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This is my very first story and english is not my first language so please be gentle. Hope you enjoy and I’d love to have some feedback! 😀 Every character in this story is eighteen or older, everything is consensual and totally fictional.

Thanks J. Smith for helping me in this process.


Daniel Winston was a regular suburban dad. At forty three years old, he accomplished everything he dreamed of in his childhood. He had a beautiful house in one of the best neighborhoods in California, an SUV to show off and drive around, and a steady job as an accountant in one of the best companies in the country. His life was perfect, or at least it was until a year ago when his wife decided that she needed a new start, which meant leaving their house for a new cock to bounce on every day.

He would have liked to say it was unexpected, but his marriage hadn’t been in a good place for a while. It all began to fall down when their sex life started to drop. It happened slowly, insidiously, like a disease that spread silently and was only noticed until the damage had been done.

They were having less and less sex, first only having it once a week, then once a month and then once every holliday until there wasn’t sex at all. Which was a problem since he always had a big sexual appetite that was hard to satisfy. Dan loved sex, his body craved it like a need impossible to set aside.

The divorce was messy and the aftermath was worse. There wasn’t economical damage, but the emotional impact was big. Despite the problems, Dan actually loved his wife and planned to share the rest of his life with her. Clearly, she didn’t think the same.

At least one good thing came from all the disaster, and that was Penny, his stepdaughter. Penny was just as beautiful as her mother, with her red head, her beautiful green eyes, that innocent smile and all that beauty that her mother used to have in her best days.

Penny was the center of attention everywhere she went without even trying. She could entice people with just a smile, that very same smile that made his days better when all he wanted to do was to collapse. Yeah he was proud of his baby girl, and he always will be.

Even after her divorce, her mother let her stay with him, since changing Penny from her highschool to another was too troublesome for her mother. Besides, Barbara wanted to relive the youth she never had, and having Penny around would spoil that.

He didn’t have a problem with that, Penny either. They enjoyed their time together, they shared a strong bond, they talked about everything and anything. He married her mom when she was just a newborn, so he took her as his daughter from the very first day, one he treasured with all of his heart until the end of times.

And oh boy, how the time went fast. Now here they were, in his backyard, celebrating his baby girl´s eighteenth birthday with a barbecue party and all of her friends.

With one hand on his beer and the other with the spatula, he flipped the burger meat as he enjoyed the view behind his dark sunglasses. He admired all those sweet eighteen year old bodies strutting all over his backyard.

They all wore impossibly skimpy bikinis and showed off gorgeous bodies that could give even the healthiest of hearts heart attacks.

Dan was usually not the kind of guy who ogled young women. Sure, he enjoyed every once in a while when an attractive girl crossed his path, but he didn’t follow them with his eyes unless he was completely sure they wouldn’t notice him, he was discreet. All of Penny’s friends were practically family, he didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable, so he kept a fatherly distance.

His daughter was a highly social girl, she was at every extracurricular activity that fit into her schedule, swimming, cheerleading, soccer, all of which helped her make friends all over school, friends who had now become so much more than just that.

He knew them for years, most of Penny’s sleepovers were held at his house, he was the dad who bought them hamburgers after a won competition and took them to eat ice cream in after a losing competition. He did it with pleasure, nothing could put a smile on his face as fast as seeing his daughter smile.

“Best party ever!” his daughter said, jumping to hug his neck and leave a quick peck on his cheek. “Thanks Daddy!”

“No problem, pumpkin,” he said, using the nickname he used with her since she was little and that will stick forever. “You know I like to spoil you.”

“And that’s what makes you the best Daddy ever!”

“I have a mug that says it, so it must be true.”

“It sure is!” She gave him another peck on the other cheek. “Never forget it Daddy”.

“Never will.” He nodded to the rest of the girls. “Now don’t waste time with your old man and have some fun with your girlfriends.”

“Will do. You can have some fun with them if you want.” She winked and walked away, leaving him confused.

“Hi! Mr. Winston,” he heard a sweet voice say, “rocking Escort Haramidere that Hawaiian shirt I see.”

