CFNM College


James was an incoming freshman to Bellvere College, a well-reputed but very secretive college situated right in the middle of a mountain range. The college’s owner was known to be a multi-billionaire who handpicked a small number of students every year for entrance into the school. Not much information could be found about it, but it was known for being a school where nobody ever left after starting, until their graduation. Many of its graduates had gone on to become well-known businessmen, government officials, and researchers all over the world. This was considered doubly amazing because the students that were picked for entry were often not very well off financially, but the school was rumored to have an excellent training system that set them off onto a good start right after.

James had been surprised to receive the letter telling him that he had been offered a slot, but he was glad for the opportunity. The letter had instructed him to be at the city hall by 1000 on Saturday, but he had been there and waiting excitedly since 0915. A few minutes before 1000, his old friend Sarah, whom he had not seen for over 7 years, showed up. To his surprise, he found out that she was also going to be attending Bellvere College as a freshman. However, she had been brought to the college two weeks in advance, and now she had been assigned to escort him to the school since she had known him before.

“What’s the school like?” James asked Sarah, recalling how his efforts to find out about it had been very unfruitful.

Sarah’s eyes sparkled, “Oh, you may find it a little strange at first, but you’ll quickly learn to love it there! You know how they say that the students who start school there never want to leave until graduation? That’s because it’s really amazing!”

“That’s good to know,” James said, “how many students are there?”

“There are just 10 of us in our year,” Sarah explained, “9 of us girls have already met, and you’re the last student of our batch. Most of the other years have even fewer students, actually.”

“Wait, you mean I’m the only guy in the class?”

“Yup, but don’t worry,” Sarah smiled, “they’re all great people and I’m sure you’ll get along very nicely with all of them.” With a smirk she added, “And they’re all very pretty.”

James grinned, “All of them? Is that some kind of requirement to get into Bellvere?”

Sarah laughed, “In a way, maybe. You’ll understand when we get there. For now, trust me that you’ll love it there. Oh, the car is waiting, we should get in!”

They entered the car, and Sarah introduced the driver as Miss Courtney, who was also working at the college as the principal’s secretary and doubled as a nurse when it was needed. From his first look at her, James could tell she was a very pretty woman, tall and slim, with a nice smile. He greeted her and sat down with Sarah, whom he reflected, had also blossomed very nicely into a demetevler escort young woman. The last time he had seen her seven years ago, she had been a cute girl, but now, her body had certainly developed. She was of medium height, but her figure was great, and her breasts were just the right size, large enough to get his attention, but not overly large that they were disproportionate to her build.

He was awoken out of his daydreams by Sarah’s voice. “It should take about an hour and a half to get to Bellvere. Until then, Miss Courtney and I can tell you more about the teachers and the class schedule.”

“We have classes from Monday to Friday, from 0900-1100 and from 1300-1600. In general, the upperclassmen tell us that the academics are fairly light. There are also extracurricular activities and clubs in the evenings and on weekends, so you may join whatever you want. I’m thinking of joining the dance troupe, we practice on Wednesday evenings.”

The rest of the ride passed quickly as they discussed the school, and they soon got to Bellvere.

Miss Courtney parked the car, and the trio went to the principal’s office, where they would complete the enrollment process.

“Hello, James!” The principal stood up and smiled as he entered the office. “I’m Principal Melissa, and welcome to Bellvere!”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” James smiled back, “I’m looking forward to it as well, Sarah and Miss Courtney have told me that this is a great place to be.”

“I certainly am sure you will enjoy your stay here, James,” the principal acknowledged, “Now, get your enrollment processed and then I can get you to meet your classmates and your form teacher. Each year level has one form teacher specifically assigned to look after them, and we do our best to attend to each and every student.”

James nodded his thanks and followed Miss Courtney to her office. Sarah followed too.

James filled up some forms about his biodata while Miss Courtney prepared his class schedule and other papers.

Finally Miss Courtney, holding a stethoscope, ushered him into a back room for a medical exam and asked him to remove his clothes. James took off his shirt and Miss Courtney began listening to his chest. Pronouncing his breathing to be OK, she then asked him to remove his pants and underwear.

“Uh…what?” James asked, certain he had heard wrong.

“Take off your pants and underwear,” Miss Courtney said, “part of the exam is to check your genitals.”

James thought it was unnecessary but slowly lowered his pants, then his underwear, all the while covering his private parts with one hand.

Miss Courtney knelt in front of him and looked up at him. “You’re going to have to remove your hand, I need to check your penis.”

She gently pried his hand off, and James was in shock at the close proximity. Miss Courtney grasped dikmen escort his testicles, then his penis, measuring its length and girth and writing it down on the biodata sheet. She continued to touch him in that area, and eventually the inevitable reaction occurred. The shock had worn off somewhat for James, and having a beautiful nurse touching his dick was causing blood to flow towards it.

