Covina Ch. 01


(NOTE: My good friend Refugio Ruben Cardenas (also known as Cisco) is currently on death row in San Quentin State Prison for a murder he did not commit. Upon his request, I am posting the story he has written. Enjoy!….)


Covina was on her way to her mother’s after a long day of work at the hospital where she worked as an R.N. She became worried as she turned the corner to her mother’s once she had seen the gang task force squad car in front of her mother’s home. She quickly got out of her car once she pulled into the driveway.

“What’s going on?” She asked as the cops were finishing taking photos of her son and his friends. Both officers ignored her question and paid her no mind and continued collecting their gear.

“Just harassment as always, this broad wanted to give me her number but I shot her down so now they have nothing better to do but harass the good people of Visalia who ain’t done nothing wrong.” Cisco said as he turned to face Covina, answering her question.

Once Cisco had turned around, their eyes had locked onto one another and everything else around her disappeared and all that was left was him, and those piercing eyes that seemed to get inside her soul, and the only sound she could hear was the pounding of her heart as it raced in her chest. She had never met Cisco or seen him or even knew his name for that matter, but as she looked into his sexy dark brown eyes, there was something familiar about them, and she couldn’t help but feel she had known the handsome young man who wore his long black hair in a ponytail and stood at 5’10” with a slim muscular build. Covina felt a deep connection to him and it was a lot more than just a sexual attraction as a mix of feelings of bliss, ecstasy and love all hit her at once. She didn’t know what to make of it, but she didn’t want to break this deep absorption that felt so right, like she found a part of herself she didn’t know was missing. Not knowing how long she was in the trance they shared, she shyly looked away as she started to blush, and he extended his hand to her.

“How you doing? My name is Cisco.” He said as he gently kissed the top of her hand in his. “I’m the one the welcome home party tomorrow is for, and your name is…?”

“Oh! I’m Covina.” She said as everyone else came back into focus. “So you’re my son’s friend who just got out of C.Y.A, well it was nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said with a cute smile as he released her hand from his.

Covina turned away from him as her mother called her name from the door. She turned back to face him as she told him she had to go inside. He watched her as she made her way into the house, her hips swayed from side to side seductively and her nurse outfit could not hide the nice round mounds of her buttocks. She turned one last time to see him watching her before finally entering the house.

The following night Covina was at her mother’s to help around the house while her son and his friends were having the party for Cisco out back. She watched out the laundry room window trying to find Cisco in the crowd. She couldn’t stop thinking about him since she had first laid eyes on him as if she could not be complete without him, she craved for his touch and gentle kiss, when his lips touched her flesh the day before it had lit a spark throughout her body and a warmth crept between her legs. Covina finally found Cisco with her eyes and instantly she couldn’t feel anything but jealousy as she watched him through the laundry room window.

Cisco was grinding with some sexy female on the dance floor, enjoying himself. She had a big butt and she wore a short miniskirt that slid up her round ass as she pushed her ass against his manhood causing his cock to get hard til her tan buttocks and the thin material of her thong that covered her womanhood was exposed to him. Cisco slapped her bare ass and she let out a soft moan before grinding her ass harder against his cock. She was as horny as he was, her pussy was throbbing like crazy; Cisco slid his hand down her ass til he was between her legs, rubbing two fingers over the thin material that covered her pussy like a second skin. She was wet and the thin material of her thong was soaked, her pussy lips were thick and firm. Cisco slid his fingers under the thin material til his fingers were between her slit and started making circles around her clit. She started to moan louder and grind her pussy against his fingers.

Socorro spotted Cisco on the dance floor becoming frisky with a woman, so she started to make her way through the densely packed party towards them. She had been one of Cisco’s girlfriend’s before he had been locked up three years back, she stopped writing him after a year in, but she still loved him and he had promised her she would be the first woman he would be with once he got out, so she was going to make sure he kept his promise to her, even after the two years she did not write or visit him. She felt it was the right thing to do even though she was Güngören escort in a lifeless relationship and was planning to get married and she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl a few months back, but Cisco was her one true love and deep down she knew she was wrong for not writing and visiting and all she wanted was for him to take her back. No one has ever been able to make her feel alive the way he does. Once she got to them she noticed the woman’s hand in Cisco’s pants stroking his cock, she quickly barked with authority, “Get your slutty ass off my man, bitch!”

