Forbidden Infatuations Ch. 1


Louise was driving home from the airport. In the back of the car were her daughter Ashley and her friend from Hungary, Sandy. Both of them talked excitedly, giggling and telling each other stories. Ashley had gone on exchange the year before and lived with Sandy in Hungary; now it was Sandy’s turn to live in Australia. Louise imagined it was going to be a testing year with an extra teenager to look after; both of them being eighteen could mean a lot of trouble.

Sandy was a very charming girl with an adorable Hungarian accent, her English faltered and a lot of her words were pronounced with ‘v’s’; her vowels being drawn out and over stressed but was pleasant to listen to and clear enough to understand. She was also very attractive, blonde hair, petite and athletic figure, very exotic European with slanted blue eyes and high cheekbones. Louise figured she would have to fight off lovesick boys with a broomstick once school started. She sighed. She had enough trouble making sure Ashley, who was also attractive, went out with a decent young man. In the end, she couldn’t do much, just hope she made the right decisions.

Dinner at home was a big thing that evening; Louise made her best meal and Sandy told them all about her homeland. Louise’s husband, Carl, listened eagerly, taking a shining to the exotic Hungarian since she’d stepped in their home. Louise scowled at him, thinking he was an idiot and wishing he’d focus more on their relationship, which had declined somewhat over the last few years. It was a typical story of a passionless marriage that no couple would think of it happening, but it did happen. The problem wasn’t physical, Louise was still appealing to a lot of men; they had both gotten used to each other and sex didn’t seem appropriate anymore, to him anyway, thought Louise. The fact that she was thinking about it reminded her how much she craved some attention. Louise liked to read romance novels and fantasize about having an affair with another man, passionate and fulfilling and plenty of lusty sex.

After dinner, when Louise was in bed reading, Carl got into bed, sidling next to her until she could feel his large erection against her thigh. He stroked her in the way she knew would leave to the obvious. She was reminded of Sandy and thought the only reason he was horny was because of the pretty blonde girl. When she figured it out, it had been at least two months since they’d last had sex.

Carl kissed her on the cheek and slid his hand under her nightie, feeling one of her large breasts. Louise was attractive for her late thirties; she had rich brown hair and a generous figure, firm and taught in the right places. She was still and object of desire and lust from all types of men, Carl’s erection against her thigh reminded her of that.

‘Did you like Sandy?’ she commented, still reading as he continued to fondle her.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘She’s a very nice girl.’

‘Very attractive girl, don’t you think?’ said Louise, looking at him from the corner of her eye. Carl, absorbed with fondling her breasts, didn’t notice.

‘Yes, she’s very exotic don’t you think? Blonde hair, wonderful eyes,’ he said.

Louise kept quiet. So he did like her, she thought, feeling rejected. But then what’s wrong with that? She was attractive that was true; any man would be attracted to her. If it was a young man, could she say he found him attractive? Louise didn’t think so, it didn’t seem right. It wasn’t proper for a woman to be attracted to a young man, but for Carl or a man his age, anything was acceptable. It annoyed her and she felt like turning away Carl’s exploring hands but decided not to, if it was going to make him horny, she might as well make the most of it.

Louise reached inside his pajamas and felt his cock. It was thick and long and she was surprised at how stiff it was. She didn’t remember it being this stiff last time.

Carl took off his pajama bottoms with a smile, his cock pointing up at the ceiling. Louise was getting wet at the sight of it, realizing how much she missed a good cock. She lifted up her nightie and turned on her side, exposing her sex to him, her pink pussy glistening with excitement of his cock. She couldn’t be bothered with foreplay, it had been a long day; she just wanted to fuck.

Carl didn’t mind and he lay behind her, filling her to the hilt with one steady thrust of his pelvis. Louise gasped and moaned as he began fucking her easily, slapping against her soft ass. Louise like being fucked on her side, it was her favorite position. Carl pumped away for a good ten minutes until she felt him getting more urgent, his thrusting speeding up and then finally, cumming right inside her, his body jerking until it was all out, then he withdrew with a tired sigh.

Louise had enjoyed the fuck but hadn’t quite gotten off and was disappointed that he stopped. He had fucked her well, but she felt like he was just doing it to get it over and done with, like he needed relief. Once again she thought türkçe altyazılı porno of Sandy and she knew the reason. He was pretending he had been fucking the young Hungarian.

