Emily’s Shorts – Club Emily


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is not based on, or inspired by, any real world events or any actual people. All characters are invented and envisaged by the author as being at least 18 years old and engaged in only consensual activities.


Shorter stories or single scenes featuring Emily and her various partners. You can read more about our heroine in “Emily’s Erotic Adventures”, a series of longer novelettes.

Call me Emily. That may or may not be my real name. Today, I’m a normal, well-adjusted girl in my mid-twenties. One who loves her Daddy very much, including his big, hard cock. Daddy relieved me of my virginity (and anal virginity) a few days after my eighteenth birthday. I wrote a story about it, which you might consider reading. We are still lovers today, but this is another tale from back in 2017. At the time I was nineteen, in my sophomore year at college, and still learning about the boundaries of my sexuality.


In moments of great stress, we can always rely on the wisdom of our forebears. Right now, a self-reflexive version of a great Philosopher’s most famous epigram ran through my head. As Oliver Norvell Hardy never quite said, “this is another fine mess you have got yourself into Em”.

My wrists were encased in soft, but strong, leather cuffs. These were clipped to chains looping upwards and sideways, holding my arms outstretched to either side at head level. My stiletto-clad feet were free and there was enough slack in the restraints for me to move or twist my upper body, but I couldn’t do much more than that.

Beyond the stilettos, my other clothing was, shall we say, minimalist. I was blindfolded, but somewhere behind me, I could hear practice swishes of a whip, or something very similar. I felt naked and vulnerable. I trembled, knowing that this was going to be intense. But, like the good daughter I was, the trepidation also had me… well… excited. On top of that, I needed to pee. I really, really needed to pee!


Daddy had been working on a project. He had been rather secretive about it. The house we shared was modest, but it had a substantial double garage, which was connected to the kitchen. We never used it for parking, instead leaving cars in the broad driveway. Daddy’s project centered on this garage. The door in the kitchen and the two doors on to the drive had been locked recently, which was unusual given that the thing was essentially empty, save for accumulated junk and spider webs. Daddy had been spending time in there over the last few weeks and a number of packages had been delivered, with instructions that only Mr Miller could sign for them. “No Miss, your signature will not do, it says so here!” Large plastic bags full of who knows what also appeared on garbage day with regularity. It was enough to get a girl wondering.

Well this morning I learnt that my curiosity would soon be satiated. I woke to see an envelope next to my bed. The hand-written card inside invited me to the soft opening of “Club Emily”, which would be at 8pm tonight. It also suggested I wear appropriate formal attire.

I spent much of my day at college wondering about what might be in store for me. I picked the brains of Amy, my friend, confidant and frequent partner in mischief. But she was much more engaged in telling me about a freshman girl she had her eye on. While, in other circumstances, this might have also piqued my interest, I was more occupied with thinking about “Club Emily”. I must admit that – knowing my Daddy and his tastes – my own soft opening was getting rather damp as I speculated on what he might have planned.


After class, Amy and I hung out with our friends for a while and then – in honor of the opening of “Club Emily” – decided to have a quick drink. To be honest, I was in rather a heightened state of excitement and thought I could do with a calming beverage or three. Amy and I had joined University together, but we only got to know each other well after happening to meet by chance at a bar far from college. This was the bar we were now heading for. We were both nineteen, but had no problem being served, even in our college clothes. The barman, Ray, knew us well,

We sat at the bar on stools. Amy sipped on something French and expensive; I suspected that she had some arrangement with Ray as it wasn’t exactly typical fare for a place like this. Amy’s parents apparently owned a fair chunk of the former Czechoslovakia and money was generally no object for her. I knocked back something Russian and cheaper, with a dash of even less expensive American lemon juice and a spoonful of sugar. That Mary Poppins knew a thing or two.

‘Well as you seem totally uninterested in Beth – something I’ll remind you of when you ask to share her at some point – I suppose we need to talk about the mysterious “Club Emily” instead.’

‘I am interested in Beth, especially if she is as cute as you say she is. But “Club Emily” is imminent. It’s in a couple of hours.’

‘I think he’s bought a water-bed. Older people think they are sexy. At least I porno think they do.’

‘You don’t seem to complain so much about his age when his balls are slapping on your chin!’

‘Now ladies, I don’t mind talk like that as you know, but we have other customers to think of.’

‘Sorry Ray. We’ll be good.’

We answered in unison, using the phrase for neither the first time nor the last.

‘Perhaps he has made a shrine to his princess… or maybe more likely to her asshole.’

