Game of Love Ch. 10


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Game of Love, feel the passion…


“Yes, I want the best for this wedding.” Kim instructed on the phone. “Everything must go well, do you understand?”

‘Yes, ma’am.’ The woman answered on the other end.

“I will be there to give you a list of everything that I want done in the next five days.” She smiled. “You know this is my son’s wedding and it needs to be grand. I want the city to know that he’s getting married in five days’ time. Do you understand?”

Sergio was seated on the staircase, watching as his mother made arrangements for his wedding. He didn’t have strength to argue with her so he just watched as she did her thing, literally ruining his life. He was a bit mad and he didn’t feel like doing anything so he just sat there, day dreaming about Eric and the kiss he’d given him the other day.

As he was there, he saw Steve making a grand entrance, raising a hand in greeting at Kimberly. He was looking handsome in a blue jean suit with black shoes and his hair combed backwards. Sergio just stared at him as he headed up the stairs and when he reached where he sat, he sat together with him.

Sergio hadn’t seen his friend in over a week and he missed him but he couldn’t even say a thing to him. He just watched his mother ruining his life with each call that he made.

“Dude!” Steve gasped. “What the hell is going on? I leave for a week to go and visit my family and I find out you’re getting married in the next five days? What happened to 14 days?”

Sergio sighed in frustration. “Well, that’s what mom wants. She just made this decision yester night and I am yet to recover from the shock. She’s literally ruining my life.”

“What do you mean?” A frown appeared on Steve’s face. “What happened?”

Sergio slowly glanced at his friend without even blinking. “You know that Eric is back, right, very rich and very famous as well?”

“Yeah, I have been hearing about him on the news like every day.” He chuckled happily. “The boy is really famous, especially among the poor. He’s been helping them for the last 4 years and I think he’s been doing a great job. Why? Is he the reason that she…” He paused and gasped. “Oh my God, Sergio, please, tell me you didn’t begin any relationship with him again.”

“No!” He said hoarsely. “I haven’t been doing anything wrong with him. I am just glad he forgave me and we’re at least friends again.”

“He forgave you?” Steve gasped. “Have you guys been hanging out?”

“Yes!” Sergio nodded. “That’s what this is all about. Trevor feels threatened and mom thinks I am having an affair with Eric. You should have heard her the other day…” He chuckled in sadness. “…she told me some things that I have never heard from her before. She literally insulted me and Adrianna. Adrianna is so upset that she went jogging and hasn’t come back up to now.”


“Yes!” He nodded. “She likes Eric and she wanted me to be with him. When mom announced my wedding in six days, she cried a lot.”

There was a moment of silence between the two friends. They just watched Kimberly make one call after the other. She seemed happy and that smile on her face was something Sergio had never seen before. She was really serious about this.

“Maybe this is for the best, man!” Steve muttered, squeezing Sergio’s shoulder. “It’s better to get married right now before any problem ensues. You and Trev have come a long way. Getting married to him is only fair, man. He loves you so much.”

Sergio felt a dull pain hit his heart and he gulped. He didn’t wanna show his weakness to his friend.

“Maybe you’re right.” He muttered, tears welling up in his eyes. “This is for the best. We all knew it was gonna lead to this, didn’t we? It’s now official, I am getting married to Trevor in the next five days.”

“And I am still your best man, right?”

“Always!” Sergio chuckled in pain.

Steve smiled, holding his hand tightly. But there was something wrong and Steve could sense it. His friend was fighting with a stronger force. He could feel that he was scared and from those glassy eyes, he could tell he was in so much. But it was for the best, right?


“Mommy!” Trev screamed, rushing down the stairs like the hounds of hell were after him. “Mommy, where are you?”

“In here, baby!” Giada hollered as she put a bouquet of flowers on the table.

Trev came running to the living room, breathing like he’d been from running a race. He was sweaty… he was smiling and was in ecstatic pleasure. He Bornova travesti felt like he was in heaven. When he saw his mother in the living room, he rushed to her and hugged her tightly.

“Mommy, what did I tell you?” He spread his arms wide, spinning like a kid. “I told you that Sergio was gonna be mine. Look at this?”

He handed her the phone and she started reading the news on his phone. It was about Sergio and Trev’s wedding which was happening in five days. It seemed everyone was happy about it from the comments there.

