Elsa Van Dirk Ch. 02


Elsa lay on the couch beside Jacob, her hand gently tracing the features of his face, and as she found the scar that marred his right eyebrow, her thoughts travelled back to three years ago when they had first met…

The rain was coming down hard, and the darkness of the night was split by flashes from automatic rifles firing at Elsa and her DFA team. The foothills of the Andes had been beautiful and peaceful only hours before, as the sun dipped below the mountains. But now, Elsa found herself ducking behind a jeep as bullets tore through the air around her. Her white shirt was completely soaked, and the cold air had made her nipples so hard that they poked out against the near transparent fabric. While the other doctors and their guides cried out in terror and fear, Elsa’s veins coursed with adrenaline. She poked her head above the jeep’s heavy metal frame, and started counting the muzzle flashes.

Four… No, five men were set up in the bushes across the road. Elsa’s team had been warned when they arrived of the local criminals who were becoming bolder and more aggressive. A recent outbreak of K2Ba Flu was sweeping through this region and, with children the most likely to perish from this virus, Elsa had elected to lead the Doctors For Aid team sent to provide much needed medical aid. But now it seemed that these supplies were destined for the local black market. Still, Elsa knew if she stayed calm, she could shepherd her peers to safety.

Elsa waited till her attackers stopped to reload, and used the moment to sprint to the other DFA jeep. Her powerful muscled legs propelled her across the distance – her well worn black leather boots splashing in the mud. The ground was slippery and uneven, but Elsa managed to stay on her feet as she sprinted in the darkness.

Crouching again when she reached the protective cover of the second jeep, she studied the others, making sure they were alright. The heavy rain had plastered Elsa’s blonde-brunette layered hair to her face and shoulders, and her soft, youthful face was drawn tight from the cold and severity of their situation. Elsa had too-soft cheeks, and too-pink full lips that belied her fierce and firm attitude. Her round eyes normally sparkled with a mischievous light that drove men crazy, but now, they were set with a take-charge edge, that brooked no argument.

Behind the jeep were the other two doctors and their driver. The local man was frantically trying to connect with help on the radio — seemingly with no success — as the two doctors crouched low, heads almost between their legs. Elsa could sympathize with their panic and fear, but pushed away any such thoughts. Instead, she crept towards the back of the jeep, waiting for the fresh round of gunfire splattering into the mud around her to subside. Their attackers were shooting without precision or training, and instead of taking turns reloading, they were lumping their shots together. This left a small window when it was safe to move without fear of taking a bullet.

Elsa paused, and when the crack of the guns stopped, she moved quickly. Opening the trunk of the jeep, she tossed aside food rations, camping gear and backpacks, till her hands found the shotgun that their guide had brought to keep animals away at night. Jamming as many shells as her fingers could find into her jean pockets, she threw herself back around the side of the jeep as bullets started to strike the vehicle.

The shotgun couldn’t do much at this range, but Elsa knew that waiting timidly for their attackers to steal the medical supplies and leave wasn’t a viable option. Elsa shouted to the guide above the din of gunfire and ricocheting bullets, trying to tell him to lead the doctors to safety. But judging by the driver’s terrified expression, Elsa knew she would have to stall the gunmen to give her team time to make their escape.

When the gunmen paused to reload next, Elsa sprinted back over to her jeep and quickly shared her plan with the guide and remaining doctor. Then Elsa darted out from the protection of the heavy steel frame of the jeep and started moving down along the edge of the road. As the attackers resumed firing, she took refuge in the low-lying bushes that lined the muddy dirt track they had been travelling along. It wasn’t until Elsa had crashed to the ground that she realized she was now covered in mud, which was seeping over the top of her shirt, and sliding down the front of her chest. Wiping an errant lock of hair out of her eyes, she smudged her nose and cheeks, and she could barely suppress a chuckle at how she must look in her camouflage.

Elsa’s friends in New York often whined that they never got to go on exciting adventures — travelling the world, eating exotic food, and meeting new, interesting people. Yet somehow, Elsa couldn’t see these same friends being jealous of her right now. Flat on her stomach, mud squishing against her skin, rain pelting against her back, and bullets whizzing overhead… and this wasn’t the worst assignment she had been on by far.

