Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 05


The scissor had split the crotch of her shorts, and now the tight fabric framed her pussy like a pair of crotchless underwear. His daughter’s pink and purple flesh thrust out now from that innocent white cotton. Above it, the shadow of her anus between those full cheeks was just visible. It was begging to be opened, and Tom had just the thing.

He had made a trip the night before to a sex shop in the next city, bringing home a few items. He had also thrown together the contraption she was now lying on-one of those “useless talents” he had acquired at shop class years ago in high school. He was exhausted, he realized. He would have a nap once she was all set up.

First, Tom wrapped the leather straps around his daughter’s wrists, securing them to the V-shaped beams, then did the same with the straps that secured her slim thighs. Once she was immobile, he produced two additional attachments for his pump, which he had also brought out to the shed with him. He fitted one long cylinder over her left nipple, still swollen and stiff. He spat on it first in order to get a good seal, then worked the fat nub into the rigid plastic tube all the way down to her tiny aereola. Then he used the hand pump to increase the pressure inside the cylinder. His daughter sucked in a breath. Her nipple expanded into the cup, immediately almost doubling in length. Satisfied, Tom did the same with the right one, then detatched the hoses so that the cylinders thrust straight down, unencumbered, from her hanging teats.

Then he returned to her backside. One hand gripped the delicate crease where her left ass-cheek met her thigh, as he had done that first time, squeezing it to reveal her pink anus. Tom leaned down and spat on the puckered hole, resisting an almost overwhelming temptation to taste her. Then he produced another purchase, which he placed against her opening.

In truth, Tom had bought many different toys, but he needed to ease her into them so that he wouldn’t break her. The plug he worked slowly into her ass was smaller than he would have liked, but the round glass balls did get progressively larger. There were three, and he thought the third would be a good start for her.

She took the first one with only a small whimper.

“Good girl,” he crooned, letting her relax for a moment, stroking the stretched ring gently with his thumb. “Here’s a little more. You can take it, I know you can.”

She could. It strained her a little, but after a moment, the second ball popped right in. By then, Daisy was panting.

“How does that feel?” he asked her.

“Strange,” she said after a moment. “I feel so full.”

Not even remotely as full as you will be when I’m finished with you, little girl.

The third bulb was indeed a challenge, and she grunted and groaned as he worked it slowly in and out, opening her gradually wider and wider.

“Dad, it’s too big!” she moaned, just before her anus opened and the last glass ball popped in. The ring closed tightly around the narrow shaft of the plug so that only a large jeweled button remained outside of her, nestled deep in her ass crack.

Tom patted her bottom gently, praising her. He explained Beşiktaş Escort that the plug would teach her that flaunting her ass in public, like she did in her cheerleader outfit, would encourage guys to use her. She should feel lucky it was only glass inside her now, rather than an eager boy’s cock pumping away at her asshole.

He noted the glimmer of juice between her thick lips with a broad smile. Good, good girl, he thought.

And now, the last thing to do before he went into the house to take a nap. He pulled out a digital camera and stood back, taking a picture of her strapped down to his contraption. He got underneath her for a photo of her hanging titties, capped with nipples swollen inside their cylinders. He took a picture of her backside, with her exposed pussy swollen three times its original size and the glimmering end of the buttplug stuffed in her virgin ass.

And he took a picture of her face. “This is just a precaution, in case you tell your mother what’s been going on. Your mother doesn’t understand this kind of rehabilitation. She would just want you thrown out of the house. I don’t believe in that. I want my daughter to make better decisions, which I believe she will do once she learns the consequences of her actions.”

He left her there, prone, helpless, and exhausted.

When her father came back that afternoon, Daisy was sleeping. She had actually grown quite comfortable with the position she was in, aside from not being able to move much. Her nipples had hurt at first, but had quickly grown numb. Her butt had long grown accustomed to its intrusion.

She had worried for a while about the effects her father’s punishment would have on her body. In spite of her shyness about her large breasts, she secretly had come to like them. They looked a lot like the ones in the porno mag she had stolen, and all of those women were successful, beautiful models. She thought hers were even bigger than a lot of theirs, and had a nicer shape. She didn’t want to wear bras, not only because it was embarrassing trying to find them, but because she liked the way the boys treated her when she didn’t. They were always opening doors for her, and offering to buy her lunch. Even some of the male teachers did things like that. She had found that when she stopped wearing a bra in precalculus, her lousy grade had improved dramatically.

Daisy had even been on a few dates lately, and she found herself wearing skimpier tops for fun, just to see her date’s reaction when she slid off her coat. Most recently, she had gone for a drive after dinner with her date, and they had parked on a country road. Daisy had gotten excited, thinking they would make out. She really liked the guy, and wondered if they might even have sex.

He had a flask of whisky with him, and she had taken a few pulls off of it, feeling wild and carefree. Turning towards him, she had leaned her left breast up against his arm and thrust her chest forward. She felt an urge to show them off, thinking how good it would feel to have this boy touch them. She loved to touch them herself, and found it even more thrilling when Shawna would grab them, even Beşiktaş Escort Bayan though she was only joking.

