Complex Family Ch. 10


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It was nearly a year and a half later after the incident in Boston that the trouble Jeff Yates had started finally hit home for Brandon. It was a rainy Tuesday in March when he found out that Jeff had finally won their little war. Despite his best efforts the project Brandon was developing was a bust, just as Jeff had planned it, and the man finally had the leverage for his cronies to rid themselves of Brandon.

Whispers of another direction for his team filled the halls and reached Brandon even though the project was not due for a few weeks. Brandon knew the score and knew why. He drove home that night through the rain the dark clouds perfectly mirroring his mood. He was to be fired by the end of the week, and there was nothing to be done about it. For the second time he would feel that humiliation. That was not the worst of it though.

Once again Jeff and people like him would come out on top and it sickened him. Brandon had done exceedingly well, he had fought the good fight, but alas, it was not enough. In the end the prick won again.

As the sky lit with brilliant flashes of lightening and roared with thunder so did Brandon as his depression gave way to anger and rage. A flash of red in his vision then his roar of, “How could they do this to him?” broke the silence in the lonely car. A flash of Jeff’s face and another roar of anger into the silent car, again and again and again it happened until, like the sky around him he tired of the explosive outburst and he calmed.

“Anger is not the answer,” he said to himself, “Anger will solve nothing, neither will depression.” He would be strong, he had to, no one must know, not Ashley and especially not the kids. Be the rock that Ashley asked him to be all that time ago. He drove home trying to think of what to say trying to raise his mood. He would blame the foulness on the weather.

It was no good from the moment he walked in. Even distracted by the children running around the house Ashley seemed to spot it right away. When he brushed her and Katy’s concerned questions away he saw them exchange knowing glances, but they let him go. He was grateful they had let it go and knew he would tell them, he would have to, but not with the kids around. He went to his office and tried to think to plan. He was there but a few minutes when Ashley came in, he tried to send her away saying he was fine, but she would have nothing of it.

“I love you Brandon Metcalf, but you are a terrible liar.” She whispered in his ear, “What’s more you have the worst look on your face and you’re scaring the children. Whatever this is we’ll get through it we always do. Remember I love you and so do the kids nothing that happens out there can change that darling. Now please get over it, go play some video games with the boys, that always helps distract you. Dinner’s in an hour and we’ll get the kids to bed early tonight so we can talk about this. Okay?”

The last part was a question, but not really a question. He nodded saying he was sorry, she gave him a kiss and said, “Don’t be darling, this family leans on you so much I think you forget that you can lean back on occasion.” Then before she left she paused at the door and added, “Just so you know Annie got some good news today, so even though you got some bad news by the looks of it, please don’t ruin her moment.” Brandon nodded again and after gathering himself did as directed, he joined his twin sons for some games before dinner. As usual they helped his stress levels and took his mind off the problem until dinner.

The meal was pleasant enough. Annie took great pride in announcing that she had got a perfect on her math test, a subject she had been having trouble with. As Brandon had personally helped her he was quite glad to here it.

Shortly after dinner, when everything was cleaned up for the night, as promised, they got the kids to bed early. Upon arriving back downstairs afterwards Brandon was surprised to find Mel and Katy awaiting him as well. They directed him to have a seat.

He did nervously and looked around the room saying, “Okay ladies what’s with the full war council here?”

“You tell us,” Ashley said as she entered the room. “You stomp in here all angry and downtrodden, brush Katy and I off, and scare the kids half to death. Heck you nearly ran over poor Annie on your way to your office! This is big Brandon, so spill.” Only now that she said it did he realize that Annie had nearly been run over on his way to his desk he felt deep remorse.

Under the hard gaze of the three women he said flatly, “Jeff Yates finally got his way today. Word is the company is moving my team in a new direction and all things given I expect that at the least means a new team lead. It goes official at the end of the week. By Friday I’ll be out of a job.”

The hardness instantly left Katy and Ashley’s eyes and they moved to comfort him instantly, well Katy did anyway. Quite enthusiastically in fact, so much so that Ashley cleared her throat to get the blonde’s attention.

