Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 12


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Twelve

“I’m really not sure why this is necessary…”

Sasha folded her arms and stared resolutely out the window of Fyr’s rattling, old truck, her lips pursed and the tip of her tail curling and uncurling as if she could not bear to keep it still. The dragoness sighed and tried to focus on the road that unwound itself beneath their wheels as they made their way into town. The landscape was more barren than usual, but the flush of spring would soon be with them, and she supposed that they could only be grateful that it had not been a hard winter. On the contrary – they’d barely even felt it with all the heat going on in the comfort of their own home.

There was, however, still much work to be done on the barn and ranch house before they could even think about moving in, but the foundations were being set down from their savings, that time of scrimping and saving and grinding through jobs neither of them enjoyed paying off dividends. Sometimes the best things in life were worth a little trouble. Fyr only hoped that the same was true for the new relationship she’d found with her husband and her mother.

Her mother was not best pleased with her daughter ‘forcing’ her to see the doctor. Her stomach swelled with her ongoing pregnancy, easily at the four-month mark and progressing rapidly. She rested her paw on her stomach as they drove, unaware that Fyr kept stealing glances at it, eyes sliding between the baby bump and her own, comparatively smooth belly.

Would she ever have a hatchling of her own, or was she destined to be the nanny’s cuckold too? Fyr wrinkled her nose, snout crinkling. Did that even work or make sense? Not much made good sense to her anymore.

She still had her common sense though and, when Sasha had shown her the holes appearing in her sides, scales folding in as if the very structure of her body was collapsing, she’d known just what to do. Like all the times her mother had dragged her kicking and squealing to the doctor because she’d hurt herself doing something ridiculous or dangerous or both, it was time for her to make sure that Sasha, and the baby, got the attention they needed.

Before it was too late.

Her hind paw inched down on the gas pedal, the dragoness gnawing at her lip. Silence stretched out between them, Sasha’s grumbles and complaints going unanswered as she stewed. Although Fyr was well aware that she too knew it was for the best as there was nothing on heaven or earth that would have forced her mother into the truck if she had not too thought it to be, ultimately, the right decision.

Fyr sent a prayer up to the lord, if he happened to be listening at that given moment, that everything would go well. She’d picked out the town clinic for her mother, thinking that the drive would be easier (than hauling tail all the way into the big city) on a dragoness carrying a hatchling, though they still could not say conclusively whether it was an egg or not. That was something that the doctor would be better able to tell and Fyr herself tingled with anticipation of the news.

It consumed her every waking moment, tiny paws pattering through her dreams as she tossed and turned on the sofa of a night. Would it be a male or a female? What could she teach them? Oh, how fun it would be to watch them grow up! It didn’t matter that the hatchling would not be hers, only that it was one that was of her family. Neither could she have said quite when her mind settled to the possibility – it was, after all, far too late to terminate the pregnancy with any sense of compassion or good faith – but a kind of peace over that nuance of the situation, at least, had wrapped itself over her mind. Perhaps it was because she could focus whole-heartedly on preparations for the youngster to arrive, going from task to task with comforting regularity. Or perhaps it was the lack of power and control that made everything all that simpler to accept.

Sasha sulked into the corner of the waiting room, glaring at everyone and anyone that walked by as she was put out of her day. Fyr could only imagine what she’d planned to do with Ropes, only to be thwarted by her own daughter taking the lead. Drumming her fingers on the arm of the stiff-backed chair, Fyr took a deep breath. It felt good to take charge, if only to do what was right for her husband and his partner. It made her feel taller, bolder, stronger, like she could sit up straight and smile with confidence in her eyes. Not that she much knew what confidence looked like in one’s eyes, but she was damn sure going to try to make it shine.

The doctor, however, could have been more tactfully chosen for a dragoness in Sasha’s condition.

“Well, well, well, always Beylikdüzü escort a pleasure to meet a new patient. Are you from out of town?”

