Camping in Maine


Below is a true story. Nothing like this has ever happened to me in my wildest dreams while camping before. It made a rainy week in Maine very tolerable.

My wife and I and some friends were camping in an adult campground in Scarborough, Maine in August of 2018. We were in a camper as were our friends. My wife and I are 55 and 57 years old and were on vacation. Our friends campsite was supposed to be right next to ours, but instead was one site over leaving a gap site between us. We were scheduled to be there for 8 days.

The site next to us remained empty the first night we were there and on the 2nd day, 3 girls arrived in a small car to the empty site. They opened the car and started unpacking their camping stuff. The girls I thought were young as they looked about 16, but my wife assured me no one under 21 was allowed to camp. So upon watching them more, maybe they were 22 or 23 possibly.

We were sitting under our canopy reading and watching them unpack their car and start to set up camp. I offered to help and found out they did not speak English, only French as they were from Quebec according to their license plate. The offer of help was greeted with no’s via head shaking. So I sat back and watched.

It appeared they had no idea how to set up their tent as what should have been a 15 minute job was still not completed at 30 minutes and it was starting to rain. And they seemed to be arguing over assembly. So I stepped in w/o their approval and got their tent set up in less than 10 minutes much to their surprise. I was a former Boy Scout leader and had assembled plenty of tents thru the years. They said something to me in French which my wife thought was thank you. They went into their tent dragging their sleeping bags and stuff while the gentle rain turned into a downpour.

By 6 pm the rain had let up and we started grilling our dinner. Our new neighbors were trying to figure out their grill. It looked like they finally did and tossed a few burgers onto the grates to cook. I was surprised they actually got the fire started in the grill, but they did. My wife and I watched them as we ate dinner.

All too soon it became apparent that they had no grilling tools to flip their burgers or take them off the flames. I came to their rescue again and loaned them our spatula. I was greeting with smiles and words in french that neither of us could interpret. We finished our food and my wife did the dishes. All too soon one of the young ladies was apparently swearing in french and pointing at the grill while doing so. I went over and saw the flame was out as they ran out of gas. As far as I could figure they did not have any more canisters of gas and their food was only partially cooked.

I went into my camper, got a plate and got their food and finished grilling it for them on my grill, which had gas. They sat down and finally enjoyed their food. They uttered something in French which I made the I don’t understand look to and smiled at them.

While watching them eat, I began to really notice how beautiful they were. All kind of petite, long hair, long tan legs, short shorts, tank tops with nice titties barely visible. I forced myself to turn away before I started drooling and before my wife noticed!

My wife announced she was going with our friends to walk their dog and I was going to stay in camp read some more and watch almanbahis adresi the beauties next door. They started to set up a tarp over tent and enough room to have their picnic table under too. They had enough rope to get 2 ends tied off and then ran out. They sort of looked at me, since I had been saving their day so far. I held up a finger for them to wait a minute and went into the trunk of my truck and pulled out a spool of rope and helped them tie off the other 2 ends. Then I helped them move the picnic table under the tarp so they could eat out of the rain.

They said something else in French to me which I didn’t understand. Then all 3 came up to me and gave me a big group hug. And one of them, and I don’t know which one, put their hand on my crotch and gave it a little squeeze and started rubbing their hand up and down on it, which of course made it grow. Squeezed the group a little harder, got a few kisses on the cheek and again got what sounded like a big thank you. We then broke apart. They were all smiling as was I, very much so.

My wife came back, the bugs started coming out and it started raining again. We went into the camper for the night.

The next morning was drizzling outside but the sun was trying to come out. We made breakfast inside the camper and then went and took showers. When I returned from the shower, a few minutes ahead of my wife, the girls next door were eating something that didn’t require cooking. I got big smiles from them all and wished them a hello before my dick started poking out of my shower shorts.

My wife came back and we both got dressed. We conferred with our friends and decided to go canoeing in the marsh at the Audubon place down the street. We could rent canoes and kayaks there. We drove around a bit exploring the area first, went back to camp for lunch and then to the Audubon place to rent kayaks and canoes. My stomach was bothering me and I decided to not go boating and let my wife go without me.

I returned to camp and took some stomach medication and sat down with some ginger ale hoping my discomfort would go away. I fell asleep in the chair and about an hour later the girls drove up and let out one of their friends who went and sat on the picnic table. The others drove away leaving this one girl here. She did not look good. She was pale and hugging herself.

I went over and asked if she was OK? She looked sick. I put my arm on hers and she was hot as was her forehead and she was shivering and soaked with sweat at the same time. I thought she had sun stroke or something similar possibly.

I sort of coached her into my camper and laid down a sheet towel and sort of somehow got across to her to take off her clothes and lie on the towel and put the other sheet towel over her. Which she did and I then covered her with the covers and sat on the couch and read a little and watched her. She was definitely cold and visibly shivering. So I took off my clothes to my underwear and slid into bed beside her and sort of spooned her. She was shivering a lot and I hoped my body would bring her body temp up.

I guess I fell asleep as the next thing I noticed was she was on top of me, with her head on my chest. She wasn’t shivering any more and was sleeping soundly. I suddenly realized and remembered she had no clothes on and my body began to respond to having a very sexy nude young almanbahis adres lady laying on me. I first glanced at my watch and figured my wife would be on the water for probably another 90 minutes. Then I tried to remove myself and that’s when she woke up.

