Girl’s Night Out


Kaitlyn sat watching the people on the dance floor. She never was one for dancing but she liked to sit and secretly laugh at those who thought they could. She reluctantly let her friend Susan talk her into going out for some drinks only to have her desert her as she shook her booty on the dance floor with guy number five.

She had to admire Susan, outgoing and pretty. Guys seemed to flock around her wherever they went. Kaitlyn, on the other hand was not what she would consider desirable in that nature and had grown tired of the game. She really couldn’t complain; she was happily married to a wonderful man who was home with the kids so she could be here tonight. Susan was going through a rough divorce and needed a night of fun.

A strong hearty laugh brought her back to reality and her eyes fell upon a woman dancing among the mass of sweaty bodies moving to the overly loud music. She looked away quickly when the woman noticed her staring. As hard as she tried though, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of her; much less get the sound of her laughter out of her head. Maybe it was the alcohol running its course but she felt her head swimming and her heart beat faster.

The woman once again caught her staring, winked and smiled at her making Kaitlyn blush. Why was she feeling like a school girl with a high school crush? Never in her life had she thought of another woman in such a manner.

Kaitlyn was relieved when Susan returned to the table, picking up her purse indicating she was ready to go home. They had just walked out the door when Susan pulled Kaitlyn aside and asked her if she could call for a ride home. She could see the desperation in her friend’s eyes and it was then that she saw guy porno indir number five standing by Susan’s car. She knew she should have driven herself as this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

She told her friend she would call her husband to come get her, knowing he wouldn’t be happy about dragging two sleeping kids out of bed. She watched as Susan drove away with her new found friend and much to her dismay as she realized her cell phone was dead. She headed back into the club sure she could find a phone inside to use.

Next to the womens bathroom she found the payphone, inserted her coins and dialed in her home number. After four rings the machine picked up and it was then that she remembered that Mark mentioned going to his Mom’s for the night so the kids could visit. She headed to the bar to see if someone could call her a cab. While she waited for the bartender, she looked out in the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman she had seen earlier and was disappointed not to see her. As she turned to get the bartenders attention she found herself face to face with the woman from the dance floor and her breath caught in her chest.

Kaitlyn introduced herself and found out the woman’s name was Tara. After a few more drinks and a last call announcement, she realized she never asked for a cab. She had found herself so deeply in conversation with Tara it never crossed her mind. She did know one thing, she was sad to see it end. When Tara offered to give her a ride home she accepted with a flutter in her stomach.

They continued to talk on the ride home and Kaitlyn was surprised at how easily she was able to share her thoughts with Tara. When they pulled into rokettube the driveway she asked Tara if she would like to come in for coffee which to her delight she accepted.

Tara made notice of the pictures of her husband and children and asked where they were. She explained as she got the coffee going that they were gone for the night visiting Mark’s Mom and wouldn’t be home until sometime tomorrow afternoon. When she finished she told Tara she would be right back she was going to change and for Tara to make herself at home. She made her way to her room using only the kitchen light to guide her.

Kaitlyn jumped when she felt soft hands reach for the clasp on her bra as she lifted her blouse over her head. She wasn’t sure what to do or think; she had never been with a woman before and she was scared and excited at the same time.

She sucked in her breath when she felt soft, warm lips kiss her gently on her neck as her bra was slipped off of her shoulders and dropped to the floor atop her now crumpled blouse. She turned to face Tara and something in her eyes helped ease her fears as she leaned in to kiss Kaitlyn. She parted her lips to allow for Tara’s tongue to gently, but hungrily explore her own. She felt her body getting hot as the kiss deepened and become more demanding.

Tara reached up and plucked a hard pink nipple in one hand and the back of Kaitlyn’s hair with the other. She moved her kisses down her neck and Kaitlyn felt her legs tremble when Tara took a nipple into her mouth, gently sucking and teasing it with her tongue. Just as she thought her legs would give out on her, Tara guided her to the bed, sat her down and removed her skirt and panties. Tara porno stood up and Kaitlyn watched as she undressed, taking in every curve of her body. Although her shape wasn’t as feminine and shapely as most, it turned her on all the same.

She felt herself getting wet just thinking about their two bodies touching. Tara came to her, dropped to her knees and spread Kaitlyn’s legs open. She kissed her on her inner thigh slowly working herself up to her hot wet mound. Using her tongue she parted Kaitlyn’s lips and found her desired spot. Kaitlyn closed her eyes and fell back on the bed as Tara playfully licked and sucked on her clit. Her whole body was shaking with pleasure and she let out a soft moan as Tara inserted two fingers into her wet pussy.

She teased her clit and finger fucked her for a few minutes more and she cried out in pleasure as her body was rocked hard by an orgasm like none she had ever experienced before. She pulled Tara up onto the bed with her and kissed her deeply. She could taste herself on Tara’s lips which broke all her reservations. Kaitlyn slowly moved her way down Tara’s body, stopping to tease her nipples one at a time, moving past her stomach to bury her face between Tara’s legs.

She found her to be clean shaven which made everything slippery due to her own wetness. She spread Tara’s legs wide open, worried she wouldn’t do it right. She slowly started licking her hot wet pussy, enjoying a taste that wasn’t her own. She found her clit and sucked it into her mouth and when she felt Tara shudder, she knew she was doing something right and went at her with an intense desire.

She licked her clit and finger fucked her until she felt her tense up as an orgasm reached its peak. Tara moaned and called her name before she relaxed indicating she was done. They fell asleep next to each other and when Kaitlyn woke the next morning Tara was gone. She wasn’t sure if she would ever see her again but she knew she would never forget her.

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