The fox should have been pleasant enough, a bright orange type with black ears and paws, glasses balanced on his snout rather than clipped into the fur on his head as if he didn’t want to concern himself with keeping them completely securely in place…and yet there was something about him that made Fyr’s back teeth itch, as the expression went. His amber eyes gleamed in the stark overhead lighting, enough to observe any patient without flattering them in the slightest, which his paws moved quickly across the keyboard, jotting down heaven knew what.

Sasha surveyed him with her legs crossed, muzzle tilted away.

“Yes, but I am moving here permanently. You could say that I already have.”

“Good, good…” He wasn’t really listening, only one ear twitching as his body responded without his mind taking note. “And would that be the address on file? The last address?”

The dragoness stiffened and Fyr shot her a look from the chair in the corner, sitting out of the way and yet still able to intervene if needed. Sasha seemed to deflate, shoulders rounding forward only an amount that Fyr would have noticed. There was nothing her mother did those days that bypassed her attention; or, at least, that was what she liked to think.

Stroking his whiskers, Dr Johnson glanced between Sasha and the computer screen. One could only imagine which he was more interested in.

“Your patient card said that you had some indents in your body that you wanted me to take a look at?”

The blue dragoness scowled at him, wings mantling threateningly over her back.

“Yes… It seems that something has…appeared and I’m quite concerned about it.”

He smiled in what Fyr supposed he thought was a kind manner, but truly just came off as just a little bit sinister. Even Sasha pulled back slightly, a look of abject trepidation crossing her muzzle.

“Well then, hop up and I’ll take a good look at you.”

Reluctantly, Sasha stood and rolled up the hem of her T-shirt, which bragged the logo of another metal band that she’d apparently been very into ‘back in the day’ and had recently rediscovered. She’d been digging out a lot of them lately, for what reason Fyr could not possibly fathom. Half of them were ratty and faded, but her mother seemed to love them either way.

The fox whistled as the holes in Sasha’s stomach were revealed, the ovals at a slant back towards her sides as if to point down like arrows towards her crotch. The swell of her stomach could not be missed, but he was far more interested in the deformity – not that they looked very much like deformities. The dragoness shifted uncomfortably as he snapped on a pair of green gloves, which all of them hoped were latex free. He was, however, surprisingly gentle in running his finger around the growing holes, which dipped in along with her scales as if she had squashed a divot into her own skin and was simply waiting for it to spring back into place.

“Interesting…” He murmured. “And do you feel any pain or discomfort here?”

Sasha shrugged.

“Not really. It itches sometimes, but that’s all I can really say there.”

The fox nodded, but neither of them was all too convinced that there was true comprehension in his eyes, but rather a sick kind of intrigue as to the nature of her condition. Sasha bristled and pulled away from his probing paws, fingers folded over her stomach in instinctive protection.

“Well, you don’t seem to be in any pain,” Dr Johnson said, stripping off the gloves. “That’s something.”

Sasha stared at him unblinkingly.

“I just told you that.”

“And no secretions, no blood,” he said, continuing on as if she had not said anything at all. “We’ll need to do further examinations and I’d like to refer you to a specialist in the meantime.”

He laughed, throwing his head back to show a flash of white teeth protruding from behind dark lips.

“We’re not all that well equipped to deal with holes where they shouldn’t be unless they can be stopped up and bandaged!”

As he laughed, Sasha and Fyr exchanged a look. Was the fox for real? Just what was he saying? It didn’t seem like much of a joke, but Fyr did her best to laugh along politely as he approached her mother again, not asking her permission before running his paws callously over her stomach. Sasha clenched her jaw, wings tense as she clearly struggled not to draw away from his rapidly becoming inexpert touch.

“Yes, so the specialist will deal with that,” he repeated, screwing up his muzzle as he scrutinised her baby bump. “On the other paw…”

There was a pause while the gear in his brain turned with agonising slowness. Even Fyr had to take a deep breath, steadying her nerve. Something wrong? Something good? Just what was it? Why did he delay so? She growled under her breath, earning her a disapproving look from her mother. Fyr winced. Well, at Beylikdüzü escort least some things never changed.

“I see you are expecting.” The doctor frowned. “May I ask which practice you have been visiting for your check-ups? How far along are you anticipated to be?”

