Daddy’s Pretty Little Girl Ch. 01


Hi Literotica. I’ve been reading stories on here for at least a year, and I finally decided to take my chances at writing for once. Try not to be TOO brutal, but please send me any feedback you can. And thanks for reading. =)


The elevator doors opened and slumped my way into my dorm room. I was so thankful it was Friday; college was kicking my ass and it was only October of my first semester. I dropped my bag and coat near the door and crawled into my bed. Finally, I could take the weekend to enjoy myself. I had finished my work at the library and I really wanted to stay up ALL NIGHT playing… It had been a long time since I’ve been able to play, and I REALLY needed it. I was aching for release… My daydream was suddenly interrupted by the door opening and slamming. My room mate, Annie, had gotten back from class.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved rooming with Annie. We got lucky getting paired up as room mates: we’re both messy, and like to stay up until all hours of the morning talking and laughing and then wake up in the early afternoon. We got along, but every now and then, I really just wanted some ‘alone time’ (I think you get my gist), and Annie NEVER seemed to go home…

“Hey!” she said as she bounded into the room. “What are you doing in bed? It’s only 8:30…”

“Oh… I just got back and, I don’t know… Just tired from the week, I guess.”

“Well, then you’ll be happy to know that I’m going home. I’m just here to pick up some clothes. My brother is down stairs waiting for me.” Annie started quickly rummaging through her closet.

My eyes lit up; she was leaving. This meant having the room all to myself tonight, tomorrow night, and, if I was lucky, the better part of Sunday. That was definitely enough time to relieve some of the stress I’d been harboring. My trance was broken once again…

“Uh… hello? Eva?”

I snapped back in, “Sorry… What?”

“I asked you if you Güngören escort bayan know where I put my hairbrush this morning.”

“Oh… On the sink, I think.”

Annie hurried over to the sink, grabbed her hairbrush, stuffed it in her bag, and called, “Bye! See you Sunday night!” as she headed out the door.

I laid in my bed smiling to myself as I thought of all the fun I could have this weekend. After a minute or two of pleasant thoughts, I headed to the bathroom to shower. I looked in the mirror as I took off my clothes and sighed. I’ve never really liked my body. I’ve always been big, ever since I was a kid. Sure, there were some things about myself that I loved: my thick, shoulder length red hair, my big brown eyes, and my 42D breasts, but there was more that I disliked. I peeled off my shirt and jeans and stood there in my bra and panties (which didn’t match… I get lazy when it comes to that. Who sees me anyway…?). I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, releasing my breasts. They were big and heavy, and I thought they almost sagged because of how big they were, which always made me self-conscious. I slid off my panties, stopping to examine the wet spot that had formed inside them while I was thinking about the fun I would have this weekend.

I turned from side to side, looking at myself. I like myself, but I never thought I was pretty or sexy like other girls, which kind of made me sad. ‘No wonder you’re still a virgin…,’ taunted the stupid little voice in my head. I shook it off; whatever. It’ll happen when it’s suppose to happen. Besides, some guys like big girls… Right?

I had my shower, and changed into the clothes I intended to sleep in, a baggy t-shirt from a production of a show I’d been in in high school, and plain black cotton panties. Hey, I was going for comfortability here, not glamour. I signed into Facebook, just to see what was going on, Escort İnnovia and got an IM from my friend Kate. Kate was the one friend that I always discussed sex and masturbation with. I felt like she understood where I was coming from because she was also a virgin, so she know how it felt to have all this sexual frustration built up with no release. I informed her of my plans for the weekend, and she had an interesting idea to spice them up. Apparently, there was an anonymous website where you could meet strangers and talk to them, and a lot of people used it to find people to ‘play with.’ I figured why not? Honestly, what did I have to lose?

I said goodbye to Kate and opened up this website. I typed:

Eva: female, 18, usa, looking for fun ; )

So what if I was being kind of slutty? It’s not like I knew any of these people. The first person I got typed back:

Eric: male, 35, canada. hi baby girl =)

My first thought was to hit the disconnect button. After all, 35 was almost twice my age, and I wasn’t sure if I was into that. But something told me to stay and talk to this guy. Besides, it turned me on a LOT that he’d called me ‘baby girl’…

Since I discovered sex and different fetishes, I’d always been REALLY turned on by playing Daddy/little girl. I think it’s because my relationship with my dad was so awful that I’ve wanted for a ‘father figure’ to satisfy me sexually. So I stayed and talked to Eric, the 35 year old male from Canada. We talked about mostly random things, and he stayed away from sex, which kind of surprised me, but only attracted me more. I started getting worried when he asked me for a picture…

I scrolled through my pictures on my computer and tried to find a decent one. I wanted him to think I was pretty, but I didn’t want to send him something that wasn’t really me… I finally found one of just my face that I liked. I sent it, and he responded Kağıthane escort with:

Eric: wow. you’re pretty 🙂

I knew he was just some random guy off of the internet, but his comment made me really happy. No one had ever told me I was pretty before… And it felt good to finally have someone say it, especially a boy… well, then again, Eric wasn’t even a boy, he was a man… I typed back:

Eva: thank you! wow… you sure know how to make a girl blush =)

Eric: i bet you look even prettier when you blush =)

Eva: geez! what are trying to do, you sweet talker? =P

Eric: well who wouldn’t want to have a pretty little girl like you wrapped around his finger? ; )

That did it. He’d called me a little girl. I wanted to keep talking to him forever now… Maybe he was the Daddy I’d been fantasizing about! I looked at the clock and realized that it was 3am; we’d been talking for almost four hours! I told him that I really needed to go, and we exchanged MSN names and decided to sign back on tomorrow night around the same time and talk again. I didn’t want to sign off, but I knew I had to. After all, it was late, and I didn’t want to look clingy…

I turned off my light and slid into bed. As I lay on my side in my soft purple sheets, I closed my eyes and imagined Eric there in my bed with me, spooning me. My hand slipped down to my pussy and I started to rub my lips lightly through my panties. I was starting to get wet already. I pictured Eric, my Daddy, touching me between my legs like this. I slipped my hand under the waist band of my panties and touched my wet lips. I rubbed the tip of my index finger up and down my slit, gasping as I brushed my clit. I used one hand to spread my lips, and I found my little clit, and stroked a small circle around it. “Oh, Daddy…” I half moaned/half whispered, imagining Eric rubbing my clit and kissing my mouth and neck.

I tortured my little clit until I could hardly stand it, and I came hard, moaning for my Daddy the whole time. My whole body shook as I came; I’d never cum so hard before. I couldn’t wait to talk to Eric again tomorrow…


If I get good feedback, I’ll be happy to continue this series. Thanks again for reading. =)

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