Doing His job


When Jasper first met Bella, he considered himself lucky. In a world where most people were Matroviran- women with massive dicks, it was hard for men to find a normal woman to date. He was even luckier when they finally got married recently.

Jasper was still self-conscious of what he had between his legs, though. The average size for a human male was a little more than two inches while the average size for a Matroviran was about eight inches. No man could ever compete with the likes of them. His wife always said she was happy with his three, but he also noticed she had a hard time getting off with it.

They loved each other, but their nightly activities started to put a strain on their relationship. Jasper hoped that having a change of scenery would help. They hadn’t visited his family since they got married, and they got along well.

“Welcome home!” His mothers said. The normal one, Lin, hugged him while his Matroviran mom, Randi, helped them bring their bags inside.

“Good to see you again, Bella,” Lin said.

They walked in together and Jasper saw someone familiar waiting for them. “Hello, little brother.”

His sister pulled him into a hug. She was nearly a foot taller than him and a year older. “Hey, Pepper. Didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Oh yeah, I’m staying with them for a little bit till I can find a new place. Thought I’d try to move nearby.”

“I don’t think you’ve meant my wife, have you?”

She stepped over and gave his wife a long tight hug. “I haven’t, but mom showed me pictures. Can’t believe you got one this hot, though.” Pepper gave Bella’s ass a playful squeeze and laughed. “Very nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Bella blushed. “It’s a little hard to tell you’re related. Especially with your red hair.”

“Oh, I’m his stepsister actually. My mom married Lin a few years ago when we were in high school. Jasper is more of a best friend than a brother.”

“Yeah, we were already good friends and like sixteen or seventeen, so it was like having a friend stay over for a couple of years,” Jasper said.

Bella smiled. “Wasn’t it weird having a girl stay at a guy’s house at that age? With all those hormones raging?

“It had its moments.” Pepper laughed. “He only walked in on me taking a shower a few times.”

Jasper blushed bright red. “Hey, you’re the one who forgot to lock the door, so that’s not on me. And if I remember right, you’re also the one who’d always overfill your trashcan with tissues.”

“What can I say, was a horny teen with a lot of energy.” She winked at Bella, “but it also wasn’t for long. I moved out a year or so later.”

Randi came over. “Enough standing around. Your mom and I made dinner for us.”

The three of them sat around the table with the parents to eat. Their casseroles were always amazing, and Bella really seemed to hit it off with Pepper. He glanced over occasionally to see them laughing about something or looking at him as they talked. It was good to see her smile more.

After dinner, Jasper helped his parents clean up while Pepper offered to help Bella take their bags to their room. They had the smaller one opposite to Pepper’s. When he was nearly done, Pepper and Bella had finished up. Bella’s cheeks were flushed, and she seemed out of breath. Pepper just walked over with a smug grin and started helping him clean.

When they were finished, the three said good night to their parents and made their way to their rooms. Bella nervously chewed on her cheek as she watched Pepper close her door.

“Everything all right?”

“Hm?” She asked distractedly. “Oh, your sister offered to show me some exercises before bed.”

“Don’t let me stop you, she’s a really good trainer from what I’ve heard. If you’re worried about the noise, she could show you some exercises in the garage out back. Randi made it insulated for when she works.”

Bella snorted as if he said something funny. “I want to, I really do, but thought I should at least wait a night to get settled before I start that.”

“I could help you get settled.” He teased. “Break in the new bed?”

Bella looked nervous for a moment before smiling and kissing him. She laid back and spread her legs as they continued. They pulled clothes off one at a time between kisses. When they were naked, he groped her breasts with one hand and grabbed her waist with the other.

He used his thumb to rub her clit while he slid his dick in. She smiled for some reason, almost laughing. He ignored it and kept going. His dick was small enough that it felt like he humped her rather than fucked her. Otherwise, it would slip out too much.

After a minute, he groaned and came in her. She squeezed her legs around him and arched her back dramatically. It was rare for him to make her cum, so he smiled to himself this time.

They both lay there panting before turning the lights off and going to bed. As he drifted off, he thought he heard Bella making noise for a second. But he brushed it off and fell Ankara Escort asleep.