“Mommy!” He gasped. “Can you believe it? Instead of 14 days, I will become Trevor Alvarado in the five days. Oh my God, I… I… I have…”

“Come down, my baby doll!” She cupped his cheeks. “I just got off the phone with Kim and she wants this wedding to happen as soon as possible. It looks as though what I had told her at the party got to her.”

“You!” He frowned. “I don’t understand.”

“Well, I just gave her a hint that she was gonna lose her son if she didn’t act very soon.” She gave an evil grin, feeling powerful and mighty. “I know Kim’s weakness is Sergio so I used that against her. I was expecting her to do something but not as good as this.”

“Oh, mommy!” He kissed her cheek. “You’re the best. No one is better than you, not even that Eric. Who would have known my wedding was gonna come in so early.”

“I did.” She laughed, holding his hands. “Now we just have to start preparing. We want this to be grand, rub it in that bitch’s face. It’s time to payback what he did to us in the last one week. The wedding date is in five days and nothing, absolutely nothing is gonna prevent that from happening.”

“Oh God!” Trev took in a deep breath. “It’s truly happening, mommy!”

“Yes, I had no doubt. There will be samples of the wedding cards that will be sent this afternoon. You need to choose which one you’ll like.”

“Of course, I will.” Trev was just so excited. “But I want you to help me.”

“I am afraid I won’t be here.” She sighed. “I have somewhere to go, something I should have done a long time ago. But I figure I have to do it for the sake of your happiness. I can’t waste any more time because I am sure that bitch won’t rest now that your wedding is very near.”

“What?” He gasped. “Where are you going, mommy?”

She held his hands and smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that. Just be happy and prepare for your upcoming wedding, my love, okay?”

Trevor felt tears welling in his eyes and he grabbed his mother and pulled into a hug. He had waited for that moment for a very long time and now it was happening. He felt so emotional and just hugged her tightly. Nothing wrong was gonna happen from that moment onwards. It was payback time.


“Thank you so much, sir, for your love, support and care.” A beautiful woman said with tears in her eyes. “You have no idea how much you’ve helped me, my family and especially my children. The good Lord will always bless you.”

“Amen!” He smiled, hugging her tightly. “You don’t have to thank me, ma’am. But in case you need anything, anything at all, don’t hesitate to call me. I’ll help in whatever way I can.”

“You’ve done so much already, sir!” She cried, dropping to her knees. “Thank you so much.”

“Please, don’t!” Eric gasped, holding her hands. “Don’t kneel down for me. You’re are old enough to be my mother and no matter what I do for you, you don’t have to kneel down in front of me. I do not deserve this.”

“Thank you so much.” The woman said, putting her hands together.

“You’re welcome and please, see my team if there is anything you need.” He smiled brightly. “They’ll assist you.”

The woman nodded and left. Eric watched as she left, a smile popping up on his face.

He was wearing a white shirt that was folded at the sleeves, a white skinny jean with white snickers. He had a band tied around his head which made him look as beautiful as ever. Eric had dedicated his day at a charity organization which was also an orphanage just to help the people there. He was happy that he’d met with a lot of people that had been dying to meet him. They called him their savior because he’d helped them a lot and they all came to meet him for the first time.

“You know, you’re a savior to this organization, Mr. Hernandez!”

Eric quickly turned and found the father that ran that organization coming towards him with a smile on his face.

“Father, Rodriguez!” He chuckled. “I didn’t know you were there.”

“Yeah, I was watching you with the women.” He said with a brilliant smile. “You’ve really helped these people and you just don’t know. I always pray to God to make you even more successful so that others can also be blessed through you.”

“I love doing this, father.” He sighed, hugging himself. It was a bit chilly. “I came from a humble background too and… and I made a vow that I would help anyone that needed my help if I ever got successful. This gives me peace.”

Father Rodriguez placed his hand on Eric’s shoulder. “May you be successful in everything that you do! May Buca travesti all your plans come to pass, my son.”

Eric gave a sheepish smile. “Are you sure about that, father? I am not a perfect human being and all my plans are not perfect.”

“No human being is perfect.” Rodriguez tittered. “Whatever plans you have, my son, I am sure that there’s a reason for them. And they’re from a pure heart that I know.”

