Ecstasy Found


I truly enjoy writing erotic stories and love that I found a website that posts them.

Many emails come through after one of my stories gets posted and I usually try to reply to each of them in turn. One of the emails really sparked my interest and we started an exciting exchange that I will never regret. This is that story.


“LadyS, I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to tell you that I truly enjoyed your extremely well-written stories. You have mad storytelling skills, making me feel as if I was actually there. That is a true talent that you should be very proud of. Thank you so much for sharing. – Xoxo, Branden.”

I don’t know what grabbed my attention, but I quickly replied to his email. “Branden, I am very well and hope you are also. You’re very welcome, sir, and thank you for the compliment. I love to write and it’s very humbling to know someone likes what I put out there. I greatly appreciate your kind words. Thank you. *LadyS*”

Over the next weeks, our emails quickly escalated. We truly enjoyed talking to each other and, yes, things did move to a sexual nature. We flirted back and forth as we got to know one another. We expressed our fantasies, things we could never tell anyone else, even our spouses. We described how we wanted to touch each other, the things we wanted to do.

It was a ‘safe’ relationship. He was a professor at university, both of us were married at the time, and, to top it off, I lived in the US while he lived across the pond in England. We never thought anything would come of it.

“If you were in the same room right now, I would love to see your long hair falling down to your waist. To touch your face. Kiss your sweet mouth. Nibble on your neck, that spot right under your ear, towards the back. That spot you said drives you crazy. What would you like to do?” He asked in one email.

“I could sit on your lap and talk about whatever pops up. ::grin:: Mmm. I would love to kiss you. That turns me on so much. Your mouth on my neck? That would drive me crazy. I would love to feel you standing behind me, your mouth on the back of my neck, your hands under my shirt, grasping my breasts, lightly twisting my nipples. To feel your erection grinding against my ass. I would reach back and rub my hand up and down your hardness, eventually taking him out to play. Xoxo, Shi”

“You turn me on so much, babe. The thought of doing that with you makes me so hard. I want you so much.”

Our emails continued along the same lines, but we also talked about normal everyday things. It was a good long-distance friendship that we were both enjoying.

Two months after we had started conversing, I received an email that changed everything.

“Good morning, Sexy Shi. Hope you had a good night’s sleep. It was great being able to hear your voice on the phone. I have a surprise for you. I know we didn’t think we’d ever be able to meet, but I was able to register for the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at a university near you next week. I would really like to see you. If you’re game, I’ll contact you when I get there, and maybe we can meet. – Xoxo, Branden.”

My jaw dropped. No freaking way. I couldn’t believe it. We would be able to meet? Unbelievable. My stomach felt as if butterflies had been let loose inside there.

Did I really want to meet up with him? Yes. But should I? My heart skipped a beat at the thought of all the things we had disclosed to one another. The pictures we had exchanged.

The night before, well, night for me since England is six hours later than my time, I was home alone as my husband works nights. Being early morning there in England, Branden was in his office at university and was able to call me. One thing led to another and we actually masturbated together. We heard each other moan as we came.

I blushed as I remembered. Seriously, it was one of the hottest things ever.

Could I actually have the nerve to see him face-to-face? How could I not, though? It didn’t mean we had to do anything.

What if there were no sparks when we saw each other? What if there were? Was I ready for that possibility?

Oh, hell yeah.

I clicked ‘reply’ and wrote him an email.

“Branden, that sounds spectacular. I would love to meet up with you with the stipulation that we do so with no predetermined expectations. We’ll just see how we feel when we meet face-to-face. No pressure. All right, babe? Xoxo, Shi”

I quickly clicked ‘send’ and closed my eyes. Was I sure about this? No. But I wanted to meet him. I wanted to see him in person. Hear his voice and, I’ll admit to myself, feel his touch. His kiss. His body against mine. His powerful thrusts inside of me. I shivered.

We continued to email back and forth and we were able to speak on the phone right before his flight left Heathrow.

“Are you sure you want to meet me, love?” His accent was so sexy. My nipples tingled at the sound of his voice. I couldn’t believe how turned Van Escort on it made me.

“Yes, sir, I am. I know we’re keeping it with no pressure, but I am anxiously, excitedly nervous.”

He chuckled. “You’re so cute. I know what you mean. We won’t do anything you don’t want to do, but I have to tell you, I would love to kiss you. Touch you. Do other things to you.”

