It had been a week since we’d seen each other, and I could tell that our bet was starting to affect you. After you’d run your bratty mouth to me, I’d ordered you not to cum for the entire week. Interested to see if you could last the entire week, you obliged. I had to give you credit, I was sure that with the amount of teasing I’d done that you’d give up and beg me to make you cum. But alas, you were determined to resist your urge to submit to me. As I walked into the bedroom, it seemed as though you were holding your breath. You thought you’d won and that I’d fuck you and allow you to cum. But I wanted to see you squirm.

“Lay flat on your back and open your legs,” I commanded, and you moved to lay on your back without breaking eye contact. I reached into the bedside table and showed you the ropes that you hated. You didn’t like when I tied you up because you valued your ability to move as you liked. But by tying you up I was able to hold you in place and tease you for as long as I desired. I tied your legs so that your feet hung slightly off the bed. I moved toward your head and tied your arms so that they were folded across your chest.

“I’m proud of you sweetheart, you made it an entire week without playing with yourself. You’ve earned the right Escort Akbatı to cum, but first I want to see just how much you want it. By the end of the night, if I’m not satisfied that you truly want to cum, you’ll have to go another week. But if you beg me convincingly enough, I’ll allow it.” You seemed to think carefully about my proposal before nodding almost imperceptibly.

I kissed your forehead before reaching again into the bedside table to get your favorite toy: the wand that always left you a quivering mess. Your eyes widened, and I could almost hear your thoughts as you wondered what you’d agreed to. I turned on the wand and the quiet vibrating made your legs twitch, as if you wanted to close them. I placed the wand inside your underwear right against your clit and you gasped and strained against the ropes. You whined and looked at me pitifully. A week of no stimulation didn’t prepare you for the sudden influx of activity. And we were only beginning.

“I think I like this far too much, so I’m just going to watch you move against the wand for a while.” I moved to the far side of the room and leaned against the wall. You tilted your head back in agony and strained against the ropes. You lifted your head to look at Aksaray escort me and the pure anger on your face made me laugh.

“Please, I-” you started, before I stopped you with a lift of my hand.

“We are only just beginning, slut. I haven’t enjoyed myself enough just yet.” I stepped forward again and as I moved towards the bedside table once again you started to breathe heavier. I lifted nipple clamps from the drawer and pulled your shirt from beneath your arms and put the clamps on both your nipples. Your moan echoed and drowned out the buzzing coming from your underwear. I knew there was only so much I could do to you before you decided to defy me and cum without my permission. I could see how soaked your underwear were, and again you opened your mouth to speak.

“Put your cock inside me, please!” you pleaded. Your lips went into a pout as I slapped your face hard enough for you to know I hadn’t appreciated your tone.

“I make the rules and the demands. Don’t let your desires get you into trouble.” I rubbed my fingers over your pouty lips and you obediently opened your mouth to draw my finger inside. You moaned around my finger and continued to move your hips against the wand between your legs. With my other Ankara escort bayan hand I pushed the wand harder against your clit and increased the strength. Your gasp allowed me to have my other hand back so that I could tug on the link combining the clamps that were still pinching your nipples. Tears streamed down your face as your body spasmed and your screams left your mouth.

“Please! Please let me cum, I want to cum just for you!” Your frantic words and your twitching body made me feel sorry for you. As much as I wanted to leave you like this all night, you’d done better than I’d expected. You continued to plead with me and your arms were going to be rubbed raw from the way you moved against the ropes. I quickly removed the wand from between your legs and plunged two fingers into your pussy.

“Fuck my fingers and cum, pet” I demanded, but your muscles were already clenching, and you thanked me almost unintelligibly. As your body relaxed you smiled at me so sweetly and innocently. I smirked and removed my fingers before placing the wand back between your legs and turning it on. The confusion on your face was priceless.

“I wasn’t quite satisfied or ready to make you cum yet. It only happened because I love hearing you beg. But now you’ll lay here all night, and if I sense that you cum without asking first, we’ll do this again next week.” You closed your eyes as more tears fell. Even though your bratty mouth would certainly be running again after tonight, I knew you’d hold out as long as you could. You were just so desperate.

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