craving dark chocolate…3

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craving dark chocolate…3when i could finally force myself 2 move, i walked 2 the couch & then stepped directly in front of malcolm, straddling his legs between mine & then lowered myself on2 him, my knees planted on either side of his hips & my ass resting on top of his hips, his soft cock nestled in2 the sweaty crack of my ass. as his hands came up 2 my waist 2 steady me, i leaned 4ward & kissed him full on the mouth, my tongue spearing between his lips, searching 4 his tongue, tasting his mouth. i was still so fucking horny it almost hurt !our wet tongues darted wildly in & out of each other’s mouths, dancing 2gether in a totally erotic way, making my aching cock grow even harder. then malcolm stuck his tongue out as far as he could & i started 2 suck on the length of it slowly, slithering it in & out of my mouth, as if it was a tiny, pink cock. malcolm was groping my chest & twisting my hard nipples while i rocked rhythmically on his thickening cock-shaft. i was totally oblivious 2 everything else in the world. there could have been a hundred people looking in2 the open windows & watching us & i wouldn’t have noticed any of them. i really wouldn’t have cared what they saw us doing 2 each other, either !!i rolled off malcolm & on2 my back on the couch, my legs still around him as he leaned 4ward 2 me, continuing our kissing. his big hands roamed freely all over my body & i was not going 2 try 2 stop him, as i spread my legs wide, completely exposing my hot, throbbing erection 2 him. i groaned as i felt the fingers of his big hand close around my shaft, then i gasped as he took the head of my cock in2 his mouth, sucking the pre-cum ooze as he stared in2 my wide-open eyes. i was once again completely & totally hot & extremely, unbelievably fucking horny 4 this incredibly hot & sexy stud !!! i whispered, “i just can’t get enough of your hot cock !” after letting him feel me up 4 a few minutes, i stood up with my back 2 malcolm, offering my ass 2 him. i continued 2 up stand be4 him as he rubbed the mounds of my ass with both hands, occassionally sliding his big hands around my hips 2 tease my rock-hard cock & gently squeeze on my balls. i was aching 2 find out what this tasty stud wanted 2 do 2 me now…i turned my head back 2 take a quick look & stared at the size of his impressive package. his cock was gorgeous & thick & veiny & throbbing !! malcolm moaned, ” if u really want some more, then i’ve got it 4 u !”i turned back away from him, spreading my feet wide apart, as he slid a finger between the cheeks of my ass, searching 4 my tight puckered hole. i gasped as he forced a finger up inside Escort my cum-slippery hole, then another, opening my ass, as he twisted his fingers inside me, stretching my fuck-hole. i was groaning by the time he finished getting me ready 4 his huge cock.i backed up a step & lowered myself slowly 2ward his pulsating pole & when i finally made contact with it, i stopped 4 a moment, allowing the fat head 2 rub up & down the greasy crack of my ass, then let it slide all the way between my legs, until it was rubbing against the underside of my own cock & slithering over my balls. my ass was aching 2 feel that huge monster deep inside me, so i eased my tightly puckered anus back in2 contact with malcolm’s broad cock-head & started 2 press my body downward on2 his massive thickness. i was bent slightly 4ward at the waist, with my hands gripping malcolm’s knees & his hands were gripping my hips as i slowly & surely eased that massive pole in2 my tight asshole. i gasped as the giant head finally pierced in2 me, my sphincter slamming shut around his slightly thinner, pulsing shaft, just behind the fat head. my fucking ass was on fire !!i groaned, ” oh yes baby, yes, that’s what i need !! give it all 2 me baby !!!”i slowly descended lower & lower, until malcolm was all the way inside me, stretching me wide & filling me full. i groaned again, as my ass touched his hips, knowing i had again succeeded in engulfing the entire length of his humongous prong. my ass was stretched so fucking wide that it felt like it would split in 2 & as malcolm continued 2 hold my hips, i began a gradual rocking motion, letting his cock stretch & explore inside me, touching places that no one else had ever touched be4. with each back & 4th movement i started picking up the pace, until eventually i was bouncing up & down as if i was riding some kind of huge & deliciously hard, fleshy, fucking pogo-stick.within minutes i was panting & moaning breathlessly, my oozing cock flopping up & down, slapping against my belly & i knew that i was going 2 be cumming soon, just from the delicious pleasure of his cock inside my ass.i moaned, “make me cum again baby !! i wanna cum on your big fat cock !!”it was as if my cock had a life of it’s own & as i stared down at it, my shaft expanded even more, throbbing & pulsating & i suddenly screamed as i felt the onset of my unstoppable orgasm. i slammed my ass downward, burying malcolm’s cock even deeper in my ass, then my cock just erupted, firing long ropy gouts of sticky semen all the way across the room, splashing on2 the coffee table, across the floor & on2 the opposite wall. Escort Bayan the unbelievably hot intensity washed over me & my whole body