Co-worker’s Wife


Mark finished and fell to one side of Maggie, his cock still erect. She rolled onto her side and pecked at his lips, a hand massaged the gooey cock helping another small stream gush out and land on his stomach.

“You fucked me good darling,” she cooed. “Twice this evening, just what has gotten into you?” She giggled still pulling on his cock. Her mouth covered his and her tongue drifted inside.

“I just crave your luscious body baby.”

“Bullshit.” Her hand continued playing. “You’re still lusting after Bob’s wife.”

“Why would I do that?”

“You’re just like him I bet. Where’s your stash of pictures of amputee women?” Her voice, soft, teasing and not scolding. His cock began responding to her words. “Yeah, that’s it.” She squeezed firmly as she stroked him. “It’s that she has one leg. Isn’t it?” She shoved her tongue deep into his mouth for a moment, his cock now even firmer than before when it was inside her pussy.

She rolled on top of him and slid down against it. “Think of me having one leg.” She wiggled her hips letting him slip between her pussy lips. “Hmmm, that’s it. Baby, fondle my stump … it’s so, so, short … soft, beautiful … isn’t it?” Her words were sultry and inviting.

“You wouldn’t want to be like her.”

“Oh baby, I do-o,” she drawled. “I want to be just like her.”

He groaned and held her waist as she ground up and down along the warm stiff cock.

“Tell me just how exciting I’d be to you.” His cock gently massaged. “Maybe you’d rather me be missing both legs.” She stopped at the bottom of the shaft and wiggled her ass. She could feel him swell slightly. “Oh-h, have I said the magic words?”

She stared down at his face, her hands resting on each shoulder. “Fess up big guy.” Her face dropped slightly, her hair now dragging across his face, her hips moving slightly. “Just one leg?” she quizzed trying to sense if the suggestion made him more or less excited. “Both legs?”

Again, Mark spurted cum while the sounds of groans and moans filled the room. Maggie continued to ride him until he begged her to free his cock.

This time she was the one to fall away. “Wake me if you need some more,” she teased before kissing him goodnight.

The flushing of the toilet woke her and she watched him walk towards the bed in the dim morning light. The bed bounced slightly as he slipped under the covers and rolled towards her. She reached down and felt his cock growing firm. “Baby-y,” she groaned in a seductive tone as it reached a fully erect state. Her lips pecked at his, her tongue played inside his mouth. She held his cock.

“Are you just going to hold it?” he whispered.

“You know I don’t mind you fantasizing about her while you fuck me.”


She squeezed his cock and pulled on it. “Who my ass. You know who.”

“Honest, I’m just turned on by your naked body next to mine.”

“I watched you lusting after her in that thong swimsuit at the pool party. The way her short leg stump moved about when she hopped from the lounge chair to the edge of the pool.”

“Oh-h,” he started knowing she’d caught him in a lie. “You mean Julie.”

“Of the five guys there, only you and Bob and were watching so intently you’d have missed a nuclear bomb going off next door.” Her hand began slowly massaging his cock.

“She’s just very pretty … and you have to admit that thong showed off her body very nicely. When she took it off….”

“Yeah. It was the stump that you were looking at and not the shaved pussy.” Maggie rolled on top and wiggled her pussy entrance against the head of the cock until it rested just inside. “So, do you want me to be like her?”

“Baby, I want you just the way you are.”

“Have you ever touched a stump? Wouldn’t you want to fondle mine while we fuck?”

He rocked his hips forcing himself deep inside her. “Listen, they just moved here and he invited several couples from work over for a pool party.” As he talked, his hips worked his cock. “I had no….”

“It doesn’t matter.” His hips lay still and her pussy began to slide along the cock slowly. “Listen darlin’, I watched her as much as you did.”

“Really? I wasn’t watching … honest. At least, not her missing leg.”

“I was. Oh my, I was.”

“I’ve never known about….”

She held a finger across his lips. She continued working his cock with her pussy as she spoke. “Let’s just forget about it for now. Your cock is doing such fine things to my cunt.” She moaned and fucked his mouth with her tongue.

Maggie sat in front of her computer for half an hour after Mark left for work. Pictures of women missing one or both legs were scattered across the computer screen. Her clothes lay in a pile on the floor beside her. “Fuck!” she screamed aloud as her hand slid along the inside of her upper thigh. A fingertip toyed with her clit. The mouse moved under the other hand and a finger clicked on the link on a browser page. More pictures appeared. Another click and the latest messages of a social group for people with her kızılay escort appetite for amputees appeared.

