Gina and Jack


This is the story of Gina and Jack, from the POV of Jack

“Right. So, well, we met on this website, so obviously it was just the silly on-cam stuff. She was very prudish, when I first met her, actually. She’d only ever kissed one boy before, and she really regretted that. So, I got her to cam for me, and it was this astoundingly exciting thing, because she liked the thought of me masturbating over her, but she didn’t want to do anything, so I told her she didn’t have to, I wouldn’t expect her to, but I’d ask her to, continually, ahaha, like, begging. Part of what gets me off, you know… And, anyway, we never did anything really, I was always trying to convince her to take her top off for me but she never did. But it’d all become a sort of ongoing… I dunno, not quite a joke.

Anyway, by the time she came up here, by the first night we were cuddled up with each other, had kissed a bunch, everything – just affectionately, you know, nothing romantic, necessarily. We’d known each other two weeks, like. She loved it, every bit of it, she didn’t have anything like that back home. And she rested her head on my lap, and I, sneering, put my hand up her shirt, to touch her tummy. She looked at me and laughed – knowing I have a thing about tummies – and she allowed me, but she folded her arms. I snickered and said “Is that to stop me from going any higher?”

And she said “What? Oh, no” and unfolded them, and I was like, shocked, aha.

And I said “So… You’re alright if I do go higher…?”

And she said “Umm… Yes. Okay.”

And I spent about five minutes asking her if she was really really sure, ahaha, and she was, so I put my hand up, under her bra, and caressed her breasts. And they were so soft… And I tried to lift her top up so I could see them, but she stopped me, and I pleaded with her, but she wouldn’t let me. So, I unbuttoned my jeans and asked her if that was alright, and she thought about it and said yes.

She always considers those things on the spot, like, it’s the cutest thing, ahaha. So, I got myself out, and she laughed. She laughed a lot, the whole way through, I dunno why. Her nipples are extremely ticklish, ahaha, every time I touch her there she laughs. But the whole thing just was a surprise to her, I think, and she laughed a lot.

So, I began jacking off, and then I let my hand creep down to her jeans and I tried to unbutton them… The whole process was sort of her stopping me and then me pleading with her and then her letting me. She just wasn’t sure, for a lot of it… I got my hand into sıhhiye escort her panties and I went to town on her lady parts, ahaha, and she couldn’t *control* herself, she was screaming!

I managed to get her off I think twice, and then I was going to get myself off, when my mum came back with food, ahaha. We continued this stuff over the whole night, and I didn’t get to cum once, because we kept being interrupted, ahaha. Hoursss and houurrsss of nearly having an orgasm and then something happened, and every time, I managed to get her off first, ahaha. I was going nuts by the end of the night. It eventually happened though, ahaha.

I taught her how to give hand jobs, and oh my god. She’s not very good at them, I don’t know why, she’s really bad at it. She does these tiny, soft little tugs I can barely feel, and it takes me houuurrssss to cum, but I wouldn’t have it any other way from her, I love that, I love her little tugs. It’s strange, sort of… When I’m really trying my hardest to get something out of it, and I can barely feel anything at all, and I wish there was so much more than there was, I’m so reminded of how much I love her. I feel this huge amount of affection for her, when she gives me a really bad hand job, ahaha.

The next day we went to the VIP Suite of The Oddessy in Belfast, a proper fucking high-class type place, all the big clubs are there, and this reaaaalllyyyy high-end cinema theatre. And we were sitting in the VIP, enjoying free drinks, by my arrangement, ahaha, and there was no one there accept the friendly coffee girl, and I managed to slip my hand under Regina’s jeans and make her cum like hell. I had to cover her mouth, ahahaha.

Then we moved onto the kinkier stuff, that night, ahaha…

Right, so, later that night, I got out some makeshift equipment I like to use. Two silk scarves, ahaha, one leopard print, ahaha. And we talked a little about what we could do with them, and we both got very excited. So, she tied my hands behind my head so I couldn’t move them, and she started jacking me off, and I was getting really into it, and then she stopped, and started tickling me. I was squirming and twisting and I couldn’t break free and she was tickling me *everywhere*. The she’d go back, while I was breathless, to jacking me off. It was sooo good, aungh… We’d carry on like that for a while, until eventually I broke free during one of the tickling sessions and pushed her down and held her hands down, ahaha, saying I’d had enouuuugh.

