Ciara Ch. 01


She stood in the shadows watching him, the moonlight kissing the hard planes of his chest, caressing the angles of his back, his long blue-black hair cascading wet down his back. He looked like a bronzed Adonis emerging from the pool, splendid in his naked glory.

She was confident that he hadn’t a clue that she stood watching him again tonight. He turned, his profile lit by the full moon above and his hardness jutted from his thighs, a phallus like that of a statue and beautiful. How, she wondered, would it feel to caress it with her lips, her tongue tracing every detail in tantalizing slowness. Would it cause him to lose that carefully controlled composure of his? Would those sensual lips of his part as his cries of release burst forth?

She watched in fascination as his large masculine hands brushed away the droplets of water and as he slid them across his chest and she fantasized what those hands would feel like on her body. She knew she should be ashamed, embarrassed at her unadulterated voyeurism, but she wasn’t. She knew a man of his caliber would never notice her, the mousy secretary from work. In her heart she knew she was not so mousy, but she had never had the opportunity or the nerve to show the inner woman to anyone, but he was her dream lover.

She was so caught up in her private thoughts that she didn’t notice he had moved, that he wasn’t taking his usual path through the French doors, instead he was going to walk right past her. She shrank back into the overhang of the flowering vine wrapping around the trellis and held her breath; not daring to breathe for fear that he would detect her. Closer and closer he came, apparently completely unaware of her presence. He was so close now she could smell the scent of him on the night air. It seemed to swirl around her filling her nostrils and her whole being with his manliness.

He was directly in front of her now and she was as still as a statue and then… he stopped, his back toward her as she held her breath tightly, not wanting to exhale for fear of being caught hiding in the dense overhanging vine. Her lungs began to sting as if on fire, the burning sensation pushing at her chest to escape as she slowly released the breath from its fleshy confines, quietly breathing in a fresh batch as her head began to swirl from the fresh oxygen entering her system. She watched as he stood against the moonlit backdrop, a silhouette, head cocked, listening to the night. She remained perfectly still, entombed in her cocoon of the overhang, mere steps from the man she had fantasized about for quite some time now, but only recently stumbling upon his nightly pool routine. He listened intently, turning his head this way and that as he searched for the sound that had caught his attention in the first place, finally accepting the fact that it was just the night, and continuing on his way down the garden path until he faded into the darkness.

As he disappeared, istanbul escort she emerged from the overhang undetected and removed her nightdress, letting it fall to the cool grass as she stepped onto the cement surrounding the pool. It was cold against her bare feet as she stood naked in the moonlight, her nipples tingling in the cool air as they hardened, yet she knew the water was warm. She lowered herself down the hard, cold, rungs of the ladder as the warm water engulfed her body, unaware that she was not the only one present, nor did she feel the eyes caressing her body as she entered the warm water. She sank down into the encompassing warmth of her water blanket; her body limp as she let the force of the water slowly buoy her to the surface as her head broke the water. She immediately felt a presence and as she began to open her eyes, she focused on the familiar silhouette of her Adonis, standing against the moonlight, still fully naked and watching her…

At first she thought her eyes, mind and body were playing tricks on her. But yet there he stood in all his naked glory. So caught off guard was she that she momentarily stopped treading water and her lips and nose tipped beneath the surface. She coughed and choked as the water entered her nose and she was immediately embarrassed.

When her head slipped beneath the surface, he had taken a step closer, and then realized that she wasn’t having difficulties, she was just caught off guard. His body relaxed again as he studied her face. It seemed vaguely familiar and yet not at the same time. He was sure that if he had met her before; he would not have forgotten that sultry look, those exquisite eyes and not that body, a body made for lovemaking and caressing. A slight golden tan graced the planes of her body, her breasts a perfect handful tipped impudently upward as if inviting a touch or a taste.

It was long moments of each studying the other before either of them realized that neither had spoken; he because he was intently appreciating her… she because she was mortified that at any moment he would know who she was. And for once she was indeed glad that he had never paid her the time of day at the office. She seriously doubted that he was even aware that they lived in the same apartment complex or universe for that matter.

In silence he held out his hand and she looked at him blankly. “Either you come out… or I’m coming in,” he said in that voice that made her shiver. He mistook the shiver for her being cold, when instead she felt like molten lava was flowing through her. Without a word she swam to the steps and he helped her from the pool. The moment her fingertips touched his the feeling was so intense that she felt faint. She stood before him as naked as her Adonis, feeling self conscious until she realized incredulously that his gaze was not one of scorn, but one of appreciation.

