Cuckolding My Son Ch. 05



I was awakened the next morning after a LONG night of sexual ecstasy and abuse thanks to Matthew and his Mistress, Jen. I’d washed and laid out the outfit Matthew had personally chosen for me to wear to work today before going to bed last night; I still felt disgusting from the night before despite showering already so I hopped in the shower once more before getting dressed. I could still feel all the spit and cum that soaked my face and asshole.

As if the dress Matthew had picked out wasn’t provocative enough, it was bright red; I was sure to stick out like a sore thumb as soon as I walked into the office. I slipped the dress on and looked at myself in the mirror; there were two thin straps going over each of my shoulders and the neckline plunged deep down almost to the center of my chest, hardly covering my breasts at all. They were about half way exposed and there was no way I’d be able to get by with a bra on so I had to use double sided tape to keep the dress from completely exposing my nipples. It was form-fitting and tight enough to show every curve on my body and stopped just below the “V” shape of my vagina; the bottom of the dress was riding higher than “thigh high.”

Of course, I was instructed by my son not to wear any underwear with the dress so I slipped on a garter belt that wrapped around my thin waist and attached a pair of “safe for work” stockings; they were lace around the top but mostly professional like a pair of tights around my thighs. Despite my best efforts to keep my attire work appropriate, I was still showing a lot of skin.. Oh, and who could forget the collar around my neck that read “SLAVE.”

I was only at work for about 45 minutes dressed this way before I started getting nasty looks and complaints from coworkers and then my biggest fear.

“Krissy, I’d like to speak to you in my office.” My boss said.

I took a long walk of shame through the office with my head held down to my bosses office.

“Have a seat.” He instructed, solemnly.

“Sir, I can explain..” I began to plead. “I just..”

“Save it.” He cut me off.

“But..” I started again.

“I said, save it.” He stopped me once more. “I know exactly what’s going on here. I spoke to your son this morning before you arrived.”

“What? My son?” I was confused.

“Yes, you son. Matthew, isn’t it?” He asked.

I nodded.. With a puzzled look.

“Matthew took it upon himself to inform me of your little.. Situation.” He explained. “He also told me that if there were complaints in the office, I should send you home for the day rather than suspend you or fire you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; how could Matthew possibly have explained our situation to my boss of all people? I suppose in a sense, I was relieved that he would be sending me home so I wouldn’t have to endure this degradation anymore.

“BUT.. He also made it very clear that you would have no problem doing me a little ‘favor’ to make sure this stays between us and doesn’t make it’s way to corporate or the HR department..” He continued.

I could feel all the blood in my body rush to my face; I was as red as the dress I was wearing. I was beyond embarrassed and my boss could see it in my face.

“So what do you say? Why don’t you get down on all fours and crawl on over here.” He said, pushing back in his chair and patting himself on the lap.

I was speechless; my face was no longer blushed. All of the blood flushed from my face and I was as pale as a ghost; I felt sick to my stomach. I loathed my boss; he was an old and overweight man well into his 60’s.

“Come on now, I haven’t got all day.” He said. “Matthew said you would do as your told or you would be punished.”

I reluctantly slid out of my chair and fell onto all fours in the floor; my head dropped even further down than it had during my walk of shame as I slowly crawled over to my boss.. Like a fucking dog. I could hear him already unzipping his pants as I made my way over.

I knelt before him with my head down; he placed his hand under my chin and held it up so he could see my eyes.

“Now, let’s see those pearly whites. You’d better have a smile on your face for this.” He told me.

I did my best to feign a smile and opened my mouth wide in an attempt to grin. My boss placed his hand on his limp cock which was still inside of his briefs; he grabbed it and shook it up and down as if he was trying to revive it. Who knows the last time he got any action.

“Pull your tits out.” He instructed. “Sit on your knees and put your hands behind your back.”

I did as I was told.. Even if I didn’t want to. I couldn’t let him tell Matthew I wasn’t following orders.

“Oh, my. What wonderful tits you’ve got.” He said as he placed his other hand on my breasts and squeezed. He ran his hand along my breasts and up my throat; he placed his hand around my throat and began to squeeze it as well, choking me.

