Complete Submission Training Ch. 03


Unlike the morning before I didn’t wake up to Master’s footsteps, I was awoken by the feeling of my leg’s being released from being bound. The blood rushed back into my extremities. They weren’t lifted very high but they were tight so it was a sweet relief.

Brandon was kneeling at the front of the bed, facing away from the bed. His back still had welts from the night before and his ass was a bright red. I was insanely jealous remembering that Master chose to fuck him and not me.

“You will do your routine together today. Make your own food and enough for him. Remember to drink lots of water and get some sleep. Tonight Brandon’s Master will be coming over and we will use both of you.”

Master kissed me goodbye, kissed Brandon and left. We waited a few minutes after we heard the car leave before either of us left.

“Wow.” Brandon whispered. “I’ve never been fucked like that before in my life.”

It was weird being able to speak and just have a conversation. I nodded, “Not going to lie, I’m pretty jealous.” I said.

“You should be. The positions he crammed me in last night were other worldly.” He said. I rolled my eyes.

“You weren’t so bad yourself.” I replied back.

“Yeah that was fun. Sorry I beat you, I didn’t know when I was going to be able to cum again. My Master had edged me for eight days straight and I’m pretty sure it was becoming a medical emergency.”

I understood, “I get to cum a lot of the time. He likes to keep stroking me after I cum and make me scream for him to stop.”

At this point Brandon had got on the bed and we were just chatting about what turns us on and how we got into this. We both mentioned that it was a curiosity we had for a while and decided to jump in. I let him know that I didn’t think that it was going to be temporary. Having this type of experience made me crave it forever.

When we had both had enough small talk, Brandon suggested we go get some food. We go through my routine and Brandon works out with me. Master has left him a pair of shoes to use for his workout. It’s ab day so we do a lot of crunches and situps. It’s hard working out with another person, especially someone as hot as Brandon. My cock stayed hard most of the workout. He did as well. I knew that Master had cameras in the gym so I dind’t dare do anything sexual.

We made another drink and decided to take a nap. I decided I would wake up earlier to get my shower in and then wake him up. Once we were all rested, full and clean we waited for our Masters.

“What your Master like?” I asked.

“He’s more quiet than yours. He moves in silence. Keeps me on my toes. He also likes nipples so keep that in mind”

“I can’t wait.” I say. Nipples were the one thing that Master didn’t torture me with all that often. Sure he had clamps put on them and he would lick them from time to time but he never focused on them. Which was fine by me, they weren’t a super erotic zone for me anyways.

“Honestly me neither. Don’t mess up. His punishments suck.”

It was weird getting to talk to Brandon. We almost were like friends and that felt weird but good. Some part of me wondered if outside of this predicament, met at some outing if we would have had sex anyways. He was funny, had a great personality and I can’t help but mention again how fucking sexy he was.

It wasn’t long until we heard the car drive up and I could hear Master laughing with a foreign voice. The voice had a thick Australian accent. The door opened and slammed shut.

“Fuck boys.” I hear the Australian voice yell out. “Who’s ready to serve their master?”

Brandon gave me a smile and a wink and then regained his composure.

I stared straight ahead at the ceiling with perfect posture, my ass up and ready for Master. My hole twitched with excitement. As they descended the stairs I could tell they were both carrying some bags. They dropped them to their side.

“Connor.” My master said, not in his Master voice. “This is Dayne. He is Brandon’s Master. Does he have your consent to use you tonight?”

“Yes Master.” I bark eagerly. While it took me out of the sub mindset of having to give consent it definitely made me feel more comfortable, more eager to submit to him. This was the part of BDSM that excited me. I was turned on by it being my choice to give my all to another man. I consciously made the decision to worship them and they took advantage of me in any way they saw fit. Spending the last month with Master, I could tell that’s what turned him on too. My unwavering willingness to do anything and everything to please him.

I heard Dayne chuckle and he walked in front of us. This was the first ttime that I got to see him. He was wearing tight leather pants and no shirt. His body was what I pictured the Greek god Apollo to look like. He was extremely lean and muscular with an eight pack and a perfect V leading down to his cock. He looked like every Australian porn star I had ever seen. He had short light brown hair, istanbul travesti styled to perfection. His piercing blue eyes sparkled as he looked me over, lust filling his eyes. I couldn’t wait to get a look at his cock, I’m sure it was magnificent.

