Cougar Moms’ Cheerleading Squad Ch. 02


Megan Carter, the Squad Captain of the Cougar Moms’ Cheerleaders, was overjoyed by how well things were going. Not only had it turned out to be a great way to exercise, have fun and socialise, but the secret plan to get their six shy sons into forming a soccer team had also succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, the Milfs’ cheering propelling the boys into their first victory. And as she watched the others jump up and down, waving her pom-poms as they brought her legs up at right angles she was struck by how quickly all the Moms were picking up the routines and the skills and enthusiasm they put into. Not just Susan Peterson, like Megan an ex-High School cheerleader, or even Hannah Williams an ex-stripper, but Julia Vega who whilst she had been an athlete at school and college had concentrated on the track. And most of all bespectacled Angela Rossini and her friend Gina Knight, as whilst the two Moms were lookers now, at school they had been amongst the most despised of social classes – the geek.

Megan continued to call out the beat as they went through the complicated routine, cheering out their sons’ names and ending with a rousing yell and rocketing leap in the air, the pom-poms thrust skyward. They landed again and held their poses for one, two, three seconds before Megan broke with a grin, “That was excellent ladies, I couldn’t see one mistake, we were all totally in time and the energy… that was just incredible.” She didn’t add, though she could have done, that they were the best bunch she’d ever worked with, in either High School or College; as dedicated and enthusiastic as her previous squads had been, but with none of the back biting bitchiness that characterised teenage girls. What she did say was, “Let’s take a break and have a drink.”

The others nodded their agreement, there was still plenty of warmth in the early fall sunshine and the routine had been punishing in its intensity; the chilled orange juice on the table next to the tennis court was just the thing to cool them off. Megan led them over, and as host poured the fresh juice from the jug into her friend’s glasses, adding a lump or two of ice if needed. She sipped her orange juice and looked at Angela Rossini. Whilst her friend’s cheering had been super she’d seemed off a little, talking less than the others and looking like she was half in a separate world. Suddenly the bespectacled brunette looked up from her orange juice and announced, “After the game on Wednesday I fucked my son, Pete.”

Despite all her good intentions and determination not to go back to being the shallow, bitchy cow she’d been when she was eighteen Megan felt a flash of jealousy. On the way back from the game she had stopped her car in a lay-by leant over and jerked her son Rory’s big dick until he had spurted and blown his load, his cum covering her hand. It was the least she could do as a reward for the way he’d played. But now she wondered whether she could have gone further, worked up the nerve like Angela and rode him properly, her skirt up round her waist with her panties down her ankles and his huge schlong slapping up her slit. It was what she wanted and she was sure he did too, certainly he hadn’t complained about the hand job. She forced back these unworthy thoughts and concentrated on being pleased for her friend, “Wow, lucky you. Was he any good?”

As she said it she suddenly wondered if it was the right thing to say; were she and other Moms supposed to be horrified at the social taboo Angela had just crossed? She had seen the way the Moms were all looking at the boys, surely she wasn’t the only one who wanted to emulate Angela and be nailed by her sexy son? The silence after her and Angela had spoken seemed to last for eternity, but was only seconds, before Julia said, “Oh my… you cougar… what was he like?”

“Was he big?” asked Gina.

“I bet he was, I bet he’s really hung,” grinned Julia.

“Did he really fuck you good? He’s so young, he must be like a stallion,” added Hannah.

“You need to give us the story, you can’t just leave it like that,” said Susan, the ex-cheerleader crowding into her bespectacled friend like she was afraid Angela was going to make a run for it.

Angela as blushing slightly, “There’s not much of a story, it just happened.”

“I gave Josh a blow-job,” confessed Julia.

All the Moms, apart from Angela, clustered around her. Angela took a step back, glad to not be the centre of attention as her friends bombarded the hot Hispanic with questions, “When?” “What happened?” Was he big?” “Did you swallow?”

Julia laughed and took a sip of her orange juice, “It was the night of the game. I was so proud of Josh for how he’d stepped up and acted as captain and he played a great game. After we got home and had some dinner he went up to his room and I was thinking what I could do as a reward, something to say really well done. I wasn’t going to get him a car and cooking him his favourite meal seems something for an old man, beyoğlu escort not a son in the prime of life. So anyway I went upstairs thinking I could ask him and as I got to his door I could hear him jacking off, the bed squeaking like it needed oiling. And then it struck me, I was still in my cheerleader costume and if there’s one thing I can remember from school its how the cheerleaders rewarded their jock boyfriends, no offence, Megan, Susan.”

