Daddy’s Angel


My Mother is cheating, again.

See, she’s a stay at home Mom while Daddy works long hours at a very prominent laboratory, his scientific brain one of the highest IQs on their staff. She’s always yelling at him about how he’s gone for 15, sometimes 20 hours a day, then she yells about how when he comes home it’s usually only to shower and go right back to work.

Daddy got promoted just before my 16th birthday, 2 years ago now. When he got that job, it required more attention and took him away from us. Daddy tries to make it up to us with black cards, new cars, new cell phones or other gadgets; but I just want my Daddy.

Last year, right after my 17th birthday party, Mom stopped nagging Daddy to stay home. She didn’t need him, anymore, since she had managed to seduce one of my 18 year old classmates while dancing with him at my party. She had worn this fitted red halter topped mini dress that had clung to her body and it had been more than obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath it. Like AT ALL.

Every boy and even some of the girls drooled over my Mother at that party, but she was very careful to only show attention to the 18 and 19 year olds. She had danced all up against them, pressed her face into their necks, whispered things to them that had made them nod enthusiastically at her in return.

I was upset, of course.

I had always been my Daddy’s girl. I just didn’t have anything in common with my mother, truth be told. I was shy and quiet, she was outgoing and loud. I liked to fade into the background, she liked to be the center of attention. I liked to read, she liked to watch reality TV and those incredibly awful cheaters shows where people always end up fighting. I liked to cook homemade meals from scratch, she preferred to order in or go out to ridiculously expensive restaurants. I wore loose clothing, mostly my Daddy’s old t shirts and basketball shorts or sweats, and she wore fitted things.

She always wore the tightest, littlest dresses and always without bras or panties.

She would always harp on me about how beautiful my body was and that I should be as eager as she was to show it off. I admit that I am my mother’s clone and that people almost always mistake us for twins whenever we go out anywhere. I just never know if it’s because I behave so much more maturely than she does or if she actually does look like she’s my age; I choose to believe the latter. It makes me feel better.

We were both 5’8, though I think I was a bit closer to 5’9 since I turned 18. We both had slim figures with just the right amount of meat on our thin frames. We both had chocolate brown hair that fell in gentle waves, but mom always kept hers at shoulder length and flat ironed it every single morning while I insisted on keeping mine grown to my lower back in its natural wavy form. Mom’s complexion was a warm honey color clearly indicative of her Hispanic heritage, but I’m milky white like my Daddy.

Pale as a ghost, mom would tell me I was.

We both had what Mom called, “Bubble butts” that fit nicely into whatever designer garb she would buy for special occasions; they were firm, soft, and just the right amount of jiggly, or so Mom always says. She would know, but I haven’t ever checked out either of our butt’s jiggliness. We both had 46C cup breasts, though Mom quite often begged Daddy to pay for a boob job because she always wanted to be bigger.

Since I turned 18, she even started to joke around sometimes that she would try to get him a 2-for-1 special so that she and I could both get our boobs done, but I always shot that down before Daddy had the chance to comment. She would roll her eyes at me, then shake her head and ask me how she ended up with a daughter so opposite her.

I always answer that I turned out like my Daddy.

Daddy liked that answer. He would always smile at me with so much pride in his gaze.

I would get warm all over from that look in his eyes. I loved earning his praise. I loved making my Daddy smile when Mom would only fight with him all of the time. I loved being the one he could depend on for his every need since my Mother was obviously busy doing whatever it took to make herself happy.

Daddy needed clean clothes, I washed them and even starched his lab coats. Daddy was hungry, I always had a warm plate waiting in the oven for him whenever he got home or breakfast ready for him to take with him on the drive to work and I even packed his lunches for him. Daddy was out of his favorite shampoo, I replaced it. Daddy was out of shavers, I refused to replace those.

Daddy with a goatee is freaking HOT.

I hadn’t ever seen him with facial hair before last week. I had just taken dinner out of the oven while mom showered off whatever lover she had just fucked into oblivion and the front door clicked open. I thought her lover was coming back because he forgot something and was pleasantly surprised to see my exhausted Father heading toward me, the red hair of his goatee thick on his normally clean-shaven face.

See, Daddy is a ginger. Beylikdüzü escort He has bright red hair that he wears in a cropped spike do, the sides and back shaved close to his head. He has milky white skin with adorable tan-colored freckles across his nose, cheekbones, and on his shoulders. He stands about 6 foot 3 and is in the fittest shape of his life considering he’s nearing 40. (My parents married right out of high school since Daddy had knocked her up with me.)

