End Of A Long Week


I sighed as I finished up my work; another long day dealing with people who cannot seem to function without assistance. Most days, this would not be a problem, but this day marked the one year anniversary of me not having sex. I told myself initially that it was not a big thing to give up; most of my experiences had not been filled with that much long term contentment. Now though, it seems to matter a whole lot more. The support that comes from being able to connect with someone, even for a short time, is missing. I do not just want sex though, I want the whole deal. As a proud, independent woman who is intelligent and attractive, I have found many men who cannot truly handle that. They think they can, but I have yet to meet one who really can.

I ponder this as I trudge the seemingly never-ending walk back to my car. Tossing my purse across the seat I climb in and turn the music on quietly. I check my voicemail and am not surprised when the first message is my mother who was bored at work earlier. The next message beeps through and I hear the voice of my online flirtation. I find myself thoroughly surprised as I back out of the stall. This is a new step to what previously had been an online affair only. His voice is sweet but directive as he tells me not to go home and instead gives me an address with no further instructions. Apparently he has a surprise for me. A tingle runs up my spine as I have no idea where this is going.

Pulling into the driveway at the first address, I see the sign for my usual bikini wax salon. He knows that I love getting waxed; not just for the clean feeling when I am done, but that I enjoy the tantalizing pain with subsequent sweet pleasure. I greet Alexa, my usual waxing diva, and she leads me to the back room. She leaves as I prepare myself and climb on the table with my dress bunched around my waist. As she comes back in, we begin our usual chatter about life and work.

I realize as she starts applying the warm, sensuous wax that she has not asked what I want done this time. I ask her just as she smoothes the paper over the first strip of hair. As soon as the question is out, she pulls the paper and I feel the momentary pinch and then her soothing hand applying gentle pressure. She says that the man who was paying for this had already made his request. He had sounded handsome and tipped more than I usually did, so she was going to follow through with his requests but she thought I would enjoy it regardless. Continuing with the next strip of hair to be removed, she asks who this guy is and why she has not heard more about him until now.

Feeling myself warming up inside and out as she continues to apply the wax and remove the hair in strips, I tell her that I met this guy a few years ago. We had been friends ever since. There had been one fateful night shortly after we met with a steamy make-out session but it was interrupted by someone getting ill at the party. We had stayed in touch despite his move away from town a couple years ago. One night about nine months ago, when I was a little drunk on wine, our online fling just blossomed. I had filled him in on the overwhelming lack of men around who were quality, had chemistry with me, and wanted to stay beyond two dates. Reminiscing about the past led to a pretty steamy rendezvous via instant messenger that evening.

She spreads my legs a little farther before applying the gooey wax to my outer labia. She lets it harden while I finish telling her about this mystery man. That drunken online session led to months of relying on each other for both friendship and a way to spice up our individual sex lives. Despite our friendship blooming into something that was possibly more, neither of us visited the other. Alexa smiles and asks a few more questions about the mysterious man as she removes the final strip of hair on my lips. I change the subject shortly thereafter and we talk about books and movies. As I flip over, she tells me to have a great time this weekend and to enjoy whatever it may bring. Laughing she heads out the door and leaves a piece of paper on my shoes with another address written on it.

En route to the next location I do a quick check of my phone. Not surprisingly there was another message from my lover telling me he hoped I enjoyed my first round of pampering and was ready for more. He also said that this round will be a bit more personal but that he was pretty sure I would love it. He also requested me to remember every part of it so I could tell him about it later that evening. I am not sure if he means tell him about it in person, but I find myself really hoping that will happen. Smiling, I close my phone and enjoy the afterglow of a freshly waxed pussy against my silk and lace boyshorts; I can feel the wetness pooling as it always does.

Pulling up in front of the next address, I am happy to see it is the nice massage parlor that I had been contemplating since it first came to town. Heading in the front door of the salon, I am greeted by a sweet and very seductive therapist. She reaches out to take my hand before Sakarya Escort coming around the desk to greet me. Leaning forward, she kisses both of my cheeks and introduces herself as Katia. She has an accent from somewhere in Eastern Europe but I struggle to place it. She will be my therapist for the next hour, but there were a couple surprises. As she ties a silk blindfold over my eyes, she sexily whispers that this mystery man called a week ago with some unique requests. I smell her perfume and am temporarily transported to a faraway beach.

