Debbie’s New Life


Debbie was missing her husband John and she couldn’t stop thinking and worrying about him. She had an underlying feeling of guilt about her sexual desires and behaviour which occasionally nagged at her. Thankfully, this was not often and could be easily dismissed with an erotic thought, which inevitably led to further lewd behaviour.

She had evolved from a sex starved wife, whose only satisfaction came from a realistic dildo, to a sex addicted slut who would copulate with almost any man, especially if he was young. Her main criteria now was a man’s stamina and virility and only young men could keep up with her.

Her body had also adapted, mainly due to an exercise routine devised to make sure that her body would not tire before she was satisfied, and she now had a muscular core with a flat stomach and a pelvic floor a twenty year old would be proud of.

She had learnt new skills too and could make a man come more quickly, simply by using her vaginal muscles or by stimulating his prostate.

Her boyfriend Josh had left her just minutes before and all these thoughts crowded her mind as she showered the detritus of their latest sexual romp from her body and massaged her puffy and sore pussy lips.

As the nights were now warm and the evenings long, Debbie had invited Josh and some of his friends to her house for a barbeque the night before. Debbie had shown some naivety by inviting six young guys to her house and then serving them free booze. The evening had, unsurprisingly, turned into a booze fuelled, raucous orgy, with Debbie the centre of all six guys attention as they took turns to have sex with her, before a few decided that there should be a team effort to spit roast the host.

It was at this point, with Debbie in the throes of a cascading orgasm with a cock in every orifice, that an elderly woman neighbour had knocked on the door to complain about the noise.

The unfortunate neighbour had the door answered by a naked man with an enormous hard on. Tim, the youngest guy in the party, was very polite and apologised profusely, promising faithfully to keep the noise down, but was so drunk that he hadn’t given a thought to his state of undress.

He later said that, far from seeming upset, she left smiling broadly, complimenting Tim on his elegant cut cock, freshly shaved for the occasion, before giggling all the way across the street and turning for another look before slowly closing her door behind her as Tim smiled and waved in her direction, his cock swaying in the breeze.

Debbie decided that it must have been Alice from across the street who came knocking. She was not the complaining type, so Debbie guessed that she came over to get an eyeful of the young guys strutting around Debbie’s garden.

Alice was a well preserved sixty something, whose husband had died ten years before. She and Debbie had often talked about how she missed sex and had sympathised with Debbie’s craving for it since John’s desire faded. She wished that Tim had invited Alice in, as she was probably the only person she knew that would understand her desires and may have even joined in, to help Debbie satiate the rampant desire of six virile young men.

She would need to take Alice a present to apologise and to explain her sudden change of lifestyle. Alice would understand.

Debbie worried about her other neighbours though and what the fallout would be over her current lifestyle. This was one of the reasons that she worried about her husband, who had lots of good friends in the area, golfing buddies mostly, so there would be lots of lurid tales being told in the bar.

Six months had passed since John had fled the gloryhole booth in disgust, knocking poor Josh unconcious on his way out. Debbie had found him lying in a pool of blood outside the door with his nose broken and two teeth knocked out and felt immediate sympathy for this virile young man who had just fucked her senseless through a hole in the wall, but now lay broken at her feet.

The club owner, Lee, was furious at Debbie, having watched everything on CCTV and had thrown Josh out of the back door as soon as he was concious. The last thing Lee needed was a visit from the police.

Debbie had bathed Josh’s wounds and called a cab to take him to hospital to have his wounds stitched and his vital signs checked.

Josh asked her to sleep over at his apartment and Debbie agreed, feeling the need to make sure that he was OK, but silently hoping that he could manage a repeat performance despite his wounds.

Initially she insisted on sleeping on the couch as Josh had been given some powerful painkillers, but inevitably found herself in his bed the next morning, with an overwhelming sense of relief and relaxation, having enjoyed several more powerful orgasms during a night of fitful sleep interspersed with energetic sex.

As she lay there that morning, she realised that her marriage was over and that her immediate future lay in the arms of this virile young stud. She had found somebody who could match her Escort Güngören desires and who seemed to be besotted by her ageing beauty. For the first time in her life she felt totally relaxed, the sexual cravings having briefly left her, allowing mind and body to be at peace.


