when people thought they saw through me, but I doubted I could manage it with this woman, with her knowledge. I idly thought it must be nice to faint, have other people rush over, let me escape, but I knew I was fantasising to try and escape another way.

“I would guess that you don’t see her anymore.”

“No.” My voice croaked. “No… I don’t.”

“Its what I expected. I think she prefers them younger, doesn’t she?”

I had been young then. I babysat for a woman, Angela, who had a little girl. It was nice to have a little bit of my own money every now and then, not that she paid a great deal. I didn’t go out much but it helped and getting out, even to babysit was good. I babysat quite a lot. Angela was nice, she was always friendly, complimented me, talked and listened. I didn’t get much of that at home. My father was a doctor, my mother a scientist, we were well off monetarily but poor regarding time together. With Angela I felt as if I could open up, confide, explore things. I felt almost grown up, at least taken seriously.

She had even asked me about sex, which totally shook me at first as I had never spoken about it with anyone before. I had never had a real boyfriend, nor to be honest, other than to gain a bit of prestige with the other girls, wanted one. When I admitted that my sex life was totally non existent she immediately asked me if I masturbated a lot! I nearly choked. Certainly no one had ever asked me that. Nor had I any idea what ‘a lot’ meant. I felt a slut doing it at all.

Over time I gradually opened up more regarding sex, I was still embarrassed a lot but I gradually got to the point where I could even ask questions and I learnt a lot, lost my total naivety . One question she would ask me often was ‘did I finger myself last night?’ I would blush with embarrassment as I often had but I always answered truthfully. Then she would ask more embarrassing questions, what position, did i play with my tits, did I finger inside as well, how many fingers, did I orgasm.

One day she admitted to me that she was into women not men. I was amazed, she was really pretty and had a daughter but she said she would never go with a man again. I had never really thought about lesbian sex before. I knew I liked looking at other girls and women but I had never come across anyone who admitted it. They were just more attractive visually than men often. At school the term lesbian was a put down amongst the girls, certainly not a thing that one would own up to.

Another day she asked me about internet porn, did I look at videos or read stories? I didn’t look at all. Another innocence. She made a list of some web sites and left me her laptop when she left to go out so I wouldn’t have to use my phone. I had never seen anything like them. I became so aroused I needed to touch myself as I continued to watch. They were mainly, though not all, lesbian videos and stories and usually with something I found out about called dominance and submission. I came more in that one night than I had ever done before. In the days following I couldn’t get the images, especially from the stories, out of my mind, my knickers were constantly soaked, my need for release was like a tsunami, it overwhelmed everything.

Of course she asked about my reaction to what she had left for me to see. Face blazing, I couldn’t deny it. Each time I babysat she left more stories, more videos. Her questioning became more and more embarrassing and yet strangely I looked forward to it. “What had brought on my orgasm, did I think türkçe altyazılı porno about licking women’s pussies afterwards, did I like the women telling other women what to do sexually, did the idea of being punished make me hot?” To make it worse I had begun to realise over time that if there was a dominant woman in a story, in my mind it was Angela, the submissive was me. I knew it was only time before she asked me about that too.

She seduced me slowly. With looks, touches, gentle kisses. She was nice, careful, took it slowly. I fell quickly. It was exciting and new, the attention and her knowledge, it made me feel grown up and not involved with the boys that were driving me insane with their childishness just then. But she refused to do anything further. I was underage. It was too dangerous, I was devastated. It was only three months she said. It felt like an eternity to me just then.

She made me sit down and told me that until then I could still be with her, still be hers. I was to learn all the things she wanted me to learn, how to do things, things she expected of me, things I should expect. She gave me things to research when I wasn’t with her. Everything to do with consent, power exchange, obedience and display. I had to practice with certain things and let her know how I felt. I had to continue to learn through the stories and videos she told me to look at. She also expected my school grades to continue as before and that I did not look like I was going off the rails.

She showed me a sexual world I had never dreamt of. I wanted to be with her all the time. I was ready and willing, and I must admit, eager. Even though I had never been with another girl, I desperately learnt how to please her, how to love her pussy and her body in general, how to use my hands, fingers and mouth. I learnt that I wanted to please her, liked her taking control of what I did even before it was sexual. Slowly she had made me realise that I had to do what I was told. She was an adult and though I wasn’t a child I was used to it, it was no big deal. I did as I was told.

She wouldn’t allow me I to wear trousers or tights with her, only skirts or dresses and hold-ups. And under the skirts, no knickers were to be worn. But it wasn’t just clothing, my obedience was expected and it was certainly expected in sexual things In fact I began to realise so much was to do with sexual things. I hadn’t realised what was sexual, wearing skirts was, not wearing knickers was even more obviously. She expected me to understand I was to be available, realise how my actions and clothing should be about that availability and what she might want of me, of my body. My body would belong to her. That was how she saw it and I didn’t argue. In fact as I began to further understand and conform to her instructions about my availability to her, I really enjoyed and appreciated that feeling of her being in charge of me, and I found that it aroused me.