“Miss me boy?” I heard him snarl, he was now standing right in front of Brandon.

“Yes sir. A lot sir.” Brandon said. I could tell he was being sincere.

“Show me. Worship me.” He commanded. Brandon immediately dropped his face to Dayne’s shoes and started licking and kissing and caressing.

Now my Master was in front of me, opening a gym bag filled to the brim with what looked like various sex toys. He pulled out a long bar but I couldn’t tell what it was exactly. My stomach sank when I didn’t get to worship Master’s cock. It had been almost two full days since his cock had been inside of me at all. All my brain could think about was Master.

Master walked behind me and grabbed my balls. I let out a little gasp but tried to keep my composure. He was in control and I was going to take everything he gave me tonight. I didn’t want both Master’s punishments. I then felt a clamp around my balls with cold metal, stretching them out behind me. I then felt the metal bar around the back of my leg right under my ass. I realized that any attempt to straighten my legs would painfully pull my balls. I had seen this device used in porn before, I believe it was called the humbler because it forced the participant to stay crouched over on their knees or it would cause a painful stretch. He gave me a tap on the balls with his hand. A shot of pain surged through my body but I stood still, regulating my breath.

“Good boy.” Master said. It wasn’t long until I heard Brandon getting the same treatment. He let out a loud groan when Dayne tapped his balls, but I could tell Dayne didn’t hold back on his balls.

“Shut up” Dayne muttered and slapped his ass.

Dayne continued, “I heard you got to cum yesterday. Today you are going to earn it.” I could hear both of them laughing then I heard some digging around in the bag again. Both of them pulled out a butt plug that had a furry tail on the end. The plug itself was bigger than the one that Master usually used on me. I arched my back a little in anticipation.

“Tonight you’re going to be our little puppies.” Dayne commanded in his thick accent. Then both of our masters plunged the plugs into our ass. My hole pushed back instinctively for a second making it hard to take the whole plug inside of me. This earned me a hard slap on the ass.

“Open up Slut.” My Master yelled and slapped me again. I relaxed my hole and I could feel it fill me up. Usually when I had something in my ass, eventually it felt pleasurable because my hole opened and stretched to take it. This was bigger than I was used so the pleasure never came, just pain and uncomfort. And then I felt it, it got bigger inside of me.

“These are inflatable.” Master told me as he gave another pump and I felt it expand inside of me even more. I grunted and a bead of sweat ran down my forehead. My balls ached, my knees hurt and my hole was being stretched. I could hear Brandon breathing deep trying to regain his composure. I didn’t dare look over and risk another pump of the plug but I could hear his heavy breathing and knew he was getting the same treatment.

The bag was ruffled through again and while Dayne pulled out some hand cuffs., Master pulled out a gag with a funnel attached. Dayne cuffed Brandon’s hands and feet together while Master placed the gag in my mouth. The gag forced my mouth open with a wide tube that led to a funnel. Anything put in the funnel would go straight to my mouth.

They then switched and Dayne cuffed my feet and hands together while Master fastened the funnel gag on Brandon.. My range of mobility was completely limited. My hands and feet had maybe two inches of range. I couldn’t move or straighten my legs or my ball would painfully be pulled and my mouth was pried open with a funnel. My ass was filled with a butt plug. I couldn’t tell what sensation to focus on. Everything was uncomfortable and every move I made created even more pain. I moved my eyes to the side briefly and saw Brandon in the same predicament. His beautiful, hairy body covered in sweat, his face red.

I felt a slap on my back and then Master’s voice, “Looks like a couple of thirsty doggys.”

They both unzipped their leather pants revealing semi erect dicks. “Open your throat and take every last drop filthy sluts.” Master says. Dayne puts the head of his dick in my funnel and Master puts the head of his dick in Brandon’s funnel. A thick warm stream of piss enters my mouth and I do my best to drink as fast as I can. His piss was sour and fragrant. I couldn’t see but the smell reminded me of when piss was a deep yellow. My mouth quickly filled up and I could tell there was a backlog of piss in my funnel.

