Caught in the Act



Hey guys, before you read this, I just wanted to say a few things, just so you are not confused. This is a piece I’ve written a while back, and REALLY love how it turned out. But due to its unusual concept, I felt the need to explain the background story of this, so it wouldn’t baffle anyone. I wanted to submit this, but without an explanation, it would probably confuse/put off my readers, and that is the last thing I’d want to do.

You see, Sallie Rambo and Rocky DeLorean originated as fan-characters from a game called TEAM FORTESS 2 (And currently are still going). It is one of my favourite games. And in its times, TF2 fans have created some sort of fan-made universe called FREAK FORTRESS, were characters from the TF2-Universe become odd, serious, or even humorous creatures, called Freaks, or Monsters, depending on their physical appearance, with all sorts of unique skills, from being strange and hilarious freaks to being downright terrifying monsters. I’m unsure how this concept started, but I great incredibly fond of this Fan-made Universe as well.

Now, for me, Rocky had taken on this Freak-Fortress Universe in the last few years. At first he was simply resolved around the Fan-made character Intoxicated Soldier, but as time went by, he developed more into a unique Freak himself. Inspired by elements such as Hexxus from Ferngully, and (I won’t fib here) probably some of my darkest, wildest dreams, he had developed in having this Freak-Persona as part of his personality as Intoxicated Rocky. Intoxicated Rocky comes out when Rocky has very little control of himself, whether it be due being furious to the point of becoming a killing-machine, or when he’s extremely aroused (This happened most of the time) and Rocky’s a horny little bastard! Intoxicated Rocky, really, is all of Rocky’s darkest traits incarnated. While this may be a bit of an unusual take on it, and may seem a bit odd, I do hope you all enjoy this, including Intoxicated Rocky. He’s a bit of a sex-demon, which is what Rocky is normally anyway! Perhaps if people are interested, I’d be more than happy to upload images of him. After all, he’s pretty much a bulkier version of himself, but naked, glossed in black oily substance and/or black smoke.

Forgive me, it’s kinda hard to explain this without drabbling on too much about it. If you are confused, or even intrigued, just ask me, I won’t bite!

Now, without further ado, you may continue. Hope ya’ll enjoy it~


[Sallie’s Point-Of-View]


And then, suddenly, I had to do it.

I quickly turned the TV off and rushed upstairs in the bedroom, knowing for sure I was safe there. I hurried towards my room, and slammed the door behind me, hastily locking the door and panted against it, as if some sort of Demon had chased me up.

I don’t understand what came over me. I felt calm and content. Simply sitting on the couch watching the TV bored yet mildly intrigued with the program I had randomly stumbled upon. A collection of couples were stranded on some sort of ‘Love Island’, and were getting intimate. While I couldn’t agree with the remarkable views my friends had told me about this, I couldn’t help but imagine myself in their shoes.

What it must be like to have a strong male to hold me from behind, his arms around my waist, delicately touching my flesh with his. Of course, I couldn’t help but think of Rocky.

I enjoyed the daydream more than the program, totally forgetting it for a time as I closed my eyes and smiled fondly. How romantic he can be, the way he touches my flesh, kissing my neck and whispering sweet things to me. I adored everything he did. Always romantic.

But then the imagination began to run wild, and I suddenly was unable to tame the vivid imagery scenery played before my eyes. The kisses soon became vicious love-bites; the gentle touching changed at a demanding speed, and began to touch every curve of my body with such aggressiveness. And despite it being so aggressive for some, I enjoyed it even more.

It came to the point where I could feel my blood thickening over the imaginary Rocky touching me, his fingers gliding down my naked flesh like a dream, and I was so alert and aroused, I needed to finish what I started. I felt uncomfortable touching myself in the Living Room. It felt wrong, so I hurried to the private sanctuary of the bedroom.

Rocky wasn’t home, so I was alone to finish the deed myself.

I desperately kicked my boots off, slamming the curtains closed, shutting myself from the world outside, and stripped each piece of clothing. They felt suffocating to me. My body needed to be touched by the naked air. I grasped at my shirt, and threw it onto the floor with my boots. My pants followed shortly, until I was standing alone in the bedroom with my almanbahis panties, bra and socks.

