Essex Girl


In my last story, “Encore on Barnes Common,” Rachel, my platonic friend from my schooldays, and I had moved our relationship up a level following her catching me masturbating in the office. We continued the exploration of our sexuality in the car on the way home. Lisa, my American fuck-buddy condoned this new arrangement as she too was enjoying the attentions of a much longer appendage on the other side of the Pond.

Saturday 8:10 am

I laid in bed comforting the routine morning woody, recalling the surprising events of the previous evening. I turned over and opened my laptop, but there was nothing further from Lisa. Looking at my watch and mentally calculating the time difference, I assumed that she was lying in bed in some foreign airport hotel firmly attached at the groin to her new lover. Knowing that she too was enjoying sex outside of our relationship, I found it strangely comforting and my thoughts turned to Rachel and started a leisurely wank. Wanting to retain the sexual smell of her after yesterday’s erotic events, I had not showered before retiring, hence my cock was still sticky with her emissions.

I jumped as my mobile rang next to my ear and I tried in the half-light to identify the caller. Too early for business, and unlikely to be Lisa. I wondered if it was Rachel, awake and horny too, but the screen said ‘unidentified caller’.

“Good morning Tom!”

It was Kamile, my very fuckable Turkish client Mrs Ferrer. I visualised her jet-black hair, the dark green eyes, the full red lips, that impossibly narrow waist and a slender deeply bronzed body that no man in his right mind could refuse, and probably none had. Until I came along that is with my stupid principles. But then, contradictively, I had just had sex with a married woman myself hadn’t I?

“Hello Mrs Ferrer.”

Even though it was Saturday, and I wasn’t at work, I didn’t think it politically correct to use her Christian name. But I still continued to stroke my cock as I envisaged her sweat-laden body writhing under mine. There are principles, and there are principles.

“I hope this isn’t too early for you?”

“Actually I am still in bed.” Now why the fuck did I say that? Perhaps it was my penis speaking, assisted by my free hand.

“Ooh, that’s a coincidence, so I am! Not interrupting anything I trust?”

I laughed, the thought of that delightful olive body lying naked on her bed and in conversation with me, emboldened me, “I should be so lucky!”

“I know the feeling Tom, I so hate waking up alone, don’t you?”

Despite the knowledge that it would be dangerous to get involved with this woman, I replied with my own hasty innuendo.

“Yes, it can be a hard time of the day.”

Suspecting where this conversation was heading, I wasn’t surprised at her husky response.

“And the horniest time too.”

My cock was now rock hard, and I wondered in my own horny state if those long delicate brown fingers were stroking her pussy. Was it hairy, I wondered? Did Eastern European women shave down there? In what position did they like to fuck? Were they really as dirty as rumoured?

“Definitely,” I replied, wondering what she would say if she knew my hard cock was inches from the phone. But then I suspected her wet pussy wasn’t far from hers either! I had a brief rash desire to ask her to let me hear her stroke it.

“At least the sun is shining this morning, I so enjoy it first thing,” she whispered ambiguously, “And with British weather you never know what will come up in the day ahead.”

Her seductive innuendos were making my skin prickle. I wondered if there was ever a time when she didn’t enjoy it, whatever it was.

“Come over here and see for yourself what’s come up,” I muttered to myself.

“What did you say, Tom?”

“I said, I must see for myself and get up,” I replied, squeezing some early pre-cum from my erection and spreading it across the swollen head, wishing it was her fingers, or better still, her tongue.

“Do you, Tom?”

“Do I what?”

“Enjoy it first thing?”

“Enjoy what first thing?” I was playing along with her dangerous game.

“The day, silly, what did you think I meant?”

“Not really,” I lied, suddenly remembering Rachel’s words of caution. This woman was dangerous territory.

I pulled the phone away from my ear as she laughed out loud.

“Oh, I bet you do, I bet you are lying there wondering what I am thinking about, you all alone in your bed, me all alone in mine, my husband too far away to care about me.”

That bet wouldn’t win any prizes, I thought. My resolve once again weakening, I made one more half-hearted attempt to back off. I didn’t help by using her Christian name for the first time.

“Kamile, you’re a client of the Company I work for, a married woman, and a very beautiful sexy one at that, but we shouldn’t be talking like this.”

