Business Escape Pt. 03


Removing the Lines

Part 3

It was around 3am once I got back to my room. After peeing I looked at my disheveled self in the mirror, this time with some guilt starting to creep in. I just had the most amazing sexual experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, the guilt was for my wife, not Morgan! But I kept thinking of that damn Morgan. He continued to play his subtle cards perfectly with me. Any overt movement on his part would have quickly scared this old squirrel away. How in the fuck could a man play those cards so well with me? How was this even possible?

After reading Morgan’s text from the elevator, I boldly decided to reply at 3am. Which clearly would confirm that Camella and I had been together, but also potentially initiate a late-night encounter. But I was fine with that – I wasn’t trying to play games here.

My text back to Morgan: “Hi, we JUST wrapped up her business plan – she’s now WAY ahead of your plan and launching globally next week! 🙂 Yes things did get a bit messy – yikes who am I??? I don’t think she was letting me out of her claws! The damn dream I had the other night put me into a passive state (yes blaming you), so I just let the night go to whoever who was dragging me with them. Cough cough 🙂 I’m proud of you for starting your outline and thanks again to your magical hands, my neck no longer hurts! Not that you needed or wanted to hear this, but I can’t stop thinking about you! Good night, Morgan!” Such obvious drunk, guilty flirting. I dropped the phone and fell face-first and passed out onto the bed.

As I was slowly waking in the morning, blindly feeling for my phone in the dark, I saw that Morgan had near-immediately texted back last night, “How dare you help her create a business faster than mine! I thought we were BFF’s first!!?? 🙂 And wait, did she dare also massage you too!?? Well if you have trouble falling asleep, I can step up my game and come massage you to sleep? 🙂 Kidding kidding (kind of). Get your beauty sleep old man – nighty night. PS – I can’t stop thinking of someone either!”

That helped wake me into sitting up in bed to respond, “wow you JUST missed me before passing out face first fully clothed – PHEW!! 🙂 And happy to hear you can’t stop thinking of Janet! You two are adorable together. Also, your massage game is far superior! My head is fucking killing me – how’s your hangover? I need pain relief – I need coffee!!”

As I smiled and waited for his text, I downed a ton of water, did my bathroom business and quickly showered. Once I finished, I giddily hopped back to my phone for his response, “How did you know Janet was in bed with me as I was texting you – I had just massaged her to sleep with my jedi massage skills. 🙂 Coffee sounds healing – your place or mine? :)”

My foggy brain had to pause and do some mental math here. Any sensible thinking would have easily known by not going to the lobby for coffee, something is soon to be going down. My fatigued cock quickly woke up, grabbed the mic and said, “come here – bring Janet too if she also wants to start a business – I’ll order room service.” Real sturdy discipline on my part.

As I was brushing teeth again, the door knocked, followed by a high pitch, “room service Mr. Fox”. I slowly opened the door with a playful, but guilty look. Thankfully, Morgan stepped right by and didn’t mention a thing about my decision last night. Within seconds he was at-home sitting on the couch with his laptop eagerly ready to show me his progress on the outline. The room service arrived and I poured us both coffee.

We sat closely on the couch with our coffee as he pointed to his screen to show me his work. Sadly for Morgan, I provided plenty of fake acknowledgments, as my brain was in no condition for being smart and helpful.

Also, interestingly, I wasn’t yet feeling any expected, crazy sexual vibe between us, which was actually calming. Could have it been that those hot feelings were mostly due to being drunk and stoned? Or was it that I just had wild sex hours earlier and just not in the mood? Or was it simply the brain damage from drinking gallons of booze the last couple nights?

As I commended his homework, it quickly transitioned into how much fun last night was. As we detailed the night, with Janet making out with some guy, all of us dancing up a storm and Camella’s hungry outfit, Morgan proceeded to slide in the glittery elephant of last night’s events, which clearly would be our bathroom visit. Morgan blurts out, “Uh, can we talk about how hot that was in the bathroom? Who the fuck was I last night? I swear I’m never that forward!”

Widening my eyes, eyebrows lifting, head-tilting I responded, “I mean, your confidence was at the professional-level last night, Morgan. Never in my life has anyone done that to me. Never ever ever ever!”