The next day, Jasper woke up and quietly got out of bed. Bella was still fast asleep. He grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. When he opened the door, he froze. Pepper was in the shower with her back to him. She quickly glanced over, so he covered himself with a towel.

“I guess bad habits are hard to break, huh big guy?” She smirked.

He quickly closed the door and waited till she came out wearing a crop top and some really tight pants that showed off her bulge. “Sorry about that.”

Pepper gave him a knowing grin and headed toward their room. “Mind if I wake up your wife? We could make breakfast together.”

“Sure, just be gentle.”

“Oh, I’ll be gentle.” She winked back.

Jasper went in and took his shower. It wasn’t a long one since he usually liked to be out fast. He threw on a shirt, put on his boxers and jeans, and stepped out into the hall. When he grabbed the door handle, he heard something drop inside.

He opened the door to see Pepper standing there with her usual smile and Bella on her knees next to her. His wife’s face was bright red. “Oh hey, Jasper,” Pepper said. “I was just showing your wife some warm-ups and dropped my phone.”

Bella quickly picked it up. “Here you go! You almost dropped it on my foot.”

“Well, it’s nice to see you two getting along. Just don’t tire her out too much.” He laughed.

“Don’t worry. She’s told me she’s not used to real exercise, so I’m keeping it slow. But I think she’d be able to keep up with me pretty well.”

“That’s good. I’m just grabbing my phone before helping mom with some yard work.” He grabbed his phone and walked out. A minute after, the two women came out as well. They went to the kitchen to work, so he went out into the yard. Randi was there as well. They helped Lin prune the garden of weeds and then came inside.

Bella and Pepper had the table set and the food ready. “Perfect timing! Here you go.” She handed a heart-shaped omelet to Jasper. “Bella and I made a special one just for you.”

When they all sat down, he took a bite, and it was surprising how good it tasted. He didn’t normally like eggs, but these were light and had a creamy taste. “It’s amazing.”

“Good, your wife worked really hard to make it. She has some skilled hands.” Bella nearly choked on her food.

“Oh, I know,” he winked at Bella, “very skilled.”

The two women looked at each other and laughed. He smiled too. He hadn’t expected them to find it that funny.

“Hey, Jasper,” Pepper said. “I was thinking about taking Bella to the mall to hang out and get some gym clothes. Would that be all right?”

He nodded. “Sure thing, mind if I join you?”

Lin spoke before Pepper could answer. “Actually, Randi and I need your help with the gutters. That squirrel’s been making a nest in it again.”

“Never mind then, you two have fun.”

They finished their breakfast and went their separate ways. Jasper helped his parents chase a squirrel out and then repaired the damage. It took a few hours, but Bella and Pepper weren’t back yet. In the evening, his mom offered a movie to watch to pass the time. By the time the girls came back, it was dark out and Jasper was getting tired.

“Sorry for taking so long, we were having such a fun time, we decided to just have a girl’s night out. See all the old places I used to go.”

Bella nodded. “We went to see a movie and had some drinks too.”

“No need to be sorry,” he said, “it’s good to get out and have fun. I’ll have to join you next time.”


“But I’m gonna head to bed now.” He yawned. “You coming too, Bella?”

She hesitated, looking at pepper for a long second. “Sure, I could use some rest after today.”

Pepper wished them a good night and hugged Bella before going to her room. Jasper climbed in bed and moved over to Bella, but she rolled over. “Not tonight, just want to get some good sleep for tomorrow.”

He understood and turned over as well. She deserved it after being out for so long. In the morning, Jasper had woken up first again and snuck out to take a shower. He opened it and walked in without thinking. Pepper stood in front of him with hands on hips. Before he could back out, she pushed the door shut behind him.

“Knew you’d be back.” She smirked. “Wanted another peak, did ya?”

“No, I-” Jasper looked to the side, trying to avoid her naked body. “Can you let me out?”

She grinned and pulled him closer. Something large brushed against his dick. “Sorry, Bella’s mentioned some concerns about your…size, and I thought I’d check it out for her.”

“What do you…” He cut off as her hand wrapped around his dick and started jerking it. It was so small that it made her hand feel large around it.

“Calm down, it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before. She said nonchalantly. “Just get hard already…wait is it already hard? Ankara Masaj Escort But it’s still so small.”

Jasper couldn’t think properly. The way she stroked it felt too good. He ended up blowing a load in her hand.