“Oh! I’m sorry, Socorro, I didn’t know you two were together.” She said, as she pulled her hand out of his pants.

“We’re not, but I’ll be damn if you think you will.” Socorro said.

“Well, Cisco, if you’re ever feeling lonely, call me.” She said, as she licked her lips seductively before walking away. Cisco watched her ass as it swayed gently from side-to-side the way he liked.

“Are you done staring at her ass?” Socorro said as she slapped his arm to get his attention.

“You know that is the last thing I want to do to her ass.” Cisco said with a wicked grin. “So tell me Silk, what’s on your mind?”

“Oh! Well, I… I seen you getting too friendly and I’m not going to let no bitch steal you away from me. You can’t break your promise you made to me Cisco.” She said.

“And what promise would this be? The same one you made me, then disappeared on me?”

“Look, Cisco, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left you like that, and there is not a day that went by that I didn’t think of you, but you have to know I do love you and I’m still in love with you and I always will be no matter what and no matter who I’m with. I was in a bad place in my life, I just need you to forgive me. You said you’ll always love me as well no matter what, so please don’t hold it against me, because I already feel bad for it, but I can’t regret it because I got my beautiful daughter out of it, so please Cisco don’t hold it against me, you will always be the only man who will ever have my heart.”

Before saying anything Cisco stared into her watery eyes for a moment. “You know Silk, I will always love you and I already forgave you a long time ago. I told you, you didn’t have to wait for me but you’re the one who swore you would wait for me, so you broke your promise to yourself, you are the one who has to forgive yourself, but you still haven’t told me what promise you wanted me to keep.” He said, as he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her and held her in a tight embrace.

“Well I was hoping I could still be the first female you sleep with now that you’re out.” She said, as she looked up into his eyes, before gently kissing his sensual lips.

“Let’s go inside then, and make it a party for two, or if you’ll like, we can invite that female and make it a party for three.” He said, in a joking manner. Before she could answer he grabbed her by the hand and lead their way through the crowd to the back door to the house. “Don’t trip, the little homie said it was cool to use his room.” Cisco said, as they walked inside the house.

As they made their way to the kitchen, Covina was bent over at the waist as she took dishes out of the dishwasher. Covina’s round ass was the shape of a heart and looked lovely and inviting to him, Cisco couldn’t take his eyes off her ass and stopped in his tracks, he could feel the blood flowing to his manhood as it got hard. Covina came up and seen Cisco looking at her ass, she started to blush and once her eyes seen the bulge in his pants, she quickly turned away in embarrassment. Warmth crept between her legs and her pussy started to throb with the fast beats of her heart, there was something in his eyes that made her feel like she was in junior high all over, falling for her first crush. But it was more than a crush she felt and how quick he made her hot and bothered, she felt like she could have an orgasm right then and there.

Socorro pulled Cisco by his arm and lead the rest of the way to the back room. Once inside Cisco hit the light switch, the room turned red. The room was large and well furnished with a king size bed that was covered with blood red covers and large pillows, the bed frame and backboard were black and there were four matching black dressers and a desk. A fifty gallon aquarium sat on top of a blood red silk cover on the larger of the four dressers. Two baby chameleons were inside the aquarium along with five mini chronic bud plants. A wide 60″ flat screen plasma TV hung on the wall between the taller of the four dressers that sat next to the bedroom door and the closet door, which had a full length mirror hung on it, and a second large mirror hung over the backboard of the bed frame, speakers from the house system that sat next to the desk were set up in each of the four corners of the room, the two smallest dressers sat on both sides of the bed and each had a matching black lamp.

