Cumslut Diaries – Third Encounter


Another entry in the Cumslut Diary.

I just got an email from the first guy that I met at the Hyatt. He said the salesmen said I was a keeper. He told me he saw the video and that they were going to show it at their weekend poker game.

I’m getting a sinking feeling. He said that the maintenance techs were going to be in Savannah on Monday and that he would email me the room number. I feel like a prostitute, it actually makes me nervous and excited at the same time.

He told me they were big, hairy guys, with big dicks and that I’d had better be extra nice to them. I have to control the situation, I don’t want to get fucked by two guys with big dicks.

I’ve gotten another email from him. He said that he didn’t know the room number yet, but they’re going to be staying in the Marriot. He wants me to meet them in the bar. His described them as being about 6’4″, dark, hairy Greek looking dudes. I’m more than a little nervous. I don’t know any name of any of the guys I’ve sucked off and he didn’t tell me the names of the two that I’m meeting. I guess I won’t have any trouble recognizing tall, hairy Greeks.

I forget that they know what I look like. They’ve watched almost six hours of me being a slut. I’m going to get there early and have a double scotch before I go up to their room. I’m going to be the best cocksucker that I know how to be. Maybe I can keep from getting fucked. I’m actually getting into being controlled.

Ordered to be “nice” to strangers. I feel like a commodity, or some sort of company “asset”. I’m kind of like a perk for this guy’s employees. Who am I kidding, I’m a whore, a whore that likes being a cum slut. He did say that they all come to Savannah together twice a year. Once for an Industry Convention and once for a company vacation. The company vacation is in Tybee. That should be interesting.

And here’s what happened:

I was about to walk into the front door of the Marriott, when I heard someone say my name. I knew he was the guy because his boss described him perfectly. About 6’3″, 220, dark hair, hairy, I could see the hair on his chest because his shirt was unbuttoned to about the third button. He had a nice smile, and he asked if I was Mark. I nodded, my heart was pounding. I don’t know why but I’m always nervous and excited when I meet someone that I’m going to put out for.

I didn’t know his name, actually I still don’t know any of their names. He said for me to come with him, that he had someone that he wanted me to meet. While we were riding up in the elevator he told me that he had seen the video over the weekend and that he and his buddy were really looking forward to having fun with me.

I told him that I wasn’t really into getting fucked, but that I really like to suck dick. I also told him that they could fuck my face like it was a pussy and I would do it as long as they wanted me to. I told him that I like to suck and lick kağıthane escort balls and cock and that I would suck them both off as many times as they liked. I was looking at his crotch and I could tell I was getting him hard, so I reached over and rubbed his dick through his pants.

When we got in the room, his buddy was in his boxers and a wife beater. He was a little taller and a little heavier. I knew this was going to be a long three hours.

They actually had a video camera set up on a tripod and I asked them not to make another video. They told me that was non-negotiable, and that I had better do exactly what they told me to do or the first two videos were going to get posted to the net. What could I do, I had to agree.

The first thing they did was make me face the camera while one of them stood behind me and felt me up, he whispered in my ear for me to moan and beg for dick. As he was unbuttoning my shirt, I actually was moaning involuntarily because I could feel his hard dick grinding against the crack of my ass and it was making me horny. I begged him to let me suck his dick. I said, your dick feels good, please, let me suck it, I want you to stuff it down my throat. I still had not seen it; he was still dressed.

He removed my shirt and was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. I reach around behind me and rubbed his dick some more through his pants. He told me to take off my pants and my red panties (I do as I’m told).

I’m naked and he’s still completely dressed, but his friend has taken off his boxers and is sitting on the sofa playing with his dick, it’s really big and I’m thinking to myself that I’ve got to stay in control to keep from getting fucked. He pushes me toward his friend and tells me to get acquainted with his dick, so I get on my knees in front of the sofa and take his huge dick in my hand and gently lick and suck just on the head of his monster cock. It’s so hard it shines from being swollen and the precum is dripping out of the slit. He moans and grabs the back of my head and slowly pushed my face down on his dick while his friend is positioning the camera so that they can get a shot of me looking into the camera as his dick fills my throat.

It’s too big and I pull back to gasp for a little air and to keep from choking but he continues to push down on the back of my head and his dick is once again sliding into my throat. I manage to keep from choking this time and he keeps it stuffed down my throat for about 10 seconds without moving, my eyes are watering and my nose is running but I manage to keep from choking. He has my face turned toward the video camera and I stare into the lens as he pulls my head back far enough for me to get a breath, I gasp for air and he pushes me back down onto his dick. His dick is enormous, but I somehow manage it.

I eventually get used to it, but not completely. I still have the urge to choke everytime escort beşiktaş my chin hits his balls. This continues for about three minutes and finally my gag reflex goes away. I’ll bet it was an interesting three minutes of video.

