Golden Years


It was in my late 50s that I began to seriously think about having sex with other older men. You get tired of trying to be who you used to be. You’re older, less energetic, fatter, slower to cum, less all-round attractive. So you have to let go of things you used to do and assume. I stopped looking at pictures of young, good-condition bodies and started looking for someone more like myself. The first one who really made an impression on me was aged 73, grey-haired, uncool-looking, hairy chested and overweight. I sent him a polite message and he responded in a friendly, chatty way. He said he could host any weekday, so we arranged for me to go round there one afternoon.

He answered the door wearing standard older-man gear: short sleeved shirt and beige trousers. We had a coffee in his kitchen and talked about various things, but I wasn’t really concentrating. I wanted to get this very ordinary old man naked, so I asked if he would show me the house. Upstairs he closed the bedroom door behind him and said, ‘So you want Belek travesti to… do some things with me?’

‘Yes,’ I said, almost breathless. He calmly took his shirt off, unhooked his belt and let his trousers slide to the floor, stepped out of them, the sat on the bed and took off his socks. he looked up at me and nodded for me to do the same, so I did. We took off our underpants simultaneously and lay down on the bed, facing each other. ‘What are you thinking?’ he asked.

‘I’m thinking you’re an old man and I’m not much younger, yet I want to have sex with you as much as I’ve ever wanted it with anyone,’ I replied.

‘You have a nice body,’ he said, stroking my chest. I leaned across him and began kissing his chest, then moved up to his armpits. No deodorant, just nice, fresh sweat. I licked him there and my leg brushed against his cock.

‘You want to suck my old man’s cock?’ he said pleasantly. I headed down there and found it a good size, uncut, with sandy pubic hair and large balls. Kemer travesti I enjoyed the smell of his scrotum and licked up his shaft to this head, then slipped my mouth around it and sucked him. He lay back and sighed as I tasted his manly flavour. After a minute or so he pushed me back and said,’ I want to do that to you.’

I lay back and felt his fat, hairy chest glide over my smooth skin until he reached my pubic area. He swallowed my cock immediately and I thought how beautiful it was, as beautiful and erotic as being sucked by a pretty girl. Then he transcended the pretty girl level and licked me right down past my balls until he was right by me crack.

‘I’m going to lick your ass,’ he said and pushed my legs up so he could get in there. I fell over to the side and he said,’Okay, kneel with your ass in the air. I did so and he got up behind me and licked my ass happily for several minutes. ‘You like to be penetrated?’ he asked.

‘I would love to have your cock inside me,’ I said, and Travesti he reached into a bedside drawer and took out some lube, which he spread on my asshole and poked his finger in a a little. ‘Put some on my cock,’ he told me, sitting up, and I did that too. Then I knelt down again and he moved up behind me and pressed the head of his cock into my crack so that it opened slightly. I was drunk with lust. I wanted that old man’s penis in my ass so much. He sensed that my hole was very willing and pushed forwards smoothly and firmly until he was all the way inside me. ‘I’ve never been fucked by an old man before,’ I said.

‘Is it different?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I replied. ‘It feels fucking great. I want to have your spunk inside me.’

‘I’ll see what I can do,’ he said and began pumping harder. ‘Talk to me.’

‘I love your old, used body,’ I said. ‘I love the fact that you’re an ordinary guy who’s probably had plenty of women and a few guys. I like your big penis, I love the smell of your balls and I absolutely love having your big tool up my ass.’

He suddenly withdrew and began to wank himself, then, when he was on the verge, he pushed back inside me and gave me the spunk I had been waiting for. This was just the first time. I’ll tell you more another day.

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