Sensing her next opening, Van Escort Elsa coiled her muscles, and preparing to make the dangerous rush across the road. Counting to three after the last gun had stopped firing; Elsa sprung from her cover, and ran as fast as she could. The road was now a deep mess of mud, and she had to slow her stride so as not to slip, but Elsa closed the distance quickly, and dropped to a baseball slide as she entered the underbrush the gunmen had been firing from. Cold, wet, mud-covered, and burning with anger, Elsa took her bearings. Immediately spotting one of the bandits, Elsa realized that he was already taking aim at her! He brought his rifle to bear, and Elsa’s body tensed with fear as his finger pulled back on the trigger.

Nothing happened.

Elsa and the man stared at each other — both dumbfounded. The local criminal glanced down at his AK, and saw that in his rush to shoot Elsa, he hadn’t finished reloading properly.

Elsa fired.

The kickback was tremendous, and the noise nearly left her deaf, but Elsa had used a shotgun before, and was prepared for the blast and recoil. The man before her spun to his side and collapsed in the mud. Seeing that he was finished, Elsa didn’t pause for long, knowing that the other gunmen would soon be upon her — and she wouldn’t get so lucky twice.

As Elsa moved deeper into the underbrush, hoping to flank her opponents, she could hear them shouting to one another, trying to figure out what had happened. Their voices helped Elsa pinpoint them in the darkness, and the heavy layer of mud that now covered Elsa head to toe made her virtually invisible as she moved towards them. Elsa saw another of the criminals emerge from his firing position, attempting to check on his fallen companion, and after taking a moment to steady her stance, Elsa fired.

The gun’s kick and thunder was no less stunning this time. But at this range, all she had to do was aim it in the general direction of her target, and the blast of buckshot took care of the rest.

The man clutched his stomach, fell to his knees, and tried unsuccessfully to call out a warning to his allies, before slumping into the mud. Elsa shuddered for a moment. Though this situation was life and death for Elsa and her fellow doctors, she still hated having to defend herself like this.

On the road, the jeeps engine’s suddenly roared to life, and their lights shone brightly in the darkness. Two of the gunmen slung their rifles over their shoulders and returned into the night, while the last remaining gunman opened fire at the fleeing jeeps. The vehicle’s tires spun in the thick mud, and the sound of bullets smashing into their metal frames set Elsa’s heart racing even faster. Abandoning all caution now, she raced through the bushes and tree roots that littered the ground, and in her haste, her left foot caught on something hard. Elsa’s world spun sideways as she came crashing down. A blinding flash filled her vision as her head smacked into the mud, and by the time Elsa had managed to struggle to her knees, the rifle had stopped barking in the darkness.

Knowing she had but a few moments before the gunman reloaded, and chose his next target, Elsa used the butt of the shotgun to help steady her balance as she stood up. Her vision still came in swaying waves, but her ears could hear something moving through the mud and bushes… and it was coming straight at her.

As a large man emerged from the darkness, Elsa yanked the shotgun upwards and swung the butt like a club, striking her assailant in the head. He staggered away from her and crashed to the ground. As anger overwhelmed Elsa’s sensibilities, she brought the butt of the weapon down again, smashing it into his forehead.

He swore. In English.

With a slight Australian accent.

Elsa paused before attacking again. The gunmen had all spoken Spanish, and as Elsa peered at him through the pouring rain and soupy darkness, he didn’t seem to be dressed like a local.

The man lying at Elsa’s feet was wearing frayed, torn jeans, which were now covered in mud. He had a faded Guns and Roses t-shirt with a marked brown leather jacket on. But it was his black leather Harley Davidson boots that, even covered in mud, told Elsa that this wasn’t some petty local criminal. Though she couldn’t see his face, splattered with blood and dirt, Elsa could have sworn that he was grinning up at her.

“Well. If I had known you made such a stunning first impression, I would have looked you up sooner, Dr. Van Dirk.” His voice had a knee-weakening gravel lowness to it. He sat up in the mud, and extended a grimy, wet hand. “Help me up, Doc? I don’t fancy spending any more time in this downpour than necessary.”

Elsa took his arm, then pulling harder than she needed to, she yanked him up. Misjudging that he had found his balance, when Elsa released her grip, he stumbled forward, colliding face first into her voluptuous bosom.

“Now, this isn’t nearly so bad. Quite comfortable actually…” Before he could say anymore, Van Escort Bayan Elsa pushed him backwards, till he was standing before her, the rain washing the blood down along his high cheek bones and strong jaw.