As she leads me to the back room, Katia says she typically would not be interested in helping out with requests like his, but this man had caught her attention. He explained that he wanted to show his appreciation for his lover, apparently that is me, though we have never made love or anything in person. He had requested that I be blindfolded for the duration of the massage to allow my other scents to take over. Arriving in a space that feels calm and warm, we stop. Katia’s soft arm leaves mine for a moment as she shuts the door and adjusts the heat to warm it up just a bit more. There is a bit more rustling in the room but I have no idea what is going on. I hear her breathing as she steps closer until she is right in front of me; her nearness is both unsettling and arousing.

I begin to ask a question before she places the pad of her finger on my lips. She whispers hush and steps even closer. I feel heat radiating from her body and I sigh against her finger. Suddenly, she is kneeling in front of me and places my hands on the table behind me. Reaching down she brushes down my calves as she slips my heels off. I slowly step out of them and relish in the soft caresses of her hands on my body. I flex my toes feeling the warm wood beneath my feet. Warning me first, she tells me the next request was that she be the one who undresses me so I may remain blindfolded and fully enjoy the pampering. Waiting for me to consent, she rests her hands on the tops of my feet, not moving until I nod.

Reaching under the hem of my dress, she reaches for the waistband of the leggings I had worn to cover the fact I had not shaved for a few days. Slowly she draws these lower until they are around my ankles and helps me to step out of them. The sudden baring of my legs leaves me feeling naked though I am still relatively fully dressed. Somehow she misses catching the waistband of my boyshorts and leaves them pulled up. I am a bit shy about her removing those as they were starting to get wet before from the bikini wax but now there is a fresh wave of dampness forming as she undresses me. I am not surprised by this but I had no idea what my lover had told her about my interest in sexy women. Katia had been maybe 5’5″ and had big, perky tits that were pretty amazing but that was about all I could remember as I did not have long to see her before having my eyes covered.

She pushes my dress upwards allowing the fabric to bunch in her hands. As she slowly stands, she leans forward and I can feel her breath traveling up my legs. At first her breath is just over the inside of my thighs and then, she deeply inhales right at my crotch and I blush deeply. I can feel her smile as she breathes out slowly while continuing to stand up. Her chest is pushed out due to her arms being overhead and I feel her soft nipples brush against my stomach. I suddenly let out my breath when I realize that she too is topless. Her laugh is husky as she tells me that her nudity is just another part of the surprise and my blush is adorable. She pulls my dress overhead and sets it down beside us.

Katia says she is looking forward to giving me this massage and I am far more beautiful than the picture he had sent her. I realize that I am breathing shallowly and try to slow it down. This works for a moment until she presses her entire body to mine and reaches behind me to unhook my bra. This time I inhale deeply taking in a fresh citrus scent, a mixture of her perfume and shampoo. She fumbles around for a few seconds before stepping back and laughing as she realizes I am wearing a front-closure bra. Katia opens the clasp and moves each cup to the side intentionally flicking over my stiff peaks. She steps in again as she brushes the bra down my arms. I feel her nipples, somehow soft and tight at the same time brushing against my skin leaving a trail of pleasure as my nipples tighten in response.

Reaching down my back, she pulls me towards her and off the table before hooking her hands in the lace at the top of my panties. Once again she slides her body down my own, this time making sure her nipples touch every part of my 5’7″ hourglass frame. I step out of my panties one foot at a time and she pauses momentarily with her hands on my hips. I expect her to stand up in front of me and I again lean back against the table. As my hips arch out just a bit more, she leans in and gives my already sensitive clit the softest kiss. Her lips send a lightning bolt through my body and I inhale sharply as she stands. Her hands Sakarya Escort Bayan move from my hips to my nipples as she tweaks them both. Laughing, she said that was a bonus before spinning me around and having me climb on the table.