“Katy ataköy escort I don’t draw the line often, but that is my husband you’re comforting. There will be time for distraction later, right now we need to think.” Katy let go of Brandon and pouted while sliding a bit away from him on the couch. Ashley then seemed to note Mel’s silence she asked the red-head, “Mel you’re rather quiet on this any thoughts?” Mel smiled.

“A few actually,” she said. Then after a paused added, “First off, Brandon I can’t say I’m surprised. None of us are.”

Brandon looked at her odd and then at Ashley who said, “It’s true darling, we’ve been expecting this since Jeff made sure you got that project a while back.” Brandon felt outrage and it must have showed because Ashley said, “Don’t get us wrong darling we rooting for you, but you said it yourself when you got it that this was a death sentence. When Katy and I saw you come in here in a funk we figured this was it.”

“However, it seems Jeffy fucked up,” Mel said smiling, “They all did, quite frankly. Either by letting a rumor get started in the first place, or by starting it themselves. Whichever it is doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you now have a golden opportunity. You know you’re going to be let go, before they can corner you into stupid non-competitive clauses and such.”

“Yeah well that’s a moot point as no one worth a damn is hiring right now.” Brandon said exasperated.

Mel leveled a glare at him and said, “First off, I’ve told you a hundred times that if you tested the open market you could name your price to most of the competitors, but being the loyal SOB that you are you stuck with the clowns you work for and duked it out with Jeffy all these years. Second, there is someone hiring that is worth a damn, its just not highly public right now is all.”

“Who?” Brandon asked although he suspected he knew.

“My company of course, we’re buying in huge on that sector and should be top of the line in a month or so. All we need is a person to head up the new division to manage the teams, as well as a few special projects of their own. Word is HR is having a hell of a time finding someone.

“It seems they are looking for a qualified candidate with experience that can bring big results fast and not just in managing the team, but in developments. An idea person who can inspire those below.”

“That’s a tough sell. I mean I know very few people like that in the industry and they are all in a position where that risk would be ludicrous. Ah, I see your problem…”

“Thing is I can bring HR their dream guy tomorrow.” Mel said smiling, “Turns out I know just the guy who is fully qualified but has been pigeon holed for years.”

“Okay, I get your point, and where this is going. You wouldn’t happen to be able to get me in thee to talk to them tomorrow would you?”

“Of course,” Mel said with a smile. “When I heard about this division I thought of you instantly. This position was made for you, I would have tried sooner but HR is still looking internally, but now they are getting desperate, and the timing is too perfect. Now, not only are you their dream candidate, but you are set to be cast off after years of loyal service. The way I see it someone is going to snatch you up, why not us?”

“Of course there is something in this for you,” Brandon said smiling.

“Yeah well, I get credit for finding you and it buys me some credit with the board. Maybe, down the road, you help me get my big chair on the board.”

“One last thing, I won’t be working under you in anyway will I?” Brandon asked.

“Of course not,” Mel said with an understanding smile, “I’m finance, were not even in the same building. Believe me the last thing I need is people thinking you and I are anything but neighbors. It’s a big company we’ll hardly see each other, well during business hours anyway.”

“Good,” Brandon said relieved, “No offense Mel, I like you a lot and you know that, but word is you are a royal bitch to work for.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Mel said with a wicked grin. Then back to matters at hand she said, “I’ll get you in with HR tomorrow morning, you’ll take a sick day, the way I see it you’ll be in by the end of business tomorrow. The rest will be paperwork and our lawyers will handle all that.”

“A sick day? I guess. I can do that, my boss won’t like it though.”

Ashley smiled sitting next to him on the couch and said, “You mean future ex-boss and what are they going to do darling, fire you three days early?”

She kissed him and Mel said, “Face it Brandon you are on the verge of landing your dream job.”

Then a frustrated Katy asked, “Am I allowed to be happy now?”

“Of course,” Ashley said and Katy’s giddiness returned for seemingly nowhere.

“Oh goody!” Then giving Brandon a big hug and kiss said, “Congratulations baby!”

With some difficulty Mel extracted Katy from the ‘congratulating’; that had got rather physical rather fast. Katy was disappointed bakırköy escort but understood that appearances needed maintaining. Anna and the twins were still upstairs and seeing daddy making out with Aunt Katy would have led to odd questions

Brandon appeased her by saying, “You know Katy if I’m home ‘sick’ tomorrow,” making air quotes around the sick. “I will still be here after school starts and all the little kiddies and our teacher have gone to school. Not to mention our tough businesswoman will be at work.”

