Choir Boy


I “Scottie” was the middle child, the only boy, though I have to say, with both my sisters being tomboys, it was almost as if I had grown up with two brothers. For two reasons I was very close to both sisters, First off, we were all just a year older than the other and secondly cause we live in such seclusion.

With Mom and Dad both being Veterinarians, we lived out in the middle of nowhere so they could both be closer to all the Horse and cattle ranchers, hell, Our nearest neighbours were probably at least eight or ten miles down the road. So, with only my two sisters for companionship most days, we grew up as each other’s best friends.

We had no secrets and could talk openly and freely about anything that bothered us on any particular day. Jeanie, the eldest child in the family was a considered by all to be a beautiful young girl with light auburn hair which she always wore in a ponytail and had the biggest brown eyes I’d ever seen, she had a look of pure innocence, with a sense of sincere naivety about her which made her instantly likable to everyone she’d ever met.

She was one of those girls that was gorgeous and didn’t know it, Most Boys would consider her quite the stunning young lady and almost all turned their head to get a second look as she walked past. She was a sports fanatic, an all-around athlete who could play any sport for the first time and be competitive, and in some cases even excel,

She had, according to my friends at school, a remarkable body, or as one guy I overheard, put it, “The Most Fuckable Face and Ass Combination on the planet!” Now, Being her brother, I hated hearing guys talk about my sister that way, but, it was hard to deny the truth behind what they were saying, because, even though Jeanie is my sister, I am still after all a male, and therefore have it embedded deep in my D.N.A leaving me with no choice but to admit that, my sister, if she were not my sister, would definitely get my attention.

Not that she hasn’t gotten plenty a glance from me on occasion while tanning beside or swimming in our pool. I mean, how can you possibly help but notice a young girl, any girl, sister or not, when they lay out in the summer sun, wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits.

Because of Jeanie’s natural naivety, she had no clue the effect of her body on her younger brother, As much as I admonish myself for stealing the occasional glance, I still find myself watching Jeanie lay asleep in the sun, unaware that I am absorbing every detail of her young athletic body while I pretend to be asleep, from the, teeny tiny almost imperceptible little sun bleached hairs that disappear from her naval to the top of her bikini waistband to the gentle telltale bumps around her nipples that seem to be sticking up for no other reason than to torment the hell out of her brother!

Then, of course after a while of laying in the sun, it was a given that she’d have to take a quick dip to cool off, Now, if she wasn’t a sight to behold before, you had to see her as she hauled her tight body out of the pool, in a way only young athletic girls could, so effortless and graceful like, so, light on her feet.

I always positioned myself at the end of the pool opposite the steps, that way when she walked out the pool steps I could get a perfect view of her muscular legs and her very tight, wet ass, (Again, ashamed of myself, but, out of my control, blame my friends for pointing it out, evolution and D.N.A)

That ass always caught my attention, the way it swayed and gently shuddered as she walked away, and every now and again when she’d bend over or sit cowboy style on our lounge chairs, I’d get a special treat, a little camel toe where her bikini bottoms would creep up ever so slightly to that sweet heavenly spot that held a special place in every man’s world.

I would even on occasion catch the undeniable glimpse of little soft fuzzy pubic hairs peeking out from their hiding spot between that little hollow area where her bathing suit ended and her Thigh started, You’d need only one look at that ass to know what I’m talking about, it was indeed too much to bear at times,

I can’t decide if I noticed her ass all on my own because her ass is in fact astounding or if it’s because my friends drew my attention to her ass, I have my self-convinced for morality purposes that it was because of my friends and that way, it made it easier to sleep at night!

Now, Kelsie who at 18 was the youngest in the family was different than Jeanie in that, she sported shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes with a large bust line. Much to Kelsie’s Chagrin, she hit Puberty at a young age, which she tried but, rarely succeeded in hiding, and according to her was “nothing but a friggen Nuisance!”

It caused her much embarrassment a few years ago in junior high while taking gym, having to change in front of all the other teenage girls who looked at her with enough envy and hate to make Kelsie decide from an early age that her woman like chest at such an innocent bursa eskort tender age was a complete curse and not a blessing at all! Not to mention all the unwanted advances of older perverted men.