He applied pressure around my throat but not enough to hurt me; just enough to cut off the blood flow. I gorukle escort could feel myself getting dizzy and my face was beginning to change colors before he released me. He hand continued up my neck until he was holding my jaw in the palm of his hand; he massaged his thumb around my cheek before rubbing his whole hand across my face and in my hair.

His tiny cock was now fully erect but it was still tiny; he lifted out of his chair enough to pull the briefs down far enough to expose his tiny cock. His pubic hair was unkempt, grey, and bushy. He placed his thumb in my mouth and pryed my jaw wide open.

“Stick your tongue out.” He commanded.

I stuck my tongue out and he stuck the tip of his cock on it and stroked it tightly once, allowing a tiny drop of pre-cum to squirt out onto my tongue. He began to thrust forward and backward sliding his cock along my tongue; spit began to drip from my mouth and down my neck and onto my tits and all over my nice red dress. He stroked his cock once more and then held it at the base of his cock extending it as far as he could.

“Suck the tip.” He instructed.

I did as I was told and with my eyes closed I slid my tongue down to the base of the tip of his cock and closed my mouth tightly; I began to gently suckle on it, swirling my tongue around the head as it was locked between my lips.

“Stroke it.” He continued to give me instructions.

I started to stroke his cock and began licking it on each side up and down and onto the other side.

“Suck on my balls.” He told me.

His balls were as wrinkled as you could imagine; they weren’t even a pair of balls anymore. It was just a fat swollen sack which may or may not have been holding a pair of balls inside it.

“I want you to take it all in your mouth.” He said. “Matthew told me you could deep throat.”

“Anyone could deep throat this tiny thing.” I thought to myself.

I did just as he’d asked and took his cock all the way down my throat until my nose was touching his fat gut, which he had to pull back for me to get all the way down his cock. Once his cock was in my throat I stuck out my tongue and began to massage his balls; I bobbed up and down for a few brief strokes before he commanded me to stop.

“Stop! You’re going to make me cum.” He yelled.

I tried to get a few more strokes in, hoping I could make him cum quickly but he shoved me back and into the floor.

“Get up here, on my desk and lay down.” He told me.

I laid down flat on my back on his desk with my head hanging upside down off the edge, just as he’d told me to. I opened my mouth and he stepped right up to me and stuck his tiny dick in and began to pathetically thrust into my throat as if he was fucking a vagina. His legs shook and quivered as he tried to hold back his cum and I laid there un-enthusiastically letting him use my mouth as he pleased.

The fat from his stomach was hanging down over my face and covering my nose and I was having trouble breathing so I began to gag but he didn’t stop. He completely ignored the choking sounds I was making as my mouth closed a little tighter; I could feel my teeth scraping against his tiny erect penis. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them tightly and took a small step back allowing me to catch my breath; spit erupted from my mouth as he took his cock out and streamed down my face.

He dipped his cock down and rubbed it all over my face in an attempt to catch the spit and use it as lube to continue with my mouth; he shoved his cock back into my throat and gave it a few more pumps before he started to moan about cumming. He removed his cock once more and stroked the head of his tiny cock until he came all over my forehead.

“Sit up.” He told me. “And don’t even think about wiping that off your face.”

I sat up and took a look at myself at the mirror he had hanging in his office; I had spit and cum all over my face and my mascara was everywhere.

“Matthew told me to make sure you get home exactly the way you were when I was finished with you.” He said. “That means you’d better have my cum on your face when you get home or else you’ll be punished.”

I stood silently looking at myself in the mirror and lifted the straps of my dress over my shoulders to cover my breasts.

“May I leave now?” I asked.

“Yes, you may.” He told me, very politely. “I’d like to thank you for that little favor you just gave me.” He said, as he kissed me on the cheek on my way out.

I quickly ran out of his office and raced for the elevator hoping no one would see me with all of this cum on my face. Luckily I made it home without having to stop and speak to anyone. Matthew was waiting for me once again when I got home.

“I see your boss took advantage of our little deal we worked out.” Matthew said.

I nodded.

“You look..” Matthew began. “Good.”

I couldn’t help but feel the sadness disappear; my face lit up with joy. But why? Why would he think I looked good covered in spit and cum?

“Go wash up. I’ve got another altıparmak eskort bayan surprise for you.” He said.

