Chris , Maria


Today was going to be a very special day for Maria. She was finally able to get a baby-sitter for her kids and now she was down the shore with her ex boyfriend Chris. Chris had just called about an hour ago and would be at her hotel room within a few minutes.

Maria had a bunch of surprises waiting for Chris and she couldn’t wait till he got to her hotel. She had painted her fingers a wicked purple and her toes a bright blue. She was sure this would turn Chris on to no end. She had also taken a walk up on the boardwalk and a 4 mile one no less. Her gorgeous feet very black and filthy from all the grime and dirt up on the boardwalk.

Chris likes it this way Maria thought to herself as she heard a car door slam and then heard a knock on her door. Maria yelled at him to come on in. Chris opened the door and to his amazement sat propped up the coffee table were 2 absolutely black covered, blue polished dirty feet. A bulge began to groom in Chris’s crotch. “I got my feet nice and dirty for you to lick clean” Maria licked her lips at Chris.

“I am also going to have you mix in a special sauce on my feet that will help you get off the dirt. If you don’t do what i say then this will be the last time you ever look at these beautiful things. You agree to do whatever i say.” Maria said and Chris nodded his head yes.

“Oh this is going to be fun. Come into the bedroom where I have your surprises.” Maria said as Chris followed Maria into the bedroom and Maria slide down his shorts and began to stroke his cock. “You will cum at least 2x times today or we are done. You will cum on command.”

She then began to rub his dick faster and faster. “Let me know when you are ready to cum” Maria told Chris sternly. “Look at the filthy dirt on my feet. Look at all the grime between the toes. Look at the blue sexy polish. My feet are so damn dirty it would take somebody’s tongue hours to clean them. I will help you out by giving you a little extra cleanser to help get off the dirt” Maria teased as she continued to stroke his cock and with her free hand she leaned over and got a cup.

“I want you to jerk off in this cup and dammit don’t let a drop get on the floor. I want it all in the cup ok. YOU UNDERSTAND ME?” Maria screamed. Maria then lifted a foot up in the air and moved it toward Chris’s face. “Smell them…don’t lick em. Just emek escort stare and smell the dirt. No touching. Imagine how good they would taste between your lips and mouth..oooohhh so dirty huh Chris? How the blue toenails would look and taste right in your mouth wrapped around them.”

Chris started to shake and he grabbed the cup and shot load after load of white protein drink went right into the cup as Maria wiggled her toes and watched the cum fall from the head of his cock into the cup. He shot his cum for a good minute then shook the last few drops into the cup.

Chris used to jerk off sometimes in a cup when he was going out with Maria so this was nothing new. Maria never swallowed his cum and she probably didn’t want any cum on the floor. Maria leaned over and looked in the cup. “ you came a lot Chris. You must not have jerked off in days. This is very good. They both went back out in the main room.

Maria had Chris lie down and she sat down next to him on a couch and had him close his eyes. “My feet are really dirty and your gonna clean them…right now” and with that Maria put her feet right on his face. She told Chris to open his mouth as wide as possible and she let her toes hover right over the middle of his mouth as she giggled. He could smell the dirty foot aroma and he wanted her feet bad.

“Here is that syrup i was telling you about” Maria whispered as she leaned over and grabbed the cup that Chris just jerked off in. She poured a few drops on her toes and with a look of satisfaction on her face, she watched as the cum dripped off her blue toe polish.

“Lick the syrup off my toes…NOW” Maria commanded. Chris leaned up as Maria lowered her toes in his mouth and she watched on as Chris’s tongue leaned up and slide off the syrup with his tongue in one lick and swallowed his cum right down his throat. The sight of Chris licking his cum off her toes made her pussy super wet.

“Was your cum good tasting. I’ll never know cause I just don’t want to taste the stuff” Maria squealed as she couldn’t believe that she just had Chris drink his own cum. “Chris look at my pussy. It is so wet from me pouring that cup of cum between my toes and down your throat and watching you slurp on my feet.”I want you to clean this mess between my legs and i want eryaman escort to cum a river in your mouth” as she said this Chris began to kiss her feet and worked his way up her ankles and up her knees to her thighs.