It suddenly dawned on her that he hadn’t recognized her at all. escort bayan That thought strengthened her resolve and she straightened her small shoulders, unaware that it made her impudent breasts that he was admiring appear even more inviting. He still held her hand and he slowly brought it to his lips palm up and ran his tongue across it. She felt stirrings deep within her start to swirl. Her nipples hardened and a longing such as she had never experienced began to build. His perfect teeth nibbled their way oh so slowly up her arm, a nibble here, a lick there until he softly kissed the bend of her neck. A moan, soft and low escaped her lips as her head tipped back as if it had a will of its own to allow him full access. He continued his path, kissing her neck, her ear lobes, across her cheeks and eyes and, after an eternity it seemed, her lips. The longing that had been building burst into full-fledged flames and her woman’s center became slick with want and need.

His hard hands explored her shoulders and back, cupping her buttocks and drawing her closer and closer until his hard phallus pulsed against her stomach. She sucked in her breath at the contact that was so electric. With a groan he pulled her tight against him, grinding that hard pulsing cock against her. She knew that there was no turning back, that her will power had deserted her. He lifted her and she wrapped her long, slim, tanned legs about him and he made his way to the French doors, his lips never leaving her body. They entered the room where candles flickered and the heady scent of sandalwood hung in the air.

They devoured each other’s lips, tongues dancing an enticing dance, teeth teasing lips and kisses so passionate that it took not only her breath away but his. She slid slowly down the hard length of his body and when her feet touched the floor she gazed up at him… wanting him, needing him to take her.

Again, there was something familiar about that face. But his body overtook his mind and he reached for her again. Amidst kisses, and caresses they moved, slowly, unaware was she until the back of her legs touched the bed, where she was, she was all consumed by the touch and feel of him. Without hesitation, he lowered her to the softness of the bed never pausing in his torrid assault of her body and senses.

Her mind screamed “this can’t be happening” but it was and she was helpless to put a stop to it. She had dreamt of this a million times and she didn’t want him to stop. That tiny little spark that had for so long faltered deep within her had been fanned to life and it was like a forest fire raging out of control, threatening to consume her and she welcomed it… yearned for it.

He paused in his caresses and pulled back just enough to look into her face… why did she seem so familiar…that niggling recollection teasing at his brain that said he should know her.

She saw the look in his eyes, worry that he was starting escort istanbul to recognize her made her reach for him to pull his face so close to hers that their lips all but touched and she whispered, “No words…” His lips claimed hers in a kiss so hungry that it felt he would devour her and she responded in like. His fingertips glazed her damp skin, leaving rivers of fire in their wake. He pushed aside her hands and blazed a trail of kisses between her breasts, his thumbs grazing the swell of her breast the sensations welled up in her, a savage need erupted from deep within her. A longing that rocked her to her very core, he was all that filled her mind… her soul… her very being.

Her hands tangled in his raven hair pulling him ever closer to her woman’s center, wet with want, throbbing with need. His lips brushed against her, there, and her body arched violently trying to get him closer. A sigh of satisfaction escaped his lips as he caressed her, nuzzling, kissing, and tasting her. Her mind a swirl of sensations she cried out in surrender arching closer and closer to the source of her pleasure. The sensations subsided only to be replaced once again as his hands stroked her body back to that fevered state. He rolled to his back pulling her atop him, and she became the aggressor, strewing kisses across his eyelids, nose, lips, down his throat where she kissed the pulse at the base of his throat. She licked her way across his chest her tiny pearly teeth worrying his nipples till they were like hard little pebbles.

He was shocked by the emotions that swirled from his belly and outward until he felt he would explode. Never had he responded to a woman like this before. He was always the one in control, but this silent vixen aroused feelings he had never experienced before. As she neared his throbbing manhood she almost tentatively touched him, as if it was the first time she had ever done this. Thoughts were vanished as the warmth of her mouth engulfed him and he feared he would spend himself.

He pulled her to him astraddle of his jutting manhood, entering her swiftly. She moved in rhythm to him, hair in wild array, back arched, breasts upthrust and inviting. They both spiraled higher and higher and over the edge of passion together. Neither had ever experienced lovemaking like this. He wanted to talk to her, to find out who she was, where she came from… but the emotional wake of the passion had taken its toll and when he reached out and brushed aside her hair he saw she was exhausted and drifting into slumber. So he pulled her close and covered them both with a blanket, and decided it could wait till morning.

The sun’s rays reflecting off of the water in the pool cast shimmering glimmers of brilliant light on the ceiling above his bed, and he stirred from sleep. Before he opened his eyes, he smelled the soft scent of a delicate perfume tease his nostrils, and then he remembered last night. He turned to see if she was awake, only to find he was totally alone, the only thing left behind to prove that he hadn’t dreamt the whole thing was the indentation in the pillow where her head had lain, and the haunting scent of her perfume…

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