“What if you don’t feel that way when we see each other in person?” I asked worriedly.

He chuckled again. “Oh, sweetie, no worries. I promise I will. There’s so much we’ve talked about. We’ve told each other our deepest, darkest desires. How could I not feel that way when I finally see you?”

I shook my head, stopping when I realized he couldn’t see me. “I know. But I worry. I’m not as pretty as other women. I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

“Shianne. Don’t talk like that. I’ve seen your pictures. You are beautiful. Inside and out. You are one of the sweetest girls I know. You are intelligent and yes, a bit nerdy, but that, to me, makes you even more sexy and attractive.”

I blushed. “Ok, thank you. Now stop, please.” I loved hearing the compliments, but they took some getting used to. He always made me feel beautiful and sexy. I could probably get used to this and the thought made me smile. “Seriously, thank you, sir. You make me feel good. I love that.”

“I’m glad. Just stating the truth, though. I better go. They’re starting to board the plane. I will talk to you tomorrow after I rest up some.”

“All right. Have a safe journey. Talk to you later, sweetie.”

“Ok, babe.”

I sighed and shook my head as I hung up. I still couldn’t believe I would see him in twenty-four hours or so. Wow.


The next day, I received an email from Branden letting me know he had arrived at his hotel. He gave me the information and asked if I would meet him at seven that evening in the hotel’s lounge. I agreed.

After my husband left for work, I quickly changed my clothes. I had bought a new red blouse a few days before. The peek-a-boo cutouts left my shoulders bare. It was see-through, worn over a matching red tank top. I decided to wear it with a black asymmetrical skirt that ended right below my knees and red high heels.

I brushed my auburn hair, leaving it loose, and put lipstick on. One last look in the mirror…damn I did look good…and I left to meet Branden.

Butterflies fluttered in my belly as I walked in to the hotel bar. Like always, I was early, and after a quick look around, noticed that Branden wasn’t down yet. I took a seat at the bar and ordered my usual girly-girl Cosmo and settled in to wait a bit.

The bartender, or mixologist, as some like to be called now, came over with the drink he had made and smiled at me. “Waiting for someone, darlin’?”

I smiled in return. “Yes, sir. A friend.” I looked at my cell phone to see what time it was. 6:56. I glanced at the entrance-way to the lounge. “He’s staying here.”

“Close friend?”

“We’ve actually never met in person. He lives in England.”

“Ah. I see.”

I ran my fingers up and down the stem of my glass and licked my lips. Tucked my hair behind my ear and glanced at the doorway again.

“You look beautiful. No need to worry. If he doesn’t want to jump your bones he needs his eyes checked.” The bartender said with a grin and a wink.

I laughed and blushed. “Thank you.”

“Just stating the truth.” He glanced at a point behind me. “Don’t look now, but I think your friend has arrived.”

I sucked in a breath and slowly turned to look. Branden. He looked so much better in person than in the pictures I had seen. The pictures… I had seen photos of this man’s cock. I had heard him while he made himself cum.

I blushed even more and stood up.

Branden’s blue-grey eyes met mine across the room and he grinned. He walked towards me, his eyes taking in my body. He reached out and took my hand. “Hey.”

I looked up at him. “Hey, yourself. You’re a lot taller than you looked in your pictures.”

“I’m 6’2″. You’re a lot shorter than you looked in yours.”

I looked down at my heels. “I’m 5’6″ right now.”

He laughed. “In three-inch heels, you are.”

I placed one hand on the back of his neck and urged him down to my level so I could place a kiss on his cheek.

At the last second, Branden turned towards me, letting his mouth brush mine. Our lips parted, then returned in a slightly deeper kiss. His tongue briefly touched my lower lip before he leaned back.

Our eyes met again. “Hey.” He said again.

I grinned up at him. “Hey.”

“You are gorgeous, Shi. Simply gorgeous.”

“Thank you. You look pretty gorgeous yourself.” I adored his shaved head and his eyes were mesmerizing.

“Would you like to go sit at a booth?” He asked as he gestured to a table in the dark corner.

I nodded and picked up my Cosmo. Branden ordered a bourbon Van Escort Bayan and I led the way over to the booth after he received his drink.

He waited until I slid in the seat then sat across from me. His long legs pressed against mine under the table. We sipped from our drinks, staring at each other.