“Pure heart?” He gave a gloomy sigh. “I don’t know about that.”

Rodriguez smiled, placing his hand on Eric’s chest. “You have the purest of hearts. I can tell and I know that very soon you’re gonna find your happiness. A sign will show itself to you.”

He buried his hands in his hair. “Thank you so much, father.”

“You’re welcome and there’s a reason why I am here.” He held Eric’s hand. “Aside from you, there’s only one other person that helps this organization a lot. He started 3 years ago, I don’t know. He said he wanted to atone for his past sins. It’s great both of you are here at the same time and so I was wondering if you could meet. I already told him about you a few minutes ago.”

“No problem!”

“Oh!” Father Rodriguez gasped, gesturing with his finger behind Eric. “He’s coming over there.”

Eric quickly turned and got the greatest shock of his life. A shaky smile appeared on his face and his body felt extremely cold. He felt frozen and wouldn’t even be able to move. His heart began racing and he felt his skin tingle.

“Sergio!” He gasped.

Sergio was coming towards him, laughing and smiling with the kids that surrounded him. He looked so good with the kids and they seemed to love him. He was wearing a simple black shirt that was half way buttoned up, revealing his sexy muscular chest. He had a blue jean on with black snickers.

He raised his face and stared at Eric. When their eyes met, only God knows what they felt. Sergio seemed frozen and the smile that started forming indicated he was nervous. But deep down, he has no words for the gratitude he felt. Seeing Eric, his heart pounded with happiness. He slowly walked towards him with the kids, still staring at him.

“Wow! Who would have known we’d meet here.” He chuckled nervously.

“Yeah,” Eric muttered. “What are you doing here?”

“I brought something for my little friends here.” He bit his bottom lip. “And you? I was surprised when I was told you were here.”

“I am the benefactor of this organization.” He said.

The both of them remained quiet and just stared at each other. They were short of words, especially with what had happened the previous night.

“Err… you two know each other?” The father asked.

“Yes!” Eric cleared his throat, glancing at Rodriguez. “We are friends and you know, people in the business world know each other one way or the other.”

“Oh!” Rodriguez giggled. “Then I guess there’s no need for introductions.”


The two men just kept staring at each other, not minding that everyone was staring at them. It was until Eric felt a hand pulling on him that he came to reality. He looked down and saw a few kids holding his hands. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Come and play with us, Mr. Hernandez, please. You too, Mr. Sandoval.”

Eric nodded. “That’s nice. I would love to. What do you want to play?”

“I know!” One of them laughed. “Let’s go for karaoke. It will be so much fun.”

Eric nodded. “Lucky for you, I love karaoke. Let’s go.”

Eric smiled nervously and followed the kids inside. He was so happy and Sergio followed too.

They reached inside the room which had a huge TV and the kids didn’t waste any time to start preparing the songs. They gave one microphone to Sergio and he took I, smiling like he was in orgasm. Then they gave another to Eric.

“What?” Eric chuckled nervously. “Me? I was thinking maybe I could just watch.”

“No!” The kids shouted at the same time. “You need to sing, Mr. Hernandez. Please!”

“Come on, Eric!” Father Rodriguez said with a smile. “Do this for the kids.”

Eric sighed gloomily, nodding. “Alright!”

He took the microphone and went near Sergio who had a smile on his face. Eric was so nervous and he just begged for that moment to be over. He was still thinking about the kiss that they had shared the previous night.

Just then, ‘superhuman’ started playing and he took a deep breath. Sergio couldn’t help but feel really excited. He watched as the boy tugged at his ear, getting ready to sing.

‘Weak, I have been crying and crying for weeks.’ Sergio started and his voice was so amazing. ‘How’d I survive when I could barely speak, barely eat, on my knees.’

Eric took a deep breath.

‘But that’s the moment you came to me. I don’t know what your love has done to me. Think I am invincible, I see through the me I used to be.’

‘You changed my whole life…’ Sergio sang at the top of his voice.

‘Don’t know what you are doing to me with your love.’

‘I am feeling all superhuman you did that to me. A superhuman heart beats in me. Nothing can stop me Konak travesti here with you, superhuman.’

They were both so amazing. The way they sang the song so passionately, the way they slowly started smiling, getting closer without even realizing they actually did. Their voices sounded so amazing that father Rodriguez and the children couldn’t help but admire them. They just watched in awe, smiling like they were in heaven.