As Cisco continued to stare around the İnnovia escort bayan room, Socorro started to undress. She removed her heels and placed them against the bottom of the bed frame, she then started to make a show of it, doing a little striptease as she unzipped her black skirt and slide it down her slender legs, shaking her firm petite round ass from side to side before stepping out of it and hanging it over the desk chair she stood next to. She then slowly unbuttoned her blouse, teasing to expose her firm pale breast that hid behind her silk purple blouse. Without further delay she hung the blouse over her skirt, she then spun around as she let her light brown hair fall down past her shoulders allowing Cisco to admire her beautifully shaped body in her matching purple laced low cut bra and thong by Victoria’s Secret, that barely contained her breasts, exposing portions of both her pale pink areolas and the shape of her pussy lips. Cisco took her into his arms and started kissing her soft lips passionately as he grabbed handfuls of her ass. Her hands worked on unbuttoning his black denim jacket and pulling it over his shoulders, then laid it over her own discarded clothing, then pulling off his shoulder holster that held twin glock forties and putting in on the small dresser next to the bed. She then took off his black SK hat and then pulled his black t-shirt and sling shot over his head, exposing his muscular chest, arms, and abs. Socorro ran her hands across his body, kissing his chest before she unfastened his belt and black denim pants, unzipping them with deliberation. She squatted down and removed his K-Swiss shoes and socks before pulling his pants and boxers down his muscular legs. Cisco’s cock sprang free from the confines that deprived it from the skin-to-skin contact it craved. Socorro took his thick, long seven-and-a-half-inch shaft with a slight downward arch into her hands and started to stroke it, slowly pulling his foreskin back as she gently kissed and sucked the tender crown of his cock for a few seconds before she stood up and licked her lips seductively and said, “Now finish undressing me and fuck me, Cisco!”

Cisco spun her around and pulled her back to him so that her ass pressed against his hard, throbbing cock and whispered in her ear, “Silk, baby, you know I’m going to do more than just fuck you, girl.” Before he gently kissed the back of her neck once he flipped her hair to one side, kissing her shoulders as he slid each strap of her bra down her slender shoulder, his right hand slid down her smooth flat stomach, no one would have guessed she had just given birth a few months earlier. His hand made its way inside the front of her thong til his fingers found the firm, thick and wet Brazilian waxed pussy lips. He gently rubbed her clitoris making her a loud, throaty gasp for breath. “Unnnnn!” His left hand unfastened her bra from the back before pulling it away from her beautiful firm pale tits, and allowing it to fall freely to the floor as the straps slid down her arms. Cisco then withdrew his hand from between her legs and spun her around to face him, kissing her lips and caressing her large pale pink nipples, his lips then made their way to the side of her neck, kissing over her freckles and down her chest til his searching tongue found both of her tits, sucking and licking and gently biting each nipple causing them to become darker in color and harder, Socorro continued to moan as he sucked on her breast. Cisco slid his hands down to Socorro’s waist, caressing her hips and ass before squatting as he kissed his way down to her abdomen. She let out a soft gentle giggle, once he got to her pelvis at the top of her thong he took the straps on each side and slowly slid them down her thick beautiful hips. He took a deep breath of her sweet nectar scent that soaked the thin lace of her thong, he loved the sweet scent of a woman. Once they were under her knees she stepped out of them, one leg at a time. Her wet throbbing pussy was only inches from his face now and he licked over her pussy lips tasting her sweet nectar as he grabbed her by her waist and stood up, lifting her off her feet, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Once his lips met hers, her tongue immediately pushed into his mouth, their tongues intertwined like two snakes mating, her breast pressed hard against his chest and her ass sat on his cock that was hot against her flesh. He laid her on the bed and gently pulled her hair out from under her and spread it across the pillow so it would not be in their way as he made love to her. He pushed himself off of her and Socorro kept her legs spread wide, presenting herself ready to mate with the man she really wanted. He admired the beautiful sight of her glistening pussy under the red light as she rocked her hips. As he adjusted himself between her legs his hands slowly worked their way up her inner thighs til they found her pussy. She began to moan as his fingers rubbed slowly over her craving lips Escort Kağıthane that opened slightly as they ran up and down her slit and played with her clit. He then rubbed her sweet nectar over each of her nipples causing her to purr like a cat as he pinched them. He leaned his head down kissing her lips and neck before gradually working down to her breast. He caressed one nipple with his hand while his mouth sucked on his other nipple that now looked red from the blood that rushed to the sucking and gentle biting of his lips. He continued to work his way down her stomach, she wrapped her arms across his back, rubbing it as she began making soft moaning sounds synchronized with her ragged breathing. He kissed the tops of her thighs, he slid a single finger slowly into her wet pussy that clamped onto the invading finger, he then started to finger her hot wet pussy, stimulating her g-spot at the top of her pussy wall. Each time he slid his finger halfway out, then sliding all the way in and rubbing her g-spot as his thumb played with her clitoris and his lips continued moving lower, teasing her as he kissed and licked the insides of her thighs, she pulled her knees to her tits causing her legs to spread wider and her pussy clamped tighter onto his finger. Without further delay he slid his finger out of her pussy with a wet pop! and slid two fingers back into her stretching her pussy a little wider, he continued to finger fuck her til she reached the edge and he pressed his face into her snatch, pulling his fingers out and shot his tongue into her pussy, causing Socorro to cry out.