“None taken,” giggled Susan, “It’s true.”

“Anyway I opened the door. For a moment I thought Josh was going to die as I came in. He let go of his prick and tried to stuff it back in his pants, but it was too big, one of the largest I’ve seen. But I got onto the bed, told him not to bother trying to put it away and that because he’d won the game he needed his reward. And then I gave it him; a nice hard suck-off, taking as much as I could comfortably manage and then a bit more until he came. And yes, I swallowed.” Julia grinned.

“Was it any good?” asked Hannah.

“Put it this way I’m hoping he wins a lot more games,” Julia laughed.

“I jerked off Rory,” Megan said and as the others looked at her in a mixture of awe, jealousy and sisterly affection she told them about the car journey home.

Hearing about her friends seemed to give Angela the confidence to tell her own story and she told how it had happened. The tale started haltingly, but by the time she was getting to her description of how she’d orgasmed from his massive hard prick pounding she was telling it with relish. The others giggled and laughed, adding comments and asking questions. To Megan it was like being a High School senior again, but without the backbiting and bitchiness, it was like a cheerleading squad should be like – all friendship and support; and boys. Definitely boys.


Angela Rossini had fucked her son Pete, that was one of two things that was constantly going through Gina Knights mind. It was a shock, she had to admit, she had known Pete from his first day in Kindergarten, the shy boy who wouldn’t even talk to her own equally withdrawn son. And she had known Angela from school pick up that afternoon, a young woman in a marriage which was failing like her own, come to pick up her son. The two women had quickly become fast friends, so much alike in temperament and background and even if Gina was taller and her dark hair redder than her friend, they had both graduated from spotty school geek to sexy Milf beauties. For years they had been talking and worrying about their sons, how quiet they were and studious and shy. And now Angela had banged Pete and from her description earlier that day it had been the greatest sexual experience of her friend’s entire life.

The second thing was that it wasn’t only Pete who’d grown up to be a complete hunk, her own son, Todd, had as well. After they returned home from the Carter’s house this afternoon he had gone to shower, sweaty from his practice. After the shower he had spent the early part of the evening wearing only a towel tucked round his waist and a pair of flip-flops, explaining to his Mom that drying naturally was supposed to be better for the skin. Gina didn’t know if this was true or not, but she didn’t argue, having a small damp patch on the sofa where he rested his back was a small price to pay for seeing his pecs and firm stomach and muscular chest. During dinner she’d hardly tasted a bite, eating mechanically as she lusted after her son’s hot body. He didn’t seem to notice and as soon as they had finished he’d gone to put on some clothes; but not many – a tight T-shirt that accentuated just how fit and muscular he was and a tight pair of soccer shorts which showed he wasn’t small down below either.

Gina had quickly headed up to the shower, stepping into water cooler than she would normally use. It didn’t help, images of Angela and Pete screwing alternated with images of her own sexy son, naked and pounding into her. Gina turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, she picked up the smaller towel and wrapped it round her head, before laying the larger one on the toilet seat and sitting on it. She opened her legs and ran her finger over her pussy; it was wet and not from the shower. Slowly she slid round the hole, brushing the tips of her fingers over the labia and round the hole. It felt good and she imagined it wasn’t her fingers touching her, but some sexy hunk, a good looking jock. She closed her eyes and relaxed into the fantasy, daydreaming of the man kissing her titties and down her tummy to her waist and below. Her fingers slipped into her cunt and she moaned in pleasure as she probed gently, in her fantasy her lover’s tongue was sliding around giving better cunnilingus than any real life man ever managed.

“Oh, ahhh,” she moaned pressing down deeper with two fingers whilst her thumb found her clit and pushed at that. The man in her mind was going faster with her tongue, showing an inordinate amount of expertise. He sarıyer escort was looking up as he licked and metamorphosed into Todd; her son looking hungrily at her as he ate her cunt. Gina didn’t even try to push the image away, just continuing to pump her pussy with her fingers, groaning passionately as she brought herself to climax.