Bob leaned into Mark’s office, one hand rested on the doorframe. He waited until Mark put the phone back on the cradle. “Hey man, glad you and you Maggie could come last night.”

“We had a great time. Wonderful house you have. Someday we need to look for a better place.”

He stepped into the office and closed the door. “Got a minute?”

“Sure, have a seat.” Mark waved his hand towards a chair.

“Listen, I just wanted to say what a nice time we both had with both of you.”

“Thanks. We were talking about that last night. Julie sure gets around on one leg without problems. Quite a gal you found.”

“Yup. It’s only been a few years since she, ah, since she lost her leg. Remarkable, wouldn’t you say? It happened before I met her.”

“Really? Most men wouldn’t….”

Bob cut him off before he could finish. “Say, we both noticed how you and Maggie seemed, how to say, interested. Anyway, we want you to come back over, you know, just the four of us … get to know each other better. Julie seemed to enjoy talking to Maggie … a lot. I think you and I had a good talk too.”

“Sure. When?”

“I’m home,” Mark said loudly as he walked through the door from the garage into the kitchen. There was no reply and he loosened his tie as he walked towards the bedroom. He sat on the bed and took his shoes off, stood enough to push his slacks from his hips, then settled back down.

“Hmmm, Julie,” he said aloud as his hand felt over the fronts of his boxers. His cock responded to both the touch and the thought. Until he saw her, the intense fantasies of his youth had lain somewhat dormant. Back then, the woman next door had one leg and triggered many wet dreams. Now his hand slipped under the elastic waistband and held the warm flesh of the erection. Aloud, he said, “Julie was so much prettier than the old lady….” then became silent as he pushed the waistband down.

Steam from the hot shower still filled the bathroom after Mark washed the results of his thinking about Julie and the quick jerk-off from his body. He was drying himself as Maggie walked into the bedroom.

“Is your cock nice and clean?” she teased as she stopped in the bathroom doorway. “Did you waste some cum?”

He flipped the towel over the towel bar and turned towards her without comment. “Bob and Julie have asked us over Saturday night. Are we free?”

“Any other plans JUST got canceled.” She laughed and kissed him letting her hand cup over his flaccid cock.


“Good? You just want to ogle her body. Bet you’ve been hoping she’ll wear that thong again.”

“Would that be so bad?”

“Maybe I’ll get one to wear over there.”

A new erection began to form. “Maybe the two of you can just go naked.” He sheepishly laughed trying to make a joke of the comment.

“And thoughts of which of us naked is causing this?” She squeezed his cock then let her hand begin to masturbate him. “I’m thinking of getting a pair of crutches.”


“So I can bind my leg up and walk around on them.” She grinned and continued stroking him. “You’d like that I bet … not as much as if my leg was really off.” His cock firmed up even more. “Yeah, I thought so.”

He leaned against the wall and she kneeled down. The cock slipped smoothly halfway into her mouth and her head bobbed back and forth. His hand rested on her head, a finger fiddled with her hair. Her hand massaged his balls as she sucked.

“Arrg,” he groaned and began launched a stream of cum down her throat followed by a second.

She looked towards his face as she pulled away. “That all?” She snickered. “You whacked off … right?” The back of her hand wiped at the blob of cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. “Geez darlin’, if I’d known we’d have this much sex, I’d cut my leg off years ago.” She giggled and stood.

A slight erection remained and bobbed as he followed her into the bedroom. “We haven’t….”

“You’re telling me!” she said in a frustrating tone. “I could fuck four or five times a day AND you’ve ONLY wanted it a few times a week.”

“Sorry-y,” he apologetically replied as he pulled on a fresh pair of boxers then a pair of khaki shorts.

“You’re dressing?” she groaned standing naked in front of where he sat. “Just who the fuck said I was through with you?”

Maggie crutched around the empty house, her left foot bound tight against her hip under the dress dangling just past her knees. She stopped occasionally to stare at her reflection in the tall dressing mirror, turning first to the left then the right. The single barefoot thrilled her as she wiggled the toes slightly.

Her leg began to throb after only fifteen minutes and she crutched to the bed. As she sat on the edge, she dropped the crutches in a pile with a loud clanging sound.

“Cool,” she muttered aloud unwrapping the ACE bandage kolej escort from around the leg. A vigorous rub helped relieve the tingling sensations in the foot. She stood making sure her left leg would support her then carried the crutches to her closet where she hid them in the corner behind long dresses hanging from the rod.