Carl dozed off to sleep and Louise stayed awake for a while, thinking of her declining sex life. Once she was sure Carl was asleep she finished herself off, one of her fantasy relationships in mind, a muscular man with no face, just a perfect body and thick cock that fucked to please her for as long as she demanded. She came and then went to sleep.

Over the next few weeks, Sandy settled in pretty well. School started and things were fine. Carl was friskier with Sandy around as Louise had expected and she knew it was only because of Sandy that she received extra attention. Louise wasn’t sure whether to thank Sandy or burst into tears. It made her depressed and she began to reject his promiscuous behavior. He had grown selfish during sex, only bothering to satisfy him, like she was a piece of meat. It showed her where Carl’s priorities were in their relationship.

Sandy was getting a lot attention from the boy at school. Ashley and her frequently double dated. Now Louise had to keep her eye on two almost grown women and her other thirteen-year-old daughter Ally; and her frisky born-young-again husband who she noticed had resurrected his old stash of porno videos from under the house. It disgusted her. Sandy was disobedient and innocent at the same time, making it hard to punish her; and it gave Ashley a good excuse to misbehave and not listen. They often stayed out later than midnight, which was Louise’s standard time for them getting home while they were studying for their final year. When she told them off, Carl would let them off lightly, making Louise the bad parent. After awhile, Louise began to feel trapped with a husband she didn’t love anymore and two girls that didn’t like being told what to do.

One day, two months after school had started, Ashley went up the coast with her boyfriend for the weekend, unsupervised and without parents. Louise was appalled at the idea, thinking it to be nothing more than a teenage sex romp, but Carl let her go, they argued and she gave in. Things were getting worse between them. Sandy had another date that Saturday night, so she would have to keep her eyes on her. She didn’t want to be an irresponsible parent, what Sandy’s parents think? Louise told her to be home by midnight and waited up for her, watching movies. At one o’clock the porch light came on. Louise had dozed off and she awoke disorientated. She looked at the clock and sighed.

Louise waited, wondering what was taking Sandy so long to come through the door. She went to the window; her dressing gown wrapped tightly and peeked outside. Sandy had her arms around the neck of some handsome school friend, her mouth wide open as they kissed slowly, enjoying each other’s tongues. Louise watched the kiss for long moments. Gently they came in at each other; then pulled back and then in, there mouths hardly separating. Louise was intrigued at how adult it looked considering Sandy was only eighteen. The boyfriend was feeling up and down her back and then lower until her was squeezing her firm little ass, pulling her lithe body right against his crotch. Sandy responded by moaning and kissing him a little faster.

Louise tore her gaze away from the window and promptly went to the door, determined to do the right thing … that is stop it immediately. She opened the door briskly. ‘Sandy come in now please.’

Sandy unlocked her lips and turned, looking embarrassed at being caught. So did the boyfriend, he smiled nervously and said goodbye.

‘You were meant to be here an hour ago,’ Louise complained sharply once the door was closed.

‘I sorry,’ said Sandy in her thick accent, which made her sound extremely innocent, making Louise feel sorry for her. ‘I lost track of time.’

‘Just go to bed,’ said Louise quietly. Sandy left, her pretty face downtrodden. Louise sighed and turned off the lights, not particularly wanting to sleep in her bed with Carl, a thought that depressed her.

She went in her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. She felt guilty busting Sandy like that in the middle of her kiss. I don’t have to ruin her love life, she thought to herself. Or Ashley’s. It made her determined to put things right. She wanted to relax and not take things out on her kids. She was going to start right away by telling Sandy she was sorry.

Sandy’s light was still on in her room. Louise walked down the hallway to her room when she stopped. She could hear noises, soft, gentle moaning coming from behind the door and knew it was Sandy. It was her masturbating she guessed, feeling jealous of her position, to be young and sex free again.

Louise was about to turn around, but instead she decided to watch her do it. It intrigued her to think she was so sexually active for her age. She assumed Ashley was probably the xnxx same way. She crept closer to the door and looked through the crack and froze at the view it gave her.

