Cuckold Husband and Father Ch. 01


I knew it was my fault. I forgot to lock the front door – it was as simple as that. We had been so careful up to now, and I was extremely mad at myself for being so careless.

As I drove over to my daughter’s apartment to try to explain to her about what she saw, I wondered what I was going to say. I knew this was going to be the hardest thing I ever had to do, but, I obviously had to do it, and I had to do it quickly before she did anything rash – like calling her father, which I knew would be her first instinct.

It was a Friday afternoon – our normal time. My brother, Jack, had already been at the house about forty five minutes and we were going at it hot and heavy. I was moaning and urging him as he fucked me, saying how good his cock felt as it slid in and out of my wet pussy.

We were upstairs in the master bedroom when Julie, my twenty seven year old daughter, caught us. I was on my back, with my legs pulled up and Jack was pumping me for all he was worth when I saw her standing in shock in the doorway with her hand over her mouth. Jack had already gone down on me – licking my bare pussy for about twenty minutes and making me cum twice. Now, it was his turn – and as I lay there, wet and open for my brother’s hard, thundering cock to fill me with his cum, I saw something out of the corner of my eye – and that’s when I saw my daughter watching us. I’m not sure how long she was standing there gawking – but there was a look of shock, disbelief and anger on her face.

I silently prayed, as I parked the car in Julie’s parking lot, that she hadn’t overheard Jack and me discussing Tim, my husband, just a few minutes before I saw her watching us. I shuddered to think what was going through her mind if she did hear us – me begging him to fill my cunt with his hot, gooey sperm so my husband could lick it out.

I anxiously waited after I knocked on Julie’s door, and after what seemed like a long time, she opened it up. Her eyes were red and her face was wet, and it was obvious she’d been crying. When she saw me standing there, I could see the anger swell up in her eyes, but before she could say anything, I pushed my way through her door and held up my hand, saying, “Stop. Don’t say a word. It’s not what you think.”

“I catch my mother fucking my uncle….. her own brother….. in her own house….. in her own bed….. in the middle of the day……. and it’s not what I think?” She yelled.

“That’s right,” I said as calmly as I could, “it’s not at all what you think and I hope you’ll give me a chance to explain before you say, or, do anything that’s going to hurt someone.”

“Me, hurt someone? I can’t believe you just said that, Mother!” Julie huffed. “I’m not the one that was just caught cheating and having sex with another man. You were!”

I understood exactly where her anger was coming from, believe me. Julie had always been a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ – Daddy’s little sweetheart. She had him wrapped around her little finger from the day she was born. Tim had always been the perfect father and provider, and I loved him dearly for that, and so did Julie. So, I understood why she was angry – and I knew I had to handle this delicately so I didn’t destroy the vision she had of her perfect father.

“Please, Julie,” I said reaching out to her, “just hear me out. I know you’re upset, and all I’m asking is that you give me a chance to explain. If you’re not satisfied with my explanation and you want to throw me out of here, you’re free to do that.”

My daughter pulled away, yanking her arm back, and stomped into her living room and sat on her couch. Then, crossing her arms over her chest and scowling at me, she said, “Fine. Say what you need to say, but, you should probably know that I’ve already called Daddy’s cell phone and left a message.”

I sat down across from her and hung my head in my hands. “Sweetheart,” I said to Julie after a few seconds, “this is very important. Did you tell your father what you saw, or did you just leave him a message to call you back? Please tell me the truth.”

“I just left a message.” She said snottily.

I felt a flood of relief sweep over me. At least now I knew I had a chance to handle this in a discreet way – a way that would protect her father and me to some degree.

“Julie,” I replied, “before we go too much further, and before you think about saying anything to your father just yet, there’s something you need to know.”

“And what’s that?” Julie asked sarcastically.

“Sweetheart,” I said softly, “I don’t know how to say this other than just come out and say it, but….. your father knows about your uncle and me, and he approves.”

“What!” Julie exclaimed. “Dad knows you’re having sex with someone else….. you’re own brother, and he’s okay with it?”