That was six months ago and the relationship with Josh had changed. She felt that his passion for her had waned and found him making excuses when she wanted sex. Instead of one on one sex, he would invite friends round and encourage Debbie to have sex with them, pushing her into things that she was initially uncomfortable with, like anal sex, double penetration and lesbian pairings, with Josh usually sitting back watching or recording the action on his phone.

Debbie had begun to enjoy this routine. She was having sex at least five or six times a day and usually with different guys, each one fresh and virile. This was what she had wished for herself, but the relationship with Josh was not what she wanted. It was comforting at first, having somebody in her life to replace her husband, but Josh had become annoying and she found herself wishing he would disappear from her life.


Three weeks on, Debbie had not seen Josh or his friends for a few days. The novelty had obviously worn off for Josh and Debbie was glad to be rid of him but, without his constant stream of friends, she was beginning to get uncontrollably horny.

She now had only one thing on her mind, she had to get laid, so made the decision to visit the Diamond Dolls club in the hope that she would be forgiven.

Dressed in her favourite tramp dress, Debbie had been welcomed to the club with hugs and kisses by Lee, who had been taking entrance money for the cinema from two middle aged guys when she strutted into the reception area.

With the passionate welcome out of the way, Lee handed business over to his flat chested young assistant and, with a wink to the two customers, he led Debbie to the private area.

Lee had been one of the first guys to screw her in the club on her initial visit and he realised that she would be an asset to the club.

He had lifted her phone from her bag that first night, to make sure that she would come back. When she did, Lee charmed her into having sex with him in his VIP area before suggesting a business arrangement. Lee would allocate her a gloryhole booth and then charge a high rent for the adjacent booths, promising any guy that he would get lucky in these special booths. He would then pay Debbie a portion of the fee and encourage the customer to leave a 20 as a tip.

Debbie found this to be the easiest and most enjoyable way to earn a living and had been working the gloryhole for three months, before making the mistake of encouraging her husband to join her one night.

After a few drinks and a warm up grope in his VIP area, Lee suggested that Debbie start in the cinema. In the back of his mind, he imagined selling her pleasures to the two middle aged guys he just met, as he knew them to be well heeled businessmen, but when he suggested this, Debbie pulled a face. Lee knew that a few drinks removed all Debbie’s inhibitions, so laughed and led her to the cinema.

A new film was being shown. As usual it was an amateur effort, this time showing a young girl being drooled over by a bald fat guy with a hairy back. Debbie shuddered at the thought as she allowed her eyes to adjust to the gloom.

Lee sat her at the front of the cinema and disappeared to get more drinks. He was diverted by questions from some awkward customers and when he eventually returned, found Debbie with a fifty tucked between her breasts, her dress hitched up and a young guys head between her legs, slowly licking her out.

Taking the drink, she tossed it back in one gulp before emitting a deep moan as the roaming tongue found a sensitive spot and her first orgasm of the night began.

Lee smiled at her knowingly. This slutwife was one of a kind, and she was earning him money once more.

The next day, dawn broke through the curtains, finding Debbie with a thick head and yet another sore pussy. Showering herself off, she heard Alice calling from the front doorway.

Debbie snatched a towel and went downstairs, to find Alice standing peering through her open door.

“Hi Deb, just making sure you’re OK. It looks like your door has been open all night”

“Oh shit. Thanks Alice, come on in, I was going to come round to apologise today.”

Making coffee, Debbie began to apologise for the noisy party, but Alice was not interested.

“Shit Deb, you must have been in a mess when you came home last night. What happened?”

Debbie told her a tale that missed out most of the previous nights events, just saying that she visited a club and got drunk.

Debbie then changed the subject, apologising for the noisy party.

“No need to apologise Deb, I almost jumped that guy when he answered the door. I can still see his cock whenever I close İnnovia Escort my eyes! I’m just pissed that I wasn’t invited.”

This introduction began a lengthy conversation about Debbie’s experiences since John had left her, with Alice listening, wide eyed as every experience was told to her in gory detail. Eventually, she also told the truth about her visit to the club the previous night.

