Daughter , Her Friends Ch. 3


Our flight the Miami only took an hour or so. Lisa hung on me the whole time, telling how much she loved me and how much fun we were going to have.

That day she was wearing a silk blouse, a very short mini skirt with white sheer panties. She would flash her panties to me and whisper sexy things like,

“Daddy, you can have this any time day or night for the next two weeks.” Or ” My pussy is lonely Daddy, help me, PLEASE.”

She drove me nuts the whole flight, with her sexy talk and the little flashes. Our plane landed, we got our suit cases and a cab to the, Port of Miami.

The ship was fantastic, it had three swimming pools, about 20 Bars, five Gyms, Spas, everything a person could want.

Our suite was also great, we had a hot tub with water jets in it. A triple king size bed, with a very big mirror hung on the ceiling above.

Lisa looked like a little girl running around the room checking it all out. I hadn’t seen her this happy fun a long, long time. She was the light of my life, it was good seeing her so bright again.

She came to me, facing me, she sat on my lap and whispered, ” Take me now, before we leave the port, Daddy.”

“Anything baby, anything.” I said, pulling her skirt up.

My cock was hard as a stone in two seconds, Lisa had filled out a lot the last ten years. Her breast grew to a very seductive size 36 DD. With very large, pink areola circles and nipples that were always hard.

Her hips and tantalizing ass had also grew a few inches, just giving her a more rounded fruitful appearance. She had the kind of ass that you wish you could bite and get, ” Lock Jaw”.

Her flaming tongue drove into my mouth as her hips moved back and forth into my thick cock. I could feel the sizzling heat building from between her legs. My little girl had not been this aroused for a long time.

“Daddy,” Lisa whispered.

“Yes baby.” I replied, caressing her delicate ass.

“When we go into Mexico,” Lisa paused, ” Can we get married in one of them little “One Donkey” towns?”

“What? We could get in a lot of trouble baby.” I said.

“NO, they don’t check anything Daddy,” she said, ” they just take your money.”

As my hands continued exploring her ravishing ass, I ask, ” What made you think of getting married?”

“Oh Daddy,” looking into my eyes, Lisa went on, ” I love you so much, that’s why.”

She gently pushed me down on the, moving to UN-zip my pants. Her delicate hands found my cock meat, carefully she pulled it to freedom. Grasping it Avrupa Yakası Escort in her sensitive affectionate hands, Lisa began caressing it with great compassion.

She had always been a master at giving me oral sex, today was no exception. Lisa started by placing little soft kisses in various spots all around my shaft.

Then she moved her sizzling mouth over my cock head, taking it with great care. Sucking just the head gently as only a woman could, her soft loving eyes took in my pleasure.

While Lisa’s flaming tongue smoothly licked the tip she removed her blouse. I knew what was next, a good tity fuck. After ten years of hot sex at least 4 to 5 times a week, this daughter of mine, knows how to please her Daddy.

Lisa got my cock shaft good and wet from her mouth, slowly she moved her breast towards my cock. Placing it between her bosoms, Lisa started moving up and down, letting me fuck her breast.

The palms of her soft hands pushed her breast around my cock. While Lisa’s fingers stroked my cock and pinched her hard little nipples. This lady sure knew how to ” TIT FUCK ” my cock.

Lisa stood up, with one push down her skirt and panties were on the floor. She moved over me, her pussy taking the cock head just inside her body.

Lisa slowly lowered her hips, letting my thick hard cock penetrate her marvelous hot pussy, deeper and deeper her little pussy was full of hard cock.

“OH DADDY,” Lisa moaned loudly, ” YOUR SOOOOOOOO HARD.”

Her hips starting moving in a steady pace, humping my shaft, ” OH… OH… YES… DADDY… IT’S SO GOOD.” Lisa said, as her pace quickened. She rode me faster now, longer full strokes. Pushing my cock head deeper into her beautiful body. I had never seen her like this before, she on fire, and I loved it.

Lisa froze, not moving a muscle. Then I felt her body start to orgasm, I had never felt her cum this hard before. Her face turned bright red, her pussy locked on my cock.


My baby girl was having the orgasm of a life time. Over and over she kept cumming and cumming harder than the last. I laid there holding her hips trying to steady her.

“Daddy, you finish on top of me,” Lisa gasp, as she rolled off of me, ” pump your hot cum in my pussy, Daddy.”

