First Time With Tori


You know, as many times as I have had sex in my lifetime, there is none that compares to Victoria. Tori, for short. She was hotter than the sun. Athletic build, natural D cup breasts, sea-green eyes, and perfectly groomed blonde hair. Oh, and that ass! Let’s just say, Sir Mix a Lot would have been proud. I mean, damn, I just about blew my top every time I saw her. I think she had that affect on every guy. And she was mine. Why I had no clue, but I sure as hell didn’t take it for granted. I fucked her brains out every chance I got. And let me tell ya, she fucks even better than she looks.Anyway, I didn’t pull you to the Escort Çekmeköy side to tell you how she looks. I remember the very first time … holy hell … my cock still gets hard when I think about it. We were doing some jewelry shopping … or some shit … at our local mall. We’d been at it for a while, and, honestly, I was about to pass out from boredom. That is until … I felt something graze my crotch. I mean, it was just a slight touch. Almost non-existent. Oh, but it was enough to wake me up. I looked around me … and not one person was looking in my direction. Naturally, I passed Gebze escort it off as accidental. We continued … passing from store to store. After about ten minutes or so, I was just about to nod off again … when I felt something graze my crotch again. This time it was more insistent. Still, no one looked. I decided I would be just a little more vigilant … catch whoever it was in the act. Give ’em a talkin’ to … whatever popped up at the moment. Anyway, we were on the way out of the mall when Tori slowed her pace way down. She usually walks fast, like she’s trying to get her workout in or Şerifali escort bayan something. As soon as we walked out into the sunshine, she whirled around, and in one swift motion, pinned me up against the wall and pressed her body against mine. “What the hell are you doing, Tori?” I demanded. I still had my hands full of the crap we’d just wasted money on, and I was pissed. “Mmm … nothing.” she smiled innocently, as she slid her hand between our bodies. Her hand rested on my hardening member. “Heh … nothing. That don’t feel like nothing.” I sneered. “Hmm I wanna fuck.” She raised an eyebrow, eyeing my growing arousal. “Right here. Right now.” She wants to … what? My mind reeled. “Where on earth could we possibly have sex in this very public place, Tori? You want to get arrested?” She just giggled as she dragged me by the belt (which was half out of its loops, by the way). “Lookit … here are some bushes.

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