Dancing Teens Ch. 03


Picking up where we left off, again…

We all lay still for a few moments, catching our breath. With each passing second, I felt my stamina returning, thank God. It was really something, let me tell you, to sit there, my cock standing out in the open, as I looked over the glistening, sweaty forms of the two gorgeous, curvaceous naked babes laying entwined in lesbian intimacy, all breasts and hips, legs and abs, wet, aromatic pussies, asses and slender arms, delicate fingers and lovely faces, long, wild hair… They were feminine sex incarnate, squared, and glowing like amber hot coals in post orgasmic bliss. Both of them hot, sexy women, grown from innocent girls before my eyes, over the years. And one of them my own flesh and blood.

“Hmmm…” Kelly groaned, rolling over onto her back across the body of her best friend, who lay smiling in joy beneath her, and onto the floor, stretching like a cat, “Gaaaaaaaaddddddd…” Her face was perfect, more beautiful than her Mother ever had been, but reminiscent of the girl I had fallen for all those years before. High delicate cheekbones, sparkling green eyes, long, flowing red hair, like flame made of water spilling out onto the floor. Soft, fleshy lips, now free of the lip-gloss she wore earlier, undoubtedly now all over Amy’s pussy. Lips perfect for kissing, for sucking cock, and for smiling. In short, I suddenly realized my own daughter was the most beautiful woman I’d ever beheld, and to think I almost went through life without noticing.

After a few more seconds, my Darling Daughter’s eyes lost their unfocused glaze, and Etiler Escort I saw reason return to them. Then they focused on me. “Daddy,” she said in a pity filled tone, “you didn’t cum… you’re still hard!”

At that her friend came back to reality, her head snapping my direction. “Mr. Morgan, Jeezz… you’re still hard? Wow, what a stud…”

My daughter rose to her knees and crawled right over to me, only a few feet, the distance closed almost instantly, and my daughter pulled herself up between my legs, her naked arms resting against my legs, still in pants, her face only a half a foot from my leaky pipe, standing out from my open fly. Behind her, Amy rose to her knees and watched.

“Daddy…” was all my baby girl said before she leaned forward, her mouth opening, tongue resting against her lower lip, and slowly took her Father’s manhood into her soft, warm and wet mouth.

“Haaahhhhh,” I gasped, a sudden drawing in of breath. Despite the fact I’d watched her strip, despite the fact she’d eaten pussy in front of me, even despite the fact she’d watched me jerking off, the fact that my own daughter was now sucking my cock was a freight train, and my poor mind was a hobo on the tracks. Reality dissolved around me, and I became a big Daddy cock, in a warm, sucking Daughter mouth, and that’s all. I was vaguely aware as Kelly wrapped one slender fingered hand around the root of my tree, her tongue lapping at my flowing sap. Vaguely comprehensive of her other hand raking over my chest, across my abs, feeling my muscles up under my shirt.

Then I felt Etiler Escort Bayan another delicate hand behind my head, fingers twining into my hair, and gently a soft but firm breast was pressed to my face, the nipple centered on my lips, and instinctively I began to suck. Like a jigsaw puzzle, reality came back into a single picture, piece by piece. I looked up as I took more perfect nineteen year old breast into my mouth, and saw sweet Amy smiling down at me, lust for me painted all over her lovely face, framed before the ceiling light as it was in her raven tresses with the glowing fringe.

“Yeah,” she said, smiling, her shoulders shaking a little, giving a little wobble to her soft mammaries, “suck my tits Mr. Morgan….”. Then, more quietly, “you’re finally sucking my tits, Mr. Morgan…”

The suction on my cock was getting stronger. I looked into my lap and there my daughter’s head bobbed rapidly up and down. Clearly, my little girl was loving the taste of her Daddy’s precum, as she gobbled me ravenously, slurping and licking, not letting a drop of my fluids escape her greedy mouth.

Now, as we men get older our Stamina tends to decline a bit, and lately I’d been feeling less virile than as a younger man. But my wife’s passion had declined as well, so I figured it was nature’s way of keeping you faithful… But now I was definitely anything but faithful, cheating on my wife with her (our) own daughter and the girl’s little friend. And somehow, I knew that today I could cum in my daughter’s mouth, and still rise to the challenge again, should Escort Etiler they challenge me again. It was like there was Viagra in the air!

I didn’t want to warn her. I know it’s selfish, but I always enjoyed cumming in a woman’s mouth, especially if I could surprise her. Besides, the way my daughter was giving me head, I was sure she’d done it before. I expect she knew what to expect. And the pressure was building. I let my hands roam over the naked body of the girl who’d been asking “can Kelly come out and play” on my porch daily for years, since both of them were little, feeling that she had indeed grown up with every inch my man hands traveled. The girl smiled at me warmly.

I was going to cum soon! I let one hand land on sweet Amy’s perfect, tight little ass, the other came to behind her head. I meant to punish my daughter for seducing her poor defenseless Dad. Cumming down her throat without a word should teach the little darling a lesson. So instead of stiffening and grabbing her hair in warning, or groaning out an “I’m gonna cum” I instead forced my body to relax a bit, and drew young Amy down for a deep, tongue lashing kiss. In the middle of which, I let go.

“Mmmmpppphhh,” my daughter gurgled, surprised, her hands suddenly gripping hard to my hips as she took the length of my cock deep into her throat. To my surprise, she didn’t back off. What a good girl!

Deep inside my daughter’s clutching throat, her tongue lashing wildly against the middle of the base of my manhood, my cock throbbed and spasmed inside the beautiful young woman I had made. Her eyes snapped up and locked onto mine, and I swear there were sparks leaping within them. She swallowed every drop.

“God, that’s so hot,” Amy said, speaking for us all I think, “you’re coming in your own daughter’s mouth!”

I couldn’t agree more.

To be continued…

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