Sandy was sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed only in her pajama top, which was unbuttoned, exposed, her small breasts sticking out, her red nipples poking stiffly in the air in arousal. Louise’s gaze was there only there for a few seconds until she saw Sandy was naked below the waist, her right knee draw up, the heel on the edge of the bed, her pink vagina fully exposed; Sandy’s left middle finger was rubbing over her clit with expert timing. It was slow and methodic, like it had been done many times before. Her right hand held one of her pussy lips taught and wide open, reminding Louise of a rose petal, it was a soft fluorescent pink, her tiny little vagina sphincter was exposed, a decent amount of moisture on it. Sandy was moaning, her circling middle finger would rub slow and then a little faster, then slower again, her eyes closed, visualizing her fantasy lover, or her boyfriend; Louise could only guess, but the way her eye were squinting she knew was thinking hard, perhaps as she found the right thought, her middle finger would move faster and more urgently. Then after a while she raised her finger to her mouth, wet it with her tongue and then lowered it back to sex to continue her self-joy.

The sight mesmerized Louise; it was so lustful and practiced so professionally that it made her head swim. She felt herself getting wet. Sandy’s bum looked soft and inviting, her pink asshole was wet with moisture from her pussy. All Louise could think of was how pink Sandy’s pussy was, it almost glowed. It was fascinating, even beautiful, sacred, holy and lewd at the same time. Sandy continued her clitoral onslaught for a few minutes and then dipped her middle finger deep into her young pussy, arching her head back with a loud sigh, pushing her breasts up. She thrust in and out of her tight hole, then used the middle finger of her other hand and synchronized fucking herself with both fingers. She bit her lip to keep out from yelling out in ecstasy.

Louise walked away from the door. She was wide awake now, thinking of Sandy. She thought about how she’d been treating her as a child, when after witnessing that display, she realized that she was a woman and so was Ashley. Suddenly she felt a respect for Sandy, even thought of her with awe at her sexual liberation. Sandy had obviously been turned on by her night out with her boyfriend and had to relieve herself. Louise hadn’t been so knowledgeable of her own body when she’d been Sandy’s age. She tried to sleep, but all she could see was that pink pussy and that glossy painted fingernails, rubbing that little clit. The wetness, the moaning, the stiff nipples, the bite of her lip, her closed eyes. It wouldn’t let her sleep. Annoyed she shifted around in her bed, but after twenty minutes she was still awake.

Carefully she raised both her legs, like she was in a missionary position and felt herself downstairs, careful not wake Carl. She began to masturbate, exactly as she’d seen Sandy doing it. To her surprise it was a cut above her normal technique; she masturbated until orgasm, twisting and turning, trying not to cry out and ultimately surprised at how good it was.

Once she’d settled down, she thought about it, through the whole session she had Sandy in her head, more so her pussy, that beautiful pink pussy. The Hungarian beauty. She imagined how she would say ‘fuck me’ it would sound like ‘vfark me’. Eventually Louise got to sleep. The next day, Louise tried to forget about the incident, but when Sandy came down for breakfast she couldn’t help but stare at the foreign blonde teenager. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans that hugged the curves of her slender legs. It seemed strange to Louise to see her wearing clothes after having nothing but the thought of her masturbating in head since the night before. Louise stared at Sandy’s crotch when she thought she wasn’t looking, wanting to see her naked vagina again, but insisting to herself that she didn’t. Louise wasn’t a lesbian, she’d never had any thought or experiences with another woman, it didn’t turn on in the slightest. She was forming a crush on the young Hungarian, she liked to watch her, the way she smiled and laughed, she began to listen to her more and wanted to be around her all the time. Louise didn’t think she had any sexual feelings for Sandy, besides wanting to see her pussy and watch her masturbate. It was odd. Louise wondered if she needed therapy. She figured it was some sort of magnetic attraction, which others felt as well. Everyone loved Sandy, both her daughters, her pathetic husband. She’d made lots of friends already in her short time at school; she was an outgoing intelligent girl with a very pink pussy.

Louise began to relax more, spend a lot more time with her daughters and Sandy. It made her feel young again, not a middle aged worried mother. porno izle She kept her eyes on Sandy’s body frequently, hoping for a peek up her skirt and getting some occasionally, she showed her how to cook and watched television with her, wanting to sit near her and hear more about her social life and her homeland. Louise would watch her with shining eyes, listen to anything she said and laugh at anything Sandy thought was funny. If it was funny to Sandy that it was funny to her. Louise hadn’t had much luck in getting a glimpse of her naked or catching her masturbating again, she had tried, feeling guilty sneaking around the house but had never caught her since that first night. She wanted to watch Sandy in the shower, watch how she cleaned herself, dried herself, combed her hair, but Sandy kept the bathroom door closed.