spasmed & shuddered as my cock emptied itself in2 the air. malcolm rocked his hips slightly, maintaining full contact with my prostate, massaging the last few spurts out of my cock as i fell back against him, my sweaty back pressed against his chest. when i had finally regained my breath & my cock stopped twitching i pulled my aching hole up off of malcolm’s still-hard cock & moved on2 the floor. malcolm followed me, his big chest & shoulder muscles rippling as he moved. his hard, ebony body was a very erotic contrast 2 my slender body & pale complexion. this man was like a greek statue & i do mean “greek” !!i realized that i was still hard & started rubbing myself as i watched my new lover move 2wards me. malcolm was still hard & throbbing & his low-hanging balls swung as he mounted my out-spread body. i groaned as he pushed my legs up against my chest & speared his cock back in2 my hot tight ass, thrusting his whole massive length in2 me with one long & savage stroke. i gasped & whispered, ” i needed u 2 fuck me strong & deep with your big, ass-r****g donkey dick !!!” he groaned & pressed deeper in2 me.malcolm was working my ass, moving with deliberate slowness now, as he shifted positions & varied the depth & pace of his strokes. i was deep moaning loudly & i wrapped my legs tightly around his waist as he worked his long, thick monster cock in & out of my frantically clutching fuck-hole. after what seemed like 4ever, i felt malcolm’s cock start 2 swell even further & his balls pull up tight 2 the base of his cock. he was at the point of no return & as he was about 2 come, i wrapped my legs even tighter around his waist, pulling him even deeper inside my body. i moaned & begged, ” cum deep inside me !! i need 2 feel your hot seed pouring deep in2 me !!! i need u 2 fill me with cum !! cum deep, deep in me !!”as i spoke 2 him, malcolm’s body suddenly stiffened, his muscles & veins bulging & his cock started 2 throb & pulsate inside my tightly gripping anal channel & i felt the first hot spurt splash on2 the walls of my clutching rectum, filling me with heat. malcolm’s hips continued 2 rock slowly, as his cock poured sweet cum deep inside me, filling me so full that it finally started seeping out around his cock, sliding down over my balls & the crack of my ass & drooling on2 the floor. he stayed buried inside me as we both caught our breath & i whispered, ” thank u 4 fucking me baby, thank u !!!”after about five more minutes, he rolled off Bayan Escort of me, dragging his long, rubbery cock out of my well-fucked ass & flopped on2 his back next 2 me.i sat up & followed him, bending over & sucking his cock in2 my mouth, then deeper, letting it slide in2 my throat. i loved the taste of his cum, mixed with my ass. it only took a few minutes of oral attention be4 his massive cock was fully hard again, stretching my lips & mouth wide, sliding tightly in2 my hungry, sucking throat. the fact that his spear was a foot in length & almost as thick as my wrist just made me even more horny than i ever thought that i could be !! i never dreamed that faggot sex could be anything like this !!when he was fully hard, malcolm pushed my head away & stood up, pulling me 2 my feet with him, his cum running down from my balls 2 the inside of my thighs. he pulled me close 2 him, lifting my feet up off the floor. i clung 2 him, wrapping my arms around his neck & my legs up around his waist, as he held me up, with his big hands under my tight, cock-hungry ass. he lifted me up higher, until his large mushroom-shaped cock-head was sliding in2 the crack of my ass. i reached down & grabbed his cock with one hand, guiding it 2 my cum-drooling asshole. my heart was pounding & my cock was even harder than it had been be4, as my ass hovered just above his beautiful tool. his hands pulled my ass wide open & i relaxed my slippery, wet, well-fucked opening as he lowered me slowly on2 his wonderful weapon. i suddenly realized that i would give myself 2 this man, my new black lover, anytime, any place, no matter what…i cried out, again, as i took the full length of his magnificent, thrusting cock inside me, rocking my hips back & 4th 2 work him in as deeply as he could possibly go. malcolm then proceeded 2 bounce my whole body up & down with such force that his cock-head was hammering up in2 my prostate with every stroke, bringing me closer & closer 2 another unassisted orgasm. my cock throbbed & bounced with each powerful thrust, spattering pre-cum all over both our chests & bellies. i just let my head hang back loosely as my open mouth groaned & i begged, ” fuck me deeper !! fill my ass full of your hot cum !! make me cum on your big fucking cock again !!” suddenly, my cock throbbed again & my stomach clenched, as i fired spurt after spurt of white-hot cum all over malcolm’s chest & on2 his face. i screamed at the intensity & as my ass clenched itself tightly down on2 him, malcolm’s cock started 2 empty itself in2 my willing ass again. he rammed in2 me as deeply as he could, over & over, as his pulsating cock drenched my insides with his unbelievably hot seed. as his cock poured liquid heat in2 me, he suddenly dropped 2 his knees & the shock of hitting the floor drove his fat cock even deeper in2 my ass & i screamed his name, again & again.

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