So, taking a third swig of whisky, she had slid the hem of her cropped top up over the curve of her breasts. The night was chilly and she knew her nipples would be stiff, like the models in the porn mags. When they popped out, hard and pink, she had expected him to gasp and grab them, the way Shawna had the first time they had taken their shirts off in front of each other.

He had gasped, but he hadn’t touched her. He had stared at her bare chest for a moment, then abruptly started the car and driven her home. The drive home had been awful. Daisy had quickly pulled her shirt down, but she was now hyper-conscious of every jolt that made them jiggle and bounce underneath the flimsy fabric. She felt humiliated, though as she had gotten out of the car, she had noticed a wet patch on the front of her date’s jeans. She thought he must have peed himself, which would have been even more humiliating, and might have explained why he ended the date so abruptly.

But now Daisy wondered if he had just been disgusted with her. She had always thought guys liked slutty girls-they were always talking about the ones with the shortest skirt or the lowest-cut top, or the one they got to third base with on the first date. But if guys liked that sort of thing, then exposing her breasts to her date should have pleased him. Maybe her father was right. Maybe dressing and behaving like a slut wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Or maybe her date had just found her physically repulsive. He had seemed to like her tits until she had pulled up her top, so maybe he hadn’t liked her nipples. Maybe they were too small compared to the size of her breasts. Perhaps her date would have liked them better if they had been more proportional. Her father must have thought so too, and that was why he had attached those weird plastic tubes to them to make them bigger. Maybe he knew what boys like, and the changes he made to her body would actually make her more attractive.

Daisy couldn’t understand the bit about making her vagina bigger, though. No guy would find her pussy attractive like this. Perhaps that had more to do with humiliating her into being less promiscuous. The butt thing, too. Maybe they were both designed to keep her from dressing like she did, or touching herself the way she really wanted to. These things made Daisy feel naughty, and she liked feeling naughty. But those very same things seemed to disappoint her father. Perhaps she really did need this kind of correction-she really didn’t want to disappoint him.

When her father opened the shed door, and the rectangle of light fell across her body, he didn’t look disappointed. Rather, he smiled at her. “You may be a slut, Daisy, but you sure are beautiful. Come on, let’s get you up out of there.”

That afternoon, still wearing her white shorts with her pussy hanging out of the slashed crotch, Tom had made her kneel on either side of the bathroom sink to empty her bladder. The swelling had gone down considerably, and her labia were almost back to normal. Tom inspected Escort Beşiktaş her closely as she urinated into the porcelain, watching her thick lips flutter with the force of the flow. She seemed to be growing accustomed to relieving herself in this fashion, which concerned Tom. He would need to be more creative in the future.

When she was finished, he helped her down. It was time for her workout, he announced. He fetched one of her gigantic sports bras that zipped up the front and set about tucking her tits into the enormous cups. As he did so, he observed that the day’s treatment had left her nipples very thick and long, though still wildly disproportionate to the size of her titties. Still, it was a step in the right direction.

Her workout was strenuous, with a great deal of stretching and squatting. Tom watched every moment, particularly when it was time to stretch her hamstrings. As she bent forward, her pussy thrust out through the hole in her shorts. With his face only inches from her, he could smell her sweaty cunt, the scent musky and thick. He loved it.

Later, when Daisy was squatting down to do some deep muscle work, Tom noticed the plug straining against her anus. “Stay there, Daisy,” he instructed. “Just like that. A little deeper.”

She obeyed, the toned muscles of her thighs accustomed to this sort of exercise. Even so, she was frowning with concentration. Tom got down on his hands and knees behind her, his face level with her ass. He pulled the hem of her shorts up so that the split crotch revealed the plug. Nearly half of the largest bulb was protruding from her red, raw anus.

“Push out the plug,” he instructed.

Above him, Daisy was panting. “I can’t, Dad. I can’t do that.”

“You can,” he said. “It’s halfway out already. Can’t you feel that? Just push.”

He saw her anus strain. Another several milimeters emerged from her tight ring. “There’s a good girl. A little harder. Easy…easy…”

She whimpered. A squirt of piss spurted from her pussy.

“Good girl. That’s okay. Let everything out.” He reached up and rubbed her dripping flesh. She was trembling.

“Push it out and you can come out of that squat.” Tom grabbed her cheeks now with both hands and pulled them apart. He could see the shape of the plug inside her anus as it strained to push it out.

Then she grunted, and he saw the bulb emerge, expanding her asshole like elastic. It popped out suddenly, the other two bulbs still inside her. But she was straining, and her anus was loosened up. With another grunt, the next bulb popped out, accompanied by a second stream of piss. The third bulb almost fell out, right into his waiting hand.

Tom stared as her anus gaped a moment, then began to close. But just then, Daisy let out a yelp, and her asshole opened again. What came out was more of a queef than a fart, but it produced the same effect-her anus rippled as the air passed noisily out of her bowels, hard and fast.

Daisy straightened up immediately, having already burst into tears. She whirled to face her father, blubbering a horrified apology. “Oh dad, I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, that’s horrible, I’m so embarrassed-“

He smiled at her. “It’s okay. When you use your holes so much that they become loose like that, then you’ll find it’s difficult to control yourself.”

Daisy was beat red. She nodded penitently.

Tom stood up. “Good. Now take those ruined shorts off and clean up that piss.”

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