My Lisa had gone and turned in a wild sex animal on me. I mounted her, refilling her body with my thick Avrupa Yakası Bayan piece of meat. Pumping, screwing, just giving her a ” PLAN, OLD FASIONED, FUCK”, and she was loving every minute of it.

I started cumming, ” Oh yes Daddy fill me up, I love it when you cum in me…” Moaned Lisa.

After we had cleaned up, Lisa and I went to explore the massive ship. We were going to be on it for the next two weeks so, I thought we should learn our way around it.

Lisa and I made love to each other every chance we had. Each time seemed better than the last. One thing that was different Lisa always wanted me on top when I came.

Time moved on, we had only two move days on the ship. It was late one night, Lisa and I were in one of the ship’s casinos. We met a couple about our ages.

He was my age maybe more and his lady was also very young. Our girls had went to ” powder their noises” when he ask me, ” With her being so young, do you ever have trouble keeping up with her.”

I replied, ” Just once in a while, but, she could suck a dead man hard.”

“Would you like to give her a little treat? Keep you cock hard for hours?” He ask.

Then he pulled a pill bottle out of his pocket. The old guy must have had over one hundred VIAGRA pills. He gave me ten of them, telling me what and when to do with them.

I thanked him just as the ladies had came back to our table. They excused themselves and went to their room. Lisa and I stayed to gamble a little more.

Somewhere in there I took one of the VIAGRA. About an hour later I ask Lisa if she wanted to go for a walk around the ship. It was a beautiful, Gulf of Mexico, night. The sky was full of stars and thanks to the VIAGRA, My cock was full of blood.

We walked around the decks, holding each other like ” Teens in love”. We came to a very dark spot on the upper deck, no lights nothing. Only a small two person bench. No one was around, I stopped, pulled Lisa into my arms.

My cock was at full hardness as Lisa’s hips met mine.

“Oh Da…” Was all she could get out, my tongue drove deep into Lisa’s mouth.

My hands found her tight little ass that had been driving me crazy all night. She had worn a very short black Spandex mini skirt with, four inch spiked high heels and black thigh-high stockings.

I reached my hand down to free my imprisoned cock, freeing it to once again to ravage my lovely daughter. Tonight, thanks to my new wonder pill, her tender love spot was going to get one good, long work Escort Avrupa Yakası out.

My hands continued to caress, squeeze her tight ass as I rubbed my thick manhood over Lisa’s panty covered pussy. I could feel her wetness begin to ooze through her panties.

“What’s… What’s come over…” Lisa gasp for air, “… You tonight, Daddy.”

I just kept on seducing her body, not stopping for anything. I laid her body across the small bench. Her head was off one side, while her hips just went over the other side. It was going to make the perfect, fuck bench.

I stepped around to her mouth, she knew what I wanted as she pulled my hard thickness into to her waiting mouth. As always Lisa was giving me a wonderful sucking.

She sucked and sucked my cock harder than it had been in many years. This pill I had taken was a mans dream cum true.

I moaned as she sucked, ” Oh… that’s Daddy’s little girl… suck it baby… suck it.” And she did.

I was just about to blow my balls in her mouth when I managed to pull away from her. I moved to her lovely hips, it was time to really see what all the talk about VIAGRA was all about.

My daughter was ready, her love juices were flowing down her legs and the crack of her sensual firm ass. I moved my hands to Lisa’s burning hot love opening and began to explore her.

Within seconds my hands were covered with Lisa’s love juices. It was time, she was wet, ready and so was my hard cock meat. I placed my cock head at her love opening.

With one firm deep push, I was deep inside her trembling young body. It felt like time first time I had taken her, sorry, when she had taken me.

I lost control, my hips moved back and forth as fast and hard as I could. Driving my manhood in her body with a vigor that I had forgot I once had.

“OH… YES… DO IT…” Lisa all but, screamed.

“OH DADDY,” Lisa paused, ” WHAT’S COME OVER YOU?”

I continued to ravish her young pussy. In and out my cock pulverized her tight love hole. Like a horny young man, I kept pounded her hot pussy.

I came hard and filled her womb with more cum than ever before. Pumping it deep inside her wanting body. We made love for three hours on the deck that night. I came two more times filling Lisa’s body full of my seeds.

Our trip was over, we returned home continuing our renewed passions. We made love every chance we had, day or night nothing else mattered.

One day, about three months after our cruise, Lisa and Suzie had been gone most of the day. Shopping or something, as I found out, it was ” Something”.


Lisa’s dream of having my baby came true, six months later. We now had a healthy little baby girl. That looked just like my daughter and her mother…

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