I rushed to the shower to clean myself up for my son; he was overwhelmingly pleasant in comparison to how he’d been treating me. Perhaps he was finally starting to have an interest in me again.

“Put these on and nothing else and then come to living room.” I heard Matthew say outside the bathroom door as the shower stopped.

I opened the door and all that was laying in front of me was a pair a black leather heels. I slipped them on and made my way down the hall; my heels clicked along the wooden floor. Matthew was sitting on the couch waiting for me, rope in hand.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Quiet whore.” He snapped.

My lips sealed shut and I froze in place; it was like I was in a trance at the slightest command awaiting further instruction.

“I think.. For today, you’ve had enough.” He told me. “So tonight, I’m going to go easy on you.”

Matthew sat on his knees in front of the glass coffee table by the couch and invited me to come sit in front of him; I walked over and took a seat directly in front of my son. He spread my legs wide and took a good look at my pussy; I could feel it dripping down the side of my thigh and pooling on the glass table below me.

“So wet..” Matthew said. “You’re sick.”

My heart was pounding out of my chest; I had no idea what Matthew had planned for me.

“I’ve invited some friends over.” He told me.

“Oh, no.” I thought. I couldn’t bear the thought of having him watch a bunch of his friends use my holes again.

“Don’t worry.” He assured me, “No one is going to lay a finger on you tonight.”

He began to tie the rope tightly around my tits as he had the night before to create a harness, accentuating them. He placed my arms and hands behind my back and tied them along with the chest harness and then carefully laid me back onto the coffee table. From there he criss-crossed my legs, Indian style so that the bottoms of the heels were touching each other; he tied my legs down in this position spread wide open. I couldn’t move or close them.

“So tell me, Mother. What exactly did your boss do to you?” He asked.

“Matthew, I..” I was uncomfortable. He slammed his palm down on the coffee table and demanded I tell him.

“Well, first he made me get on my hands and knees and crawl over to him like a dog.” I began to tell him everything that happened. “Then he played with himself and forced me to take my tits out and put my hands behind my back.”

“And? Did you like watching him touch himself for you?” Matthew asked. “Of course you did, you’re a whore. Continue.”

“Then he played with my tits and started choking me until I almost passed out..” I continued. “He pryed my mouth open and made me stick my tongue out and started to rub his shaft along my tongue, dripping pre-cum onto it.”

Matthew pulled out a gag and began to tie it around the coffee table.

“Then he had me suck on the tip and stroke his cock and suck on his balls.” I told him. “I tried to make him cum quickly by deep throating his cock but he made me stop.”

“You fucked his cock with your throat without him asking you to?” He asked.

“Well, he asked me to but I was trying to get it over with as quick as I could.” I explained. “I didn’t want to do it, sir. I only want your cock.”

“Don’t make me laugh, you stupid bitch.” He snapped back. “You can lie all you want but I know you love any cock you can get.”

He gave me a quick slap on the cheek and told me to keep going.

“Once he knew I was trying to make him cum he made me lay upside down on his desk and he fucked my throat as hard as he could.. Like he was fucking a pussy.” I told him. “He did this until I couldn’t breathe and then he came on my face, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and sent me home.”

Bizarrely enough Matthew seemed to become uncomfortable once I told him my boss kissed me on the cheek. He brought the gag around the other side of the table and shoved it in my mouth and tied it together with the other side. The gag was in my mouth and tied around the table to hold my head down against it.

I was completely tied down to the table and couldn’t move a muscle; Matthew got up to leave the room for a few minutes and when he came back all I could see out of my peripheral vision was what looked like a mic stand. He positioned the mic stand at the bottom of the table just above my cunt; he stood over top of me and looked me in the eye before licking the palm of his hand and rubbed it over the opening of my slit and up to my clit. My entire body twitched and I squealed like a pig through my gag; I couldn’t believe he’d just touched my pussy.

He left my lying on the table for what felt like hours until there was a knock at the door; his friends had arrived.

“Come on in boys.” He welcomed everyone. “Don’t mind this fucking slut on the table here. Really, don’t mind her. I want you all to keep your hands nilüfer eskort bayan to yourself.. But just pretend she’s not even there. That’s just a table.”

