Fun on a sunny day


I started writing this in the Forum section and then realized it was going to be to long. I’ve had sex a few time outside and have always loved it. One of my favorite happened a couple of years ago and I thought you may enjoy. It was the middle of the week and my husband was not traveling so we were having a good time just hanging out together. My husband decided he wanted to go visit this lake park/area about 40 minutes away. I really wasn’t interested Çekmeköy escort but agreed to go. He smiled and asked me to wear my black bikini with my short jean skirt. I pulled a cute little summer top on that I left open. As we drove we talked about nothing important, but his hand was all over my legs teasing me. When we first arrived, we decided to walked around down by the water area and enjoy the sun. Since Gebze escort bayan there weren’t many people around, my husband suggested I remove the top and just walk around in my bikini top and skirt. After spending some time down by the water my husband suggested we should go on one of the walking trails. We walked back to the car grabbed a couple of bottles of water and he grabbed a draw string bag. I Escort Şerifali asked why he was bringing the bag and he smiled and said “You find out later”. I laughed as we headed for the trails. Once we were on the trails, it didn’t take long before my husband’s hands were all over me as we walked. We stopped a few times and kissed as his hands were massaging my breast and bottom. Eventually he pulled me off the trail and to this secluded area and started kissing me harder. He then told me to face a tree and wrap my arms around it. I was laughing and argued while he pulled my arms around the tree. Smiling he pulled out a pair of handcuffed and cuffed me to the tree. He walked around the tree checking me out as I laughed asking what he was doing.

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