Debbie and Alice talked for hours, swapping stories and experiences and sharing their feelings, like women do.

Debbie was amazed at how open her elderly neighbours marriage had been, with Alice telling her how she would go to swingers clubs with husband Frank, who loved to see Alice with other men, often filming the occasion and replaying the video at home, over and over. She said it was the only thing that could get Frank aroused.

Alice now considered her sex life at an end, not expecting any man to find her attractive or sexy, something she thought would never happen.

“Debbie, I really miss getting laid but I’ve had my last fuck I’m afraid.”

“I don’t believe you Alice. Come over to the club with me tonight and I’ll show you what happens. Who knows, you might get lucky!”

Alice smiled, thought for a few seconds and, with a huge grin, she nodded in agreement.

That night, Alice answered her door dressed in her old swingers gear.

Debbie was amazed. Fully made up, she looked twenty years younger and, with a dress that pushed up and exaggerated her breasts, she had a cleavage that Debbie couldn’t take her eyes off.

“Way to go Alice. You are getting laid tonight, I guarantee it! in fact, I might screw you myself!”

The cab pulled up outside the club and Alice faltered as she got out.

“I’m not sure I can go through with this Deb, let me just stand back and watch.”

“Whatever you’re comfortable with Alice, let’s go.”

Lee met the pair with cocktails and led them to the VIP area.

Two rich looking arabs were sat there with two young blonde girls, dripping in jewellery. They nodded a greeting but only had eyes for their fit young companions.

Lee was busy so had to leave them, speaking quietly to Debbie as he left and handing her a bundle of notes, her cut from the previous night. They finished their drinks and left the arabs to fondle the young girls in peace.

The cinema was full, with only two seats empty at the back, in the corner. They wriggled their way to the empty seats, the male customers hands feeling them as they squeezed past. Debbie noticed Alice turn to face, and then deliberately press herself against the last guy in the row as she passed. His eyes were glued to her breasts, which were inches from his face as she manouvred into the seat next to him, stumbling slightly, her hand pressing into his groin to steady herself.

The film was yet another amateur effort, with a middle aged woman being screwed by two young guys, her face obscured by the butt of one man, who presumably had his dick down her throat, whilst another cock pounded her mercilessly from behind, pushing her head into the other guys groin with every thrust.

Debbie took little interest of the film, she never did, instead looking round for any likely talent. Alice however was glued to the on screen action, as the guy next to her slowly moved his hand across to cup her breast.

Alice turned and smiled at the guy, whilst taking his hand to move it down as she widened her legs to accommodate him.

Debbie watched with a smile as the young guys hand explored this mature woman. Despite her negative thoughts Alice had clearly prepared herself for such a possibility, Debbie looking down to see that she had no panties and was cleanly shaved, with three of the mans fingers easily slipping into her gaping wet pussy, her legs wide and her head back with a huge smile on her face. Her bony thighs shook as the fingers thrust into her whilst she popped open her blouse and pulled the guys head to her naked breast, her breath coming in tiny gasps, her face now dreamily showing her enjoyment of carnal pleasure once more.

Debbie had found herself in a corner, with two old, bald guys in front, who kept nudging each other and turning round, smiling at her and nodding toward the screen.

Debbie decided to sit this one out and watch Alice have her fun before moving on to the gloryholes.

Alice now had her hand around the guys cock, her thin hands tightly gripping him, old skin against young as she used a lifetimes knowledge to bring pleasure to him with every stroke whilst he returned the compliment with his tongue on her nipples and his fingers deep inside her.

Eventually Alice moaned gently and the groping slowed as the guy collapsed back in his seat as he came. Alice gently planted a kiss on the guys cheek, leaving a classic red lipstick mark there.

The guy thanked her, but didn’t seem to want to return the kiss and got up to leave.

The two women followed him out of the theatre, with a noticeable Kağıthane escort bayan spring in Alice’s step.

Debbie closed the door of the booth behind them and flicked on the porn screen

“Wow, my first hand job for ten years.” Alice said. “What now?”

Debbie pointed to the two holes in the walls and said,

“We wait”.