He could smell the love juices and it was driving him crazy. “Do it slow…make me suffer before i cum” Maria snarled as Chris began to kiss her inner thighs and was inches from the pussy lips of the woman he worshipped. He slide his tongue out and only the tip as he began to lick the tips of the pussy lips of this goddess. He licked at the skin not yet letting his tongue slide in.

He licked up and down very lightly grabbing the few drops of wetness and swallowing it. Marie’s juice tasted so good he was dying to drink it all. He wanted every drop of the precious juice. He spread her lips open with his fingers and dove in to lap at the goods. She tasted better than he ever imagined. She was so wet. Maria moaned and told Chris he was doing a fantastic job and if he did a great job she had 2 surprises for him that we would never forget.

Chris after hearing that began to increase the tempo of his licking as he heard Maria moan louder. He started to lick in circles and increased the tempo with every turn. He licked his way up and found her clit. He locked his mouth on it and began to lick on it and around it. He licked north, south, east and west, not daring to stop for a second.

She was getting ready to cum and Maria grabbed Chris by the hair and the dam burst as a river of juice found its way into Chris’s mouth and he swallowed every drop like a dying man on a desert. He could feel Maria’s body shake as she was in the middle of one hell of an orgasm. Chris continued to lap on her pussy until she told him to stop. Her body kept shaking and shaking. She told Chris that he was great and that he better be thirsty.

Chris didn’t know what she meant, but he didn’t ask. Maria then turned around and put her ass in the air. “GIVE MY ASS A RIM JOB AND DO A DAMN GOOD JOB CAUSE I KNOW YOU WANTED TO LICK THIS ASS WHEN WE WENT OUT!” Chris looked up and saw that beautiful round butt with the puckered little hole right in front of him and he didn’t have to be told 2x.

He started to pepper her ass with little kisses with even more passion than her pussy. esat escort “i know you loved my butt and wanted to lick it bad when we went out, well here is your chance so go get it” Maria said as she watched Chris kiss her ass. Chris worked his way toward the hole and then he made his tongue stiff and he slurped a bit of pussy juice and he jammed his tongue right in her butthole as she moaned in pleasure.

In and out he fucked her ass with his tongue. “Oh yeah i bet you would love to stick your cock up my ass, well you got no shot of that, but fuck my ass with your tongue. Do it faster” Maria screamed. Chris increased the tempo of his licking as Maria was ready to cum again. In and out his tongue went into her soft asshole as his tongue went in and out. Maria came again as Chris had his tongue deep in her butt as he planted one last kiss on her butt and Maria turned around.

“Mmmmmm so good so hot” she said as she rubbed her asshole with her finger. “Time for your reward” Maria got up and returned with a strap on dildo!!!!!!!!!!

Maria stroked the dildo up and down as she jerked on it. “It is going right up your ass and i know your going to love every minute of it as i know i will” Maria purred as she got in behind Chris. She rubbed the tip up and down his hole as she prepared to enter him. “Here i come Chris ready for me? Ready for me and my big cock in your ass” Maria purred as she slipped in the tip and Chris’s ass opened for his new friend.

He could feel the tip go in him as his ass was on fire as he felt her pull out and then back in again. He couldn’t believe it, but damn it felt good. Real good Maria fucking him. He felt her slide in him again and this time the dildo was buried deep in his ass. Maria reached around and began to jerk his cock. She handed him a glass.

“Jerk off in this for me” Maria purred as she then began to fuck him harder and faster as he jerked his cock faster and faster. Maria looked down and saw the balls begin to build big as she slide the entire dildo in deep as she heard Chris grunt as hot streamy splashed of cum flew into the cup. Squirt after squirt of cum flew into the glass like milk coming from a cow.

Maria pulled out as she watched the last few spurts go in the cup and she grabbed it from Chris. “Mmmm you came a lot Chris” Maria said as she tilted his head back and he opened his mouth and she poured the entire contents of his cum from the glass right into his open mouth and watched as he drank ever drop and gulped it down. “Mmmm now that was hot” Maria said as she fell to the floor. Chris licked his lips as he was exhausted too and he also fell asleep right near her feet. readers how was that?

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