The whole thing reminded Eric of the life he had before all this, years ago. He remembered how he used to do karaoke with Riya and Smith when they were kids. It was their thing and he after a long time, he missed them so much. But slowly, he was getting into the mood and singing passionately with his entire strength. And he actually had no idea that Sergio was such a great singer.

‘It’s not a bird, not a plane. It’s my heart and it’s going gone away.’ They sang as Sergio reached for Eric’s hand and held it. ‘My only weakness is you, only reason is you. Every minute with you, I feel like I can do anything. Going going, I’m gone away in love.’

They began singing the chorus in unison and some of the people that were outside came to watch the people that sang so amazing. They sounded like a celebrities and come to think of it, the two of them were famous.

They finished the song with a bang, now closer than ever. They were both panting, smiling brightly at each other. Everything seemed to disappear. It was just the two of them, in a world full of bliss and love. They were staring at each other, yearning for each other while holding hands. Their hearts were racing and they were both a bit sweaty. No one in that room missed the chemistry that the two seemed to have.


Then everyone started cheering. Eric nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the cheers and claps. He gasped, taking his hand away from Sergio. With a sheepish smile, Eric took a few steps away from Sergio. Everything seemed so awkward.

“Wow!” Rodriguez said happily, shaking his head. “That was really amazing. You two are great singers. Ever thought of starting a music career? I know I would pay any amount to see you sing again.” He joked.

“Thank you so much, father!” Eric scratched his head. He was so nervous and felt like he was standing on hot coals. Sergio was awfully quiet, just staring at Eric with eyes that showed love.

“If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn you’re a match made in heaven.”

Eric gulped, giving a half smile while staring at Sergio. Then something weird happened. The kids started clapping while shouting.

“Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!”

Eric’s eyes widened, feeling his heart drop into his stomach. He drew his lower lip between his teeth, biting a little harder. He quickly glanced at Father Rodriguez but the man just shrugged. Eric felt trapped. He looked at the Sergio and the man was getting a little closer. Eric wanted to move away but he couldn’t do it. Something was holding him where he stood. His face went blank as Sergio got closer and closer.

The closer Sergio got, the more Eric felt like running away. He fought a rising panic as his heart jumped. He suppressed a shiver when he felt Sergio’s hand take his. Then he knelt on one knee and slowly kissed Eric’s hand. The whole room went wild with cheers. Eric blushed brightly like a bride on her wedding night.

“No, kiss his cheek!” The children shouted. “Kiss his cheek!”

Sergio chuckled, getting up, feeling nervous as fuck. He slowly leaned forward and kissed Eric’s cheek as sweetly as he could. The kids exploded in excitement, clapping his loudly as ever. If only they knew what exactly was going on in the hearts of the two men.

“Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!”

The moment Eric had been afraid of had finally come. He stood still, freezing as he stared at Sergio. It seems the man was enjoying what was happening. He was getting closer to Eric. Eric’s heart pounded violently in his chest, tears welling up in his eyes. His past was starting to haunt him and he was getting hurt again.

“Kiss him!” They shouted.

Sergio took Eric’s hand again and brought him closer. But he got surprised when Eric quickly withdrew his hand and moved away.

“That’s enough, please!”

With those words, Eric ran away from there, tears flooding his face. He got outside and leaned towards a tree, taking deep breaths. He was so scared and felt like he couldn’t breathe. A few seconds passed and he heard footsteps.

He quickly rubbed his tears and stood confidently with his arms crossing his chest.

“I am so sorry for that.” Sergio apologized. “I didn’t know the kids would do that. Are you okay?”

Eric slowly turned, wearing the most beautiful smile. “I am absolutely fine. I understand kids. We’ve all been kids once.”

Sergio leaned against the tree, rubbing on his temple. “Yeah! You’re right about that.”

They remained quiet for almost a minute.

“You know, this place gives me peace.” Sergio said softly. “For the last four years I have been coming here, even when I was sad, the kids used to lift my spirit. It was like a place of refuge for me. And actually…” He laughed. “…I had no idea that you were the benefactor of this organization. And to think that I had been looking for you all that time and I had no idea you were linked to this organization.”

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