Like a drug bust, the sexual electricity bulldozed back through the door with vengeance as the blood came rushing back into my sore, battered cock.

While calmly Sakarya Escort taking both of our coffees and placing them on the table, he shrugs his shoulders, smiles and quietly counters, “not sorry?”

He then firmly shuts his laptop, swishes around a sip of water, shifts to me with this serious, sexy look, grabs my face and quietly continues, “more so, what are we going to do about this?”

Staring right back into his blue eyes, mirroring his now serious stare I said, “well Morgan, we’re here alone again, what do you want to do about it?”

Morgan slowly extends his face towards mine, with both of us still wide-eyed staring, our lips reconnected once again. And just like last night, his lips knew exactly where to go and where they fit. Controlling but not controlling. Face perfectly soft with the a clean, lavender scent. His breathe had a slight hint of coffee as his tongue gently swirled up into my mouth, which I instinctively began to suck. He took our hands, stood us up and led me to the bed with a determined sense of urgency.

We lifted each other’s shirt while we continued to passionately kiss. In synch, we both fell onto the bed together. Impressively his foot quickly curled up and started to tug my shorts down, as I too pulled his shorts and underwear down.

After a minute or two of physically surveying each other’s naked bodies, Morgan sentenced my hand onto his large, warm cock. This time I felt a slight bit more comfortable and loved his aggressive guidance. I eventually brought my other hand to join the party and thoroughly rediscovered this amazing asset of his. This segued into his raised hands nudging my shoulders to head further down his body. I knew what he wanted. And in a weird way, I felt he deserved anything he wanted for my decision last night, in addition to not returning favors on the first night.

As he did to me nights ago, I recalled and replicated his moves to similarly kiss his neck, chest, nipples and stomach. Once I landed on his amazingly defined pelvic area, he had a faint amount of short pubic hair above his erect cock, which was pointing well past his belly button dripping clear, stringy excitement. Mostly blonde, lighter brown pubic hair with zero on his rigid cock, which appropriately dwarfed his also hairless balls. His whole package was just one an artist drew up. Even for someone who never took notice of the male anatomy, I stared in amazement and how delicate, yet powerful his package balanced itself.

Oddly, as I went in for my first big job, I began to instinctively salivate, like I do when thinking of delicious food. The saliva started to waterfall out of my mouth onto his cock, and with that I took my first attempt of inserting the glistening head into my mouth. It’s almost as if my brain knew my mouth needed some help by tapping my saliva gland. I also quickly realized there was a logistical dynamic to sucking a cock in that you ideally should be angled the right way. With teeth not playing friendly, I had to adjust my position lower and pull his cock down.

I’m not familiar with cock sizes, but once I pulled his down to suck on it, I’d guess it was close to the size of my foot, which is a size 11. Most likely an exaggeration, but it sure as hell seemed like the size of my foot at that moment. Just the pure weight of it almost confused me. My other size reference is when I get fully hard I can grab onto my cock with both hands and the head remains above both hands. I grabbed Morgan’s cock with both hands and seemingly half remained. My god.

As I took the head into my mouth, I kept getting continued whiffs of lavender. Morgan smelled better and better as I ventured into areas that typically don’t smell like lavender. His cock continued releasing a ton of precum, which uniquely and warmly tasted sweet with a slight pinch of salt. I bravely took more and more of his cock into my mouth. His magic hands were massaging my head. twirling my hair and an occasional tug.

As the intensity swelled, Morgan started to thrust in and out of my mouth. The saliva kept pooling, which helped glide his cock in and out of my mouth. Besides the effort my jaw was laboring to accommodate to his girth, I enjoyed the feeling of controlling this man who took charge start to squirm around in pleasure. As the pace picked up, he then reached down and nudged my shoulders again to go further down. It was crystal clear what he wanted.

As I slid down his cock, lifted up his legs, quickly stopped at his hairless balls and taint, I finally landed at his tiny hole. Also hairless, and surprisingly without an expected scent, I proceeded to close my eyes and extend my tongue to feel the lay of the land and gauge his reaction, which thankfully generated a slight body-hiccup. Similar to orally pleasing a girl, I just started to in essence french kiss his ass, which predictably ignited him to hump and thrust upward with enjoyment. At one point, as my tongue was becoming more and more comfortable, Adapazarı Escort Morgan had head-locked me with his legs letting out light high-pitched moans.