“I haven’t been to any clinic,” Sasha said with a shake of her head, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “I monitored myself until Fyr was further along and I see no reason why this pregnancy will be any different to those I’ve had before. All without complications, I might add.”

The fox took a step back, whiskers quivering.

“I’m afraid that that simply will not do.” The disapproval in his voice was palatable, thick and heavy as Sasha blinked back at him, momentarily struck down for words. “You cannot treat your body so terribly – this is not old times now and we have so much technology and treatments that will make you all the more comfortable.”

That was just where he should have stopped. But foxes were not known for their intelligence and sometimes even their cunning got the better of them.

“It’s really a disgrace how you older dragons look at your bodies, thinking it’s still years back and that ‘one more’ just won’t make a difference.” He huffed, whiskers quivering indignantly. “You make my job all the harder and we’re going to have to have you in for a very strict routine of check-ups now, just to make sure that everything is alright. And it’s so rarely routine with dragons of, well…

He waved a paw in the air, lips twisting.

“Of your age, shall we say?”

Sasha drew herself up tall and pushed her shoulder blades back, fingers curled primly around the knee of the leg that she’d rested on top of the other. Pre-empting what was to come – she did know her mother, after all – Fyr winced.

Oh dear…

“Young fox, there wasn’t such a thing as these regular check-ups in my day,” Sasha hissed, barely parting her lips enough to allow her words out. “And, in my day, there weren’t young things like you poking and prodding ladies and acting like they’re all high and mighty for being in a position above dragons like me.”

She clenched her jaw, working it until she could, once again, speak the words that no doubt every femfur who’d had the misfortune to pass through his office had yearned to unleash.

“And I’ll have you know that I’m quite confident in my knowledge of birthing and the changes in my body, thank you very much! If there are any methods that will assist with my comfort in the later months, I welcome them, but until then I’d appreciate if you left a lady who knows well enough what she’s doing well enough alone.”

If she’d been anywhere else, Fyr would have half-expected her to wag a finger at the much younger doctor, his black ears folded back and eyebrows raised. It wouldn’t have been so bad, perhaps, if he’d said all he had with a kind expression and concerned eyes, but the fox positive spat the words at her mother, only to instantly regret them. Fyr covered her muzzle with her paws, hiding her smile even as her eyes danced. She knew that feeling far, far too well.

“I… I…”

“No. You don’t need to talk.”

The fox gulped as Sasha stared him down, tail cracking like the lash of a whip.

“Send in a more experienced doctor to complete the examination. Perhaps one who is not so inclined to talk down to patients.”

His mouth opened and closed several times, but a second look from the raging blue dragon was all that was needed to send him well and truly scarpering with his tail tucked between his legs. Slamming on his heels, the door bounced back once before settling into the frame, just in time for Fyr’s peals of laughter to ricochet raucously off the walls.

Scowling, Sasha growled and turned her muzzle haughtily away.

“Honestly, just what is with these young folk,” she grumbled, a tinge of pink at the height of her cheekbones. “No respect for those elder than them, none at all. And I am hardly that old. What is wrong with them?”

Wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, Fyr shook her head, grinning widely as her cheeks ached.

“I don’t know, mom, I really don’t know.”


The examination with a more sympathetic doctor, who was, perhaps, more than a little amused at the plight of his colleague went more smoothly than the initial consultation. Of course, it was the growing holes in Sasha’s sides, her flanks, if one willed, that were the greatest cause for concern, but X-rays were out of the question with the little one growing inside her. The doctor was able to discern that it was an egg she would lay and not birth a live hybrid child, but no one was very interested in that as he measured the diameter of the divots that had doubled in size since Fyr had first seen them.

“I’d be more concerned if you were expressing discomfort, but we’ll run further tests and, of course, see what we can find on an ultrasound to start off with. I’m sorry the gel is a bit cold, my dear, but you just Escort Beylikdüzü let me know if you need me to stop at any point.”