The man had thick auburn hair that was matted down from the soaking rain. His jaw sported a dark swelling bruise, and his left eyebrow had a large gash that was trickling with blood. Under Elsa’s grip, she could feel the strong muscles in his arms, and even separated by several layers of clothes, a current of electricity sparked between the two of them. Elsa waited till he had found his footing, and then took a few steps back.

“You, sir, have me at a loss. You clearly seem to know who I am, but I don’t think we have met before.” Elsa bit her tongue before she could say anything more… like how she would definitely remember meeting someone like him. Determined to regain control of the situation, she wasn’t going to let her burgeoning lust show.

The man laughed, shaking his head. Then he winced, and gingerly touched his forehead, feeling the open wound. “No, we haven’t met Dr. Van Dirk, but I heard that you and your team were travelling through this area. And I don’t imagine there are many other stunning, voluptuous blondes who are in the Doctors For Aid team… So, I assumed you were the Van Dirk we were hearing about.”

Elsa felt her cheeks burn red and a powerful warmth sweep through her body. Glad for the cloak of darkness and mud that kept him from seeing the effect his words were having, she let him continue speaking.

“The name’s Jacob.” He extended his hand.

Elsa ignored the offered hand, and instead said, “Jacob? Do you come with a last name?”

Jacob cracked another devilish grin, “Who says that isn’t my last name?”

Elsa met his charming smirk with an overly exaggerated cold glare, and finally shook his hand. “Well, Jacob, I think its best that I make it back to the main road and try and figure out how far my team has gone. I don’t particularly like the idea of hiking to the nearest village in this weather. But, at least, I have this to keep me safe.” Elsa hoisted the shotgun up, and held it across her chest, using it to shield her hard nipples from Jacob’s gaze.

Jacob maintained his smile, and raised his hand in a peace offering gesture. “Well, since its nearly 20 miles to the nearest town, you might consider coming with me. At least till dawn. Plus, I could really use a doctor. See, this crazy woman just attacked me with a shotgun, and I’m not sure I’ll live through the night if I don’t get stitched up. What do you say Doctor?”

Elsa was split. Just as much as he turned her on with his gravelly voice and easy-going grin, there was something about him that she didn’t trust. Like how he just happened to be wandering around the middle of no-where in the midst of a rainstorm. Or how the remaining gunman seemed to have mysteriously disappeared just before he magically appeared. Still, no matter how much her overwhelming desire made her uneasy to remain so close to him, the thought of walking down a dirt road in one of the most remote areas in the world – in the middle of a stormy night — appealed even less.

“Ok, Jacob. Lead on. But if you are thinking of any funny business, just remember I’m armed.” Elsa tried to maintain a steady, in charge voice, refusing to betray her attraction.

“No worries, Doc. My head won’t soon forget meeting you.”

With that, Jacob turned and slowly started picking his way through the underbrush, moving away from the road and further into the wilderness. Elsa followed carefully behind, keeping her shotgun at the ready. Though it was dark, Jacob walked with purpose — his stride long, and his footing sure — and after an hour of walking away from the road in silence, he finally spoke, pointing towards a nearby hill.

“You doing okay, Doc? Just on the other side of that is where we will be staying for the night. After you patch me up, I’ll make us some grub, and in the morning, I’ll drive you to the medical camp. Sound good?”

The intervening hour, and the constant rain, had washed away the electric desire that had been consuming Elsa, but at the sound of his gravelly, accented voice, she felt the heat stirring in her loins, and could only mutely nod a reply, lest her voice betray her body.

Instead of going over the hill, they circled its base, and after several minutes, Elsa could see the flickering light of a campfire up ahead. A small cave opened at the side of the hill, and built out around it was a series of tents and lean-tos. Walking closer, Elsa saw a half-a-dozen vehicles parked beneath netting and sheets. They ranged from delivery trucks to jeeps. There were at least three campfires burning, sheltered from the rain in a similar way as the vehicles. And around the fires, were small clusters of men, drinking, eating and singing. But again, these weren’t locals speaking in Spanish. Instead, Elsa could discern English (spoken in several different accents), German, Korean, Swahili, Escort Van and Russian. The rough and mercenary look of these men immediately put Elsa on her guard.