After a couple minutes of him twisting and flexing while I drenched this region, my sexual instinct kicked into gear and I flipped him over. Morgan was given a first taste of our strength differences. I effortlessly picked up his body and put him on his stomach, reached down and spread his perfect little ass. I dove back into his wet, hairless little ass. I mimicked his tactical moves and started to penetrate my tongue in and out of him, like I was really fucking him.

Now my cock’s stomach began to growl salivating and hungry for more. I unloaded a large wave of spit all over his asshole and inner cheeks, and slowly slid my body up his until I was kissing the back of his neck. I whispered into his ear asking, “may I?”

Morgan slightly turned his head and whispered back, “please”, as he grabbed and gripped a pillow.

With his approval, both of my arms did a push-up to elevate slightly above him, with my knees holding most of my weight. My right hand shifted down and positioned my cock into his region, circling the head in the pool of spit. As I continued to mistakenly fumble around trying to blindly wedge my cock into his tiny little asshole, Morgan impatiently took his hand, grabbed my cock and attempted to pin-point the head into himself. He slightly lifted up his ass to better angle the entry. With a few pushes from the both of us, my head popped inside of him. He let go of my cock, let out a big exhale, reached around and firmly grabbed my ass to steadily pull me inside of him. Knowing this had to be accompanied with pain, I fought his pulling to try and go as slow as possible. All while this tentative slide furthered inside of him, I moaned, “holy fuck you are tight.”

As I slowly plunged into Morgan, I bent down and began sucking on the back and side of his sweaty neck. The intensity was unbearable, as I was not capable of moving beyond a slow crawl with fear of releasing immediately.

After minutes of delicately settling through the intensity, I further situated my hands on each side of him to adjust for some leverage and begin to try and start finally fucking Morgan. Just when I proudly had cleared the most intense hurdle, Morgan decided to push us both up so he was now on his knees. After situating into this familiar position, we did start to form a nice rhythm. Our bodies size difference played well in this position. Minutes into this increased pace, Morgan turned his head and looked at me with the side of his eye, seemingly as a cue for me to kiss him. I awkwardly bent down, not wanting to disrupt and collapse this enjoyable position, and lightly inserted my tongue into the side of his mouth, which led to him deliciously sucking on my tongue.

This tongue sucking seemed to switch gears for Morgan, which ignited him to rhythmically start pushing back more aggressively into me. As he did this, and started fucking harder and harder, Morgan panting hard, turns back again and says, “you keep hitting a spot – I could cum this way.”

Our athletic banging had generated a ton of sweat that created an enjoyable, wet slapping noise. I then blindly reached down below, grabbed for his bouncing rock-hard cock and began to jerk him off. At this point, Morgan was now fucking me more than I was fucking him. His inner animal was out in full force. I let go of his cock, reached around and placed my hands on his lips, asking for Morgan to spit on my hand. I took his spit and slid it all over his cock.

All in a millisecond, I quickly decided I wanted to make sure to catch this explosive orgasm in high-definition. Just before I let go of his cock, I said, “I want to see you”, as both of my hands slid onto his hips to slow him to a stop. I slowly pulled out, heard a soft whimper from him, and flipped him onto his back. Feeling my control take over, I strongly lifted his legs up, hung them off my shoulders, grabbed my already wet cock and dove right back in.

Morgan winced with pleasurable-pain as I quickly hit full capacity. The look on his face as I bottomed out was a memorable look. His very sweaty blonde hair, glistening forehead, pinkish-red cheeks with piercing blue eyes just sort of softly closed with a look of pleasure. Almost like a druggie after taking a big hit. His nostrils breathed in and then opened up for a lion’s exhale.

I also now had a clear view and different angle of his gem of a cock, now bulging with veins all over. I slowly brought my hand to my lips to generate some saliva and began to rub his cock again while I fucked him. I saw us both staring at each other with intense desire. His cock truly never diluted its shock value – I have decently large hands and his cock continued made my hands feel small.