“Tom, you have to understand we have different values where I come from. And I totally agree with you, talking is such a poor substitute.”

For what, Sakarya Escort I didn’t need to ask, “I know, but I do have to go to work.” Shit, now I was making excuses, when I should be saying no.

“What, on your day off, Tom? There are so much more pleasant things to do on a Saturday morning.” Like fucking you I thought!

“I am meeting somebody,” I lied again, unconvincingly, “I do have other clients you know.”

I detected a faint sniffle. So, she was playing the rejection game, albeit not too convincingly. I imagined her lips pouted in disappointment. If women can fake orgasms, crying shouldn’t be any problem!

I relented, “If it’s any consolation, and seeing I will be in the office, I will see if I can amend your drawing today.”

She took the bait instantly, the sniffle mysteriously disappearing, “Oh Tom, that would be so kind of you, then you could bring it round this afternoon. And bring the bill too so I can give you a cheque. Then I would be off the books so to speak.”

Catching on instantly, I smiled to myself, this calculating female had it all planned out. By paying her bill she would no longer be an active client and my already weakening principles would lie in ashes. I wondered to myself if this was the only reason I was fending her off. I wanted more with Rachel, now we had both expressed our true feelings, but she had made it clear we could go nowhere just yet with the new level we had just created in our relationship.

Kamile Ferrer on the other hand had been flirting with me for months, but not as strongly as she was at this moment Then there was also her husband to consider, a very powerful diplomat, but he must be well aware of her errant ways. Perhaps they had an open marriage? The six inch brain currently wrapped in my fist was saying go for it, what was left of it in my head was flashing warning lights. But my cock was easily winning the battle.

“I will call you when it’s ready Kamile, I am going to football this afternoon, so I’ll drop it in on the way.” Her mansion, with a quarter mile drive in from the road and bordering Epping Forest, wasn’t really on the way, but generally in the same direction.

Her answer was predictable, and weakened my resolve further. “Oh Tom, you must stay and go through it with me, you know how useless I am with anything technical. Perhaps if you have nothing planned you could call in on your way back? I would very grateful.”

My cock twitched in my hand knowing how easily it would burst at her suggested gratefulness. If this sexy woman was craving for a fuck, then who was I to refuse? It was time to call her bluff, with an innuendo of my own.

“My evening is clear so I can spend as long with you as you want me to, to make sure you are totally satisfied.”

She returned my riposte and giggled delightfully in my ear, “Thank you Tom, I will now get up and be thinking of it all day.”

“I think of getting it up all the time,” I murmured.

“What did you say?” she whispered.

“I said, I think it’s time to get up myself.”

“Okay Tom, I will let you go. You will make it special for me won’t you?”

“The drawing of course?”

She laughed, “Of course, and don’t forget to make that shower much larger, I have been pondering over that, I think you should make it big enough for four.”

“Four? You said two yesterday. Are you trying to save water?”

My naïve question was ignored, “No Tom. Use your imagination, I will explain later if I have to.”

Before we both hung up, I swear she blew me a kiss!

My imagination was running riot. At her request I had already included a double shower room on previous drawings, but now a shower for four? All sorts of possibilities came to mind and the one I settled on as I washed in my own one-person cubicle was that she and her husband enjoyed regular guests in their bedroom. It so turned out that I was very close to the truth.

I had woken that morning intending to masturbate to the memory of Lisa’s video and of course the memory of the delightful office interlude with my best friend Rachel. The remainder of the weekend not now looking quite so bleak, I resisted the temptation to spray the shower wall with semen and towelled dry a very erect penis, wondering how grateful my Turkish client would turn out to be. What would have surprised me at that moment in time was the she wouldn’t be the married woman that I got to fuck that Saturday evening in rural Essex. A few hours later I learned to my astonishment that I had been truly set up.

After hasty bran and coffee I checked again my email and mobile, nothing from either of my two current lovers.

Saturday 10:30 Am

Being the weekend, the only other occupant of the office that morning was George, the senior architect. Conscientiously he had been working on some large hotel project for what seemed forever. There was no sign of Rachel just yet, she covered for her father if he was away, so I opened a file and got to work on the Ferrer drawing. I was halfway through enlarging Sakarya Escort Bayan the original shower design when I felt a presence behind me, followed by a hand on my shoulder, and a very different aroma from when we had both last been at my desk!

