Claire Gets Punished Ch. 04


Mark opened the bedroom door to find his baby wife disobeying his order. He told himself to remain calm and turned off the TV. “This is not timeout,” he scolded.

“I am an adult, I do not go to timeout,” she scoffed. He sighed and left the room, he came back a few minutes later with a large leather strap, Claire had only been punished with it once and let’s just say she never did what she was being punished for again. She opened her eyes wide. “Are, are you going to use that?” asked a very scared Claire.

“Only if I need to,” he said trying to remain as calm as possible. “Now, I believe you were given a timeout.” Claire got off the bed, and walked over to the corner. She sat completely silent until she was told timeout was over, that strap was the most painful thing she had ever experienced.

Mark instructed her to lay down on the bed, at that moment she realized that she had taken her diaper off and started to panic. “Now, I need to make sure you’re healthy,” he motioned for her to turn over. He undid her pants and took them off, that’s when he saw the panties. He reminded himself to be calm and took off her pants. “Get back in the corner,” he scolded “and do not stall or I will spank your bare bottom so hard”. Mark had to put her in timeout to give himself time to calm down and think about what her punishment was going to be. The rectal thermometer was her punishment for refusing to nap and he needed something creative for this new offense.

He smiled, this was going to be fun, “come out of the corner now”. She walked back over to him and stood in front of him. He pulled her panties down and told her to put a pillow underneath her. She felt something coldish go in her bottom and she squirmed. “Stay still baby,” he put the lid on the lube and slowly inserted the thermometer. She realized what was going on and started to cry. “Now, while your temperature is being taken I am going to show you some new supplies,” he said as he pushed lightly on the thermometer.

First, he showed her the step stool and told her its use, ” this will be for timeout, it will go in the corner, we may also think of more uses”. He then went to look at the thermometer, it was still was not done so he moved it around a little and got the wooden spoon out of the bag. “This is for Claire’s gaziosmanpaşa escort bare bottom when she is a bad girl, I am going to keep it somewhere we can find it easily,” he said as he showed her the words. He set it down on top of the dresser. The thermometer went off so he went back over to her. “You don’t have a temperature, but I am going to try one more time,” he got more lube and tried to insert the thermometer back into her bottom. Claire tried to clench up and Mark grabbed for the strap and gave her a hard smack across her thighs.

“Okay, okay don’t do that again please I won’t clench,” begged Claire.

He strapped her again then put it down and reached for the lube. He inserted the thermometer and picked up the box with the training potty. “This is for when my little girl is ready to stop wearing pull-ups and learn to use the potty.” He put the box in front of her for her to look at and moved behind her, gently pushing the thermometer in and out of her bottom. He took out the thermometer and told her to flip over.

She immediately did what he said fearing the strap. “Spread your legs kitten,” he instructed. He reached in one of the bags and got out the hair removal cream. “I am going to check for stubbles now and then we are going to discuss the punishment for taking off your diaper and after we discuss that I will put baby down for her nap.” Claire thought he was going to let that go but knew she should have known better. He rubbed all over and didn’t feel any stubble.

“Now you stay right here while we discuss what is going to happen for taking off your diaper. A hand spanking is not negotiable, you need to be punished, you will be diapered until Sunday afternoon and one other punishment,” he informed her.

“Come on it was just a joke,” whined Claire. He lifted her legs up and gave her 4 hard swats with the special spanking spoon.

“It was not funny,” he said as he held her legs there. “I am going to have to strictly humiliate you to make you learn your lesson. I need you to go to timeout for 5 minutes now little girl.”

“Naked?” she whined. Mark smirked, he was going to make this fun for himself.

“You will sit on the training potty in case you have to gölbaşı escort go pee-pee.”

“I am not doing that!” she exclaimed. She really needed to watch her mouth.

Mark decided he was going to stay calm no matter what the misbehavior. He quickly got the seat out of the box, put it in the corner, and without a word took Claire’s hand and brought her to sit on it. He would have to give her two punishments before naptime.

When the five minutes were up he told her she can come out of timeout. “Does little girl have to go potty?” he asked.


“Really? I don’t want you to go pee-pee on me when I give you spankins so I think I am going to check.” He got a diaper out and put it under her. He lightly pushed on her stomach and she relieved her bladder. “From now on, if you do not go potty on your own I will have to spank your little bottom.” He wiped her and then told her to stand up. “You’re going to get 20 spankins with my hand and 20 with the spoon, then we will talk about the rest of your punishment for being a bad girl.”

“That’s too many spanks,” said Claire as she started to cry.

“It’s 10 of each for both offenses,” he told her calmly. “Now get over my knee before I have to give you more.” He gave her 10 hard hand spanks on her bare bottom, followed by 10 with the spoon. “Stand up,” he commanded.

“What?” she said as she stomped her foot and crossed her arms.

“Do you need more for attitude?” he warned. “Now why did I spank you?”

“Because you’re mean,” she scoffed. He pulled her back over his lap, secured her legs and gave her 10 more hard swats with the spoon. She spent the entire time begging him to stop spanking her.

He stood her back up, “why did I spank you?”

“Because I took of my diaper and put on panties,” she said sadly.

“So what happens to bad girls who take off their diapers?” he said as he reached behind her and patted her bottom.

“They get spanked,” she said looking down.

“Good girl, now back over, I am going to spank you for refusing to sit on the potty in timeout.” She wanted to fight him, but didn’t want spanked anymore. He gave her the 10 spanks with his hand when she went to sit up. “Where are you going naughty keçiören escort girl?”

“You gave me 10 with the spoon already,” she said.

“That was for having a bad little attitude,” he informed her,” you are getting 10 more.”

“That’s too many,” she whined.

“You will get 2 extra for complaining about your punishment.”

“No.” she whined.

“Fine, two extras on each cheek, you better stop with the attitude.”

He spanked her with the spoon, slowly to make sure every swat stung. When he had given her 14 hard swats he smiled as he saw his wives very red spanked bottom. “Stand up,” he instructed “I am going to get you in a diaper then you’re going to the corner for 5 minutes. Then I will tell you what the rest of your punishment for being bad today will be then I am putting you down for a nap. Lay on your back.”

She laid on her back, she was so mad but was trying not to say anything fearing another spanking. He put the diaper under her, then went to the dresser to get powder and diaper cream. He was determined to thoroughly humiliate and looked all over the front of her for a rash. Then he powdered her generously and snapped her in tight. “Corner, let’s go,” he commanded.

“No.” she snapped.

“Lay on the bed, now,” he didn’t even look at her. Instead he went to get the strap. He walked back over to her and she instantly started to apologize. “Don’t even try, you are getting 5 swats. The only reason you’re not getting it bare bottom is I don’t want to waste another diaper.” He gave her the first swat, right on the back of her thighs. She reached back to guard her bottom. “Do you want 10?” That’s all he had to say, she moved her hands right back in front of her.

After he had given her 5 swats he told her to go to the corner. She instantly listened and went directly to the corner. After 10 minutes he told her to come back over to him, she was so sad and her bottom still stung. She sulked over and stood in front of him. As much as he wanted to hug her and hold her he knew he needed to be strict, after all the punishment had been dealt out he could do that. “You will be diapered through Monday morning, I am going to get a changing table big enough for you to change your diapers on and I will have to take babies temperature every morning”

She did not want any more punishment so she just silently nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Good baby,” he said as he stroked her hair “let’s get you down for a nap. We need to get some plastic panties and pajamas on you.” He put her in a pair of plastic panties and her pink polka dot pajama bottoms and then tucked her in for her nap.

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