“Exactly.” I answered. “So, if I were you, I’d listen to what I had to say before I started spouting my mouth off. You could hurt your father deeply, and I know you don’t want to do that.”

I had Julie’s Beylikdüzü escort attention now, that’s for sure. I saw the anger drain from her face and she wiped the remnants of tears from her face and looked up at me. “Okay.” She said in a huff. “I’m listening.”

“First,” I replied, “if I discuss this with you, are you mature enough to keep it to yourself? Your father would be seriously affected and heartbroken if this got out.”

“Mom!” Julie exclaimed. “Of course I am. Get on with it.”

“Okay,” I replied, “then don’t interrupt me while I try to explain this to you. And remember, this is just between family.”

My daughter nodded her head and I took a deep breath, wondering where to start.

“About ten years ago,” I began, “your father and I stopped having sexual relations. He, uh…… well, I guess you’re old enough to know this happens to men sometimes….. he couldn’t get an erection. He went to doctors and clinics and tried a lot of different medications along the way, but, nothing really worked. They said it was a combination of him getting older, job stress, you growing up and going off to college and about a hundred other things. They said it would go away, but it never did. No matter what we tried, he just couldn’t get an erection anymore.”

I told Julie it was hard on both of us – not to be able to enjoy having sex like we used to. I told her I felt like it was my fault because I wasn’t young or sexy, and because I didn’t turn him on anymore. I felt guilty because I couldn’t get him interested or excited. I told her that her father felt like it was his fault, too, and for the first seven years of this, we grew apart and increasingly distant.

“I finally convinced him to go to marriage counseling with me.” I told her. “It wasn’t looking hopeful, Sweetheart. We argued over everything and we fought a lot.” I told her about our extended fights and not speaking for days at a time. Julie sat there and listened as I told her how lonely it was and how both her father and I began to drift further and further apart. “We were both thinking about separating. We never said anything to you, but we discussed divorce more than once.”

“One day,” I sighed, “I came home from work early to find your father sitting at his computer, completely naked with a full erection, smelling my worn underwear and masturbating while he looked at pictures of women in their panties.”

“I was absolutely livid!” I said to Julie. “After seven years of thinking he couldn’t get an erection at all, I come home and find he can get one looking at pictures of cute, young girls in their underwear. I was hurt, and I felt cheated and betrayed.”

I explained to Julie how I stormed out of the house and didn’t come back until late that night and how I didn’t speak to her father for three days – not until we had our next session with the marriage counselor, and then I screamed and yelled at him before I broke down and cried in front of her father and the female marriage counselor.

My daughter sat wordlessly as I explained to her the details of those lonely seven years, our fighting and the pain of discovering that her father had been masturbating in secret for so long. Julie didn’t say a single word, but I could see she understood and sympathized with me up to now.

I continued my story, telling Julie how the marriage counselor met with her father several times after that, two hours at a time without me being there. “Finally,” I added, “we went to a session together, your father and me, and that’s when everything came out.”

I took my time and carefully explained to my daughter what I heard at that meeting – what her father told me and what the counselor said. I went into detail with Julie about her father’s panty fetish – what a panty fetish actually was, and how he’d suppressed it for years. I also explained to her how he tried in vain over the years to tell me about his interest in panties and how I always ignored it and passed it off as nothing important.

“During that session,” I told my daughter, “I was mortified to find out that your father had used your panties to masturbate on several occasions.”

“Used my panties?” Julie asked. “You mean….. he…… uh….”

I nodded my head. “Yes.” I answered. “I mean smelling them, rubbing them on his face and his penis, and ejaculating into them. He even admitted he’d been using the spare keys you gave us to come into your apartment, get your panties and masturbate right here in your apartment while you were at work.”

My daughter’s eyes grew wide and she shook her head back and forth. “I never knew!” Julie gasped.

“That’s all part of his fetish, Dear.” I consoled her. “But, it’s not your fault. While we were at that meeting, the counselor asked your father if she could talk to me privately about his fetish, and, so while your father sat outside, she explained it all to me and told me more of the things he’d done. She told me his erection difficulties were definitely Beylikdüzü escort real for the first seven years, and he got severely depressed over it – almost despondent. I guess the big change occurred a couple of months before I caught him at the computer.”

