I was surrounded by thick books; my final analysis still incomplete. I had a tremendous headache and only four days to go until the end of the semester.

My eyes were sore from reading my notes, and erasing the multiple and erroneous theories I was typing on my desktop. With a desperate sigh, I took off my dark rimmed reading glasses and rubbed my forehead.

“Fuck…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…” I whispered between my teeth. I despised my stubborn ego. I had refused to see my professor during his office hours, thinking I would eventually be able to get past the utter attraction I felt for him and actually be able to understand what he was saying instead of letting my thoughts wander on how his moans would sound if I were to please him.

Stupid pride, making me want him to think of myself as a brilliant student in no need of additional explanations; an A student with no effort. Damn! Now I was in way over my head with this final paper. Yeah sure, all semester I’ve been handing in A work even though I thought every paper I handed in was worthless… but still, I couldn’t back up any of my theories on that final.

1 AM. Ugh! Where was Melanie anyway? She should have been home an hour ago… The phone startled me and I nonchalantly answered it, “Hello?”

“Alex? Thank God you’re still up! I won’t be coming home tonight, k? I’m staying at Dom’s… don’t tell Mom, k?” Melanie said without taking a breath. She always seemed in such a hurry.

“Sure Melan. Have fun,” I replied.

“You ok Sis?” she asked. I could hear her chew that piece of gum she perpetually had in her mouth.

“I’m fine. Just some final paper I can’t finish… Don’t worry,” I said.

She almost laughed at me, “Well, you’re the one who wanted to get into people’s head for a living! You should have gone to the conservatory like I did. No banging my head on the wall to hand in final papers for me!”

‘And good thing Mom teaches at the conservatory or you wouldn’t have gotten in!’ I almost snarled. But I was tired. She didn’t deserve to be reminded of her poor artistic skills. Instead I just repeated, “Have fun.”

She giggled and hung up. I hesitated before putting down the receiver. Should I call Anthony? Or Ralph? Or Mustafa?

I put down the receiver with a sigh. I wasn’t going to be very good company tonight so I decided against calling anyone. I just thought I’d ease the end of semester pressure by taking a warm bath and maybe watch a ‘leave your brain at the door’ movie.

I saved the little work I had done and shut down my computer. I stood and stretched my arms behind my head; my chest jutted forward. That stretch always felt good. I stretched my neck, right then left. I pushed my hands towards the ceiling Bahçelievler escort and stretched my neck back. I don’t care if they say it’s not good to stretch your neck back. It feels good.

I walked to the bathroom and ran myself a bath. I used a Wicked bath melt from Lush. Amazing little bath product leaving a glittery veil of jasmine silk all over your body!

I brushed my teeth as the bath filled up, trying hard not to think about this final assignment I had to work on; trying even harder not to fantasize about the professor who gave that assignment.

I let my pink robe slide off my body and stepped into the bath. I leaned back and closed my eyes, relaxing as I felt the warm water wrap me like a blanket. My nipples tingled as the ambient air felt cooler than it really was.

I sighed and absentmindedly caressed my breasts. They felt taut under my hand. Incapable of clearing my mind as images of my sexy professor kept popping in uninvited. Yet they were always welcomed…

I sighed again, as my fingers traced my right areola. I opened my eyes and looked down at my full breasts, floating a little. My pink nipples stood straight up on top of them, hard and long.

My pussy started to be in need of attention. I giggled as I slowly let my hand wander on my flat belly. “I must be crazy, tickling myself!” I thought as my ticklish tummy had tiny spasms under my feathery touch.

My pussy wasn’t neatly waxed, as it usually was. For some reason I had wanted to let the hairs grow back. But it had been itching a lot lately so I decided to shave. I stepped out of the bath to grab a new razor along with my sister’s orange-blossom scented shaving cream.

I pulled the cork and the milky bath water went down the drain. The shaving cream was a bit chilly when I applied it on my dirty blond pussy hair, my right foot on the edge of the bath.

I had never shaved my pussy before. I always went to a spa to get a Brazilian or a full wax, so I was a bit nervous when I carefully started to shave the delicate skin on my groin. The white shaving cream disappeared as the blade closely shaved my skin.

I felt my clit swell. I chuckled. “Is there something that doesn’t excite you?” I asked myself.

Slowly, I continued shaving my labia, exposing a little more hairless skin with each gentle stroke. I avoided shaving a little patch of hair; a small landing strip pointing to where I needed to be touched.

I bent forward a little to allow the razor better access to the area around my anus. I usually got that part waxed as well, so it was only logical that I shaved it while I was shaving my pussy.

The skin there didn’t seem as fragile as I slid the razor from my slit Bahçeşehir escort bayan to my asshole. It even felt good. I moaned as I felt the sharp blade close to my puckered anus. With one final stroke I had a freshly shaven pussy.