So, she tandoğan escort told me I couldn’t see her naked that night, and she blindfolded me, and then undressed, so she was totally naked and I couldn’t see one inch of her. And then let me masturbate, while holding my other hand to stop me touching her, and occasionally guiding it across her skin, on her legs or tummy, which would drive me nutsss. And then she let me touch her boobs, and I moaaaaned. I came not long after, a *lot* of cum.

The next day, I tied her down, both hands and feet, and tickled her lots – and she’s reallly ticklish, like I told you, even her nipples are ticklish. And she was shaking everywhere, until eventually she lost it, like some people do. So I just lay with her, her uncontrollably horny and craving my fingers, and me running them all over her body, teasing the hell out of her. Eventually I rubbed her downstairs, starting on her outer lips – and she can’t feel much out there – and then working up and down, just inside her lips, and then onto her clit, and by the time I slipped my fingers inside she was screaaaming.

Then, I untied her feet and lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed her thighs against the size of my dick and started thrusting. And her thighs are really soft…

The next time she came up, we did a lot of different stuff. I found out she has a crippling fetish for school uniforms, so I dug out my old school uniform and wore it up to the station when she arrived, ahaha. She was so shocked, a little bit mad at me and completely turned on, ahaha. So, we went back to mine quick as we could and I began to act out this fantasy of hers, that she told me about, ahaha… Where I sort of force her down and kiss her, lots, and then start taking off her clothes, until she’s totally naked apart from her bra. I start stripping off my uniform until I’m naked, and then kiss down her body until I get to her boobs, and try and take off her bra. She stops me – which she did – I look at her pleadingly, and then she lets go and I can do it. I chew on her nipples for a bit – she likes it if I bite them – and then I disappear downstairs to lick her out, to which she loses herself to uncontrollable moans.

Then, we went upstairs, for my turn, ahaha. I had been saving myself up, I hadn’t masturbated for like 4 days, and I get incredibly sensitive and horny by that time. And I wanted to cum in her hand, I really wanted that. Usually I have to masturbate for most of the time because it takes so long tunalı escort and she gets tired, and then by the time I get close if I stop I’ll just blast everywhere and won’t feel it. So, I got it, hehe, a nice full hand job, and I came with her hand on my dick and I was in heaaavennnn.

The next day we acted out a fantasy of mine, (although her fantasy was about me specifically, mine was just a fantasy I’ve had for years), where she sits on top of me, and I masturbate. And while I masturbate, she tries to stop me from cumming, ahaha. Like, she’d try and pry my fingers off my dick, which is the hottest thing I’ve ever felt in the world, I swear, and then try and pin my hand down – and then I’d try and resist and pull my hand back so I could jack off, but I’m so weak, look at me, I had no chance, and she had me pinned down, so I use my other hand as quickly as I can, and she pries it off too, and forces it down. And I moaaaan soooo much, desperate to keep going but totally unable, and she laughs at me, ahaha. And I started humping the air, trying to find something to rub it off, while begging her to let me go again. She did, and just when the cum started shooting out of me she pulled my hands away, and I couldn’t feel my orgasm at alllll, it was totally ruined. Aughh… We did that a few times over her stay.

And later that day, we discovered something by pure chance, ahaha. We were both lying in bed – I had insomnia so was up early and she was tired from events that transpired that day, I won’t get into that, but I had dropped a valium to calm myself down and we were both lying in bed, holding each other, talking sparsely, and we’d both fall asleep and have little naps at different periods of time. And, once, whatever way I was lying, just by pure coincidence, I was breathing on her ear. I was sleeping, I didn’t know what was going on, but she woke me up, sweating pouring off her, shaking, and she could hardly talk. She woke me up and managed to say ‘Jack’, I thought she was having a stroke or something!

I said, “Whats wrong?”

She grabbed my hand and said “Unh”

I couldn’t understand, ahaha. We spent a long time her desperately trying to communicate to me that she wanted me to finger her, ahaha. She eventually held my hand up and said “I… crave. those.” And I knew, ahaha, so I got her off, and she just *poured* backwards, in absolute ecstasy.

And after a while, I asked her what happened, and we worked out it was cause I was breathing on her ear. It drove her absolutely craaazzzyyy. So, we combined my breathing there and sometimes whispering things and fingering her at the same time, and she was able to have 10 orgasms in one sitting, ahaha. And, not even an hour before that, she’d already had 7 orgasms from it. It drove her soooo crazy.

That comprises the remainder of our sexual adventures, ahaha. And I don’t know what to expect today…”


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