He smiled and turned around to find the owner of such a sweet enticing voice. The young woman in question was Ruby, his daughter’s best friend with whom she shared her birthday. Brunette, beautiful green eyes that matched the sexy green of that bikini that highlighted her killer body. Sweet round ass that made every person on her way lookher way and those generous-looking tits could make everyone lose their focus.

For his part, he wore a tank top under an open blue Hawaiian shirt, white cargo shorts and some flip flops. His usual attire for his Saturdays.

“Hi yourself Ruby.” He looked down at his clothes. “You like? I honestly just threw on the first thing I saw in my closet.”

“I do! You look very Daddy-like in that shirt.”

He chuckled.

“I hope that’s a good thing.”

“Oh believe me” she looked him up and down “it is.”

For a moment he found himself looking at her puffy pink lips, wondering what they would taste like, wondering if they were the same shade of pink as her nipples. His cock started to get harder in his shorts.

They got along pretty well since forever, her being Penny’s best friend meant that he and her have spent a lot of time together over the years. Sometimes he thought he noticed a certain flirtatious tone on her part, of course he dismissed it completely and took it as playful kindness, as mischievousness inherent in being young and extroverted.

Obviously, he never thought of her as anything more than just his daughter’s best friend before. But today, at her eighteenth birthday, in that little bikini, he couldn’t help but to see her as the young woman she was.

“So, birthday girl, how can I help you? Would you like another burger?”

She shook her head.

“No, Mr. Winston, I just came here to tell you how grateful I am that you threw this party for Penny and me, you have no idea how much this means to me,! she said.

“You know it is no problem. At this point you are like family to Penny and me, I organized this party with pleasure.”

“Thanks Mr. W. You are just the best.”

She hugged him, throwing her hands around his waist and burying her face on his chest. In this position, he could feel her young firm breasts squeezed against him, he could also smell the sweet scent of her hair, lavender, always lavender.

He hugged her back, always keeping his hands respectful and arms paternal, despite his very unpaternal thoughts. He really cared for this girl and for all the friends of his daughter, they were great kids that showed them with time that they could be loyal people to rely on. The hug stopped and he noticed how much Ruby’s eyes glowed.

“Sorry, I got a little sentimental back there. My parents would never even remember my birthday, much less throw a party for me, and you for doing this…” She smiled shyly and shook her head. “Forget it, it’s silly.”

“No worries,” he said simply. “Message delivered, thanks accepted. Now go and enjoy your party.”

“Are you going to join us in the pool?” She asked hopefully. “We are about to play volleyball.”

He waved his hand dismissively.

“Nah. After I finish here I’ll go to my office to get some work done. Trust me, you wouldn’t like an old man ruining your fun.”

The girl smiled knowingly, like she knew something that he would never even think. This young woman was so mysterious to him.

“Is there a way I can convince you to rece me?”

Ruby was on the swimming team, so she was really competitive when it came to the water. He won once in a race between them and ever since then she wanted the rematch.

“Nope,” he said, closing the grill. “If we race and you win, I’ll lose the last of dignity I have, and my ex wife took most of it, gotta keep what I have left you know?” That comment made her giggle. “Now go and have some fun with your friends. That’s an order.”

“Sir, yes, sir,” she said and turned around, walking away.

He tried to avoid it, but just couldn’t, his eyes went immediately to her luscious ass moving from side to side while she walked away, barely covered by the thin fabric of her bikini bottom. Before dipping back to the pool, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him, leaving him breathless. After cooking all the meat he retired to his office.

She is your daughter’s best friend, you sick fuck, He thought to himself, trying and failing to get that enticing young girl out of his head.

He worked harder than he expected, feeling oddly productive after making Ruby smile.

“Daddy?” Penny called two hours later, when the music was lower and the night fell.

“Yes, pumpkin?”

“Lucy is throwing a slumber party in our honor. I wanted to ask if you, maybe, could let me go?”

“Will there be boys at this slumber party?”

“Only Robert Patinson and he will be on the other side of the screen.”

He smiled.

“Then no.”

She rolled her eyes and laughed.

“You İkitelli escort are such a jealous Daddy.”

“I prefer protective.”

“I prefer overprotective.” She giggled. “Also stubborn but I guess I got that from you.”