I paused for a moment to take a breath knowing I’d probably wounded her pretty bad with the truth about her father. Then, I began again, telling her the story of how her father first became interested in her panties, saying, “Do you remember a few years back when you asked him to come over here to fix something in your apartment while you were at work one day?”

I could see my daughter trying to recall it, but, she shook her head and said, “I can’t remember, Mom.”

“Well, you did, and while he was here, he happened to find a pair of your panties on your bedroom floor and he got an instant erection when he picked them up and held them in his hand. Apparently, he was so surprised and excited about getting an erection after so long, he masturbated himself right there…… right in the middle of your bedroom, using your panties.”

“He told the counselor he was too embarrassed to tell me what happened – that he got an erection because of his daughter’s panties, but, he admitted to her that he took those panties with him that day and kept them at the house so he could use them again.” I continued on, saying, “The counselor said he couldn’t tell me about getting an erection because I’d already rejected his repeated attempts to tell me about his panty fetish, and she said after that, he simply used your panties because he already had them and they apparently made him incredibly hard. The counselor suspected that in order to get any kind of sexual release, he’d really have no choice other than to turn to pictures on the internet, or your panties, so that’s what he did.”

It looked to me that Julie was almost in shock with what she was hearing. “Don’t be upset with your father about him taking your panties, Julie. If you want to get upset with someone, get upset with me. He dropped hints to me for years that he had an interest in panties and I ignored it every time he brought it up. If I would have reacted differently….. if I would have been open to discussing it – it’s possible he would have never had the erection problems and everything would have been fine.”

“So,” I said, “before we left the marriage counselor’s office, she gave us an assignment to go home that night and openly discuss our sex life – what we liked, our fantasies, our desires – and she told each of us to make a list of the five things that excited us the most and the five things that turn us off the most, and then share them with each other. That night,” I explained to Julie, “was the real turning point in our marriage and I learned things about my husband I never knew. I learned that night what turned your father on – what he wanted sexually. For the first time in our marriage, I really paid attention to him and he was completely honest and open with me. I realized something important that night, Julie – I realized I wasn’t meeting his needs as a man, and I wasn’t giving him what he wanted sexually.”

As we sat there, I told my daughter everything. I confided in her about all her father’s desires and how I’d finally come to accept them. I told her how I could see the renewed look of love in his eyes, and how his sexual interest in me as his wife and lover returned. Most importantly, his erections returned and we started making love again. “Not just having sex or fucking,” I said, “but, actually making passionate love together as a couple.”

I told Julie that we made many changes after that and how we were brutally honest with each other about our fantasies and sexual desires.

“Changes?” Julie asked. “What does that mean?”

“Well,” I explained, “once I fully understood how important the panty fetish was to him, we had to make some changes. For example, we have a morning ritual where I dress your father in panties every day now.”

“Mother!” Julie gasped.

“I’m serious, Dear.” I replied. “I literally dress him each morning in which ever panties I think will go good with whatever else he’s wearing. I make a big production of it, too. I tease him about his strong, manly body and beefy erection wrapped up in soft, feminine panties while I hold them out in front of him. Once he steps into them, I pull them up his legs and tease him some more about how cute he looks. And, each morning when he leaves for work, he has a huge erection in his pants, and when he comes home to me, he still has it.”

“It’s so hard to believe all this about Daddy.” My daughter whimpered.

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way,” I said, leaning back into the couch, “but, it’s all true. Every bit of it.”

Still, though, she had the look of disbelief on her face. “Julie,” I said, “if you think I’m kidding about any of this, I promise you I’m not. Look,” I said leaning toward her, “your father gets Escort Beylikdüzü an erection now if you just say the word ‘panties’ to him. If you don’t believe me, say the word around him and watch his reaction. He’ll even get an erection if we walk by a lingerie store at the mall, Sweetheart. Sometimes, I even tease him by pulling him in there and whispering to him I’m going to tell the salesgirl he’s there to pick out his own panties. By the time we leave, he’s ready to go home and make love to me for a solid hour.”