“Oh fuck!” She exclaimed. “Did you cum already? I wasn’t even jerking it that fast.” She shook her head with a sigh. “I’m starting to see what Bella was talking about. You can get hard just fine, but it can’t compete with one like mine.”

Jasper looked down and saw she had grown a lot since they lived together. She was hung. It had to be at least nine inches. He shuddered as he came a second time. It was a weird feeling that he couldn’t quite describe, but it was kind of good.

“Again?” Pepper asked surprised. “I wasn’t even stroking it that time. You should’ve hit second puberty by now, right? I have a friend who was a late bloomer, but she was still a couple of inches longer and could last a decent amount of time before she had her second growth spurt.”

“M-men,” Jasper panted, “don’t have a second puberty like Matrovirans.”

Pepper raised her eyebrows. “So, your dick will always be tiny like that? No wonder she’s so unsatisfied.”

“What?” It was hard to focus after he came so much.

“Oh nothing,” she smiled innocently, “Just leave your wife to me, I’ll take good care of her.”

She turned around and hopped in the shower as if he wasn’t there. Jasper stood there still catching his breath while she started washing. She glanced at him and started stroking her dick with a soapy rag.

Jasper rushed out before he saw any more and pulled his boxers back up. He waited till she went back into her room before going to take his. The rest of the day was fairly normal, though he couldn’t look Pepper in the eye without her giving him a smug grin.

“I’m going to head off for the night,” Jasper said. “You coming, Bella?”

“Actually,” she said awkwardly, “Pepper finally convinced me to try some exercises with her tonight. We’ll be out in the garage, so we don’t disturb you.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” He said and yawned, “just don’t push let her push you too far. Once she gets going, she can’t stop.”

Bella turned red and pepper laughed. “Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about her. I bet she’ll have a lot of endurance when she gets out there.”

He nodded and went to bed and kissed Bella when she came in to grab her new gym bag. Sometime in the middle of the night, Jasper woke up thirsty and noticed Bella still wasn’t in bed. He got up to get some water and looked out the window on the way by.

The light could be seen underneath the door, and he could hear a faint, but constant thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump coming from the building. They must have their music turned up pretty loud to hear past all the sound insulation in there. He shrugged it off and went back to bed.

Again, he woke up in the middle of the night when he heard the door open. There were a few whispers and a giggle before their door shut. Jasper rolled over and saw Bella tiptoeing to the closet. Some of her hair seemed matted down.

“You guys were out pretty late.” He murmured.

Bella jumped. “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you. We lost track of time and didn’t realize how late it was. You weren’t kidding when you said she doesn’t stop once she gets going.”

She pulled off her workout clothes, which looked like they peeled off skin. There was also a familiar smell that clung to her. “I think you should probably take a quick shower first. There’s a bit of a smell, and those clothes look pretty damp.”

“Oh, I didn’t even realize. That’s a good idea.” She grabbed some clean clothes and slipped out. He heard Pepper’s door open followed by more whispering and giggling. Then he heard the bathroom door open and shut.

Jasper fell back asleep and didn’t wake up till morning came. As usual, Bella was still asleep although completely naked. Usually, she slept in her pajamas. He pulled the blanket over her, kissed her on the cheek, and went to get a shower.

Pepper’s door was still closed, so he walked into the bathroom and got his shower without issues this time. When he got out, he noticed Bella’s workout clothes were still on the floor. He picked them up without thinking and was surprised at how stiff they were. And they had a weird texture in some spots. As far as he knew, sweat didn’t do that to clothes. They also had that smell from last night on them.

He shrugged the thought off and left the bathroom where he ran into Pepper about to walk in. “Hey Pepper, you two were up pretty late. Hope you didn’t push her too far.”

“Oh, that wife of yours did really good.” She smirked. “She was a natural, like her body was made for it. I was honestly surprised how well she could keep up with me.”

“Yeah, I could tell.” He held up her clothes. “Her outfit was drenched and smelly.”

Pepper’s smirk widened as if holding back a laugh, and then she went into the bathroom Ankara Olgun Escort without another word. Jasper walked into his bedroom where Bella was up and wiping something off her chest.