Clearly excited at the nights events so far, Alice couldn’t stop talking, telling Debbie how good it felt to have a man feel her again, babbling on about how great Deb was in the movie and how she wished she could show her old movies to a wider audience.

Debbie stopped her.

“What do you mean, how great I was in the movie. What movie?”

Alice went on, “At first, I couldn’t see your face, but recognised your living room, and then when I saw that young guys beautiful cut cock going into you, it was obviously you getting spit roasted, you lucky bitch!”

At that moment, A large black cock appeared over Alice’s shoulder, drooping in a graceful arc, waiting for attention.

Debbie nodded toward the cock and remarked:

“You’re on Alice.”

Alice put her practiced hands to work, kneading and pulling the guy to attention before looking through the hole and asking the guy to put on a condom.

The condom in place, Alice placed her lips on the guys head and slowly slid down his cock, her bright red lipstick leaving a ring which slowly progressed down toward the guys balls with every bob of her grey head.

Debbie sat silently watching Alice give the guy great head as the reality dawned on her. Josh had sold the recordings made on his phone of Debbie fucking each one of his friends.

She wondered how many had been shown in the clubs cinema and blushed as she thought of how many men may have masturbated over her image in that grimy dark cinema.

Her thoughts were broken by a bejewelled hand coming through the hole next to her, searching for naked flesh. Debbie obliged by popping her breasts out and pushing them toward the hand, pressing it back until both breasts were hanging through into the next cubicle.

She soon felt two hands grip them and a slippery and very large cock sliding between them.

This guy was huge she thought, as he pressed her breasts together firmly and slowly pushed his cock between them until it came though, nestling under her chin. Debbie obliged by opening her mouth and letting his large purple head slide in.

He smelt and tasted wonderful, like no other man she had known, not of over powering artificial scent, but of natural oils, spicy and sweet. She could see that he was circumcised, but thought that he was also clean shaven, as everything felt so beautifully smooth as his balls rubbed on her stomach.

With his cock halfway down her throat she began to wonder how large this guy was, as she had as much cock in her throat as she could take and his balls still hung well below her cleavage.

Her fascination was broken as Alice shouted

“Condom Deb, he’s not wearing a rubber!”

Debbie didn’t care, she was enjoying the experience too much, but Alice pulled her back and gave the mighty weapon a wack with her hand, shouting:

“Hey fella, put a condom on if you want more than a hand job”

Debbie stared in awe as the cock appeared again, now clad in what looked like a tiny condom, covering less than half of the guys cock.

She looked, wide eyed at Alice, then back at the cock, held at the base by a hand with a number of fine gold rings.

“Arab.” Alice mouthed, licking her lips and holding her hands two feet apart, to show that she had encountered such a beast before.

Alice adoringly took that beast in her hands and slowly pumped it. As it restored to it’s full, angry length, Debbie could only stare, but her mind was already going through the possibilities as it was presented to her, large wet and angry.

Knowing that this thing would surely choke her, Debbie chose to pull her dress off and, now naked and shaking in anticipation, she kneeled at the hole and pressed her chest against him.

Feeling the warmth of a womans breasts against his cock, the owner slid it down, exploring her body, tracing his cock against her, trying to find her entrance.

Debbie helped by easing herself up, then moving away so that he had to push himself further through the hole. Teasing him, she moved herself around so that his cock probed her cleavage, gently entered her mouth, slid into her armpit, down her arm until her hand gripped it firmly, pulling it toward her stomach as she stood up.

Circling the bulbous head around her belly button she allowed him to slide it lower until he found her soft wet mound. By now, both were gasping and frantic, but Debbie withdrew slightly then held his cock tightly between her thighs as he frantically pumped, desperate to enter her.

Debbie looked at Alice and she winked back, mouthing,

“Ready Deb?”.

Debbie nodded and Alice gripped the cock firmly, slowly guiding it toward her friends pussy, now swollen and wet in anticipation of penetration by this monster.

Alice watched his girth fill Debbie’s entrance, her hand gripping the base to stop him pushing straight in and potentially hurting her friend. Debbie moaned gently, her eyes closed as she steadied herself against the wall.

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