Katy’s eyes lit up and she gasped saying, “You mean…”

“Yep, I just may have to pay my favorite horny housewife a little visit tomorrow morning.” Brandon said smiling.

As Katy jumped up and down with excitement Mel said, “Something tells me I should make that interview after lunch tomorrow.”

“Yes you’d better,” Katy said rather serious.

“Thanks Mel.” Brandon said appreciatively, “I’m sorry you get shorted in this, if there’s anything…”

“Oh there is, just don’t forget where your favorite horny ice queen is working late tomorrow.” Mel said, cutting him off and giving him a knowing look.

“Yes ma’am,” Brandon said grinning as Mel and Katy left.

When they were gone Ashley said, “I don’t suppose you’ll have time for a horny teacher tomorrow too?”

“No, that I’ll have to take a rain check on. However, I can pencil in my smoking hot wife tonight, especially since I owe her for being a royal bonehead this evening.” He said with a smile.

“Oh you are so on darling.” She said returning his smile with her own.

He swept her up in his arms and carried her to their bedroom. She showered him with kisses the whole way up. When they reached the bed he set her down.

As he went to remove his clothes she got up and kissed him and said, “Get changed for bed darling, I’d rather not sleep in this tonight. I’ll be back shortly.”

She then kissed him again and after taking something from her dresser headed for the bathroom. As instructed Brandon dressed himself for bed, which was usually shorts and a t-shirt. He then waited a few minutes later Ashley came out wearing her regular robe. Brandon was a bit confused until she opened it to reveal a lace blue see-though bra that barely contained her tits and a matching pair of panties that left nothing to the imagination. The sight of her made him go hard instantly.

She tossed the robe on the bed, posed and said, “You like darling?”

Brandon nodded and she started a sexy walk toward him. When she reached the edge of the bed Brandon went to kiss her, but she stopped him.

He pulled back confused and she said, “Someone is wearing too much right now, I’m in my undies, it’s only fair you are too darling.” Brandon quickly shed his shirt and shorts leaving only his boxers. “Much better,” Ashley purred when he was finished and hungrily kissed him pushing him back onto the bed. They kissed and wrestled like that for a while groping each other wherever the chance allowed.

Brandon finally managed to unclip the lace bra a few minutes in and shortly afterward rolled Ashley on her back and attacked the now exposed nipples of her firm mounds. Ashley moaned in pleasure at this new development and her hands soon were holding his head to her tits as she encouraged him,

“That’s it darling suck my nipples they love it when you give them attention.” Brandon continued sucking for a while then moved on teasing her as he moved toward her pussy.

As he went to removed her panties from her soaking wet crotch Ashley stopped him, “No darling, this is your night, besides I want a taste of Brandon Jr. there right now.”

Not one to argue Brandon rolled onto the bed and seconds later Ashley had his boxers off and was enthusiastically sucking his hard shaft. After a heavenly few minutes she stopped and laid down next to him.

She then removed her panties, and spread her legs saying, “Fuck me darling fuck me hard!”

Brandon jumped up and within seconds was lining up his hard cock at her waiting entrance. He started out slow holding her efforts to speed up back teasing her as he slow fuck her. Out of frustration she began tweaking her nipples. He leaned down and kissed her pinning her hands to the bed as he did. When he broke the kiss she begged him to do her hard but he refused. He wanted this to be love, not lust. After a while her lust faded and she seemed to understand. Their eyes met and as they felt the familiar warmth descend upon them, and in that moment he saw the love in her eyes again. They kissed again deeply as he slowly thrust in and out of her.

When he broke the kiss she said, “Love me darling,” as she wrapped her legs around him. He nodded and released her hands.

Sometime later, he knew not when or how long it was. They came together, it was so powerful neither uttered a sound. Their voices seemed to fail them, yet they understood the pleasure they had given each other. When it was over the just lay together, basking in the moment. As he drifted to sleep he felt a soft kiss on his cheek, and heard Ashley say, “I love you so much darling, thank you, and congratulations.”