The times that Kelsie would lay by the pool alongside Jeanie were my favourite, It was a sight to behold, no one, could help themselves, you had to take a quick look once in a while… the two together were a sight any man would lust over.

My friends would often tease me, saying Man; you were born between those two sisters, But, I’d like to Die Between those two sisters!! Lol! More than once I wished they weren’t my sisters which of course sent waves of guilt washing through my young mind, (Being raised with morals and principles is usually a good thing, except when it came to the pool, my sisters and the backyard.)

Those days melted my resolve. Kelsie was into all things outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, You name it if it involved getting her hands dirty or having a breeze in her hair and the sun beating on her face, then she was up for it.

As for me? I was kind of a mix of my two sisters, borrowing a trait or two from each of them, I had Dirty Blond hair, Greenish brown eyes, broad shoulders with, according to the one chick in town “abs and chest that make a girl get a little damp down there” I played competitive baseball in the summer, an avid skier in the winter and Just like Kelsie, I loved Camping more than just about anything.

Especially while throwing out a top water lure on a lucid morning lake, waiting for that inevitable explosion from beneath, having that moment where, you hold your breath and pause for just the right moment to set the hook and hopefully reel in my all-time favorite, best pound for pound, in my opinion, fighting fish that there is… the Largemouth Bass. The only thing better than the catch is the shoreline lunch and being joined by both sisters. I don’t know if that was heaven, but, it was as close as you can get for a guy like me.

Maybe that’s why I was looking forward to the weekend so much, at first, it was going to be just me.. all alone with the lake, the trees and everything I enjoyed the most, then it got even better, Kelsie asked what I was doing this weekend and when I told her about my last camping trip of the season, she begged me to invite her along.

After letting her squirm for a day or two I decided to let her off the hook and tell her that it’d be great to have her along! Now, When Jeanie found out about the impending trip, there was no way she was staying home alone and letting us two have all the fun, she didn’t wait to be asked and said very simply stated, “I’m coming too!”

The three of us had planned the camping trip, it was just about early fall, the leaves of gold and red , the weather was, by, my estimation, the perfect weather to camp. Warm enough to go without a t-shirt by day and maybe take a refreshing dip in the clear turquoise mountainous lake, but cooling down substantially at night so sleeping was an absolute joy.

I mean, fishing, hunting and hiking by day, the, the smell of woods and leaves and everything green all around you, Mother Nature’s perfumes and all her wonderful colors on display all around you.

My God, the gathering of camp firewood and the open fire cookout by day, and then sleeping sometimes in my tent, and at other times I preferred under the stars, out in the open in the fresh air, with the sounds of the woods and the gentle murmur of the lake close at hand.

Perfection, only to be added to by, having my two sisters accompany me to what I got the feeling, would be a great trip.

Friday finally came and it was time. Preparation for the trip was completely second nature for us, we all chipped in and loaded my truck with the necessary supplies, the tent, the canoe, some matches, blankets, and enough food and drink to last two days and nights, we each packed an overnight bag containing the bare essentials, a pair of jeans, some underwear, and a couple of t-shirts and we were off.

Mom and Dad yelled at us on the way out the door, take a cell phone, just in case! So Jeanie ran back in and grabbed her phone and finally we were on our way.

It’s a two hour ride out to wingwater lake, one of the most beautiful places on earth.. the colored water, engulfed all the way around by a beautiful maples, aspens, birch and pine trees, Hours from the nearest traffic, stores and commotion. Secluded, with my two gorgeous sisters.

The girls settled in for the ride passing the time by chatting first about how a few cute boys at school, giggling and carrying on like the teenagers they were, and then about how awesome this weekend was going to be.

About an hour into the ride we were passing through a really small hick town right on the highway and I decided to pull over at the local gas station to fill up the truck and to fill a small container in the event I needed help getting a fire started.

Even though the weather station bursa escort bayan said sunny and relatively warm all weekend. If it happened to rain, finding dry wood and starting a fire could be difficult, the gas would ensure I had a fire to cook over. As I pulled into the gas station I noticed three bikers just hanging out just outside the attached store. I didn’t really like the looks of these guys but decided I needed the gas and therefore hadn’t had much choice.