Starting with my back, she slowly spreads out a thin layer of eucalyptus scented massage oil. I listen to the soft music playing sounds of the ocean crashing into rocks and find my breathing slowing down again. Her hands make broad sweeps down my back all the way to the base of my spine and sweep back catching the sides of my breasts. Katia digs a little deeper into the muscles on my back and works out some deep seated knots that took hold over the past couple weeks. My job had been tough over the past month and I was using the gym pretty intensely to balance the stress resulting in a big old mess of knots in my back. I whimper as she works out the deep knots, but this noise rapidly turns to mewling as I feel her soft breast brushing my arm at the same time.

As she finishes my back, she flips the sheet farther down exposing my buttocks to her hands. Usually my massages for the gluteus were done over the sheet, but not tonight apparently. She spreads out a small amount more of oil over both cheeks before starting to knead them, releasing the tension that built up there. Her manipulation on my ass turns me on and draws me closer to the edge. I feel like I am in heaven when she spreads my cheeks pulling my asshole taut. I whimper again when I feel her heavy tits on the back of my thighs as she continues her massage.

Moving to my legs she finally does away with the sheet altogether. Katia works her way very slowly down my legs slipping her oily hands all over them before asking me to flip over for her. I am now bare to her eyes and feel her eyes burning over my body. Thankfully I have on a blindfold though I still feel my body blush bright. She laughs in a sultry tone and takes my feet in her hands one at a time. Sliding her hands along my soles, she spends time caressing the arches. Her fingers dip between my toes and frequently I am torn between an overwhelming desire to giggle and moan. Moving her way back up, she spends a great deal of time on my inner thighs. Having her so near to my now soaking wet and exposed pussy is almost enough to make me cum. Her breath on my mound keeps me so close to the edge that I have to focus on breathing.

Katia finally gives my lower half a break as she smoothes her hands up my sides and down my arms. They are quickly worked over and she moves around the table to stand at my head while reaching for the dish with the oil. Suddenly her hands are on my shoulders and dip down the front to my breasts. I am torn by which sensation I am enjoying more as her tits are now tickling my face. She works the oil into one breast circling all around the breast going up to but not touching the areola. I moan as Katia’s fingertip suddenly presses directly on my nipple and she swirls it around a couple times before repeating this on the other breast. I can feel my juices openly flowing out of me and it is all I can do to keep from reaching out for her.

Katia moves around the table as she concludes the massage and informs me that she has completed her prescribed portion of the surprise. She says it has been her pleasure working on my body and to call her anytime as she presses a business card in my hand. I reach out with my other hand and grab her wrist. I tug her in my general direction as I sit up. Katia is suddenly standing directly in front of me and I remove the blindfold no longer caring about the rules. I stare at her beautiful face as I cup her head and lean in to brush my lips over hers. Blinking, I sit back and ask if this is allowed.

She stares at my lips and hungrily leans in to kiss me in response. I want to taste her sweet mouth as my tongue reaches out flicking against her lips; begging for entrance to her mouth. She meets my tongue and eagerly sucks on it. I reach out and caress her body drawing her into my own. My hands, slippery from the oil covering my body, fondle her breasts. Their fullness is so soft and luscious; peaked with large, erect nipples, which makes it impossible for me to not play with them. I move my own breasts against hers loving the feeling of her nipples poking into my own soft flesh. I love her cry as I tug on her nipples but Katia pulls away as my hands begin to wander down her stomach. She smiles as she tells me the rules do not allow us to go that far and the time has come for her to leave me. She pulls a towel around herself and gathers her clothes before exiting the room.

I stare at the door and realize that I do not just want more; I need more. I am now so horny that I want to beg Katia to come back in and lick me to ecstasy. Instead, I slowly stand up, still reeling with arousal, and put on my heels. I laugh as I see the wet spot on the table where I had leaked from my arousal. Deciding I am going to finish this night living on the wild side, I throw on my dress without anything else Escort Sakarya besides my heels. I tuck my bra and underwear in my purse and grab my leggings. Heading out front, Katia smiles, tells me my bill is already paid, and wishes me a great time tonight. With one final kiss, soft and sweet, I leave the massage parlor.