He smiled, wondering where all of this time went. His baby girl was in her last semester of high school, soon she would be heading to college and then… he’ll be all by himself. That thought made him sad to the point it almost erased the smile on his face.

“Sure, you can go,” he answered. “But I want you back tomorrow at nine o’clock. No alcohol, no going anywhere, and no boys.”

“Jealous Daddy!” she crooned her way down the stairs.

“Protective Daddy!” he chanted back.

He chuckled and looked away from his computer screen, watching the warm Saturday night on the other side of his window.

Clear skies and warm weather. It was a perfect night to go out and take a nice swim to refresh the body and clear the mind, two things he really needed after thinking about Ruby this much.

He got up and went to his bedroom to change into his swim trunks. On his way out of his bedroom, he looked at himself in the full body mirrors that his closet doors offered.

He kept himself fit, eating decently, running every morning and lifting some weights after. He didn’t have abs like he did back in his college days, but his abdomen was firm and free from that beer gut that most of his friends had. He had strong arms, a solid chest and a wide back to show off every time he went to the beach.

He ran a hand over his trimmed beard, age had been gentle with him, he still had all of his hair and just a couple of wrinkles at the corners of his green eyes. Sure, he had a couple of gray hairs here and there but despite his age, he was pleased with his looks… at least, most of the time.

The times where his wife’s voice came back to fill his head with insults and hurtful demeaning comments his confidence deflated and suddenly the man he saw in the mirror was just not enough.

He went to the back yard and jumped into the water swimming fast, away from those thoughts, away from the lust he felt for that forbidden little vixen and away from the warmth of the summer sun that remained at night.

With the party playlist still playing softly, he swam from one end to the other, until his lungs and his muscles ached for a moment to rest. After a couple of minutes he emerged from the water, moving his hands over his face from his trimmed beard to his light brown hair. When his view was cleared, he saw a familiar figure. It was Ruby, standing at the other end of the pool, still wearing that sexy as hell bikini.

“Hey, birthday girl.” He frowned. “Weren’t you going to go with the other girls to Lucy’s house for that slumber party?”

She hugged one sexy shoulder.

“I thought I could use a swim. Mind if I stay?”

His cock throbbed.

“Not at all.”

She smiled and jumped in. He saw her gorgeous figure under the irregular surface of the water while she swam his way, his cock getting harder and harder with her proximity. She surfaced as she reached the spot beside him, her sexy breasts glowing with the wetness.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey yourself,” he said smiling, pretending he wasn’t about to die of extreme horniness.

She nodded to the rest of the pool.

“Would you like a little race?” She arched one dark slight eyebrow. “Or are you too afraid that a girl half your age might win over you.”

Her smile grew bigger and he finally accepted her challenge.

“First to touch the other wall and come back wins,” he declared.

And at the count of three, they shot out.

The match was very tight, the girl had amazing agility in her swimming while Dan had more power in his arm stroke.

“A tie!” The girl exclaimed, unhappy that she hadn’t emerged victorious.

“A rematch?” Dan offered.

“You bet!”

And another one went with the same result, then another. By the fourth match it was settled, at the end, age had the last word.

“I won!” She exclaimed with joy.

He laughed and rested his back to the wall of the pool, his neck on the shore.

“Congrats,” he said, breathing fast. “You kicked an old man’s ass.”

She rested her back against the wall too, right at his side, her delicious breasts heaving with her heavy breaths.

“You are doing it again.”


“Talking about being older as if it was some kind of curse.”

“Well, it kind of is,” he admitted. “You can’t deny that there is a beauty in youth that fades away too soon.”

“I disagree,” Ruby said. “I think there is a greater beauty that comes only with age and experience.”

“What do you mean?”

“Young boys… they are so silly.” She rested her nape on the shore and exhaled. “They are immature, inexperienced and most of the time, disgusting.”

Dan laughed.

“Trust me, some men my age are too.”

Her eyes dropped to his lips.

“You are not.”

He stared Çapa escort bayan at her eyes, they held three different shades of green, each one darker than the other. A curious contrast with his own eyes that were completely grass green.