As I pulled the truck up to the pump and the three of us climbed out, I could feel all three sets of eyes fixate on Jeanie and Kelsie, I was getting a bad feeling about this and decided I should hurry as much as possible, as I pumped the gas, I noticed as all three guys stood up and looked at Jeanie and Kelsie as they walked to the attached convenience/ liquor store, I could see the look in their eyes and knew this might be bad.

They yelled at the girls and I overheard one comment, “Hey Beautiful, (Glancing at Jeanie) want to come see what a real man taste like? Maybe you can suck your girlfriend’s pussylove off my cock after she cums all over it!” the bikers erupted in laughter as the girls scurried to the store unscathed and asked the clerk if they had a washroom,

The clerk a pimple faced teen boy, grinned through rotten teeth and said “Yeah, right over there” pointing to the back of the store. By the time the girls finished in the washroom, I had filled the truck and container with gas and had paid the attendant and was headed for the washroom myself, trying to ignore the stares of the dirt bag bikers to my left.

It seemed to take forever to finish pissing, but, I guess road trips tend to do that sort of thing to you, you hold it until it hurts and then when you finally go, it takes a long while to finish.

I was drying my hands and leaving the store when I notice to my horror, Jeanie and Kelsie were chatting with the three biker guys, I took a deep breath and headed in their direction, trying to not let on that I was scared enough to shit my pants! As I approached, the bikers saw me and stood up from leaning on their bikes.

Jeanie whipped around and saw the angered look on my face and said,” Scottie, it’s all good! “I just glared past her into the face of “Lester” the apparent leader of the group, who scowled back at me and said, “Hey Choir Boy, You got a fucking problem? “

I mustered every ounce of courage and then some and in my huskiest voice and said to Lester “Don’t make me do something you and your two girlfriends are going to regret” Lester’s two buddies immediately stood up and said, “What did you say asshole!”

Jeanie jumped in and said, “Kelsie! Take Scottie to the truck!” I backed all the way to the truck never once taking my eyes off “Lester the Molester” as he’s known in local circles and finally After the longest 5 minutes of my life Jeanie, came back to the truck, climbed in the front seat with Kelsie and I and said, “let’s go”.

I just looked at her in amazement and said, “What the fuck did you say to those guys?”

“Never Mind Just Go!”

After about 15 minutes we had all calmed down enough to discuss what had just happened, I Looked at Jeanie and said “What The fuck did you say to those low life grease balls?”

She just glanced at me and said, “Were you really ready to jump in there and save me and Kelsie from those guys??”

I thought for a second before replying “You guys are my sisters, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you two.”

Jeanie looked at me in such a way as to suggest and to this day I’m not sure If I noticed a smile on her face or not, but she, had a look that suggested, she may just test those words, and soon enough, One thing for sure, she sure as hell lost a tiny little bit of innocence in my eyes after the look she gave me!

“Tell me! What the fuck did you say…?? “

She laughed, “Guys are so predictable, I told them that you and Kelsie were a couple of Nerd Boyfriend and girlfriend and that I however was single and bored.”

That got their interest right away so I said ” we are all staying at the “Wolfs den” motel that we just passed a few miles back and that I’d be looking for some…”Entertainment” at about 10 tonight when these two pussies go to bed.”.

Kelsie reached over and slapped Jeanie on the arm,

“I am not a pussy!”

I glared at Jeanie and she looked at me and said, you have a better Idea there “Choir Boy?” I was steamed, not only did I just now realize how Jeanie saw me, but, pissed that she was smarter than me for getting us out of there without causing too big a scene.

“I guess I owe you one” I finally said, she looked at me all sweet like again and said,

“Careful choir Boy, I may hold you to that!”

Thirty minutes down the road, slowed drastically by a traffic accident, I glanced at my two sisters both sleeping to kill the time and wonder if my mind was imagining things! What the hell did Jeanie görükle escort Mean when she said “, careful choir Boy, I may hold you to that!”

I was so pre-occupied by that statement that it took a few minutes to notice Kelsie’s Huge nipples standing straight up as the air conditioning blew a gentle breeze over her nubile young body, I could feel a soft stirring in my jeans and out loud said “Fuck”

Jeanie sat up and said, “What?”