She opened her eyes again and leant back against the toilet back, panting and flushed, trying to get her breath under control. She had just masturbated to an image of her son. Yesterday she’d have thought that wrong, but today it didn’t, today she was a cheerleader and cheerleaders didn’t sit back and cringe in the back of the classroom hoping the hunky soccer star would notice them – no, they went out and got what they wanted. She quickly dried herself and headed into her room. In her wardrobe was a fresh cheerleader costume. She quickly got into it, navy blue socks inside clean white pumps, a tiny skirt, a tight white vest with ‘Cougar Cheerleaders’ emblazoned on the front in bright yellow lettering. No bra, no panties, they were an encumbrance for a cougar cheerleader.

Gina stood in front of the mirror and took a look at her reflection; she was hot she told herself and not eighteen, but an experienced cougar, ready for cock. She took a deep breath and went downstairs.

Todd was sitting in front of the TV, half slumped in the sofa. “What are you watching dear?” purred Gina and before her son could reply she sat on his lap, making sure that her skirt ran up far enough that he could feel her naked butt on his thigh.

For a second he looked surprised, as if he couldn’t believe it, but only for a second, then he gave a grin that was as cocky and sexy as Gina had ever seen, “Nothing much…you can watch something else if you want.” His hand reached up and stroked at her leg in a way that couldn’t be read as innocent unless you were half-blind and all dumb.

Gina giggled, “So did you hear about Pete and his Mom?”

Todd grinned, his hand stroking the smooth skin of her thigh higher and higher, “That he nailed her sweet pussy, yeah he mentioned it… once or twice,” the tone of his voice suggested the number of times was an underestimate. He grinned “Do you think he’s at home now banging her again?” Gina wouldn’t have been surprised, the enthusiasm with which Angela had described her orgasms suggested that now she’d got the support of her friends for her taboo encounter that it wasn’t going to be a one-time thing. Her son seemed to know what she was thinking, as he added, “I bet he is. He’s going to talk her into letting him take a photograph on his phone for proof.”

“Do you need proof?” asked Gina. She leant further back on her son and wiggled her ass cheeks as she moved, rubbing the naked flesh at his thighs.

Her son grinned and slid his hand up her thigh and under her skirt, “Not really, but I’m eighteen and not going to turn down a chance to take a look at some hot Milf cunt.”

“No, I can see that,” Gina tittered again. Her son’s fingers were inches from her pussy hole. She stretched, arching her back so that her titties strained against the cheerleader vest, the nipples stiff and poking at the thin material. “You want to do more than look.” She grinned and turned her head so that she was looking directly at her son’s handsome face and placed her hands on both his cheeks, “So do I.”

Gina leant the last few inches and kissed her son. He responded immediately open his mouth against hers and shifting his lips to match his Mom’s movements. The Milf groaned in pleasure as he kissed her from the sides of her lips to the chin and then back again, his firm lips pursing against her skin, sending shivers through her. Her pleasure moans got louder as his finger moved the last couple of inches and the middle one pushed between her labia and into her hole. She could feel her pussy get wetter as Todd digitally penetrated her, his finger sliding as deep into her cunt as it could go. “Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah sweetie, finger-fuck my hole,” Gina moaned.

“Yeah, Mom and this is just for starters,” her son said before resuming his kissing, his lips pressing at the nape of her neck, slurping at the pale flesh.

Gina groaned in pleasure, not only was she on her sexy son’s lap with his finger in her, but he was taking control, acting like a real man. The thought was almost as big a turn on as his actions. Almost… “Oh Todd, that’s the spot baby, touch me there.”

She grunted and bucked in excitement as his finger continued to enter her. His cock was straining at his shorts and even as she was shuddering Gina reached down to get it out. It was as massive as she expected, as near to nine as made no difference, erect, hard and thick. Her hand closed round it and she began to gently stroke, feeling the blood pulse through it as her fingers slid up it. “That’s right Mom,” said Todd, “You play with my cock, keep it nice and hard, cos when you’re soaking wet I’m gonna introduce it to your maslak escort cunt.”

The words made the Milf purr in pleasure and she stroked her son’s dick up and down, moving in rhythmic unison with his jerks into her, his elbow jacking back and forth as he filled her cunt. “Oh, Todd,” Gina moaned, “You’ve grown so big.”

The teenage boy kissed at her neck, moving up the side of her throat to her ear. He nibbled the lobe and pulled his finger from her slit, “I want to fuck you now, Mom. I want to take you upstairs and fuck your brains out.”