“Aaahh! Aaahh! Yes! Unnh! Unnh! Cisco! Yes!” As she started to cum, he kept flicking his tongue in and out of her pussy and sucked on her pussy lips and clitoris working on the build up of another orgasm. He would tease her by slowing down as her passion climbed then speed it back up to make her more excited as he let her get to the edge, he slid his fingers back into her pussy to put more pressure on her g-spot while he sucked, licked, and gently nibbled on her pussy lips and clitoris with ever-increasing tempo, flicking his tongue against it and doing circles around it, driving her wild.

Socorro wrapped her legs tightly around his head and arched her back as he pushed her over the edge, again climaxing and letting out an incredible scream, her sweet nectar flowed into his mouth as he continued to suck and lick over her throbbing pussy and it didn’t take long to bring Socorro to another body shaking orgasm, he had her engine in overdrive, it had been over a year since the last time a man touched her, so he gave her a few minutes to calm down and catch her breath. Her eyes were halfway closed and her mouth hung open as she tried to catch her breath, her legs were spread wide apart on the bed.

Cisco stared at her puffy red pussy lips for a minute before going back down on her, licking and sucking on her pussy lips as he slid two fingers in her, then a third one to lube his finger as he pulled the third out and used her sweet nectar as lube and slid his finger into her tight pink rose bud, causing her to go wild with passion as he pumped his fingers deep into her pussy and ass faster and faster, his fingers went in and out as his tongue flicked up and down her clit and he sucked on it and her pussy. She wrapped her legs tighter around his head again. She started to scream, “Unnnh!! Unnnh! Yees!! Yees!! Fuck yess!! Cisco!! Aaaahh!!” As she had two more orgasms like waves crashing against the rocks.

Once Socorro’s climax had subsided her legs relaxed around Cisco’s head and he made his way up her body kissing her passionately once his lips found hers, then kissed on her neck with small soft pecks of his lips that sent chillz of thrill down her spine til her reached her ear and whispered, “Let me hear you beg for me to fuck you.”

“Oh! Cisco baby, please fuck me! I need your cock in my pussy, fuck me Cisco!” She begged as she spread her legs wide, showing Cisco all of her beautiful pussy that craved the pleasure of his cock deep in her. Cisco positioned himself back between her legs, she took the shaft of his cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy as she pulled her knees to her chest. His cock slid slowly inch-by-inch into her. He took his time not wanting to hurt her and to allow her pussy to adjust to his cock as it stretched her pussy to fit as a second skin around it.

“Unnnnh! Unnnnh! Yes! Faster! Faster! Cisco! Yes!” She moaned out loud as he pumped in and out of her til only the head of his cock was clamped tightly by Socorro’s pussy and then deep in her til their bodies were connected at their pelvis. Driving her wild as her orgasm began with each thrust he ground his pelvis around her sensitive clitoris giving her nerves no chance to calm down. Her pussy squeezed his cock in a fast pulse with each burst of her climax, her sweet nectar glazed his cock like sap on a tree, he continued to drive his cock in and out of her with full long strokes, faster and faster. She continued to moan out loud as she dug her nails deep into his back, hitting her peak once again climaxing multiple times. Cisco was in love with the raw excitement in her eyes and the way her tits bounced in rhythm as he continued to explore the folds and creases of her pussy with each change of angle he used with each thrust.

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