One evening, Louise was waiting for Sandy and Ashley to come home after a night out. When they got home, she was surprised to find that both of them were drunk, especially Sandy, who could barely stand up and kept leaning on Ashley, who thought it was hilarious. Louise wasn’t impressed with either of them and she sent Ashley to bed, putting her arm around Sandy, helping her to her room. She felt a rush of excitement at having the object of her infatuation so close. Louise couldn’t be mad with Sandy and her teenage perfume made her dizzy with a strange kind of love that descended around her. She was in love with her, wanting to be her mum.

Sandy leaned heavily on Louise, her arm around her shoulder, her small breasts touching her larger ones. Sandy’s body was strong yet supple at the same time, Louise enjoyed having her arm around her.

‘Come on sweetheart,’ said Louise, stroking her hair lovingly. ‘Time for bed.’

Sandy gave a drunken smile and surprised Louise by hugging then kissing her on the cheek. ‘Thanks mum,’ she murmured and held her for a long time. Louise hugged her tightly.

‘You’re my daughter now,’ she said possessively. ‘You’re my daughter Sandy, I want to be your mum from now on.’

‘You are my mum,’ agreed Sandy then started giggling.

Louise smiled and led her over to the bed. She sat Sandy down and began undressing her, as Sandy seemed incapable. With trembling hands and her heart racing at seeing her naked again, she removed Sandy’s top, her naked breasts showing, petite and perky. Sandy didn’t seem to mind her nakedness and tried to stand up and remove her dress, nearly falling over. Louise quickly caught her.

‘Easy sweetie,’ she said soothingly. She removed the short skirt for Sandy until she was standing in her shoes and white panties. She pushed her back on the bed, and noticed she could see the crease of her vagina through panties. Louise began to remove Sandy’s shoes and socks, keeping her eyes on Sandy’s underwear. Then once she was finished, she was disappointed that she would have to leave, then a thought struck her.

‘Do you want to sleep with your undies or without?’ she asked.

Sandy turned on her back. ‘Without,’ she said with a smile.

Louise heart skipped a beat and reverently began to move Sandy’s teenage panties off her slender hips, slowly until her small tuft of blonde pubic hair was showing and then more, revealing her little crease. She took them off her ankles, and then told Sandy to get off the bed so she could put the covers over her. Sandy sat up and Louise got a brief glimpse of her pink opening as she swung her legs over the side. Once she was up, Louise removed the covers so she could lie back down, then reluctantly she covered up the sexy teenager, making her snug with the doona right up to her neck.

Sandy kept smiling the whole time in drunken contentment. Louise sat on the bed with her, stroking her hair like she was one of her own daughters.

‘Goodnight angel,’ she said.

‘Goodnight mother,’ said Sandy. They kissed each other on the cheek. Louise stared adoringly into Sandy’s blue eyes, not want to leave her alone.

‘Now if you need anything my room is just down the hall,’ she said, unnecessarily, ‘don’t be afraid to wake me up. Sleep well.’

Sandy smiled again and turned on her side. Louise stared at her for long moment, not wanting to leave, but finally did. She went into kitchen and made herself a sandwich. Then twenty minutes later she checked in on Sandy again, to make sure she was ok. She was sleeping soundly.

The next morning the girls both looked pale and tired after their binge drinking. Sandy looked glamorous even when she was tired, thought Louise and served her up some breakfast with a smile. Sandy smiled back at her warmly, having not forgotten her kindness from the night before. The rest of the day was spent moping around the house and doing homework. Louise helped Sandy and then made her favorite dinner, much to everyone else’s surprise. This was the third time this week. Later when she was in bed with Carl, it was now his turn to be suspicious of her treatment of Sandy.

‘Why are you so eager to please Sandy all of a sudden?’ he asked.

‘She comes home drunk and you make her favorite dinner and don’t do anything for Ashley?’

‘Oh shutup, you let them off lightly when they came home late the other weeks,’ she snapped, distracted from her reading.

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