E012: Another pearl is earned


They lay like this, Donald’s head on Emma’s outstretched tied arm, both breathing deeply, both content at this moment.  After a couple of minutes, he calms himself.  Donald gets off the bed and walks away.  The disappointing sigh which comes out of Emma is music to his ears. He comes back shortly and sits on the bed his ass up next to Emma’s thigh.  He leans and unclasps her new necklace.  The confused look on Emma’s face disappears when Pendik escort he tells her to hold the clasp between her teeth.  She does as told, and he tips the chain to an angle that the pearl rolls and lays next to her lips. The cool, smooth, feel of the orb next to her lips is interesting, but when Donald displays a new pearl and slides it on the chain to fall against the first at her lips, it takes a Beykoz escort bayan lot of effort for her not to grin and drop the chain.  He takes the clasp from her mouth and put the necklace back around her neck. Feeling two pearls against her hyoid make her feel so proud.  She dares to gaze into the Professor’s eyes as he tells her that she has done very well with her lesson just now.  Did she enjoy Escort Cevizli it?  Emma vigorously nods her head up and down, not speaking.Donald places his hand on her stomach and strokes it, so close to her mons.  Making her hope he will pleasure her again, even if it is rather soon.  But she quickly realizes that he really is teasing at her.  No, the new itch she has will not be satisfied right now.He brings the mask from last week and places it on her, taking her again into total darkness. She hears him softly talking to her as he continues to rub her stomach.“Now I want to you sleep for a while, we will go on to your next lesson in a few hours, just relax and try to go to sleep, I will be right here by you until you do.”

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