Ass Auction


Ass AuctionThe young stud had been bought at a blind auction for a good price. As he is lead down the corridor to his fucking, he can only imagine what fate awits him and his ass which had been bought for $5000.He finally reached the door. The guide whipped off his towel, and opened the door. “Here he is” said the host as the young mans gasped as he saw three huge men all around 250pound, in there 50’s each with a boner. “Come here and earn that money boy” the young stud nervously stepped into the room as the door shut behind him. There was no going back.”Nice cock” said the same man “thanks” answered the stud “lets see that ass” said the second man and the young man turned around “yeaaaaaaaaaah” the three of them moaned. “On all fours with your ass in the air” barked the third man and the young stud had no choice but to comply.He hung his sweet, tight ass in the air, waiting for the inevitable. “Turn around” the first Escort man ordered and so the young stud did. He was greated by three large men all strocking rcok hard dicks all with a bit of pre cum oozing out.One of the men stood up and walked behind him. The boy began to tremble as he braced for what was coming. “Relax” said one of the others “Its probably the only way that sweet ass will survive” the others laughed as he finished. Then he felt the man’s finger on his ass ring as the spit into, mercifully lubign his hole for the fucking that was about to take place. “Fuck him!” staretd to bark the others and with that the young studd felt the force of hard cock begin to penetrate him. He trembled and flinched as the old man began to slide his big meat into his sweet ass.”Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” moaned the man behind him as he finally slid in “yeah…fuck him” cheered the other and with that the first man began throusting Escort Bayan in and out of the young studs ass. It got harded and faster until eventually one of the old man’s thrust forced the young man onto the floor “yeaaaaaaaaaaah” he moaned as the otehs cheered him on.His thrusts got harder and deeper until the young stud began to fell the old man’s dick pulse in his ass…it was time …..”fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah: bellowed the old man as he jolted shot after shot into teh young studs hole, all 250+ pound jolting the young frame with each push.”Sweet fuck honey” said the old man into the young studs ear as he kissed him on the neck and rolled off. No sooner had the first man rolled off that the second one took his place and with the fist mans come stil oozing out of the young stud’s ass he slid straight in and began banging the young stud like crazy.The young man begin to moan with Bayan Escort each thrust “yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, ya little slut” said the second man as he thrust faster and faster until eventually he let out an almighty moan and suddered as he added a second load to the young mans ass. The third man was so horny he was mercifully quick with the young stud. But when he finished he rolled the young man onto his back. “Now make yourself cum while we relax with a beer” he said as he placed the young mans hand onto his own cock.The young stud stroke his cock furiously until he finally sprayed cum all over his body. As he finished shaking the three men stood around him and one commented “bit of a mess there son!” he said “we’re going to have to wash that off” said one of the others.The young stud looked up and began to try and move away ina panic, but one of the man held him down with his feet…it was too late…with that a stream of piss squirted from each man covefring the stud and completing the final humilation.That’s how you own $5000 the third man said as the three of them grabbed their towels and left the room leaving the young studd coverd in pee and cum.

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