‘Fuck you Amy! – sorry Ray! – Are you just trying to be obnoxious?’

‘Sorry Em. My parents make sure I have a steady flow of dollars, but I can’t imagine my Dad doing anything like a “Club Amy”, whatever that might be, for me. Maybe I’m a bit jealous.’

‘Anyway, I’m already envious that you have access to your Dad’s cock 24 x 7 – sorry again Ray! – perhaps “Club Emily” pushed me into bitch mode.’

‘I quite like you in that mode Amy as you know.’

‘But you know Dad loves fucking you – yes I know Ray! – Maybe it’s the whole lesbian thing that does it for him, or just that you are – you know – drop-dead gorgeous.’

‘It’s because my ass is tighter than yours. That’s one downside of the 24 x 7 access I guess – super sorry Ray!’

‘Look girl, it’s no use guessing. Just go find out. If it’s cool, just text me.’

‘You’re right of course.’

I kissed her.


‘It’s OK ladies – that one was on the house.’

Ray could never resist girl on girl action. We left before he got too excited.


“Appropriate formal attire…”

I interpreted this to mean entirely inappropriate formal attire, inappropriate unless you were attending the AVN Awards that is. I rolled sheer pink hold-up stockings up my legs and strapped on a pair of suicidally tall stilettos. I stopped to survey the resulting effect in my mirror. I would always be a waif I guessed, but my curves had filled out slightly. I sometimes even wore a bra now, but not tonight.

From my dresser I took out a white, sheer scrap of material. I stepped into it and wriggled it up my legs and over my hips: being naturally slim had some advantages. I smoothed the slightly stretchy material over my ass and down my thighs. Then I pulled up two narrower bands from the sides, crossed them over my breasts and tied the ends in a loose knot behind my neck. Where the cloth was stretched, it was almost see-though, but not quite. The outline of my nipples was clear as was the slight curve of my modest breasts. Turning to check the rear view, the backless section of the dress swooped down from my neck to the base of my spine. Maybe I didn’t look so bad; in the right lighting of course.

I wore my hair slightly longer than in freshman year and I scraped my dirty blonde locks back into a high ponytail, held by a pink band. Some minimal make-up and I was ready for whatever “Club Emily” had in store for me.


Daddy was waiting for me at the kitchen door. He was wearing a tuxedo, not something I had ever seen him in before: he wore it well.

The lights were off save for the under-cupboard ones and two candlesticks burnt on the table.

‘Hello and welcome to “Club Emily”!’

‘I must say that you look particularly beautiful tonight.’

‘Thank you Daddy, you look pretty good yourself.’

‘Before we enter, let us celebrate its opening.’

He whisked a bottle out of the refrigerator. I saw the label “Tattinger” on it, immediately suspecting Amy’s involvement; it was her favorite. Perhaps my friend was not so ignorant of Daddy’s plans as she claimed. I sensed a conspiracy.

Daddy poured us two glasses and – showing my customary disrespect for the expensive – I drained mine in one go.

‘Another perhaps?’

‘Why not?’

‘And let me drink yours. I have a feeling I may be in need of alcohol before long.’

Taking a glass in each hand, I drank one and then the other.

‘Is there any more?’

Daddy held up the dark bottle to the light.

‘Maybe two glasses. No more certainly.’

‘OK. Well I don’t want to be greedy, let’s share.’

Daddy poured out one regular glass and one rather smaller one. He gave the former to me. Again I downed it. Wow! that was going to my head quickly. I suppose the earlier drinks with Amy hadn’t helped much. I felt a pressure in my bladder.

‘I have to pee Daddy.’

‘Of course, but let me introduce you to the Club first. Time for that soon enough.’

‘I want to keep you in suspense a little longer, do you mind wearing this?’

Daddy pulled a red satin blindfold out of his tux pocket. Why was I not surprised?

‘Anything you want Daddy. As always.’

I pulled the blindfold over my eyes. It was rather effective and the world was suddenly dark for me.

Daddy took me by the hand, which was all to the good given both my wooziness and inability to see. He undid the door to the garage and helped me negotiate the slight step down. I heard him close the door behind us.

‘Can I take off the blindfold now Daddy?’

I already knew the answer before he spoke.

‘Keep it on a little longer angel.’

‘Now porno step this way. OK stop. Now you need to step over something. Where you put your foot down is a few inches higher. Hold my hand still, I’ll steady you. Now raise your left foot. A little higher. Good. Now step forwards, a short pace and up slightly. That’s fine. It’s a little uneven. OK now the left, same height. Good girl.’