I had smiled hugely as he approached me and reached up to rub my palm over the facial hair while wrinkling my nose at him. “This is different.” I said with a smile, my hand sweeping up from his chin along his cheek toward his ear and back. “I don’t remember ever seeing you with facial hair, Daddy. I hardly recognize you.”

Daddy had smiled tiredly, then glanced at the refrigerator. “Razors have been on my grocery list the last few weeks.” he replies with a smirk, then he reaches up to scratch at the itchy hair growing along his cheeks and chin. “Someone keeps forgetting to buy them and my electric is only a trimmer. It can’t get all of it off.”

I brush my palm against it, again, and giggle. “It’s ticklish.”

“Is it now, Darlin’?” my Daddy asks with an almost evil smile.

I practically melted.

Did I mention that Daddy is Irish? He still has his brogue after decades of living in The United States and OH MY GOD. When he says, “Darlin’.” like that, the “R” rolling softly and the “G” going silent; it just makes me so wet between my thighs.

I rub his beard, again, and nod before gigging some more.

“Oh, yeah?” Daddy growls, his arms going around me before I can react. He pulls me close and buries his face in my neck, then he presses his cheek against the column of my throat and gives his head a rough wiggle. “How’s that?” he growls playfully, scratching his bushy facial hair back and forth over my sensitive skin.

“Daddy!” I squeal before I giggle hysterically. It really does tickle, but it’s also ridiculously arousing. My body shivers while I giggle, my nipples pebbling as he holds me against his chest. I moan and press myself tighter to him all the while still laughing at his tickling me. I feel my pussy dampening and my body heating.

Daddy is laughing, too, the sound vibrating through his chest to mine.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

Daddy and I both turn to find my mother standing in the entryway in nothing but her robe.

Mom smiles in that way she does that makes men melt for her, the robe loosely tied and showing the top curves of both of her breasts; her shower dampened body had made the silky material practically see-through, anyway, her dark brown nipples clearly on display.

Daddy smiles at his Wife. “Hi.”

I step aside with a pout as I watch Daddy move toward her.

She doesn’t deserve him.

So I vowed right then and there to take him from her. I was going to give my Daddy my virginity and I have been hatching a plan since that night. I would wait up for Daddy to come home, long after my Mother had fallen into an exhausted sleep because she had fucked one or another of my classmates, and I would greet him with food as well as loving kisses. I was careful to keep them on his cheeks or on the top of his head, only rarely slipping and kissing the edge of his mouth.

He would always smile warmly at me, affectionately, but not with arousal.

That was when I started greeting him at night wearing one of his t shirts with one of Mom’s sexy lacy underwear beneath it. I would purposefully bend over to get his plate out of the oven making sure that the thong was clearly on display for him; I always felt my clean-shaven pussy lips thicken around the material, especially whenever it bunched up and slid between my labia to rub directly at my needy little clit.

I was rewarded with my Daddy’s gasp on the third night. I had purposefully worn a black lace thong since my milky white skin would show it better and I had just bent forward to fetch his plate. The panty was a size too small for me and bending over caused it to immediately slip between my moist labia like a hot dog into a bun; I was wet, too…so very wet for my Daddy. I know my pussy glistened in the overhead light.

I had heard Daddy moan and knew that the time was approaching to take what I wanted.

Mom’s loud cries snap me out of my reverie and bring me back to the present. With a scoff of annoyance, I roll my eyes at her melodramatic behavior. She always makes excessive amounts of noise to let her young lovers know that they’re doing it just how she likes it and she is always VERY graphic as well as profane.

“Your cock is so big! You make my pussy so wet! Fuck me just like that! FUCK ME!”

I shake my head because I know she doesn’t deserve my Daddy and that’s why I’m going to take him from her. I was just sliding my headphones on when I noticed headlights flashing across my bedroom wall. I tossed my cell aside and moved to the window, my eyes widening when I notice Daddy’s car parked Beylikdüzü escort in the driveway.

In one of his t shirts and no panties, because I was saving them for later, I dash out of my room toward the stairwell. I hurry down the steps and meet my Daddy just as he enters the front door; my chest is heaving as I struggle for air as I smile up at him.

“Surprise, Darlin’.” he says happily as he slides his jacket off to hang it by the door. “I thought I would come home and have a proper dinner with my family for once.” he admits as he turns back to me and kisses me on my cheek only to gasp because I had moved my head; his lips had pressed gently to mine.