With a few more strokes and continued stares, I began to really lay into Morgan. With this deeper, faster, sweat-slapping Serdivan Escort pace, my eyes gave notice that I was about to fill him up. Just as I broke and began to unload inside of him, Morgan yanked my hand off his cock, which uncorked a stream of cum that continuously jetted out all of over his body, easily reaching his neck and face. I had never seen anything of its kind – even in porn. The amount of cum had created a pool now at the bottom of his neck just above his chest.

As I continued to pump furiously inside him, I eventually felt my cum start to drip out of his ass, which was accompanied by an unfamiliar sound effect. Morgan completely drenched in sweat and cum, grabbed onto my ass to keep me warmly placed inside of his spasming ass. There were so many electrical currents firing through his ass and my cock. Our stares into each other’s eyes truly told our story of passion and lust.

As we both were breathing heavily, we continued staring without saying a word or even cracking a smile. My cock finally slipped out, which broke our intense lock down. With cum plastered inside and out, we both gingerly got up and went towards the bathroom.

As we were waiting for the shower to heat up, Morgan abruptly reached around to his ass to capture my cum from leaking onto the floor. Considering he was covered inside and out with cum and sweat, somehow handled the hilarious moment in such a fluid manner. He just had so much grace and deeply rooted confidence.

As we both stepped into the steaming shower and began cleaning off each other’s mess, we continued back to staring, but this time we quickly broke and began to smile and then laugh at the moment. This converted into a tight hug, as the warm water poured over us.

I was quite a bit taller, which made it easy for Morgan to start kissing my neck while gazing up at me. Our hands never once stopped adventuring around each other’s different body types. I enjoyed how he felt around my pecs and abs, while I would trace my finger around his broad, lean shoulders and collarbone.

I looked down, grabbed his face with both wet hands and gave him yet another deep kiss. Our lips and tongues continued to work well in orchestration. This all predictably led to the both of us gradually becoming erect, yet again. Watching his cock growing in front of my eyes, and in full light, continued my streak of amazement. We grabbed onto each others now hard cocks with equal comfort. As we continued to make out in the shower, lightly stroking each other, Morgan pulls back, glances down at his cock, looks up at me with a determined look and tone and says, “let’s see if we can do this.”

Without time for me to calculate or respond, he slightly brings both arms down, firmly grabs my hips and turns me to face the shower wall. My hands instinctively flattened and gripped onto the wet tile wall to brace steady. He slid up behind onto his tip toes, hugged me and lightly sucked on the back of my neck. I felt his now stiff cock slide by my balls near into my upper thigh area. I decided to bend down, spread my legs and adjusted slightly to help get him closer to his desired destination.

As I adjusted downward, I also pointed my ass out in search for his cock, which quickly positioned him to slide up over my asshole. As he began to slip and slide up my ass crack, I also reached down and started stroking myself. Something in this position just felt very new, and oddly naughty. I was bending myself down, in essence begging to be fucked, which really is a humbling feeling for a first time experience. Overall an incredibly erotic, private moment and feeling. The moment demonstrated how much trust and desire I had quickly established with Morgan.

As he was sliding between me, he took some of the soap and poured it into my hand to further stroke my cock. He took more of the soap and started to wash my lower back and ass, which eventually flowed into asshole. His slow massage and washing of my asshole felt amazing. He proceed to slowly and delicately insert a soapy, slippery finger, which made me flinch. Not really a painful flinch, but similar to dipping your toes into a cold pool, which just sends a quick jolt into your body. After that first twitch of discomfort, something ignited the nerves down there and it began to feel intensely different, but good different. As he slowly went inside further, with the side of my face plastered to the tile wall in lust, I gently pushed further into his finger to test my limits.

Once Morgan slowly removed his finger, I knew what was next, and admittedly was excited with anticipation. He gripped his cock and started to lightly go up and down my ass crack, while lightly starting to push around my asshole. Sadly, my asshole wasn’t speaking his cock’s language – it quickly felt like he was ten times the size of my asshole. He tried to position his soapy cock directly into me by grabbing onto my hip with one hand, while holding his cock’s head and tried pulling me into him. Lightly at first, then with a bit more force. Unfortunately his cock just kept slipping right past the slippery little hole. My gut knew if it did find its way inside, it probably would have split me into two. If there was every a time I was willing to be split, this was it.

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