But it didn’t seem enough. I glanced down at my body, my cheeks flustered hotly. Something was missing. What would Rocky want?

Then it hit me.

Quickly, I hurried to the wardrobe, and drew out a change of clothes.

I knew Rocky had a soft-spot for long socks, and I knew my ‘Queen-Bee’ socks, as he calls them, were his favourite. I snatched my boring black socks off and tossed them aside carelessly, putting the black and yellow striped socks up my legs slowly, reaching up from my toes to my thigh, and I felt even more attractive.

And like an addiction, I needed to do more to please this imagery Rocky. I could imagine him sitting on the bed, waiting for me. His gaze full of lust, burning white-hot lust, his lips drawn in a sexual smirk on his handsome face, his eyes always watching me, admiring my naked form before him as I stripped off and prepared myself to please him. He, of course, would wear nothing but those darn sexy Tanker Boots, his legs wide open, and his erection would obviously be hard, forever growing thicker, his balls becomes more sensitive each ticking second, begging for my touch.

I shivered with pleasure just thinking about him. I almost touched myself to relieve the built-up arousal boiling inside of my lower stomach, but I held back. Not now. I had to get ready for it.

I prepared myself, rummaging through our secret Wardrobe, where our sexual fantasies would hide from any unwanted witnesses, and brought out a pretty garment, my favourite crimson and black Corset.

It was more like a work of art than an item of clothing, embroidered with intricate black lacing hemming around the Corset. Down both sides of the corset were a series of black laces criss-crossing each other down both breast-cups. It had always complimented my dark eyes and hair. The Corset fastened with another black silk cord which threaded through a series of eyelets and tied up at the bottom. Pairing up with the Corset was my red, silken panties to match with the corset, bearing a similar black lace hem around them.

I frantically removed my bra and panties, allowing the bones of the corset to constrict around me, cupping my waist and squeezing my flesh, readjusting my breasts into the bra to make them more large and round, and yet I could already feel my nipples growing harder at the thought of Rocky’s naked, hard body, his face drenched in his arousing libido because of me, his groans almost a sweet addiction to my ears, his eyes rolling back as I touched him with my soft fingers.

Although no one was touching me, the tingling feelings that I’d felt before were starting to ripple through my body again, but this time, they were more intense than ever.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I hurried to the bed, suddenly aware of everything, and fell onto the paradise bed where Rocky and I regularly fucked in passionately. My head fell onto his pillow, the cool satin sheets stroking and touching my skin, hot and sticky almost instantly, even though it was a cool evening. My body was instantly aroused when I turned my head to the side of the pillow, and inhaled his familiar scent, how I could smell his musky, hot scent through the sheets, as if he was close to me.

I wanted to fuck him badly!

“Oh God, Rocky,” I whimpered, grabbing the pillow and holding it against my face. I can smell his hair on his pillow, reminding me when I bit his neck last night.

My other hands trailed from my neck, touching the sensitive part and trailing it down, over my chest, across the landscapes of my breasts and the silk of the corset, until they found my lower stomach. I began to pant, looking down at my chest. In the darkness, I could see my breasts swell and rise in anticipation of the masturbation ahead. I shut my eyes tightly, sliding my fingers over the silk of the panties, and already I could feel the wetness from my arousal seeping through the material, making it sodden wet just from the very thought of Rocky.

I imagined him watching over me now, and a thrilling thought came when I imagined him loosening his belt-buckle, his zipper being undone. I thought deeply about his cock, controlled by the thought of me, growing with the sound of the wet noises emitting from my drenched pussy rubbing against the silk of my panties and two fingers, stiffening at the thought of my body responding to his. It was incredibly empowering and wildly arousing, and the first droplets of moisture seeped from me, trickling from my inner thigh and making a tiny damp patch on the satin bed-sheets.

While my right hand kept busy with the soaked panties, my left hand reached for my mouth, tracing my tongue over them until they grew wet, and drew circles around my nipples, delighted by the way my nipples hardened at my teasing caress, hard and dark. I’ve never seen them this big. I desperately almanbahis giriş licked my fingers again and pinched my right nipple, imaging Rocky sucking onto it hard. I pinched it as hard as I can bear, holding the thought of the harder I gripped onto it, the harder Rocky’s dick would go.