Everything moved slowly but surely. I went with it all. I found it excited me, liked being told what to do, what I couldn’t do, especially as the rewards were so extreme compared with anything else I had come across.

And then it was my birthday! I was legally of age. It wasn’t legally for me to have sex. I wanted to immediately but I had to spend the day with my parents not her. I couldn’t get out of it. But the following day I gave myself to her.

“Have you another Mistress now?” Amelia asked. Her gaze was so sharp.

“No. Its… I haven’t…” She looked at me while I still stared at the table. My coffee going cold.

“I think I understand. It’s difficult adjusting isn’t it? You went off to college didn’t you?”

“Yes.” I whispered, feeling the need to accept her lead and just follow.

“Didn’t you find anyone to submit to there?”

“No.” I sat thinking of the pathetic males who thought they were gods and the self centred girls who accepted no responsibility.

I thought of the first time, she took off her skirt and then her knickers as I knelt naked in front of her. She opened her legs. i felt hypnotised by her. I had imagined this, I had waited for this moment. She moved her hands to the

back of my head and guided me towards her. I had seen her pussy before, as she had often seen me. The dark hair was neat. I could see her lips. She wanted me to lick her. I suddenly felt fear, panic. I had never done this before! What if I wasn’t any good at it, couldn’t please her? I was shaking and my eyes were full of tears.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Let it come naturally.” Her voice soft, understanding. I could feel heat radiating off of her pussy, that familiar faint smell and then my mouth was there, between her legs, the firmness of her lips and the tangy exotic taste of her juices on my tongue.

“Good girl…” She whispered, leaning back, resting her sex to me. I pictured

her face in my mind, her eyes closed as they were xnxx a moment ago,I looked up her stomach to her tits, her nipples hard. I had longed for this moment. I ran my tongue up the length of her slit, the point exploring round and round her clitoris. She moaned softly. I could both hear and feel it inside her. Her hand was still on the

back of my head and she pushed me gently. I increased the pressure of my tongue

on her clit, circling it in slow but firm motions. She moaned again, a beautiful sound. I was so wet then, I longed to be able to touch between my legs. iI knew I would cum as soon as my fingers hit that spot. But I didn’t dare. She would decide. She was moaning more now, and my tongue was moving faster. I could taste more of her, I couldn’t get enough of her juices, lapping and sucking and pushing my tongue inside her. I wanted to have those glorious juices all over my face wanted her to cum. I felt so proud, so spoilt. It felt vaguely religious, this intimacy. I almost felt a growl within her body and her muscles twitching and a gush of juices on my face. I was in awe.

I felt her hands holding my head, pulling me away. I didn’t want to stop but I raised my head. She smiled and bent forward and kissed me. I knew her juices were all over my mouth.

“Good girl.” I almost came myself.

For quite a while I had only been wearing skirts when I was with Angela in public, and of course skirts or dresses without underwear. I always had to know I was available to be touched by her, or seen. At her home I was mostly expected to be fully naked unless told otherwise. It felt both humiliating and arousing to be naked while she was dressed most of the time. I hadn’t realised how that simple thing could make me realise that I was so submissive. It made me realise I was just a dirty little girl and my needs had made me realise what I had grown into from the initial angelic innocence in the space of a few months. I couldn’t do without the pleasures she gave, the excitement, even the punishments and humiliations. I liked those too. It may sound odd but I did. They made me feel almost as hot as the sex.

She had me masturbate for her pleasure, often. Usually standing in front of her. She seemed to love watching me, especially as she knew it was very humiliating for me. It was the most humiliating thing I had every done but I was always such a horny little bitch when she wanted me to do it. She wouldn’t always allow me orgasm though, she would make them build, make me wait, until I was so desperate, in need them more and more. Of course she controlled all my orgasms, I was never allowed to cum on my own anymore. Of course I had a teenager’s needs, my body felt like it was her musical instrument. My orgasms were simply amazing when she let me cum. At other times she could keep me on a sexual edge, playing me, keeping me begging for hours until she allowed me release and I exploded. In return I had to promise not to let myself cum on my own, not without her permission. I was obedient even though at times I was desperate. I could have done it without her knowing, at least for a while, but I never did. It made me feel even more hers.

It made me realise she had more self discipline than me and more patience. It also made me realise that now she was fully in charge of me, she had control of me and my body and my needs. I simply accepted it. It was the way things were. The urgency I felt obliterated everything else for me at times, whereas she understood that the gratification came from the control. I knew I needed her for her control. I needed her to allow me to, or not. Even being denied was exciting as it made me know my place and I felt that strange arousal and humiliation at the same time.

She used to use my bottom too, as she realised that it also humiliated me to have her make me expose myself like that and have her finger me in what had always been quite a private hole but was now just another of hers.

“Did you do anything special for the millenium?”

“No nothing. I watched it on TV, got a little drunk with a bottle of wine. You?”

“Just dinner. Do you live here now?”

“Yes. I have a flat a few minutes away. Do you live here?”