His hand touched my fingers. “I can’t believe I’m sitting in front of you. You look so good. I love your hair. I want to touch you so much right now, my knob is throbbing.”

I blushed and grinned at him. “Good, I like knowing that your cock is throbbing because my panties are soaked right now.”

He groaned and one of his legs worked its way in between mine. “You’re amazing, Shi. I want to shag you so badly right now.”

“Let’s finish our drinks. Heighten our anticipation.” I grinned as I lifted my glass to my lips, looking at him over the top of my glasses. “Are you sure you want me?”

Branden laughed out loud. “You’ve got to be joshing me. Yes.. Yes.. a thousand times, Yes, love.”

I squeezed my legs around the one he had between them. “I want you, too, babe.”

He quickly downed his drink and watched me as I sipped slowly on mine. His hands found their way under the table and onto my knees. His fingers slid my skirt up, baring my upper thighs. He grasped them, pulling me a little closer to him, slowly spreading my legs, allowing his knee to wedge up against my lace covered puss.

The pressure against my clit felt amazing and I leaned back and rubbed my wet puss harder against his knee.

I continued subtly rubbing myself against him… faster and harder.. Focusing on the pleasure, I arched my head against the high back of my seat and moaned lowly. “Oh, yes, that’s it. I’m gonna cum right here.”

Branden pulled my legs even closer to him, pressing his knee more firmly against my throbbing puss. That action pushed me over the edge.

“Oh! There it is.” I dug my nails into the leather seat as I felt the orgasm ripple through my body. My eyelids felt heavy as I looked up at him and smiled. I couldn’t believe I had just had an orgasm in public. “Sorry.”

Branden was looking at me in amazement. “That is the hottest thing I have ever seen. You have me bursting at the seams, babe.”

I downed the rest of my Cosmo and slid out of the booth. “Lead the way, then.”

He quickly stood, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the bar and straight to the elevators. We were the only ones on the elevator and Branden pulled me into his arms as soon as the doors slid closed. His mouth met mine in a deep, ravishing kiss that took my breath away.

He had me against the wall, his leg between mine, my puss riding his thigh. Our tongues dueled as our hands roamed at will. His hard cock dug into my pelvis as he ground into me.

We quickly pulled apart as the elevator dinged and the doors started to open. He grabbed my hand and pulled me after him down the hall to his room. After opening the door, he turned to look down at me. “Are you positive this is what you want to do?” He asked, giving me an out.

I nodded vigorously and pushed him into the room. I locked the door behind us, put my arms around his neck, and pulled him down to kiss me.

His mouth found its way to my neck, to that spot towards the back that drove me absolutely crazy. My hands grasped the front panels of his dress shirt and pulled, buttons flying everywhere, baring his lightly hairy chest to my gaze, my touch.

I pulled away and looked at his bared flesh, my hands gliding across him, following an invisible line down his firm stomach to the tops of his slacks. I unfastened his pants, pushing them down past his hips, his thighs, down to the floor.

Lowering to my knees, I slid his boxer briefs down his legs, baring his hard cock to my gaze. He kept the hair around his manhood well-trimmed. I loved that. My hands ran back up his legs, grabbed his hips, and pulled him towards me, licking his cock head. Slowly, I ran my tongue around his whole cock, finally taking the tip into my mouth.

He groaned and grasped my hair, holding my head steady as I slowly took him fully into my mouth. I let my tongue rub against him as I continued to suck his hardness.

He tasted so good. His cock still in my mouth, I looked up at him over the top of my glasses. His eyes met mine. A shiver ran through him as I took him deeper into my mouth.

Quickly, he pulled me from him. I looked up in disappointment. I really wanted to taste his cum. “I want to be inside you the first time we do this, babe. I need to be inside you. Now.”

He helped me to my feet. I helped him pull my blouse over my head, exposing my lacy red bra to his gaze. I slowly pushed my skirt down to the floor, leaving my heels on.

He pulled me to him, my arms going around his neck, his going around my waist and lifting me against him, his mouth on my neck. My legs went around his waist, ankles locking behind him.

I pushed my breasts into his face as he carried me down Escort Van the hall to the bedroom. He set me on my feet by the bed and turned me so that my back was up against his chest. Again, his mouth found its way to my neck, his hands reached around, grasping my breasts.