I emitted a sweet noise of relief for a few seconds before a sharp pain cried out of me.

“Hnng, R-Rocky…I need you badly!” I cried out to the ceiling, the pace of my hand rubbing against my aching pussy quickened now.

~But I am here, my Blossom~

Then, as if a bucket of cold water was thrown over my hot self-pleasuring act, interrupting my arousal, I sat up instantly, my eyes snapping open and saw the source of the voice right before me…

Looming over me, at the end of the bed, was my love Rocky.

Well, Intoxicated Rocky.

He stared at me with such intense pleasure on his face, grinning at me. He had a much larger body than Rocky. Almost twice the height and width of Rocky, built roughly like a big-daddy, his muscles were thick and hard, providing him with magnificent broad shoulders and thick arms. His strong body hovered over my tiny form, fully naked, yet the smoky shimmers and tentacles emitted from his body concealed the nudity.

It took me a while to notice though, that the smoke was eventually fading to almost invisible, and that his body was plastered with the black, oily substances he produced while he was very arousal, almost like pre-cum. It rained down his body, eyes and lips, covering his hard, muscular body with jet-black oil, like liquid latex.

I was unsure how long he stood there, watching me. He must have snuck in, and despite knowing I had locked the bedroom door, he always has his tricks.

In a strange sense, I wanted him to come in.

He must have been watching me for some time, as I noticed how aroused he was. His dick had already hardened, pointing upwards thick, throbbing and sleek with black oil, dripping onto the floor like heavy mud falling from the sky, and the sound of the sleek, wetness only drove my arousal mad.

Intoxicated Rocky grinned darkly, liking what he was seeing.

~You’re very naughty for getting yourself so fucking wet from just thinking about me~ He snarled dirtily in the deep, masculine voice that was my favourite sound in the world! His tone was gravelly and husky, always silky with his words, and such an aphrodisiac to me that the actual words he spoke were almost secondary.

Suddenly, he dived over the bed fluidly, like a dream, and landed beside me lightly. But his massive, muscular body still hovered over me commandingly, dwarfing my own body.

I watched him, my gaze locked with his seductive eyes.

He took my right hand, which had froze over my pounding pussy and held it up to his mouth, licking my fingers. He made a little kiss-like wet noise as each finger slid out of his hot lips, parts of my fingers painted with the black liquid from his hot tongue and hungry lips. He did this five times, suckling the hot, eager wetness my fingers found touching my horny pussy.

~I know you have missed me, my Petal. This is the reason why I have returned~

“R-Rocky…” I managed to whimper between pants, my eyes fixed onto him, too afraid of moving them. I didn’t wanted to miss anything, and even though my heart was pounding beneath my ribs, I had a sneaky suspicion Intoxicated Rocky had something in mind.

He was already looking intently at my exposed flesh, his eyes taking in every single inch of my pale skin slowly, enduring the sensual arousal that was pounding between his legs. I could feel the burning heat pounding between his legs near my hand, and yet I didn’t dare touch him. I was already too startled to respond to anything. I just wanted to watch him, unsure if I was allowed to touch him. I knew Intoxicated Rocky very well.

When the dark smoke lifted and began to become faint, the blackened tentacles writhing slowly behind him, hiding almost from me. It was when his hard muscles, strong body and firm flesh began to be plastered with the oily-black ooze that emitted from his body, running down his stunning body in ribbons of black liquid-latex, drenching his body wet like a tattered veil. It was a sign of his constant mounting arousal, mirroring almost my own excited wetness for his pounding body to press against mine.

The black ooze was splattering and staining the bed-sheets, but we didn’t care.

As I eyed the black oil substance, I suddenly wanted to be covered in it, slippery and wet all for him. The thought was unbearable. Almost powerless to hold back any longer, I lifted a hand up to touch the silky cool liquid running down his thick, hard chest, wishing to draw circles around his nipples teasingly. But he saw my intentions and slapped my hand away suddenly. I let out a startled gasp, my eyes wide and snatched my hand back as if bitten.

Intoxicated almanbahis yeni giriş Rocky grinned darkly, and shook an index finger.