I looked over at her and said, “What?”

She looked puzzled before hesitating and saying, “Did you say sumptin?”

I said, “Me?” “No, you were talking in your sleep.”

She looked at me through narrow eyes and without saying another word, drifted off to sleep…

My head raced with thoughts of, “Ok Scottie, pull yourself together!”

But Now, from my vantage point, with all three of us in the front seat of the truck, I could see almost all the way down to Kelsie’s Nipple on her right side, and as Jeanie slumped down in her seat her shorts rode up just enough for me to see a few pubes sticking out the front… and as much as I hated myself, I could no longer contain my hard on a hard on caused by peeking at my two sisters no less! I was so hard, a cat couldn’t climb it!

It was then we reached the spot by the lake, I woke the girls and climbed out of the truck, taking a few steps forward taking in the glorious sight before me.

Man O man, Nature just didn’t get any more perfect than this, and that’s when Jeanie looked at me and said, as she glanced at the lump in the front of my pants,

“You really like what you see huh Scottie!”

Shit! I was still rock hard from ogling my two sisters.

I quickly turned and muttered something about her being a pest.

She just laughed and said,”Whatever!”

We quickly set up camp, gathered some wood and lit a fire as the day receded into the most beautiful moonrise I’ve ever seen, we had snuck some booze from home and was sipping on a couple beers and staring into the fire when Kelsie Said

“Those friggen Biker Guys scared me today”

Jeanie just shrugged and said

“You just have to know how to handle that kind of stuff is all”, That’s when I looked at her, her face glowing orange in the softly dancing fire, with the edges of her hair taking on a glowing silver edge from the moonlight, as she stared into the burning embers,

I should have realized before, that being a stunning young teenage woman as she was, she must have been getting a lot of unwanted attention for the past couple of years now and was a pro at dealing with scum like that.

“But” She said “It wasn’t a complete waste of time!” I looked at her just in time to see her reach into her pocket and pull out a joint and hold it up, “Look what Lester the Molester gave me” she said with a sly grin,

I could see Kelsie’s eyes widen to their fullest limitations, “Is that what I think it is?!?”

Jeanie just nervously grinned and said, “Yeah, I think it is, “we all just sat there in silence for a moment… and Jeanie said, “You know what guys, I love you two more than anyone I know”

“We have been each other’s best friends for as long as I can remember!” ” I think we should experience as many “Firsts” with each other as we can, I mean, I don’t trust anyone the way I trust you guys, I hope you both feel the same way!?”

We both nodded yes in complete silence, This was so out of character for all of us. “I said, what other firsts are you talking about??

She smiled sweetly and said, “ohhhh, I don’t know,” let’s just see what happens!”

I swear I saw her wink at me just out of Kelsie’s range of vision and I thought to myself,

Am I imagining things?

“So Watta ya think?” “I’m not doing this alone; it’s all of us or none of us!”

“Kelsie stammered a bit saying, I dunno Jeanie, I’m not so sure about this” She looked really nervous,

Jeanie said… “Ok, well then, I guess there’s nothing left to do, but throw this thing on the fire” and as she stood up to drop the joint into the flames,

Kelsie said “But, I will if you will”

Jeanie froze and looked at Kelsie, “Kelsie! Lol, You sure?!?”

Kelsie said, ” I trust you Jeanie, and your right, if we can’t trust each other, then who can we trust, and I want must first time to be with you both!” as she said that, she kind of looked past Jeanie into my shocked face and gave me a subtle smile that suggested more than it should have!

I stood up, “Have you two lost your mind!” “You’re suggesting we do drugs??” I’m not sure about this guys” I said.

Jeanie had knelt down in front of the fire and was facing me, her face just a few inches from my now softened crotch when she looked up at me and said,

“What’s the matter Choir boy,”Scared?” the way she looked up at me from that kneeling position and just in front of me with the glow of the flames dancing on her face, those Jesus big eyes twinkling in the embers, made me instantly hard, and she noticed it too… he glanced at it just for a split second before looking back up at me, “Want to try something naughty??” J

I froze…and while trying to ignore the fact that my teenage Hardon was just inches from my half-drunk sister’s face, I managed to stammer, “what did you say?”

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