Unsure where to head, I check my cell phone again and find a text message just waiting for me. It names a hotel that is in the heart of downtown and I am glad it is only 15 minutes away. I jump on the main drag and zip up along the lake with the windows down and music blaring. I love seeing the waves crashing into the shore as they are today. The last rays of the day are slipping through the buildings as I turn onto the street with the hotel. I slow down and pull into the drive of the chic hotel while running my fingers through my now well tousled hair. At the valet, I climb out and head into the hotel.

I wander to the front desk to find out what the next step involves. Giving the hot, young gentleman at the front desk a nice view of my cleavage, I tell him I believe there is a room that is reserved for me. He nods his head and smiles. I notice he licks his lips and makes nervous small talk about the weather being a bit chilly as he prepares my key. I look down and notice my nipples are very prominently poking through the front of my dress, moreso from the recent massage than the weather. I glance up at him seductively and agree that it seems to be the case according to them, referring to my nipples. Thanking him, I quickly grab the key and head across the lobby and up to my floor.

Arriving at my room I open the door to see a giant bouquet of blood red roses on the table. Smiling, I set my purse on the counter and step over to the flowers drawing out the card as I inhale deeply of the roses. The card promises everything in just one word, “Soon”. A tingle runs up my spine in anticipation as I finger the soft velvet of the rose petals. Taking another deep breath in, I suddenly start as my phone vibrates with another message. I put down the card and move to the bed as I read the message, “Draw a bath for yourself and enjoy it.”

Standing up, I head to the bathroom and start the water running. Finding the right temperature I plug the drain, allowing the tub to fill. I glance around the counter to see what amenities I have available to play with. Seeing bath salts sitting there, I add them to the water and watch mesmerized as they swirl before dissolving. Drawing my dress off over my head, I toss it casually on the end of the bed. I glance down smiling at my now mostly smooth mound with its single triangle of hair ending just above my clit, a new look from my usual single strip. I draw my finger through my slit and make a quick circle on my clit and whimper realizing how badly I need release.

Looking farther down my legs I suddenly realize I have not shaved in a week and a half and though Katia did not say anything, I wanted to make them as smooth as my mound. I kick off my heels at the door as I wander into the bedroom and grab the phone. I call the front desk and ask if there are any available razors that could be brought to my room. The lovely gentleman from earlier assures me a woman’s razor will be right up. Scanning the room, I spy a white, fluffy robe which I quickly put on before turning on the radio. I stop the bath from filling further when I hear a light knock on the door. Expecting the young man from downstairs, I open the door and prepare to snatch the razor from him. While I had been willing to flirt with him earlier, now I just want to shave the hair from my legs before my man arrives.

Instead, there is my lover; holding my requested razor. I stand there for another moment, surprise written on my face. He leans in and gently guides me backwards before shutting the door behind us. With a laugh, he kisses my cheek and whispers hello. Grabbing the tie of my robe he pulls me after him into the bathroom and sets the razor next to the bath. Undoing the sash, he slips the heavy white material from my shoulders letting it pool around my feet. I stand there momentarily watching as he scans my body from head to toe. Feeling the blush follow his stare I am torn between wanting to cover up and wanting to kiss him. As my mind finally gathers itself, I press myself against his chest, and pull his lips to mine. I kiss him passionately, begging as best I can without words, for the release from all the arousal now pent up in me.

Breaking the kiss, my lover smacks my ass and reminds me of the water behind me. I tell him I do not mind skipping that part of the surprise, but he turns me back to face the water again. Kissing my shoulder, he asks me kindly to get in the water and tells me that he wants to shave whatever else is left that I needed the razor for. I agree and climb into the water leaning back against the wall. The warmth of the water on my body combined with the coolness of the air only heightens my arousal. Smiling up at him, I simply say thank you and blow him a kiss. He wanders into the other room to undress and I watch in the mirror as his bare skin slowly comes into view. Seeing him online versus in person are two very different things. This time I have the option to touch him if I want and feel his warmth and life and I realize how much more I prefer this option.

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