When he awoke the next morning to the alarm she was gone. He looked to the bedside table and was surprised to see some orange juice and toast on a tray there along with some colored paper. Upon examination he found the paper were ‘get well daddy’ wishes from Annie and the twins. He smiled as he read them. Not wanting the food to go to waste he ate the toast and drank the juice before heading to the shower, but stopped remembering his promise last night to Katy. Instead he dressed and headed downstairs where he found a message on the machine from Ashley.

“Hi darling, hope you had a good sleep, you have a big day ahead so I figured I’d let you rest. Sorry about the cards and stuff, but the kids insisted, I figured you wouldn’t mind too much. Anyway, don’t forget what you promised Katy yesterday, but please do shower before you head over, just because you’ll need another is no excuse hon. Also, she has agreed to help get you ready for your interview, which Mel will inform her what time that is, so please listen to her. Well, I think that’s all I have, so good luck darling! I know you’ll knock’em dead. Love you and see you tonight.”

Brandon chuckled at the message, god did this woman know him well, especially the no shower thing. For which he headed back upstairs to do.

He headed next door after a quick shower and a relatively quick update of his resume, relative being the operative word, as it had been ten years since he’d had to update it. As he quietly entered the house where he was both have some fun and apparently receive instructions, he quickly located Katy in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher. Thankful she had not yet reached silverware as a sudden reflex with a knife in hand could cause issues Brandon approached the unsuspecting blonde from behind as she reached up to put away a plate.

No sooner had she set the plate on the shelf than Brandon made his move. He stepped behind her and pinning her to the counter with his body, reached around to grab her big boobs.

“Hey baby,” he said after kissing her neck and giving her boobs a squeeze, “You busy?”

It was a dumb question, but Katy played along.

“Ohhhh,” it was more a moan in response to his kneading her boobs than and answer to the question, “Not really, just doing some chores, you know, boring stuffff.” The last syllable was high pitched and long due to Brandon reaching under her shirt that only concealed her boobs. Katy had clearly dressed for his arrival, because she wore only the half-shirt and tight spandex shorts. Both of which showed her assets well. Brandon had enjoyed the view of her cute butt in the shorts as he had approached.

“Good,” Brandon said reaching lifting her shirt up over her head knowing the answer to his next question, “Cause I got some time to have some fun, you wanna play baby?”

“You know me baby, I always want to play. Especially since I can feel your friend pressing into my back he seems ready to go.” She let the shirt fall onto the counter and said, “Now are you going to let me loose so I can play too?”

Brandon smiled and took a step back saying, “Of course.”

Katy turned and smiled while he stripped of her shorts, Brandon noted she had no panties under them.

“Smart boy.” She said stepping out of the shorts that had pooled around her ankles. She then moved forward and kissed him deeply. Brandon pulled her naked body against his as they kissed then lifted her up and set her on the counter. Katy smiled wickedly and said, “Oh right here you naughty boy.” She then reached for his hand and guided it to her pussy before saying, “Well big boy, I’m all wet and ready for you, come on take me!”

In seconds Brandon had his pants and underwear down and was readying himself to push into the blonde’s pussy. She grabbed his ass and pulled him toward her and he felt her warm hole envelop his shaft. After that he began wildly fucking the horny blonde, which only at that moment did he realize she had been worked up about this all morning as quickly into the fucking, she came. After that she settled down a bit and they fucked for another twenty minutes on that counter before they both came.

Afterwards Katy kissed him and said, “Thanks baby I sooo needed that, it’s been a while since we played that game. It was fun, but now to business. We need to get you ready, Mel called awhile back and the interview is at two so you need to get moving. Did you by chance update your resume?” Brandon was amazed at how quickly Katy shifted into business mode, but he followed and answered.

“Yes, just before I came over in fact.”

“Good! I hoped that was the reason you were a little behind, any chance I can look it over while you get ready?”

“Yeah, it on the network.”

One of the first things Brandon had done upon moving in was to have both homes wired with CAT 5 cable and wireless network connections in every room and then connected it to a central hub in his basement. It had come in handy a lot as a computer could be plugged in anywhere in the two homes and have access to the same general data.

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