“Uh…Miss Courtney…I…” James stammered.

Miss Courtney was perfectly aware of it. “No need to be ashamed, James. I’m a nurse and I know how boys react to being touched there.” She smiled demurely. “But it would have been needed anyway, since I also have to measure your penis at full erection.”

Hearing that caused James’ erection to strengthen, although he was getting embarrassed. “This is a strange exam,” James said, “do you really need to do this for new students?”

“Yes,” Miss Courtney answered, “we’ve done this for every student coming in. Even the female students are examined for their breast sizes. Also, we do these regularly throughout the year to check how you are developing.”

James’ mind had fixated on the mention of female breasts, and his erection was now at full mast as Miss Courtney took the new measurements and wrote them down. Her soft fingers brushed and touched his penis, sending shivers down his spine.

Suddenly Principal Melissa and Sarah entered, and James hurriedly attempted to cover his dick, which wasn’t easy as Miss Courtney was still holding it!

“Hey!” James exclaimed.

Principal Melissa put a hand up, “James, it’s time for you to learn the most important rule in this school. That rule is that ladies can do whatever they want to you boys. Yes, that means we can see you naked whenever we want. As long as you are in this school, you must obey us. If we order you to strip for us, you will do it unless we cancel our order. Now, I order you to remove your hand from your penis.”

“But…” James was speechless.

“All males in this school must follow the rule. Even our male teacher follows this rule. If the girl students tell him to take his clothes off, he immediately complies. Now, I know you are new and it will be awkward for you, but you will quickly learn to enjoy it.”

“But Sarah can see me!” James tried to argue with anything he could think of, but it was hard to think while Miss Courtney was gently rubbing his penis. Wait…rubbing? When had that started? He pulled away, but there was no hiding his arousal now.

Miss Courtney answered in a patient voice, “I have asked Sarah to help me as she is studying to become a nurse one day, so this is good experience for her.” She tried to pull James’ hands away but he was too strong.

Principal Melissa stepped closer and gently but firmly pulled his hands away, exposing his erection. She held his hands behind him in a powerful elvankent escort grip, and James only belatedly realized that she actually had a very strong grip. “Miss Courtney, you may complete the exam,” she said in a steely voice.

Miss Courtney looked at Sarah, “I would like Sarah to assist me for this last step. We have to make James ejaculate so we can get a sperm sample for DNA records.”

James just stared in shock, uncomprehending.

Miss Courtney knelt down in front of him and began stroking his penis, not the gentle rubbing from earlier, but full-length strokes meant to arouse and stimulate him. Sarah was smiling happily as she watched him squirm in pleasure.

“Please stop…” James begged, but the girls were merciless.

“Now, James,” Principal Melissa said, “this is weird for you right now, but let Miss Courtney and Sarah finish you off, and you will feel much better afterwards.” She then clamped a hand firmly around his mouth to muffle his protests.

Miss Courtney then guided Sarah’s hand toward James dick, and guided her to stroke it.

James acutely felt the hand of his cute friend…no, his beautiful and sexy friend, as she moved it up and down his length. It was impossibly soft and incredibly gentle, yet the feelings threatening to explode inside him felt so strong! His embarrassment could not prevent the physical stimulation from exciting him, and he was no longer trying to protest the wonderful feelings.

Principal Melissa removed her hand from his mouth, “See, it feels good, doesn’t it?” She laughed happily as Miss Courtney and Sarah giggled in response. “I told you not to worry, and to let us do our…job.” Her emphasis on the last word left no doubt that it had been an intentional word choice.

In just a few minutes, James could feel the impending explosion, and his breathing became more ragged. Miss Courtney was ever-alert and quickly warned Sarah, “He’s about to cum! Remember to keep stroking until it’s all out!”

Sarah obediently continued to move her hand rapidly up and down James’ shaft until he began squirting loads out to the cheers of Miss Courtney and Principal Melissa. She then proceeded to slow her pace down until he was completely drained.

Sarah looked half overjoyed and half shy about what she had just done to James, and looked at him uncertainly.

“So, James, did that feel good?” Principal Melissa asked, “You know, we will continue to do this to you all throughout your stay here. But there are lots of girls to meet, so they will all want you at some point!”

James was still in bliss and unable to process the information normally. All he could do was nod that it felt good.

“You should say thank you to Sarah,” Miss Courtney said, “I only taught her about handjobs and boys last week, and told her that she would get to try it hands-on for the first time on you today. And I think she did an amazing job on you!”

James’ embarrassment was fading, and he did believe this school might actually be great if he got handjobs from ladies as pretty as these three. “Thank you, Sarah!” He said with a genuine smile.

“I’m glad you liked it, James,” she replied. “Now, I think we should introduce you to your form teacher and your classmates.”

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