The guys made themselves right at home pouring drinks and leaving beer cans sitting on top of my naked body; one guy even took it upon himself to have a seat on my stomach. They even ordered a pizza and let the delivery guy have a quick peek at me.

“Oh, and one more thing before I forget..” Matthew announced to the room as he stood between my legs; I tried my best to look down and see what he was doing but I couldn’t move my head.


I heard something between my legs start up and begin vibrating; Matthew had attached a Hitachi magic wand vibrator to the mic stand between my legs and was moving it closer and closer to my clit. I was left there all night, squirming and screaming as the Hitachi made me cum over and over again while the boys watched a football game. Each time I’d cum my muffled screams through the gag would get a bit louder and each time they’d turn the TV up even louder to drown out the noise.

Once the game was over Matthew gathered all the guys around the coffee table.

“Alright boys, you know what time it is. Take your dicks out.” He instructed.

I was starting think these weren’t really Matthew’s friends and were just some more perverts he’d found on the internet. Matthew took a seat on the couch while five or six of the men began to masturbate over my naked body. My clit was throbbing and on fire from the Hitachi which had been going all night and I literally couldn’t stop myself from having an orgasm as they all stroked their cum all over me, one by one.

One by one they came and then they were on their way out the front door; once they were all gone Matthew shut the Hitachi off and moved it away from my clit. He paced around the table in circles looking down at me as if he was debating his next move.

“I’ll be right back.” He told me, as he left the room.

When he returned he strapped on some plastic gloves, like doctors use; he got down on his knees beside the table and began to push the cum that was covering my body with his finger. He pushed whatever was left on my face into my mouth and then moved down to my tits and hips; he pushed whatever he found there into my cunt. Anything he’d missed he placed on his finger and inserted it into my asshole. As sick as it was, I was just happy to have his fingers inside of me.

When he was done cleaning my body of the cum he began to untie me.

“I suggest you get some rest. You won’t be going to work tomorrow. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us.” He told me.

I hopped in the shower for the THIRD time of the day to get ready for bed; when I came back into my room Matthew was lying in my bed. I was wearing a silk night gown and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Are we sleeping together?” I asked him, secretly hoping he would say yes.

“Not tonight. I can still smell all that cum on you.” He said. “Tonight, you’ll sleep in the dungeon. Now get out of here.”

I let out a deep sigh of disappointment.

“Do as your told and maybe I’ll give you a special gift.” He told me as I sauntered out of the room and down to the dark cold basement he’d turned into his own personal sex dungeon.

“Wake up.” Matthew yelled standing beside the bed in the dungeon.

I was startled

“What time is it?” I asked in disarray while wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“6 AM. Time to get up.” He told me. “Hurry up and get dressed.”

He tossed today’s outfit at the foot of the bed and pulled me out from underneath the blankets. I was still half asleep and not completely sure what was going on; Matthew sat me on the edge of the bed and the began dressing me.

“Today, I’m going to have a little fun with you.” He told me. “But first, we’ve got to get you dressed.”

He strapped a black leather waist trainer around my torso and zipped it up tight; it covered my entire stomach and stopped just under my breasts lifting them up. He slipped some black stocking with red lace around the top over my legs and covered my thighs.

“Stand up.” He said as he pulled me to my feet.

I raised one foot after the other and he slid a red lace garter belt up around my hips and attached the stockings to it.

“And last but not least.” He said as he pushed me back onto the bed putting some bright red heels on my feet. “Now you’re ready.”

“Ready for what, sir?” I asked, politely.

“You’ll see, whore.” He responded, almost as equally as politely as you could while calling someone a whore.

The dynamic of our relationship seemed to be constantly evolving; despite the things Matthew was forcing me to do it’s almost as if doing everything he asked of me was somehow warming him up to me. I could feel him becoming more affectionate even if he wouldn’t show it.. That or I was beginning to love being treated like this.

Matthew laid some cushions down at the end of the bed on the floor and had me take my position on my knees in front of the bed steel bed frame; as usual he broke out the ropes and tied my arms behind my back by the wrist to the bed frame. He tied my feet by the ankles to each of the legs of the frame and once again I was completely bound and helpless; Matthew was free to do whatever he wanted.

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