My eyes widen.

Daddy blushes and clears his throat. “Sorry, Darlin’.” he whispers blushing worse.

I lick my lips to taste him and open my mouth to ask for another only to be interrupted.


Daddy’s eyes drift up the stairs while mine widen. “Stay here.” he growls.

I step into his path, my hands on his chest. “No, Daddy, don’t. Stay here with me.”


I blush to the roots of my hair.

Daddy’s hands move to my biceps and he gently moves me out of his path, then he’s jogging up the steps on his tiptoes to remain quiet. He turns when he sees me following him, holds a finger up to his lips to tell me to be quiet, then turns back toward his bedroom. He takes careful steps toward the opened doorway.


Daddy’s face burns red with embarrassment. He turns to me and points at my bedroom door. His eyes narrow when I shake my head at him and he points more forcefully, his entire arm shaking with unconceivable anger. He leans forward to kiss my forehead when I still don’t budge, then he grabs my shoulders to turn me toward my bedroom. He swats me lightly on my bare bottom, his hand making contact with skin for a second.

I cup my butt and run to my room, then close the door quietly.

Then there’s nothing.

No screaming, no crying, no cursing. Nothing slamming, nothing being thrown.

I hear the click of the front door, then hurry to my window to see if it’s my Daddy leaving. My eyebrows raise high on my forehead when I see my Mother heading down the block with one of my classmates carrying her suitcase toward his car. I turn away from the window and burst through my door toward what was my parents’ room.

I find my Daddy furiously ripping the sheets off of the bed and tossing them aside, the mattress tilting off of the bed frame. I hear him sob and hurry to him, then I throw my arms around him and pull him close to me. I hug him tighter when his arms wrap around me, his face sinking into my neck as his tears seep into the t shirt I’m wearing.

I lead him out of the bedroom that reeks of sex and pull him toward my bedroom, my eyes filling with sad tears at his weeping. I lead him to my bed, sit him down, and straddle his waist all with my arms still wrapped tightly around him. I let him continue to hold me tightly, too, and try to ignore that his zipper is cold against my warm, naked labia.

Daddy sniffles loudly what feels like hours later. His hands smooth down my back to grip the hem of the t shirt in his fists as he pulls backward to look up into my face. “I’m…sorry, Darlin’.” he whispers, then hiccups in a deep breath as his red-rimmed eyes lock with mine. “I’m so sorry that ya had tae see tha’.”

I wipe his tears with my thumbs. “I’m sorry that she hurt you.”

He shakes his head and sighs. “I cannae believe I didnae know. I’m so stupid.”

“Don’t say that, Daddy! It’s not your fault.” I defend him with a frown. “You aren’t stupid, either. She just knew how to play you. She never deserved you, anyway, Daddy! You have always deserved better than her! I told you that years ago.”

Daddy sighs with a decisive nod of his head. “Damned right I do.”

I adjust myself on his lap, his zipper really uncomfortable against me.

“Don’t move like that, Darlin’.” Daddy growls, his hands shooting to my hips to still me only for him to gasp. His eyes widen slowly when his hands collide with bare skin, the hem of the t shirt slightly raised because I still have my arms up around him. He swallows loudly as his eyes search mine for something; his hands drift idly down along the soft, smooth curve of my naked ass and he moans softly.

I moan back and that’s when I feel him between my legs.

My Daddy is hard.

For ME!

“Finally.” I sigh happily and practically melt against him to press my lips to his.

Daddy stiffens, both his back and his cock. “What are you doin’, Darlin?! I’m your Da!”

I wiggle on his lap, his thick cock fit perfectly against my dampening core. “I’ve wanted you for months, Daddy.” I confess as I grind against him, my lips working their way along his jaw line toward his neck. “Maybe even YEARS!” I gasp, my teeth sinking into his neck gently before I lick it to make it better.

I Escort Beylikdüzü may be a virgin, but like I said earlier: I like to read. I know how to turn a man on!

Daddy moans for me, his cock straining against his pants now. “Darlin’…we cannae.”

“We can, Daddy.” I whisper hungrily, my hips gyrating on his lap and grinding my wet pussy against his thickening shaft; I ignore the now warm metal of his zipper as it digs at my skin. “I’m 18 now and I want it so badly.” I promise, my tongue swirling against the pulse beating erratically in his neck. “Please, Daddy. Please take my virginity.”