I pressed my ass back against him, feeling his hard cock dig into me. I pushed my panties down my legs and unfastened my bra, letting it fall to the floor. His hands grasped my bare breasts, pinching my nipples.

His mouth found my shoulder as I bent forward slightly. His teeth lightly bit into my flesh. I arched back against him; it felt so good. My hands found their way to my own breasts, squeezing tightly, twisting my nipples, as his hands grasped my hips, my ass.

One of his hands found its way to my soaking wet puss, his fingers gliding through my bare nether lips, flicking at my clit, thrusting into my opening.

I groaned, pressing against his hand. He felt so good. I wanted him inside me so badly. “Please…I want your cock inside me…Please.. I’m begging you.”

He chuckled. His fingers continued their ministrations, quickly bringing me to the edge of the precipice. Sensing I was about to cum again, his fingers slowed, then stopped completely.

I groaned in frustration, bending forward and leaning my head against the mattress, my hands grasping the comforter of the bed. I spread my legs farther apart, knowing he could see my wet puss waiting for him. “Please, baby. I want it so bad.”

I looked back at him and watched him shrug his ruined shirt off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. My hand started to move to my pussy. “No. Don’t touch yourself.” He commanded.

My hand pulled away, again gripping the comforter. I rubbed my sensitized breasts against the bed, trying to find some relief. I knew he was watching me but, surprisingly, I felt no embarrassment, only desire.

Looking back at him, I saw his hand grasping his hard cock, his eyes watching my movements. I pushed my ass back against him, trying to tempt him into giving me what I wanted.

I knew he was trying to draw out the anticipation. I loved it. But if I didn’t have it satisfied, I would become extremely frustrated. “Please.”

“You beg so prettily. You want my cock inside you?” He rubbed the head of his cock against the dripping entrance to my puss.

“Yes, sir. Please.” I pressed back. The head of his cock slipped inside me, stretching me. I couldn’t believe the control he wielded.

“I aim to please.” He finally tilted his hips and thrust his cock fully inside me as deep as he could go.

I screamed. “Oh!! Yes!” I pressed my face against the mattress, trying to stifle my sounds.

His hands grasped my hips, pulling me against him as he thrust forward over and over. He swatted my ass as he continued to pound me. “You feel so fucking good, baby girl. Your pussy is so wet. I want you to cum again for me. I want to feel the walls of your puss throbbing around my cock.”

“Oh, you feel so good inside me. Oh, yes, I want your hot cum squirting inside me. Oh, baby, fuck me harder. As deep as you can go.”

I slammed my ass back against him, causing him to thrust deeper. We moved faster and faster, our bodies grinding against one another as we sought that release.

His hands grabbed my breasts as he pulled me back to him, thrusting into me over and over again. His fingers dug into my soft flesh, the pain causing me to tip over the edge into that abyss of pleasure. “Yes!! I’m coming!”

He pounded into me as the orgasm flowed through me. One last deep thrust and he found his own release, his hot cum pouring into me, causing another orgasm to ripple through my body.

We collapsed onto the bed, our breathing labored and erratic. His hand rested on my bare ass, lightly rubbing my skin. “Wow.”

I laughed. “Yeah. Wow.”

“You are an amazing, extremely sexy woman. I am so glad you decided to meet up with me.”

“Me too. No regrets.” I leaned over him and kissed him softly.

His hand made its way into my long hair, grasping the back of my head. “How long can you stay?”

“I should be home before midnight.”

Branden glance at the clock by the bed and grinned. “Oh good. We have a few hours together. I have so much I want to do to you.”

I quickly straddled his hips and sat up, lifting my hands to my breasts and playing with my nipples. My hair flowed down my back to my waist. “Let’s get to it, then.”

His hands grasped my hips, slightly lifted me, then lowered me onto his once-again hard cock. I lowered myself down, his cock filling me deeply.

Quickly, I rode him, leaning forward to let him suck on my nipples, my full breasts pressing into his face. I continued to ride his cock faster and harder, slamming down onto him, my breasts bouncing against his face.

I sat up and leaned back on my arms, the angle pressing his cock against my g-spot. Up and down, I slid, until finally, he thrust high up into me one last time. His cock throbbed inside me, his cum flooded my puss, pushing me into another orgasm.

I leaned down to lay against him, my breasts against his chest, mouth to his throat. “Oh, my word. We are spectacular together. I came four times in less than an hour. You are amazing.”

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