My face was a mess, completely wet with tears and snot. I dislodge the dick from my throat and ask for a wash cloth so I can wipe my face. He refuses, tells me that I’m a slut and they want the video to show it. He also said that the next time he comes to town that he will bring makeup, a wig, lingerie and high heels. He tells me that he likes to see red lipstick and mascara run down the face of his sluts while they’re sucking dick.

He also says that when they’re finished my face is going to be covered in cum and that they’re going to make me eat it all on camera, but only after I beg them for it. Then he asked if I understand, I nod, he says I can’t hear you, I say, yes sir. He stands up still holding a fistfull of my hair and his friend adjusts the camera. The camera is only about 2 feet away from me and I can imagine how this is going to look on a big screen. It’s a Sony HD camera so the image will show well on a big screen tv. He lets go of my hair but his friend grabs a fistfull of hair and pull me toward his dick.

OMG, these guys must be brothers or something. His dick is almost a carbon copy of the other one. He does the exact same thing that the other one did. My eyes and nose are running like a faucet. He’s standing also, so, I’m kneeling between the two of them getting my throat stuffed while facing a video camera. I start to really get into it. I figure if I’m acting, I may as well act. Lots of appreciative moans and lustfull mooning for the camera.

They’re getting into it also, they tell me to take a dick in each hand and suck on the head of both of them at the same time. I can barely get them both in my mouth. They each have a handfull of my hair and I’m staring directly into the camera as they grind their enormous dicks against my face. One of them forces his balls into my mouth while the other smears his sticky precum into my already wet face and then they switch.

They switch back and forth several times and they’re very verbal, calling me cunt, slut, whore, and then telling me to say it for the camera. I’m looking directly at the camera peering through strands of pre-cum and dick and balls saying things like I’m a nasty cumslut whore, I want to suck your dicks until you cum in my mouth and all over my face. I want to be the company slut, I’ll do anything you want for a mouthfull of cum. This goes on for over two hours.

I’m getting worn out, I’m exhausted and I’m starting to just let them fuck my face, my neck is sore from bobbing up and down. As if on cue, one of them grabs my head with both hands and mercilessly fucks my mouth. His dick is so big the first gush of cum shoots down my throat, but subsequent gobs fill escort maslak my mouth and I struggle to swallow it. When he sees some of his cum dripping down my neck, he pulls out of my mouth and covers my face with the rest of it.

He expertly turned my face toward the camera as he paints it. I could tell that he’d done it before. He doesn’t even have to tell me to beg for it, I know the drill. I say, please sir would you scrape the cum off of my face and make me eat it. As he scrapped it off of my face with his dick, he said, eat it pig, gobble it up. I did exactly as I was told.

Then his friend did the exact same thing, except when he started cumming he turned my face toward his and said, swallow all of it you fucking whore. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop cumming, I must have swallowed a half pint as I looked into his eyes. I didn’t choke and only a little cum escaped my lips. I am such a cum slut. These guys owned my slut ass, and I’m liking it, but I’m wondering just how long I can keep from getting fucked. I could never handle getting fucked by these two.

I talk to them a bit and they tell me they aren’t really into fucking guys although they both fucked the last guy a couple of times. They said they tied him over a table and all seven of them fucked him. I told them that I couldn’t handle that and that all I really like is sucking dick.

They said that the boss and one of the salesmen were really into fucking married guys, but the rest of them would just as soon get blowjobs. They seem to like me and they tell me they’re going to be here until Friday. They want me to meet them in a bar on the River one night. I tell them, I’m not sure that I can pull that off. They say they’ll email me and they tell me when and that I’ve got a career in the porn industry if I don’t show up. I know what they mean, I tell them that I’ll be there, but I’ll have to go to Augusta and come back late Thursday so I can get out at night without arousing suspicion. I’ll stop off in Savannah on the way home.

They agreed to Thursday night at 8pm and they will email me with the name of the bar that they want me to go to. I wonder what they have in mind. I asked and they just said, be there. I really liked these two. Big dicked, married guys that just like their dicks sucked. Extremely dominant and verbal, I get horny just thinking about them.

They also told me the videos were some sort of contest, the team with the best video gets a $500 bonus. He said that each team put up a hundred dollars and their boss put up two hundred. I’ve got one more team to do before this contest is over, that would be the accountant and the controller. They have a poker game every Saturday night and the show the latest video. The boss judges the contest, so his video doesn’t count. Now I understand what’s going on. It seemed to me that they were trying to outdo each other. They’ve all kind of followed the format of the first video. I wonder if the next two will be more creative. These two get style points for creative video shots. If I like the next two, maybe I’ll help them with dialogue and setting up the video scenes. So far so good.

Just waiting for the next email.

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