The floor seemed to tilt in strange angles.

‘Now turn a bit and shuffle a foot sideways to your right and it will be flatter. Sorry, sorry, my right, your left. Sorry about that again. That’s perfect.’

I gratefully felt the ground level out. The slopes had been a little unnerving in stilettos and without being able to see. I felt slightly seasick, then maybe that was the shots and most of a bottle of Champagne. Daddy held my hand and I steadied myself on the flatter section.

‘Emily, where you are standing is flattish, but as you probably noticed it’s a bit slopey elsewhere. Don’t step sideways too far, or you might stumble in those heels. Now I am going to help you feel more secure.’

Daddy worryingly dropped my hand, but he was not away for long.

‘OK now hold up your right arm.’

I felt the familiar feeling of a restraint being slipped onto my wrist and fastened.

‘You can put that arm down. Now raise the left.’

That too was encased in a leather band.

‘Now lift your left arm higher. Good girl.’

I heard the clink of metal and a snick as a clasp was attached to my wrist.

‘You are doing great. Now the same with the right.’

Daddy fastened that side as well.

‘Can you move a little?’

I leant towards my left and then right with more metallic clinking. There was a little slack.

‘A bit Daddy.’

‘Good, I want you to be able to squirm.’

I had been somewhat distracted, but now an urgent thought crossed my mind…

‘Daddy, I said I needed to pee. Could I maybe do that and then come back?’

‘No angel. You are fine where you are. Cross your legs, that might help.’

I heard footsteps receding and the kitchen door open. Was he going to leave me here? But no, I heard the door shut and he was coming back again.

‘Tilt your head back angel and open your mouth.’

I was as obedient a daughter as ever. But when I felt more Tattinger being poured into my mouth, I reflexively spat it out.

‘Oh dear. What a waste. And now you have Champagne all over your pretty dress.’

‘Let me help you out of it.’

Daddy stepped towards to me, I felt whatever I was standing on give slightly under his weight. He undid the knot behind my neck and let the ends fall. Then he eased the rest of the dress over my slender hips and down my legs.

‘Step out of it. Left first. Now right. Good girl.’

‘You are so gorgeous naked Emily. Even more so naked and restrained.’

‘Now let me get you a new drink. Would you prefer water?’

‘No Daddy, I’d prefer nothing. I need to pee, like I said.’

‘Water it is then.’

I heard Daddy walk to the kitchen again and the door open and then close.

‘Here you go, open wide. You are normally so good at opening wide.’

‘Daddy please, I really need… ow!’

Daddy’s palm slapped against my naked butt-cheek hard. The thwack took my breath away. But I knew how to play this game.

‘I’m sorry Daddy. I meant that of course I will have a little water.’

I opened my mouth and angled my head back a little. Daddy put a plastic bottle to my lips and tipped. I gulped and spluttered. Phew that felt like maybe only a 12 oz bottle. I felt full, but not too bad.


‘Fuck no Daddy, that’s too… aieee! …aieee!’

Daddy spanked my other butt-cheek, before returning to the first side. Fuck that stung.

‘OK Daddy. I am only here to do what you desire, please let me drink again.’

I took the second bottle down. I could feel my belly swelling. I crossed my legs, it didn’t help very much. My ass stung like crazy, especially the side that had been spanked twice.


‘I just wanted to even things out angel.’

‘Your other butt-cheek is now turning the same color as the first.’

Rather pointlessly I tugged at my chains. I wanted to caress my burning cheeks. But even more I was desperate to pee. Really desperate.


Then I heard the first swish. Behind me and to the right. A very distinct sort of swish, one that I had heard before, normally before feeling blistering pain. My heart started thumping, I could feel liquid oozing from my pussy. Liquid that was quite different from the sort I was trying hard to keep inside my petite frame. Like all subs, anticipated pain turned me on, though not as much as the release when the waiting was over.

The swish again. Still to the right, but now in front of me. Swish-swish. And then another sound. The kitchen door. Swish-swish. Still in the same place. What the fuck? Maybe Daddy hadn’t shut it properly and it had just opened by itself. Swish-swish. And then footsteps. Clear footsteps coming from the left. Swish-swish. The footsteps paused, sounded again türk porno nearer and then stopped again.

‘Who’s there. Daddy, is someone with you?’

Swish-swish. Still to my right. Swish-swish. Where was that? My left surely.