I used the showerhead to rinse the whole area, maybe overzealously. I was gasping and moaning as the water ran on my pussy lips; on my slit; on my clit.

“I wonder if he ever jerks off in the shower… thinking of me?… I’m so self-centered! As if he would even think of one of his students that way!” I dismissed the thought as I stopped the water flow.

I didn’t even bother to put my robe on before I went into my bedroom. I lit a couple of candles and opened my toy drawer. Clothespins? Nah. Clamps? Better. Butt plug? Hmm… Not tonight. Vibrator? Definitely.

I lay my toys side by side on the bed, debating whether I’d use lube, spit, or my own juices. I massaged my breasts looking at my toys neatly displayed, feeling my nipples get harder.

I opted for spit and grabbed a candle. The wax was liquid, ready to use. I gasped in anticipation and leaned back on my pillows, spreading my thighs a little.

I admired my handiwork with the razor. I looked down at my pussy and decided to do something I usually didn’t do; I dropped some melted wax on my belly and on my pussy.

The wax was hot as it dripped on my lips and all around my clit. It burned just a little. As I waited for the wax to set, I let out noisy sighs. My nipples got even harder. I rolled one between the fingers of my available hand.

The setting wax encased my clit in a tight, warm shell. I couldn’t help but imagine my professor’s mouth there. The thought aroused me, as thinking about him usually did.

I wondered what kinks he had, if any. Was he into light pain, as I was? Was he into lingerie? Was he a perverted voyeur?

I imagined him sitting in his big leather chair, scrutinizing me, looking at me pleasuring myself as I dripped melted wax on my left breast. I moaned and ground my teeth, watching the red wax drip down my tit.

I traced a circle around my nipple before dripping some wax directly on it. I know some women can’t handle that, but I enjoy that slight burning sensation. Call me a masochist; it’s what I am, after all.

I waited for the wax to set, seeing it take the shape of my erect nipple. I put down the candle and freed my clit from its wax shell.

I was so excited I had almost forgotten all about the paper I had yet to finish. My professor’s stern voice still echoed in my ears. I was putting words in his mouth he never spoke in front of me, “Ms. Moreau, your work has been disappointing lately… maybe we need to have a little Escort Bakırköy talk…”

I applied a clamp on my right nipple. I allowed myself to moan; my sister wasn’t home to hear me.

Fantasies are so much fun; you can fast forward the boring parts and get to the interesting stuff right away! My sexy professor went from lecturing in front of the class to masturbating in front of an embarrassed me.

“Ms. Moreau, you did this to me,” he was saying as he slowly stroked his cock up and down, his voice almost as stern as when he was lecturing.

I slid a finger along my slit. It was burning, wet, and slippery. “Don’t you think you ought to take care of this,” he was suggesting, pointing at his thick cock.

I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked it clean. “Now, Ms. Moreau,” he was ordering.

I grabbed my vibrator and started licking it, as if it were Professor Cowen’s dick. “Oohh Ms. Moreau, how can a sweet young thing like you suck a cock like a whore?”

I quickly put the head of my vibrator at the entrance of my pussy, smearing my juices. I tilted my hips up and slowly slipped the vibrator deep in my tight pussy, moaning as loud as I pleased.

I fucked my pussy deep and hard, imagining my professor’s cock inside me. “You’ve been wanting this for a long time, haven’t you?” he was asking me.

I reached over to my toy drawer and fumbled to find my butt plug. “Fuck where IS that thing?!?” I asked out loud, touching metal, silk, leather, but no latex. Finally I caught my plug and immediately brought it to my mouth to suck on it, the fat vibrator still deep in my cunt.

I reached between my thighs and popped the plug in my tight asshole. “Yes, just as I suspected, a filthy slut disguised as an angel,” Professor Cowen was saying.

I fucked both my holes, my cute professor grunting above me. “That young cunt needs to be fucked hard…” he was saying.

“If I ever hear those words coming out of his mouth, I’ll cum just from hearing him!” I thought.

I was pushing my dildo deep inside my pussy, the plug as deep as it would go, “Maybe it’s time for a bigger plug?”

I brought the head of the dildo on my clit and left it there, the rotating head barely touching me. I felt my orgasm start in my toes and tingle all over my body before settling in my clit and finally exploding, giving me those wonderful shivers of ecstasy.

I held the plug as my ass clenched around it. I wished I could feel my professor’s cock in my pussy right that moment. Any cock, for that matter…

I quickly removed the head of my vibrator from my clit as soon as my orgasm stopped. I slowly slipped the plug out of my tight ass. My right nipple was throbbing under the clamp. When I freed it, it throbbed a little more. I giggled and applied a little pressure on it. I ripped off the hardened wax from my left nipple and breast and with a relieved sigh.

I was way too lost in ecstatic bliss to even get out of bed. I just slipped under the sheets and enjoyed the aftershock of my climax, out of breath and sated.

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