“Yes, Todd,” Gina breathed in excitement, “Screw my cunt baby, screw it hard.”

She felt herself being lifted up by her son and she brought legs round him as he gripped her under her ass cheeks. She couldn’t believe how strong he’d become, how masculine as he turned round and carried her easily up the stairs, his hard dick rubbing at her like a promise. She kicked off her shoes as he continued onto the landing to her bedroom, barging the half open door aside with his shoulder and dropping her on the bed. She bounced once, twice and then got into a sitting position, watching with wonder as her son pulled of first his T-shirt, revealing his toned sexy chest and then his shorts with his huge dick jutting out over the top. He stood there for a moment, letting his Mom admire his hot body. Gina did so, licking her lips in anticipation. After a few seconds she reached for her vest and started to pull it off.

Her son stopped her. “No Mom. I’ve always wanted to nail a hot cheerleader, keep on your uniform.”

“Okay Todd, you’re the man, sweetie. Just come and fuck your Mom,” Gina lay back hoisting up her skirt to expose her shaven slot.

She had never felt anything like it as Todd entered her. He was so big and masculine and in control, thrusting his huge member into her like he’d been fucking his whole life. Gina gasped and squealed, her back bending and her hands gripping at his naked back. He came back and thrust forward, driving more of his huge dick into her tight hole. The pussy slurped at the dick, gripping round the rod. Up Todd went again and down, ramming, hammering into her. Gina cried out in pleasure, “Yes my big, big boy; fuck Mommy good.”

“I’m going to,” said Todd. He hands were planted firmly either side of his Mom and his ass began to raise and fall as he fucked her. The position might be the standard one, but his fucking certainly wasn’t boring; he was fast and hard, his huge dick continually slamming deep and sending Gina into a odyssey of ecstasy. Even as she shrieked and squealed and grabbed his back drawing him closer he was thrusting more vigorously, sending his cock so deep into her his balls were almost following.

“Oooohh, ahhhh, urrrrhhh,” Gina grunted and gasped, her body shuddering as her son pounded her. Her nipples were erect and hard, pushing at her vest, little nubs sticking through the material. Her son’s naked body rammed down on them, making the boobs spring back and forth and covering the vest with his sweat. He grunted and went up again, before dropping down and smacking his body over Gina’s. The sexy Milf squealed again, unable to contain her passion, “Ohhh, yeah baby, fuck Mommy’s cunt.” She knew it was wrong, that she shouldn’t be enjoying her son’s dick so much, but Gina didn’t care; she wasn’t a saint but a mid-forties divorcee and her son was releasing her sex-drive that had been hidden for so long. She arched up, thrusting her cunt to meet him and clawing at his back, “Yes, baby, fuck me good, fuck my Mommy cunt.”

“Fuck, you’re so shittin’ hot, it’s like your cunt is just gripping my dick and pulling it in. Shit Mom, you’re the fucking hottest, sexiest, sluttiest cheerleader of them all,” Todd pulled his dick out of his Mom, and dropped back, “Now I want you to ride me.”

The sexy Milf got up of her back and sitting on her knees lowered herself onto her son’s erect member. It pushed at her walls again, opening them further and she shivered as she felt the massive manhood pressing at her sensitive spot, the pleasure making her quiver. She leant forward, running her hands over her son’s hard chest, her palms sliding over pecs damp with sweat, the perspiration shining in the light. “I’m going to fuck you baby, I’m going to fuck you so good.”

“Yeah Mom, I know,” Todd gripped her waist and they began to move together, her pussy grinding down on his large dick. He smiled as her tits heaved at her vest, the hard nipples pointing out. Her skirt rode up her thighs and her waist, exposing her pussy and letting him see his cock enter the hole. They moved faster and harder, his dick pounding into her and up her cunt, slamming and ramming at G-spot. “Fuck me, Mom, fuck me,” he grunted.

“Oooohh, uuurrhhh, aaaaahhhhh,” Gina was gasping, her body rocking as the pleasure took hold of her. Her body moved up and down, sweat pits staining the vest as it dripped from her body. She rode him even more energetically, putting every ounce of passion into the fuck, feeling every second of pleasure as his dick went up the hole he’d been born through. “Uuurrhhh, uuuurhhh, oooohhh baby; you’re fucking me, you’re fucking me so good, you’re fucking Mommy…”

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