Julie greeted Mark and Maggie. She wore a short tight fitting black skirt and a loose white blouse. A black high heal shoe adorned the single foot. “Bob’s getting the grill started,” she said over her shoulder as they followed her. She stopped and stood close to Mark, her hand rested lightly on his chest. “Be a doll. I think he could use your help.” Julie waited beside Maggie and they watched him make his way to the door to the patio by the swimming pool.

“Have you been married long?” Julie asked. “He seemed to not want to leave your side.”

“About two years. Actually, I think it was your side he wanted to be next to.” Maggie laughed. “But I’m happy you and I, ah….”

“Yes. I had a great time the other night talking to you. It’ll be nice to have some time for girl talk.” They walked beside each other for a few steps. “Guess we should fix the burger patties.”

In the kitchen, Maggie leaned against the edge of the island and watched Julie quickly pressing the ground beef into six patties. “Can I help?”

“Nah. I’m done. Let me wash my hands and we can go find a quiet place to chat.”

The library room had a plush leather couch against the wall opposite a large bookcase. By the window was a large desk. A laptop computer was open with the screen saver dancing around.

“Have a seat,” Julie said as she dropped her crutches along the front of the couch then plopped onto the seat with a slight bounce. The hem of the skirt flipped up slightly leaving the end of the stump exposed. She did nothing to rearrange her skirt as she turned and looked at Maggie. “Two years? My goodness, Bob and I’ve only been married half that long. I hope the sex doesn’t grow old.” She laughed.

“Where you missing your leg before you met him?”

“Yup. He had a thing for women with one leg. You know, some are into red heads…” She laughed. “I don’t mind having one leg. I get around just fine on my crutches.”

“I thought you were lovely the other night when you went swimming. I wish I looked that good in a thong.”

“Thanks. Hey, I can give you the name of a surgeon to amputate your leg.” She giggled. “Sorry, just a crazy sense of humor.”

“May I ask what happened to your leg?”

“Sure. Do you want what I tell everyone or the truth?” She giggled quietly and patted Maggie’s thigh. “Listen babe, I think we can be candid with each other without messing up a budding friendship … can’t we?”

“Of course. To be honest, I’ve never known someone with one leg, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

“Really? That’s interesting. I felt the same way.” Julie pulled her skirt up slightly. “It’s not so bad looking, is it?” She moved the stump about then left it splayed to one side. Her hand fondled it moving the fleshy end about.

“You’re almost are making me jealous,” Maggie whispered so softly that Julie almost didn’t hear.

Her foot bounced up and down and the high heal shoe fell onto the floor. Her toes wiggled slightly. “What? Did you say jealous? For heavens sakes, why?”

“You seem so, ah, comfortable missing your leg. Somehow, I expected that it’d be more of a loss.”

Her head shook and she continued to massage her stump casually. “What do you think it’d be like to not have your left leg?”

“I’d hope I’d be as content as you seem to be. I guess it would feel like my leg wasn’t there starting at the end of my….”

Julie picked up. “Stump. Isn’t that a magical word? Like you, I always wondered, even dreamed, about what it would be like.”

“How did you meet the doctor?” Maggie skipped asking if she had wanted it amputated.

“A friend of a friend knew him. I’d been asking around in some Internet groups. I actually didn’t think there was such a person. I was very surprised when I heard back from the doc. It all happened in a few weeks. Zip, zop – it was gone.”

“Gone – does Bob know why?”

“Yeah. It didn’t seem fair to not be up front with the guy. Besides I was getting tired of lying to everyone.” Julie paused and looked at Maggie. “Does this shock you?”

“I’m … I’m….”

“Burgers!” Bob yelled down the hallway.

Mark stepped onto the brick pavers of the large patio that filled the space between the house and the swimming pool. Bob watched the propane flame flicker as he dropped the still lit long wooden match onto the ceramic briquettes.

“Hey good buddy,” Bob said as he moved towards Mark with his hand out. “So glad you guys could make it.”

They shook hands. “Quite a cooker you’ve got there,” Mark said letting go of the hand.

“It was here when we moved in. I’ve never been big on barbequing, but I’m starting to get the hang maltepe escort of it – helps to have propane. I could never get charcoal started. I’m sure there are things I’m doing wrong.”