“Maybe you don’t know this,” Ruby said after a while. “But we declared you the handsomest Dad of the block.”

He chuckled.


“Really,” she said. “We even submitted it to a vote. And it was unanimous. Since then, you were declared the DILF of the block.”

He scratched his beard, feeling the sudden blush growing on his ears.

“DILF stands for Dad I´d like to fu…”

“I know what it stands for,” he interrupted feeling a little embarrassed but highly flattered. “Geez, thanks, I guess.”

She giggled at his expense.

“You’re very welcome.”

They held gazes, not saying anything, just losing themselves in the eyes of the other, with the water’s surface dancing between their chests and the cool summer night breeze on their bare shoulders.

“Mr Winston, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Only if you are ready for a personal answer,” he said. “Shoot.”

The brunette started playing with her hair.

“Why haven’t you dated anyone?”

That took him by surprise.

“I ask because… you see, Penny is worried about you.”


“Why?” he asked.

“Since that bitc… I mean, since Ms. Winston left, you haven’t dated other women.”

“Well, I’m a busy man, and also a devoted father,” he explained. “I grew up with an absent mother and an emotionally distant and very busy father and I know how emotionally damaging that can be to a child, I didn’t want that for Penny, so I gave her my one hundred percent as a Dad. I guess that’s why I don’t have much time for myself.”

She paused, digesting his answer.

“It is important to be a dad, that is true,” she agreed. “But you also have to get some time to just be yourself! Not the busy accountant, not the devoted father, just Daniel Winston. The very handsome neighbor.”

“And DILF of the block, apparently.”

She giggled and he chuckled.

“Just being me,” he pondered reflexively. “You know? I think, after many years just filling the role of a father and a husband, I think I kinda forgot how to just be me.”

Hobbies, social life, parties, all that went away with time. At this point he knew more about the company he worked for than himself. He reflected on how sad that was.

“Don’t worry.” She approached. “I can help you figure it out.”

Now he looked at her puffy lips.

“And how will you do that?”

“Well, for starters, I’ll get you a woman,” she answered with a smile. “It’s time you get out of that shell. And I’m sure I can find you one you can have fun with”.

“How do you know my type of woman?”

“Because I’ve known you for years. And after all those mornings chatting while waiting for Penny to get ready for school and all those family road trips you took me to, it gave me the chance to know you very well, at least enough to know what kind of woman would be perfect for you to have an interesting night.”

“And how is this perfect woman?”

“One who is brave,” she answered. “Direct on what she wants and confident enough to go and get it. Sexy, obviously but also horny as hell!”

He was taken back by the last one, he was certain he never heard Ruby say something as bold as the word horny in front of him. Dan was surprised by her openness about it.

Today’s generations talked more openly about sex. He admired that, even envied it; back in his days, sex was something practiced by everyone, but commented on by no one.

“I see. And where am I gonna find a girl sexy, brave and horny to… have an interesting night?”

She just smiled and swam even closer to him.

“Here you have one.”

He waited for the laugh that would come with something as silly as that joke, but it never came, she looked dead serious. So he laughed off.

“Yeah, sure,” he said. “And why would a girl your age want a man of mine?”

“First of all, because older guys are sexy as fuck,” she said. “But also because they have something guys my age will never have.”


“Experience,” she said. “I don’t want a guy my age with an underdeveloped cock and premature ejaculation problem. I want a real man with a mature cock and experience.”

She came even closer.

“I want you, Mr. Winston.”

Dan searched her face for some kind of sign that let him know that this was a joke and that there was a camera somewhere ready to record the moment. But there wasn’t, the girl looked as serious as her proposal sounded.

“I’m still expecting this to be some kind of joke.”

“It isn’t,” she assured. “I have been planning to seduce you for weeks.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“Well, believe it! Because while guys my age have acne on their faces you have a sexy beard. While others’ biggest goal is what will be the next party to go and get drunk, yours is to make your daughter happy.”

She stood right in front of him, her breasts a few inches apart from his chest.

“That’s why I find you so attractive! You are reliable, protective, respectful and paternal, even with us who aren’t your daughter,” she continued. “You never were disrespectful or creepy around us.”

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