It just kept coming and I kept drinking, trying not to istanbul travestileri gag on the smell or taste. I tried to tell myself I liked piss, tricking myself into loving this experience. They both stopped peeing and we finished drinking what was left in the funnel. Dayne snorted his nose and throat and spit his thick mucus and spit into the funnel. As it reached my mouth I could tell how thick and chunky this spit was. Before I could stop myself, I gagged.

“What was that Slut?” Master yelled, “You don’t like the taste? Un-fucking- grateful.”

WHACK! The pain was blinding and I had to take a second to realize what had happened. I saw Master with a wooden paddle. He had just swatted my balls. The pit of my stomach ached and I started seeing stars. This was the hardest I had ever been hit on the balls. I couldn’t move so I just had to breathe through the pain, focusing on not shaking or showing how much it hurt.

Dayne repeated his snot/ spit mixture into Brandon’s funnel, where all I heard him gulp it down, no gag.

Another rustling of the bag revealed two collars and two leashes. They were quickly affixed to our throats. Master pulled the leash causing an immediate restriction of my airflow. Another level to this already torturous experience.

“Ready to play a game?” Master asked.

“Yes Master.” I shouted. My balls still aching from the hit they took either. I tried to sound confident but I knew my voice cracked at the end of the word Master.

“Crawl over to the other side of the room.” Dayne commanded. I obediently started to crawl and realized how hard and painful it was. Everytime I inched my knee forward a painful pull on my balls would occur. I could only move about two inches at a time. I could tell Brandon was struggling as well. It took a few seconds to get into a rhythm but I quickly realized that each crawl was going to be painful. There wasn’t a way around it.

As we both struggled our way to the other side of the room we were met with firm slaps on the ass and orders to move faster. I could tell when Master was slapping me and when Dayne was. Master focused on hitting the same spot over and over again with less intensity. Dayne switched spots but much harder. I honestly didn’t know what was worse. Each technique had a unique anxiety involved.

When we got to the other side of the room we were ordered to turn around as if we were going to go back.

“Wow you sluts are slow.” Master snarled. “Hopefully you can pick up speed for this.”

“One of you will crawl, carrying one of us on your back to the other side of the room and back.” Master started. This was going to be hard. I barely got over here without someone on my back.

“And the other one will get punished the whole time. The quicker you get back the quicker the torture stops for the other one.”

Master grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced me to make eye contact. “Fucktoy will go first.”

Master mounted Brandon. Fuck, Fuck fuck, Dayne was going to let me have it. I didn’t know Dayne’s style of punishment. But I was going to take it, and make Master proud.

“Go!” Master yelled and gave Brandon a slap on the ass. Brandon took off but I could tell it was going to be painfully slow. The room was large. It took us a couple of minutes to get to this side of the room so doubling that I figured this was going to be excruciatingly long.

Immediately I felt my collar restrict my throat and I struggled to breathe at all, it also pinched my neck skin causing double the pain. While holding my leash firm Dayne pulled out a handful of clothespins from his pockets. He quickly put two on each nipple, causing a hard pinch. He then placed a few on the skin on my back. Just when I thought he was done I felt an intense pinch on my already swollen balls. Then another and another. He had placed three clothes pins on my balls.

While he was down there he gave a squeeze on my butt plug. Just when my hole was getting used to the enormous plug, it got bigger, pushing my insides farther apart. He gave it another squeeze and I let out a loud moan. That earned me a hard loud slap on the ass, and another one, and a third. All in a row. Hard. I breathed through the pain.

“Fucking take it, Slut.” Dayne ordered. Then he slapped my ass again. It was obvious he wasn’t going to give up soon. With each slap I could feel my ass burning, turning red. I could see Brandon just barely getting to the other end. We were only halfway done.

I heard Master barking at him to go faster, calling him pathetic. Letting him know how disappointed he was in him. I could tell Brandon was going as fast as he could but it was still so slow. I could hear Master slapping Brandons ass like he was an animal. Brandon was grunting and moaning and pushing through the pain.

Dayne kept spanking my ass, hard. It was becoming unbearable. I couldn’t help but moan and flinch in anticipation. Everything hurt, I was overstimulated. My nipples, my hole, travesti istanbul my balls, my throat, my mouth, my ass. Without skipping a slap, Dayne un did my gag.