Bob talked for a while longer about the details of the unit. Mark would nod from time to time and ask a question along the way. Bob went inside and returned with the plate of burgers then spread them across the grill.

“That was quite the pool party the other night, huh?” Bob said as he stepped back from the grill and out of the smoke from a small amount of grease dripping onto the hot surfaces. “A few of the women got a little crazy. Julie’s thong … then they got naked and all.” He laughed and looked at Mark.

“You’ve got a very beautiful wife. You’re so lucky.”

Mark flipped each burger and stepped back again. “I noticed your reaction to her was different that the other guy’s reactions.”

“Yeah. I don’t think they quite knew what to make of you choosing a woman with one leg rather than one with big boobs. Congrats.”

“Don’t be jealous. Maggie is beautiful too.”

“How long have you been interested in….?”

“Probably like you, all my life. I feel lucky to have found Julie. She doesn’t mind my interests in amputees. Does Maggie know about your tastes in women?”

“Guess she does now.” Mark laughed. “I was so turned on that night that we had the best sex since, well, EVER.” He chuckled and shifted between his feet a few times.

“Yup. Most every night is like that for us. She gets a little wild in bed.” Bob snickered. “And that stump….” He paused then teasingly said, “Maybe you could talk Maggie into getting rid of a leg.”

“We’ve got the buns ready,” Julie said from the French doors onto the patio then crutched back into the house.

Two bottles of wine, one red the other white, were open on the dinning room table. Wine glasses sat next to the stoneware plates. Condiments rested near the plate of buns and another plate of cooked burgers.

“Guys on that side,” Julie instructed. Bob sat across from Maggie, Mark across from Julie. She passed the plate of burgers around. “We had a great chat. How about you two?”

“This is such a wonderful house. Makes me want to start looking again,” Mark replied.

“I like the seclusion of the pool, makes it so tempting to go skinny dipping.” She paused to spread mayonnaise on her bun. “If you could stand looking my body, maybe we could go for a swim later.” There was a mild giggle as she put the patty on the bun.

“Hell, I wish I had a body like yours. What’s not to like?” Maggie said before taking the first bite of her burger. “Hmmm, these are very good, Bob. Maybe you have a second career waiting.” She laughed and glanced at each man then at Julie. Mark was looking lustfully at Julie.

“You’re kind to say that. I saw how the other men looked at me the other night, almost ashamed. I see that look all the time when I’m at the mall or most everywhere. Bob makes me feel so loved and appreciated.”

“Mark’s one of those ‘special’ guys,” Maggie said glancing over the top of the glass filled with red wine just in front of her lips. “I didn’t know until the other night. Wow, he was so different – better.”

Mark blushed a bright red and sipped his red wine while remaining silent as if the topic would change quickly.

“Well, he can always come over and look,” Bob offered then took a bite of his burger. “We know another couple in the area. She’s missing both legs.”

“How’d you meet them?” Maggie asked.

“Through the Internet. They came over soon after we moving here, but they’ve been out of town since. You’d both like them. When they get back, we can all get together.”

“I’ll feel so out of place with both legs.” Maggie laughed.

“She went to the same doc I did,” Julie said. “She’s getting an additional trim on the left stump now.”

“You make it almost sound like getting a haircut,” Mark said.

“More like a boob job in reverse, but yeah, it’s about that easy.”

“Hmmm,” Maggie purred after sipping the rest of her wine. “A leg job. Hmmm.”

Maggie showered. Beside himself with excitement from having see Julie again, Mark paced the house, eventually settling in the leather office chair at his desk in front of his laptop. He pressed the power button. The booming chime sounded and the screen lit up. He pondered the conversation and thought about Julie sitting nude with her only foot splashing at the water a few feet in front of him. He logged on and browsed a news web page. Distractions seemed impossible.

He didn’t hear her crutch up behind him. Her hands rested on his shoulders and she pecked at his head. Her hands slid along his chest. “She was lovely, wasn’t she?” Her face rubbed along the side of his head then she nibbled at his ear. Her lips let go and she whispered, “Admit it, you’d love me like that.” She stepped back several feet and waited for him to turn around.

“Ah-h, ah,” he stammered while looking at her wearing only her terrycloth robe loosely tied at the waist, The gap revealing her long slim leg, a single barefoot below the hem, underarm crutches supporting her.

“I’ve always wanted to….” She stopped and watched him while thinking of what to say next. She had rehearsed it a million times since she’d met him. Now she had started the sentence and had forgotten what to say.

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