Sasha seemed a side more comfortable with the older badger and chatted softly to him, amicably enough to appease anyone faced with such a strange occurrence in a practice where nothing really out of the ordinary happened at any time. The ultrasound confirmed the presence of the egg, but revealed that the holes only dipped as far as the eye could see with no other abnormalities – not even inflammation – showing from a quick scan.

“There’s nothing more we can do until you’ve laid the egg, I’m so sorry to say,” he said, lips twisting as if he actually was sorry and had a true, vested interest in Sasha’s wellbeing. “I need you to keep a close eye on those. They don’t seem dangerous at this point, but if something is under your scales. It could even be a parasite.”

“What?” Fyr jerked upright, ear-frills quivering. “A parasite? Just where would a parasite have come from?”

The badger held up his paws quickly, placating her as swiftly as was possible.

“It’s fixable, please do not worry. But we need to ensure both mother and baby’s health for the short-term. If there was redness or even swelling, or something foreign on the ultrasound, I would be looking to send you for immediate further investigation, but it is likely to be invasive and unpleasant at this point.”

Sasha flinched and tucked her wings in to her back.

“I see… That does not sound pleasant.”

“It would not be, which is why I would like you to avoid it, unless your concern is greater. You will lay the egg in a few months, depending on how long your body retains it – it really does so often depending on the genetic make-up of the father when it comes to interspecies young – and then we can delve into this and put you right. For now, your comfort and wellbeing are of our utmost concern.”

Sasha snorted, shaking her head.

“A shame your fox doctor didn’t think the same.”

“His manner…” The badger waved a paw, eyes twinkling with a secret held back from the brink of his tongue. “His manner could use some work and his communication style, shall we say? His heart, I assure you, is quite in the right place.”

“So you say,” Sasha grumbled while Fyr hid her smile behind her paw. “Could have fooled me.”

“Either way, please monitor your condition closely. It goes without saying that this is highly abnormal, but you know your body better than anyone else and are best placed to track any changes until further investigation becomes a possibility.”

Sasha smiled, genuinely.

“It is far more pleasant to have a doctor that understands that and where my concern lies.”

“Well, don’t you worry, because everything is going to be fine,” he said, putting such conviction into his tone that it would have taken a strong will to go against him. “I’ll prescribe you a cream to soothe any irritation – quite a mild dose, mind you – but I cannot see any current reason why this is necessary, it is merely going to be there just in case you need it.”

Folding his paws across his rather portly stomach, he planted himself back in his desk chair and smiled reassuringly, black and white muzzle bobbing in a sage-like fashion.

“We’re going to get you through this pregnancy, have a healthy hatchling for you and then set you completely right again.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Sasha said, the tension visibly seeping from her rounded shoulders. “That’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

Fyr exhaled, letting them talk as she mused in the background. It may have been just what her mother needed to hear, but the appearance of such a deformity would have worried any daughter. She fretted and twisted her fingers together, something niggling at the back of her mind that would not quite come to the surface. The dragon gnawed at her lip, a worrisome curl of smoke trailing from her nostrils. But what was it? What was she, and even the doctor too, missing?


The answer did not come to her that day. Nor did it come to her the day that followed, even as life continued as normally as ever. Fyr worked on the ranch, put a fresh coat of paint on the room that would be the baby’s, at least temporarily. She still hoped to be able to move them out to the ranch house in due time, depending on how quickly the foundations were laid. And the hired team was moving at a due pace even in the off-season, perhaps being short of other work and eager to get to task. She was well aware that her little ranch house was not going to be the most profitable job – Ropes was a mean negotiator – but made sure that refreshments were available at all times, which seemed to sweeten the deal some during the time she had to be at work and unavailable.

Sasha’s wings continued to develop their ragged edge, but her energy and strength seemed to continue just as it always had. The dragoness was full of life and even helped Fyr with the chores around the ranch, as much as her daughter begged her to leave the jobs to her and her alone. Sasha, however, proved to be far stronger than Fyr and hefted wieldy wooden beams with ease, stacking them while Fyr rushed around to get the paintwork done. So much to do! Everything had to be treated! The barn had to be ready!

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