“Morning, Bella.” She jumped and wiped whatever it was on her thigh. “Didn’t mean to startle you. I grabbed your workout clothes for you. Thought I’d give them a wash since they kinda smell.”

“Oh,” she blushed, “you don’t have to do that. I can wash them while you get ready.”

Bella stood up and walked to the hamper. She had a slight limp in her step. “You all right? Pepper didn’t overwork you, did she?”

“She worked me hard all right,” she said with a smile, “we exercised for hours. But it was a lot of fun with her. I think I might take her up on it tonight too.”

Jasper walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist, grabbing her ass in both hands. Bella winced slightly. “While Pepper’s in the shower we could…”

“Sorry, but I’m still sore right now from last night.” She said, “Maybe another time.”

The rest of the day went by fast again. Bella and pepper went out while Jasper spent time with his parents. The girls didn’t get back till super late and got dressed to work out again. Jasper, however, went to bed a little early.

In the middle of the night again, he woke up thirsty. And just like the night before, he heard the constant thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump from the garage. Part of him wanted to go out and see what kind of exercise Bella was going through that made her that sweaty.

He went back to bed and shortly after heard Bella and Pepper in the hall. “No, I need to take a shower. It has a strong smell.” Bella whispered.

“I like the sound of that.” Jasper could only make out a little of what they said. But then the bathroom door shut. He rolled over and closed his eyes but heard it again. Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump. Though it was louder this time, and it shook the floor a little.

“Quiet or he’ll hear.”


“Feels better when it’s big, doesn’t it?”

“I hope you’re ready.”

“Better clean it off.”

Jasper couldn’t figure out what they were talking about or what that thumping was. He was too tired to think about it. When Bella finished the shower, he heard her and Pepper outside the door. “Yeah, feel the difference after that.”

Bella came in and crawled into bed. She scootched over and kissed him while her hand went between his legs. “Bella?”

She grabbed his dick and jerked it off fast. Surprised by her sudden friskiness, he came in her hand in less than a minute. She giggled and wiped it on the sheets. “Thought you deserved a reward for putting up with our late-night exercise.”

He mumbled a response and fell asleep. The next morning, he woke up later than usual. He had slept facing the wall last night, so his back was turned to Bella. Their door opened and he heard someone sneak in. He didn’t move and after a minute, he heard a zip and a soft thwomp behind him.

Bella immediately woke up. He heard hushed whispers from Bella that were suddenly cut off. Instead, he heard weird noises coming from her followed by a quiet groan.

“Mmm,” he heard Pepper murmur, “good girl.”

Then another zip before their door opened and closed. Jasper rolled over and saw Bella licking her lips. “Everything all right? Thought I heard someone.”

“That was just Pepper coming in to wake me up.” She said happily. Bella seemed happier every day here. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

His wife rushed out of the room with a slight limp still, and he thought he heard Pepper’s door open and close for a moment. While waiting for his wife to finish, he got on his laptop to get some work done. They let him go home but still wanted him to do some work.

When he finished, Bella came in breathless. She grabbed her workout clothes to wash, which looked stiff again. “Sometimes I wonder what kind of exercises she puts you through to get you that sweaty.”

She smiled. “All sorts, but mostly endurance and cardio. She’s an excellent trainer who isn’t afraid to push me farther than I thought I could go.”

“I can tell, you’re always drenched.” He chuckled.

“Oh, yeah. Every night she just drenches me in sweat. I never knew exercising could be this much fun.”

“Maybe I could join you one of these nights. Have her train me as well.”

Bella laughed. “I’m not sure how much you’d like Pepper’s training. She likes to go long and hard, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to keep up with her.”

“I think I may surprise you.” Jasper teased.

Bella walked up to him and rubbed his dick through his pants. “If you can last two minutes, I’ll ask her to let you join.” She rubbed frantically between his legs with a smug grin on her face. He made it to a minute, but almost at two, he came in his pants. “Aw, better luck next time, hun.”

He wasn’t going to lie to himself, that was kinda hot. She was so much more confident now. If only she’d bring that into their bedroom.

The rest of the day was somewhat eventful. The five of them went out to a nice restaurant together and just had a good afternoon bonding. Bella and Pepper were almost inseparable the whole day. When night came again, they grabbed their things and headed out.

“You sure I can’t join?” Jasper asked.

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