“I didn’t know you were in today, Tom.”

I grinned up at Rachel, she had a glow to her face that I had not seen in ages. An ex-girlfriend once told me that if a girl glows in the morning she is either pregnant or had mind-blowing sex the night before. I silently prayed in Rachel’s case that it applied only to the latter.

“I just remembered that Bob’s away on Monday, so I thought I would get this drawing finished.”

She peered at the screen, “Isn’t that Mrs. Ferrer’s job?”

“Yes, it’s better done now, then she is off my back.”

She laughed, “I thought that was the position she actually wanted you!”

“I have to admit she is one handful.”

She nuzzled my neck, “Mmm, and so are you Tom, in more ways than one.”

She grabbed the mouse and scrolled down.

“I thought she wanted a double shower, that one looks as though it has room for a party.”

” You could be right, she changed it this morning, she phoned me at home.”

“Ooh dodgy, I still think you should have let Daddy deal with her.”

“He already did on her last project if you remember?” I had often wondered if he had actually surrendered totally to her advances.

“Just be careful, Tom.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” I had a flash of guilt knowing I would be at her house later that day.

She looked over the desks to make sure George was busy and whispered in my ear,

“Talking of randy women, you really did it for this one last night, thank you so much.”

When she moved to kiss my ear, I turned her lips to mine, but she pulled away.

“Not here, not in the office, Tom.”

I stared at her in disbelief. Only a few hours ago, we had masturbated together on her father’s desk and then fucked our brains out standing up against my own.

I knelt down to retrieve a fallen pencil from the floor, only to be presented on the way back up with the distinct aroma of sex on the edge of my desk. I pointed it out to Rachel and she sniffed too. We laughed together when we recalled what had caused the smell. Instantly it turned us both on.

“All right then, quickly.” Her hand dived into my groin while my tongue invaded her mouth, and we snogged as long as we dared, my cock, restricted by my pants, responding to her touch. My fingers caressed the warm vee of her jeans.

“Have you cum yet today?” she whispered.

“No,” I replied truthfully, “I thought I might save it for later, just in case I got an offer.” And of course, unbeknown to her, I already had. “Why, have you?”

“Yes, in bed this morning, thinking of this lovely cock and what he did to me yesterday.”

“What about Kevin?”

“He was sound asleep, a bomb wouldn’t wake him.”

“I want to fuck you again.”

“I can see that Tom,” she grinned, squeezing my hardened cock, “But we can’t, for two reasons actually, one you already know about.”

“What’s the other?”

“I got my period. I came on an hour ago. I’ve got you to thank for that.”

“Why me?”

“It’s the first time in ages that I started a day early. I’m normally so regular. You must have stirred things up.”

“At least you can’t be pregnant.” I smiled inwardly. The knowledge that she was temporarily unfuckable made me feel less guilty about my plans for later on.

She let go of my erection and stood up, checking her lipstick in a nearby blank screen.

“That’s cooled your ardour hasn’t it!”

“Not really, I would still make love to you if you really asked.”

“But that would be dirty, Tom.”

“I know, but I would do anything for you because you are my best friend, see? And if it meant having sex with you with your period, I would do it. It wouldn’t be the first time.”


“It was an accident really, the girl came on while we were fucking, and we were too turned on to stop.”

“I get very horny around my period.”

I laughed, “I had noticed!”

She changed the subject. “I’m glad you came in today Tom, we need to talk.”

Where had I heard that one before? It rates up there with ‘About last night.’

“What about?”

“Me and Kev, you and me.”

I moved to pull up another chair, but she put out a hand.

“Not now Tom, this isn’t the place. Perhaps we could have lunch?”

I nodded, “How about sandwiches in the park, like we used to? I know it’s cold, but at least the sun is out at last.”

“Okay, I’ll go out in a mo and get some. What time will you be finished with Her Majesty’s drawing?”

“Shouldn’t take long, half an hour?”

“Okay, coffee in the meantime?”


“Oh, I nearly forgot,” She delved into the depths of her bag, “You left this on your desk last night.”

It was a CD in a plain sleeve. Lisa’s graphic CD! If I was capable of Escort Sakarya blushing, I would have done so there and then! I picked it up, and as I started to put it in my briefcase I noticed that the label was hidden. I always insert my discs with the label showing through the circular perspex window. Had Rachel secretly watched it at home in her little study in the attic? I couldn’t forget last night when we were fucking, how intently she had stared at that stranger’s head buried in Lisa’s cunt.