“I’ve removed all his boxers and thrown them away.” I went on. “I filled his underwear drawer with nothing but panties. And, I gave him complete access to my lingerie – all of it, and we set aside one of my drawers for panties that I’ve already worn. When ever I take a pair off, I put them in there and he’s free to ‘use’ them in any way he wants. And these days,” I added, “I usually just wear a t-shirt and panties around the house – it drives him absolutely wild.”

Julie sat there riveted to what I was saying. After a few minutes, she asked, “Does he still have my panties?”

“Yes and no.” I answered, “Actually, I keep them locked up, and I’d appreciate it if you’d just let us keep them. It might shock you, but, your father and I play a special game with them, and I know he’d miss that if you took them back.”

“So,” she said, “what does all this have to do with Uncle Jack and the fact that you were making love with him today.”

“We were NOT making love, Julie!” I said emphatically. “We were having sex. There’s a difference.”

“Whatever.” She said, sarcastically. “Why were you having sex with Uncle Jack, then?”

Taking a deep breath, I looked over at her and said, “This is probably going to be hard for you to hear, so please give me time to explain before you react. I’m going to tell you the truth, but, you have to be patient and let me tell you the whole story. Okay?”

My daughter agreed and relaxed back into the couch, and so I began.

“Julie, your father is sexually submissive and he likes me to treat him that way. That’s one of the reasons I dress him every morning and tease him like I do. He likes that – to be teased and humiliated. I never do anything mean….. I’ve never done anything to hurt him, except maybe a spanking every now and then. But, that’s what he really wants the most – to be a sexually submissive husband.”

“Are you guys into whips and chains and stuff like that?” Julie asked.

“Oh, no, not at all.” I assured her. “He’s just submissive. He gets pleasure from being teased and sexually humiliated. Even his spankings are more for show than anything else. But, there’s another part of this that’s probably going to be the hardest for you to understand.”

“Go on.” She replied.

“Dear, let me ask you…… uh, do you know what the term ‘Cuckold’ means?” I asked.

“No.” She answered. “I’ve never heard it.”

“Well, I’m not surprised.” I said. “Your father had to explain it to me, but, there are many forms of Cuckoldry, Julie. Some forms are very mild, and, some are very extreme and strict. But, basically, the idea of cuckoldry is that a man’s wife has adulterous affairs with the husband’s knowledge, and usually, with his blessing.”

“Fortunately,” I explained, “your father’s interest in being a cuckold is limited to wanting me to have sex with other men, and then shortly thereafter, me having sex with your father.”

Julie’s face turned white and she made a face. “Oh, yuck!” She exclaimed. “You mean like right after?”

“That’s exactly what I mean, Dear. And, don’t act so surprised. The practice of cuckoldry goes back over a thousand years. And remember,” I added, “there are many forms of cuckoldry. What your father likes is very mild.”

“But, he actually wants to be with you after you’ve had sex with someone else?” She asked.

“Oh, yes.” I replied. “Definitely. It’s a very strong desire for him.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask this,” Julie said, “but, after you’ve been with another man, and then you’re with Daddy…… do you guys, you know…… uh….. do everything?”

“Yes.” I answered, clearly. “We do everything. That’s part of the excitement for your father, Julie. Actually, we have kind of a routine we follow, but, if you’re wondering do we kiss, the answer is yes. Do we have oral sex? The answer is yes. Do we have intercourse? Absolutely.”

“Listen,” I added, as she looked at me with her jaw hanging open, “he asked me to do this for him. It’s one of his deepest desires and it’s fairly common for submissive men to be interested in some form of cuckoldry. To them, it satisfies their submissive desires to be dominated and humiliated. It’s one of the things he wanted from me, Julie. He begged me to do it.”

Before she could interrupt me, I continued on, explaining to her that I resisted the cuckolding for a long time because I couldn’t bring myself cheat on him. I told her I loved her father more than anything in the world and I just couldn’t do it.

“But,” I added, “we found a way that was acceptable to both of us, and now I’m able to satisfy your father’s longing to experience being a cuckold.”

“Uncle Jack?” My daughter asked.

“Exactly right.” I answered.

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