Taking a few quick steps, Elsa grabbed Jacob’s arm firmly, stopping him just before they reached the camp, and in a soft but demanding whisper, asked,

“What is this place? Did these men have anything to do with the attack on my team? And who are you exactly?”

Jacob paused and turned towards Elsa. She was shocked to see how pale his face now looked.

“These are my men. And we didn’t have anything to do with the attack on you earlier tonight. Consider me the CEO of a freelance importing/exporting business.” His voice melted Elsa’s reluctance, and when he started walking into the camp, Elsa found herself, against her better judgement, following him. But, she couldn’t resist a small dig, and just as they started walking through the tents, heading towards the cave entrance, she whispered,

“So you’re a smuggler…”

Jacob only reply was a soft, dry laugh. And though Elsa couldn’t see his face, she was sure he was, regardless of his hurting jaw, smirking broadly.

The cave didn’t run very deep into the hillside, but it was furnished with thick heavy blankets that hung along the walls, and textured, warm rugs that lined the ground. A large fire burned near the entrance, its smoke escaping outside, but the heat travelled into the cave, and Elsa realized just how cold she had become walking through the rainstorm. Her smooth skin was covered in goose bumps, and her teeth had started chattering loudly. Jacob nodded at the two men tending to the fire, and they silently slipped off. Then, kneeling by the fire pit, Jacob pulled a kettle off a small grill, and after rinsing out two tin cups with the rain still coming down outside, he poured coffee for both of them. Elsa watched Jacob, and then blushed quickly when she realized there was a fine mist rising off their wet clothes, caused by the fire… and from the heat she felt inside, as she watched his lithe body move in the flickering light.

“This ain’t no mocha frappa caramel latte, but it will warm you up quickly. I don’t want numb, trembling fingers stitching up my pretty face.” Jacob had a way of sounding both warm and caring, while still being infuriatingly taunting and teasing.

Elsa had to pause for a moment, trying to decide between keeping the shotgun at the ready, or accepting the tantalizing cup of coffee. The hot, bitter aroma of the drink filled her senses, and eventually Elsa’s desire to be warm won out. She set the gun down against the wall — within easy reach — and took the tin mug with both hands, shivering with pleasure at the warmth that seeped into her fingers. The piping hot liquid scalded her throat as she swallowed it down, but the heat that flooded through her was exquisite. This was the best cup of coffee she had had in a long time, and a big smile crept across her face as she closed her eyes and savoured the experience.

Jacob waited for her to finish the cup, and in the meantime had his men prepare the first aid kit, and other necessary tools for when Elsa was ready. As she set aside her tin mug, and started washing her hands in a basin left by the men, Elsa looked at Jacob, taking in his features in the flickering light of the cave.

Jacob had a strong jaw, and high cheek bones but it was hard to tell how handsome he was while caked with so much mud. His tousled auburn hair was now drying, and settling into a mess of curls. His eyes were deep blue, and had a predatory glint when he smiled his infuriating smirk. The cut along his left eyebrow had finally stopped bleeding, but looked raw and sore, and if not cleaned and stitched closed, would definitely get infected. The rest of his body was wrapped in a thick blanket that was doubling as a towel, but his large, well built frame still showed through.

Elsa took a deep breath to steady the fluttering of desire inside her, and set about stitching the wound closed. Jacob neither flinched nor made any noise, and Elsa suspected this wasn’t his first time being patched together in the middle of the wilderness. He seemed like the type of man who enjoyed getting into trouble.

Elsa’s had done this simple procedure a thousand times, and yet now, she had to go slowly. Being so close to Jacob, breathing in his scent — which smelled of smoke, rich spice, and somehow, the sun — drew her closer and closer, till, as Elsa murmured she was finished, their faces were only inches apart. Elsa’s lips parted, and she could taste his breath – coffee and oranges – and before he could ruin the moment by speaking, she leant in and kissed him.

At first their lips were soft and tender, but then, as Jacob started to kiss back passionately, Elsa found herself growing more and more excited. The building warmth in her pussy was now sending out waves of fire through her body, and when they collided with the jolts of electricity that his lips were shooting down her spine, Elsa could feel her entire body craving even more. Moaning with lust, Elsa pushed the thick blanket off Jacob’s shoulders and ran her hands along his broad chest. In response, he grabbed hold of her still wet shirt, and ripped it violently, sending its buttons spinning away into the cave.

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