She returned with two steaming cups of coffee.

“So, did you enjoy the show?” I pointed to the CD.

If I expected her to be embarrassed, I was disappointed. Instead she surprised me.

“It was fake, Tom.”

“What was, the video?”

“Oh no, that was real alright, very horny. Put the disk in and look at the single photo again, I will show you what I mean.”

I looked over at the far desk.

“Don’t worry about George, I just made him a cuppa, he will go outside for a smoke.”

We sat patiently while the file loaded and up came Lisa, legs agape, her pussy hidden behind the blonde head. I felt Rachel tense.

“So what’s wrong with that, Rach?”

“See that faint line around the girl’s head, see how the background changes in density?”

“Not really, but you’re the graphic artist around here. What am I supposed to be looking at?”

“That girl is superimposed, Tom, she wasn’t there when that photo was taken.”

I looked at the screen in amazement and suddenly I realised I had seen that picture before. I had taken it, in a hotel room at Heathrow a few weeks ago on one of Lisa’s brief stopovers. I recalled the urgent sex that followed.

The fact that Lisa had faked a bisexual encounter stunned me for a moment, “But why would she do that, and come to think of it how could she have done it?”

“Easily, with the right equipment. If I had a picture of the back of your head I could have put you there instead. But then you have already been there anyway,” she laughed. “And, as for the why, I guess she wanted to titivate you and show you how much she wants to go with a woman.”

I had a thought, “So you watched this last night? And the video?”

She grinned, “I might have.”

“And how many times would that might have been?” I teased.


I pressed further, “But it turned you on?”

“Tom, I find the female form very sexy, if anything, more so than the man, and Lisa is an incredibly sexy woman and I think she is lovely, and when I am ready I think I would like to be the girl in that picture, fake or not fake.”

My cock leapt with joy and I took her hand, “So you do fancy her then? I know for a fact that she would jump at the chance of going to bed with you.”

“Really? You’re joking? I don’t know, Tom. For God’s sake, I have only just discovered the true you, and I like what I’ve found! And if you are trying to play cupid, forget it, let me play it my way, whatever the hell that is!”

At this point George returned from his nicotine hit and I killed the picture.

“Hello you two lovebirds,” he wheezed, passing by my desk.

“Piss off George,” rallied Rachel, “We are just friends.”

He wandered back to his desk muttering something about it being important for every person to have a secret lover. For once I agreed with him. Two is even better!

Rachel got up, “I’ll go get those sandwiches Tom, egg and tomato okay for you?”

“Yes please, and some crisps, Marmite ones if they have any.”

I returned to the enlargement of Kamile’s shower, wondering which three other people she intended to populate it with. My cock twitched with the thought that maybe one of them might turn out to be me. As requested, I had already altered the boundary wall on the patio to improve the privacy of her nude sunbathing, and saved the drawing to the hard disk.

By twelve I had finished the alterations and printed off several copies of the A1 drawings. Rachel arrived back as I was rolling them up and placing them in a protective tube.

“Rach, can you do me a favour and print a copy of Mrs Ferrer’s account? Then I can attach it to the drawings.”

“Why, is she picking them up today?”

I avoided her glance, “I thought I might drop them off on the way to football, save her coming in the office and being a nuisance.”

“Tom,” she uttered in a disapproving voice, “Please be careful, screw who you like, but please make sure it doesn’t get Daddy involved.”

“I didn’t know he’s into threesomes?” I joked.

She sighed impatiently, “Be serious for a moment. You know what I mean, it could come back on the business, even affecting the merger.”

“Okay, okay,” I held my hands up in the air, “I promise to be careful.” I made a mental note to check my supply of condoms.

We found a sheltered corner of the small park, catching a small pocket of the low sun. Rachel had the good sense to bring an office towel to dry the seat.

As we munched on our sandwiches we casually touched each other on the thigh, reminding us of our contact a few hours ago. I raised my eyes in question, intuitively I expected the clichéd remark.

“About last night Tom.”

I laughed. “Great film. Demi Moore if I remember rightly?”

She gripped my hand, “Be serious Tom, this is about us.”

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