~Naughty~ He groaned sexily under his breath. ~You are forbidden to touch me~

“B-But-” I began to protest frantically, but Intoxicated Rocky leaned close to me then, and I could feel his breathing becoming heavy, feeling the heat of it touching my nose and lips. His eyes were hard and controlling on me, and I knew he was warning me if I disobeyed him. He quickly silenced me with his dominating gaze.

I said nothing. Only watched him, my hands paralysed. If I disobeyed him, he wouldn’t pleasure me.

He didn’t smile for a moment, eyeing my body up and down, until they locked with my own gaze. Sometimes it made me nervous when he wasn’t smiling like he usually does. I feared in case I have disappointed him with my lingerie of choice, like a Slave unsatisfying their Master. He was so close! If he didn’t do anything with me now, I may have to dive onto him and grinding my ravenous pussy against his thigh in order to stop this lusty torment!

A smirk tugged at the end of his lips, as if reading my desperate thoughts. His jaw dropped open and he pressed his lips against mine, hard and cruel, yet full of passion. His tongue was too impatient to ask for permission of entrance, and he thrust it into my mouth, meshing fiercely against my own tongue. I could feel the slimy black oil seeping through his tongue, merging it into my own mouth like saliva, his lips painted with the same substances and they marked my own, claiming my body as his and his only.

Others would have considered this alarming, but it only broke my sanity more, and I desperately needed him inside of me, my entire body pulsating hotly, sensitive to every touch. I grasped onto my hands tightly, holding the urge to touch him down.

Gently, he cupped my cheek with his hand, our lips making wet, smacking noises each time we broke the kiss, only to dive back into each other breathlessly. I bent my legs, and feeling the tightness surrounding my throbbing pussy made it worse, feeling the hot moisture of my arousal silkily squeezing between my thighs.

Intoxicated Rocky pulled away violently, breaking the kiss with a loud groan. Such a horny noise! A thin string of the black liquid stretched between our lips, and broke when Intoxicated Rocky shook his head aggressively, letting out his deep growl of pleasure.

He chuckled ominously, a filthy arousing noise rumbling from his chest, and his hard eyes harshly fixed onto me, looking devilishly at me.

I watched as his hand slowly moved down from my neck, slowly tracing sweet lines over my swollen breasts, my shuddering waist, and then they stopped at the inside of my thigh. I inhaled sharply, believing I knew what he was about to do.

Intoxicated Rocky grabbed the hem of my silken panties, now drenched from my aroused pussy, and snatched them off my hips, ripping them from my ankles and threw them away, finally exposing my aching pussy to the world. I could feel the cold air touching my pussy, and my clitoris tingled even more to sense Intoxicated Rocky’s presence.

My eyes caught onto his erection, drenched with thick streams of the black oil substance, liquid latex drenching his throbbing, thickening dick. It twitched and pounded feverishly, as if also mocking my poor, suffering pussy, just like its owner mocking poor me.

That was when the real torment began.

Intoxicated Rocky placed his hand above my clitoris, and with two fingers, he slid them down, stroking my engorged, nubby clitoris for a brief moment in its travel towards my pussy lips. I let out a howl of bliss, my hips involuntarily bucking at his touch. I bit my fist, my head thrashing left and right in the pillow, unable to watch him torture my horny body anymore. It only made it worse for me.

I could feel his hard fingers spreading the silken, wet lips of my pussy, and he was observing my excited, throbbing pussy. I could feel his dirty smirk in his voice.

~Oh, my Blossom. You have such a delicious-looking cunt. I am a very lucky monster~

While Intoxicated Rocky was technically a Freak, the term Monster seemed to have worked perfectly for him in these sorts of situations. How he tortured me so, he was being such a monster to me right now! He wouldn’t even allow me to touch my own flesh to relief some of the arousal that was already brimming out of my pussy.

I heard him chuckle for a time, feeling the two fingers running between the excited flesh of my pussy lips up and down for a time, before reaching up and touched my clitoris once again. I screamed his name this time, close to tears, my fingers gripping onto the bed-sheets beneath my body and pulling them viciously towards me, squirming under his touch, feeling waves of thunderous bliss rushing up my body, making me feel a bit dazed with the amount of ecstasy Intoxicated Rocky produced.

He shifted his fingers from my pussy, allowing it to breath from its torment for a few mere seconds, before he cheekily flicked my enlarged clitoris with his fingers, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

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