“Let’s give my Fucktoy some encouragement. I want you to beg him to hurry. I want you to tell him how much this hurts. Scream every time I hit you. Let him know how he is hurting you.” Dayne whispered in my ear, low enough that Brandon wouldn’t hear.

“Please hurry.” I yell as Dayne’s heavy hand fell on my ass. It felt good to have an outlet. Brandon looked up with a shock in his eyes, face covered in sweat. I’m sure he was concerned about why I was yelling. Up until now every noise was punished. Now not only was I yelling, I was yelling at him. Dayne slapped my ass and I screamed in pain. I was going to get it all out while I could. Another pump of my butt plug sent me howling. Dayne pulled my collar tight, choking off my cry abruptly.

Brandon was about half way back. Another slap on my ass. “Fuck, Please please hurry.” Master and Dayne were both laughing at our misery. I could hear Dayne full on belly laughing. Brandon’s look on his face went from concern to determination. I could tell he was trying his hardest. Each inch is more painful than the last. He was dripping sweat down his face and arms, red.

I had almost forgotten about the pins on my nipples and balls and back. But with no warning Dayne ripped them off. As the blood rushed back into the places the pins were restricting and intense pain followed. Worse than when they were put on. Worse than the spanking. Worse then the butt plug. Tears flooded my eyes and I screamed, letting it all out. Dayne laughed harder, amused at the pain he was causing me so effortlessly.

Just as my scream finished and the ears got sucked back into my eyes, Brandon finished. He was out of breath. His long hair matted on his sweaty forehead. His funnel gag is still in place.

“Your turn Slut.” Master said, dismounting Brandon. I had been so focused on Dayne’s beating that I forgot that after all of this, It was my turn. I was already out of breath from the beating and screaming. The places where the pins were still painful.

Without even a second of rest, Dayne hopped on my back. Even though he was skinny I hadn’t realized how tall he was. He must have weighed over 200 pounds. My back buckled a little under the weight but I immediately straightened to relieve the pulling on my balls.

I inched forward, the handcuff biting my wrists and ankles if I tried to go too fast. My balls pulled mercilessly if I tried to lift my legs in any way. The carpet burned my knees if I didn’t. Every move was agony and no matter what technique I chose, it somehow only got worse.

As I inched my way forward I heard Master slapping and punching Brandon. Then I heard his gag come off. Master must have liked hearing me scream. Brandon’s cries for me to hurry were hard to hear. It was weird that his punishment was in my hands. I knew that he had hurried as fast as he could and I wanted to return the favor. But I was exhausted, out of breath. Tears hadn’t stopped flowing from my eyes.

Dayne grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my neck back towards him. “Hurry up you fucking faggot.” I drugged myself as fast as I could. Dayne didn’t release my hair. He had one hand on my hair and one hand slapping my ass as if he was a cowboy riding his horse.

I reached the other side of the room and started to run around. This proved even more difficult with a 200 pound man on top of me. I had to inch myway into a Uturn. I felt a tap on my balls with Dayne’s hand. “I said hurry up, faggot.” I let out a tiny moan and kept pushing.

I could see now what Brandon’s screams were about. Master had made Brandon get on his feet. I didn’t even know how it was possible to stand up with this device on. Brandon was standing knees and back bent. He had to keep a crunched position with the device on. Master was whipping him with his leader whip, letting some of the strands fall on his swollen balls.

He looked up at me with a hopeless look in his eyes and then let his head fall down. He knew my predicament. He knew I couldn’t go any faster so he was just going to have to endure this stress position until I was back. We both yelled and grunted as slaps would fall on our asses, back and balls. We were in this together. Dayne and Master laughed, spit and called us names. Reminding us of how pathetic we looked. Reminding us that we were there to serve them. Reminding us that we were to submit fully to them or else.

When I got to the last five feet of the room, Dayne pumped up my butt plug one more time and spanked my balls. Tears flooded my eyes again. This was too much, I was at the brink of what I could take. I could feel it but I was going to push through. I was going to take this and make me a better slave to serve my Master. Master had taken me to my limit a few times and with each time my limits got wider and more expanded. This would be no different. However, at this moment I felt like I could pass out. I felt like throwing in the towel and giving up.

When we ended, Master pushed Brandon to the floor back into a kneeling position which I’m sure felt amazing, a relief from the stretching of his balls.

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