“Yes. My husband was in a car accident, mercifully, and I have a house on the outskirts.” I looked up at her. She laughed. I didn’t know if she was joking or not. She must have realised and added, “Yes, I am a merry widow now. Are you in a relationship?”

“No. I… I live on… my own.” I looked at the table again. I didn’t know what to say.

“Do you ever think of having a Mistress again?” My face flared with heat again. I felt so hot, uncomfortable.

“I… I… I…” I tried to deny it. To disillusion her. But my body was screaming the opposite loudly.

One day I called around to find her with a friend, Miss Mary to me, who I had seen a few times before. After saying hello to her friend Mistress told me to strip off. I admit I hesitated porno izle at first, being naked in front of someone else was something I had never done. Mistress very quietly told me that my hesitation was not acceptable and I needed a spanking with the spatula. I begged her not to and tore my clothes off. Naked I stood still in front of them as they both appraised my young body. My tits were a B cup and very firm. My buttocks were not full but round and pert like my tits. I knew Mistress liked them. My pussy was shaved now and became very swollen whenever I became excited, as I had quickly become now. I

Eventually Mistress spoke.

“I will wave the punishment but you must never act like that again. You will need to beg both of us for forgiveness and ensure you pleasure us with your mouth to compensate your bad behaviour. Begin with Miss Mary.”

I was really shocked. She wanted to make me please another woman as well as her. I’d never been with another at all. And she would watch me. Oh God. My body began shaking.

“I’m really sorry Miss Mary. I wont be bad anymore and I wont cause any scenes and I’ll do everything Mistress tells me to do in future so I don’t cause anybody any embarrassment. Please forgive me and may I give you pleasure somehow?”

“Now tell Miss Mary just what you will do to pleasure her.”

I blushed even redder than I was already. I described all the things I had been taught to do with my mouth and fingers. It was hugely embarrassing being naked and now having to actually say them aloud and made me even more aware of what I was going to do, as having said the things I could do I couldn’t go back on them.

I was directed to unbutton some of her clothes and take off others. Kneeling in front of her I licked and suckled her breasts until I was told to move on to her pussy. I did everything as I had with Mistress obviously. I used my tongue to dampen the outer lips and to part them as she spread out for me. I could feel her clit was large and I suckled it into my mouth between my lips until I knew she was ready for my tongue and fingers to fully draw out her pleasures. I felt her cum in my mouth like Mistress. She was a little less in control than Mistress but still far more than I could ever be.

She was the first of many. Mistress had lots of friends, other women like her. Amelia had been one. I admit I liked the attention, liked that she showed me off, I was allowed to be with her and her friends, her lesbian friends. If we were out they knew I was with Mistress, belonged to her. They knew I was hers, was obedient to her. I didn’t speak, of course, I just sat there and listened. It was relaxing not to worry what people thought, being with these women who knew, who accepted, who felt the same as Mistress and me. I certainly didn’t tell any of my younger friends. But I wasn’t often allowed to simply sit and listen. I was exposed and made to perform and used. I had to waitress for them naked, masturbate for their amusement, pleasure them, let them use my body. I found I liked that too. It was difficult to come to terms with at first but I knew it even from the beginning.

My eyes looked at her hand as it covered mine. A gesture of comfort. I was in a bubble. The coffee bar had no other customers, no noise, nothing outside the table and chairs we were at. Her hand lifted from mine and went to my cheek, where it caressed softly, then moved to my mouth. A finger slid inside, between my lips. Intimate. Erotic. Compelling. I suckled upon it, my eyes almost closed.

“You are lonely.” It wasn’t a question though I nodded gently with the finger still in my mouth. “It isn’t a good place for a submissive.”

“You became a teacher didn’t you?” Again a soft nod. I wondered how she knew. I looked up at her. Her gaze was strong, direct, my eyes half dropped. “The long summer holidays.”

We sat for a while like this, my emotional state dissipating, the finger in my mouth calming. “Have you plans for today?” I shook my head. “Do you want me to make plans for you?” Eventually I nodded. The finger slowly slid from inside my mouth, rested on my chin. “Say it.”

“I would like you to make plans. For me.”

The finger moved invaded my mouth again, deeper. It slid in and out slightly. Was she moving it or was I?

A week later I moved all my belongings from the flat to her huge house on the outskirts of town. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary.

I was bound spread eagled on the bed. Mistress always left just enough slack in the ropes that I could twist and struggle a bit, but I was never going to get loose. She had put a blindfold on me, though not a gag. A Hitachi Wand was hung from the ceiling above the bed. When she turned it on it swung back and forth as I struggled on the bed with it bouncing around against my cunt. It was so frustrating when every time I managed to remain calm enough to have the wand rest on my clit, the vibrations excited me too much to hold still and I would rock to the side or jerk up, knocking the Hitachi off my pleasure target. I could remain still for just a while at times as it built up my pleasure but soon the control left my body and it swung away, not staying long enough for me to cum. I was grunting, pleading, whimpering.

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