I looked into her face and she had this huge smile on her face tow which I smiled back. I started to apologize about how my body was reacting when she started sliding up and back on me. I guess the word is grinding which made my dick hard. I think she liked that as she raised up on her arms and I saw her beautiful titties. They looked perfect and my dick responded which caused her to smile even more and grind harder.

She slid my undies down so that my dick was partially exposed and was slick with her. Next thing I knew my undies were being removed quickly and the grinding started again. I felt her wetness on me and I think I was harder than I had been in many years. She kept going while watching my face and kept on smiling.

My face must have said something as she then slid down and took my dick in her soft, warm mouth. All it took was a few strokes and I exploded in her mouth. My world had just been rocked as it was the most incredible feeling. She swallowed and smiled at me with her huge smile. She then crawled up and laid her head on my chest and sighed. She then propped herself up and looked at me and in English said that was the hottest thing she’d ever experienced. I was floored that she spoke English and said so. She said she was the only one of the three that spoke any English. She then thanked me for making her feel better, much, much better and bent down to give me a kiss before jumping up, gathering her stuff and heading to her tent. She went in and changed and I put my clothes back on.

When she came out, she asked me if I would take her to the camping place nearby (Cabelas) and help her buy some very needed supplies tomorrow. I said sure as long as my wife didn’t mind. And soon my wife returned, hot, tired a little sunburned and went inside and took a nap.

The next day arrived and my wife wanted to go hiking with our friends. At the same time, the young lady from next door came over and in french with broken English asked if I could take them to the camping place and help buy supplies. My wife said sure and went off on her hike. About 20 minutes after she left, I expected all 3 girls but it was just my beautiful new friend.

We drove to Cabelas and she told me her name was Rachel, she was 23 and had dropped out of college to make enough money to return to college. I asked her where and she said Mt. Holyoke which surprised me as it was close to me, which I stated. She smiled at me and seemed to like that. We did some chit chat and did her shopping. In the store she kept sliding in front of me and grinding her ass on me. It was making me crazy horny. We went inside some of the tents that were set up and she whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck me but didn’t have any condoms. Somehow I squeaked out that I was sterile as we adopted my 2 kids. Another one of those huge smiles came on her face which made me wonder how we could possibly pull this off.

We paid for the items and she asked if I could go park in the shade, which I did. She got out and scrambled into the back and invited me back there. Next thing I knew she had her hand up the leg of my shorts almanbahis adresi and was rubbing my dick. Two seconds later the pants and undies were by my ankles and she lifted up her skirt to show me that she had no underwear on.

She reached down and ran her hand up and down her pussy and presented it to my mouth. I licked it off and that’s all she needed and slid up so she was over my head and gently lowered herself onto me. I did a few licks and she was very wet and slid down and did another slippery grind on my dick. But only briefly as she raised herself up a little and slid my dick right inside her. OMG, warm and wet. I was in heaven and I never wanted to leave.

Up and down we both went. I knew I would not last long. Rachel knew it too and started telling me she wanted me to come inside her. Up and down, in and out we went and I suddenly froze and exploded inside her. And I think I blacked out for a few minutes.

I woke up and apologized that I came so quickly. She said I wasn’t the only one which surprised me and she gave me a very devilish grin. She then slid down me and licked my dick clean of both of our juices. I then told her I hadn’t had sex in probably 10 years as my wife kept telling me it was for younger people and not her at her age. Rachel told me you’re never too old for sex. She then laid down on me and gave me a few juicy kisses and I fondled her beautiful titties. They were larger than what I usually like. But they were a perfect handful and gently stroked them to their slight erectness. Rachel said “boys her age were in so much of a rush”. She preferred girls and older men.

I asked her if she has fun with the girls she was camping with and she replied with that big smile of hers. That smile somehow made my dick grow, and she smiled again. She slid down my body and wrapped those warm, wet lips around me. I was in heaven again.

Very slowly she went up and down on me. Then came up and she smile at me and stroked me with her hand and then went back down on me again. Slowly she licked me at the base, then up and down and then the head again and she could tell I was approaching my end and took me in her mouth and another explosion and out I went again for a few minutes.

When I woke, she was dressed and looking down at me. She blew on my face and asked If I was still with her. I smiled and said yes. I managed to get my clothes over my sweaty body and wondered how I was going to explain being so sweaty. Rachel asked if there was an ice cream place around. So that’s where I took her and as we were getting our cones, got caught in a downpour. Luck was with me as I we both were soaked with rain.

As we ate our cones, she asked about my work and I happened to mention I go right by Mt. Holyoke occasionally and gave her my business card. I told her she could call me anytime to which she grinned at me over her ice cream cone.

All too soon we were done and went back to camp. My wife and our friends were sitting beneath the canopy chatting. Rachel’s friends were beneath the tarp talking in french. Rachel joined her friends and I joined mine.

All too soon their week ended. They tore down camp, packed their car and tried to drive off. But couldn’t get their car started. I came over and jump started their car which got me a big group hug and a whisper in my ear from Rachel. My wife asked me what she said to which I gave a I have no idea as it was in french return comment. My wife then said I certainly did my good deeds for these young ladies. I didn’t say anything and just waved as they drove off. Thinking to myself, it was quite the week.

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