He freezes and pulls back, his eyes wide. “You’re a virgin, Darlin’? Still?”

I blush and nod. “I figured Mom was whore enough for both of us.”

Daddy’s eyes darken. “This isnae right, Darlin’.” he whispers with a shake of his head.

I press my lips to his and run my tongue along his bottom lip. I reach for his wrists and put his hands back on the bare skin of my ass all the while I continue to rub my pussy along his thickening length; I can feel my pussy juices soaking his crotch area.

I moan and shiver when his mouth finally opens beneath mine, then I jam my tongue between his lips to poke at his. I push against his hands when they squeeze my plump ass cheeks, his skin hot against mine. “Oh, Daddy, yes.” I whimper, then open my mouth wider when he takes control of the kiss. I whimper, again, when he sucks at my tongue.

“Are you sure, Darlin’?” he inquires softly, his lips kissing along my jaw toward my earlobe. He bites down on it gently, then chuckles when I moan for him. “Your sounds are driving me wild, Baby Girl. I cannae hold out much longer.”

I reach down between us for his belt and zipper, then pout when he catches my wrists. “Please, Daddy.” I whimper in my sweetest little girl’s voice; it almost always got me what I wanted when I was growing up. Why not try it out now? “I hurt so badly. I need your big, juicy cock inside of me to make it all better.”

My Daddy moans. “Dunnae speak like that, Darlin’.” he growls, then he slaps his hands back against my ass to pick me up. “I dunnae ever want to hear you speaking like that, again.” he demands, then he drops me down on the bed. “That’s a filthy mouth belonging to a filthy whore like your Mother. You won’t be a damned thing like the wench!”

I nod vigorously. “Okay, Daddy. I’m sorry.”‘

Daddy undoes his belt, then his pants and shoves them down with his underwear. “You’re Daddy’s Angel, you are.” he purrs, his dress shirt being swept up and tossed aside next. “A perfect little girl waiting to treat her Daddy the way he deserves and I’m going to reward you, Darlin’. I’m going to reward you just right!” he promises, then he reaches down to pull his t shirt off of my body.

“So beautiful.” he whispers as he drops to his knees. He takes one of my tits in each hand and kneads them, his thumbs and index fingers pinching the aching tips. “I’m going to love and worship you like the Angel Baby you are.” he coos, then he leans forward to take the left nubbin into the warm cavern of his mouth.

I cry out in pleasure, my hands sinking into his hair. “Oh, yes, Daddy. Please!”

His right hand sinks between my thighs and brushes against the moist entrance of my feminine core. “You shave it?” he gasps, pulling my nipple from his lips with a loud pop; his shocked gaze drifts down between my legs. “Damn.” he whispers, then his hands settle on my thighs to spread them wider apart. “Lean back for me, Darlin’.” he instructs me and leans forward when I instantly comply. His hot mouth and plump lips close over the pulsing bump of my clit; he moans with the flavor of me, then licks lower.

“So fucking good.” he purrs, his tongue sinking into my virgin hole, then he hungrily licks upward. He feasts on my labia, my tight hole, and on my clit over and over. He wraps his lips around my clit, again, then reaches between my legs to slide his index finger into my drenched love canal. “I need to feel you gush for me, Darlin’.” he growls, then curls his finger until he reaches my g spot; he presses against the spongy lining and sucks on my clit with gusto until he feels my body tighten.

“Daddy…oh, Daddy!” I gasp, then arch against his mouth as I cum. My orgasm is intense, my body rocking roughly as lights dance between my eyes and my muscles clench. I feel the gush pouring from me, hear it squishing as it coats my Daddy’s face. I bury my hands in his hair and ride his mouth through the pleasure.

“I need tae git inside you, Darlin’.” he purrs, then scoops me up from under my thighs to reposition me on the bed. He fits himself between my spread thighs, then reaches down to stroke his steel-hard cock. “This is going to hurt, at first, Darlin’. I promise tae go slowly so that ya adjust, but poppin’ ya cherry isnae goin’ ta feel too good.” he warns, his hungry gaze on my girlcum-drenched cunt lips. “The pleasure will come after.”

I lick my lips nervously as my hungry gaze drifts down to thoroughly examine his huge manhood; I momentarily feel a slight pang of worry about how it will fit inside my unused core. “Don’t you want me to suck it first, Daddy?” I offer as I move to sit up in front of him only for him to push me back down while shaking his head.

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