‘Who’s there? Stop playing games. Is it one of your friends from the bar Daddy? Daddy?’

Swish-swish. Swish-swish. Crack! Crack!

I felt the two impacts across each breast one a split second after the other.


Crack! Crack!

Again the sharp intense burning on each breast. Almost at the same time, but not quite. This time I yelled and shook my chains. My breasts and my adjacent rib cage stung badly.

Footsteps again, on both sides.

Crack! Crack!

I lurched in my chains as both ass-cheeks received lines of fire across them.

Crack! Crack!

Again I screamed as my ass was punished a second time.

‘Please no. What is happening? Who is there? This isn’t funny. Please.’

Crack! Crack!

This time across my back. I writhed in pain.

‘Argh no. Please no!’

‘You know the words to use Emily.’

Daddy’s voice. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

‘Please no more Daddy. I can’t take it. Not both of you. Who is there Daddy? Is it Ray? Ray, is that you?’

‘OK Em, if you are sure…’

Crack! Crack!

This time the backs of my thighs were inflamed. I could feel the traumatized skin swelling and blood rushing to turn my pale pink skin bright red.

More footsteps.

Crack! Crack!

This time my stomach, still swollen with water.

‘No. No. No. No. No. Please. No.’

Crack! Crack!

The fronts of my thighs.

Tears streamed down my face and I sobbed loudly.

‘Please no more. Please.’

‘The words Emily.’

‘Please no more.’

I felt hands grab my ankles from behind, Daddy’s I think. He pulled my legs apart and held me like that.

‘No please, not there. Please not there. Not my pussy.’


My head exploded. The pain between my legs was unbearable, but also exquisite.

‘Again,’ I panted in a husky voice between sobs.


I struggled with my bonds and the hands that held me. The struggling seemed to help the pain.

‘Please sir. Again.’


My yell was volcanic. I shuddered, balanced perfectly between pain and pleasure.

In a broken voice I half growled and half whispered…

‘Again… don’t… stop…’

My legs were released and I stood with them parted, my pubis pushed forward ready.

Crack! Crack!

Pain raced into my pussy and across both my breasts.

Crack! Crack!

Crack! Crack!

Crack! Crack!

The blows were relentless. The pain was non-stop. It began to exceed my substantial appetite for punishment. Even I had my limits.

‘Fuck no. Daddy’s Anal Slut. Daddy’s Anal Slut. Enough. Enough.’

When I spoke the safe phrase, the whips fell silent and I collapsed, hanging on my chains. My skin pulsing, every nerve-ending activated.

And I still needed to pee!


‘You were amazing angel. You constantly surprise me by what you can take.’

‘Thanks I guess. I’ve taken my punishment and now I really need to cum. I’m so turned on, it won’t take much. Make me cum please Daddy. Fuck your daughter.’

‘We have some plans for you in that area Em.’

Wait, who was that? It sounded like… I had had my suspicions, but surely not…

‘Amy, you sadistic bitch, is that you?’

I heard a peal of laughter and again felt Daddy’s weight on my platform as he untied my blindfold from behind me.

I blinked in the light, which was low, but still dazzling at first to my previously masked eyes. A figure in black swam into my vision. Daddy in his tuxedo? No too small for that.

‘Amy Stevens. Just you wait until I get out of these chains You lying deceitful piece of shit!’

‘Oh dear, is my little slave upset? I should punish you for speaking like that to your mistress. But you have probably been punished enough; at least for now. All those red lines on your body are very attractive you know, I am getting wet just looking at you.’

Again the giggle.

I could see more clearly now. Amy was indeed all in black; shiny black PVC. With her perfect, elfin face and svelte body, she would not have looked out of place on a Batman set; only the ears were missing.

Despite everything, I was also curious about my own predicament. Rather obviously I was chained up, but my attention was drawn to what I was standing on. Looking down past the angry welts on my poor abused body, I saw that my platform was rather like a shallow, truncated cone, with a lip round it. I was perched on the central, section, which was no more than a foot across. It wasn’t entirely flat, instead forming an even more shallow, but regular, cone, with its apex at the center between my feet. From the edge of this, the platform sloped down for another foot and a half in all directions, ending in a one inch channel before the lip, which was about four inches high. Directly in front of me, there appeared to be a hole where the floor of the channel met the lip. There seemed to be some machinery behind this and then a long tube terminating at a glass jar on a low table. The jar had a spigot at its base, which was hanging over the edge of the table.

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